Allison’s story


Allison’s story”Are you ready Allison?”She can hear Jason’s voice clearly in the bathroom, he’s always so impatient. But as her eyes drift to the bathroom mirror, she realizes she in fact ready to go to the party. It’s a party at a friends house with a pool and a seperate jaccuzi, so she wore her sexy leopard spot bikini with a short t-shirt over it that leaves her belly revealed, along with some tight and very short shorts. Her long luxurious hair is carefully combed and there’s just enough make up to enhance her natural beauty without making her look trashy. If she has to say so herself, she does look delicious. And when she exits the bathroom and watches Jason stare at her for a moment full of lust, she’s certain he agrees.”Alright i’m ready.. We can go..”It’s perhaps a 20 minute drive and during that time Jason has trouble keeping his hands off her, and she considers leaning over into his seat to give him a blowjob and keep him focused. But the truth is she rather likes it when he’s hot for her, the dancing is always more fun when she can feel the bulge in his pants when they dance. She rather likes teasing him. So she just makes sure his hands do go anywhere too far and enjoys the ride over.The house is located on the outskirts of the city and more of a mansion, with a large terrain belonging to it and a strong fence around it. The gate is open and clearly the party is already in full swing. There’s a lot more people then she had anticipated and she doesn’t know most of them, but that doesn’t stop her. It seems like a nice enough crowd and soon enough she spots a table full of beers and picks up two for them to enjoy.It’s a long and fun night with a great deal of dancing, most of her dancing is done with Jason, but occasionally she dances with someone else, and during one of her dances with a very handsome latino guy, he actually put his hand into her shorts and bikini bottom and touched her pussy. She supposes she should have stopped him a little quicker then she did, but at least she didn’t let him make her cum, it’s not really cheating unless she cums. It’s not like jason ever complains if bursa escort she’s horny and her pussy is already wet. So when she spots him laying on a comfortable leather couch talking to some friends she carefully lays down ontop of him and puts his arms around her, gently rubbing her butt against his groin.”Whatya doing sweetie?.. oh!!”Just as she managed to get comfortable, she spots something else. The entire evening the Jaccuzi has been packed to the brim, and she hasn’t gotten to use it at all. Until now finally, there’s only a single occupant and she quickly slides off jason’s body, who’s looking a little disappointed by this turn of events, and grabs his hand to pull him towards the Jazzui.”Come onnn, it’s finally free! i want to sit in the jaccuzi for a while..”When she reaches the edge of the jaccuzi she throws her short t-shirt over her head, fully aware that a lot of male eyes are suddenly on her, and then wriggles out of her shorts, sinking into the jaccuzi in just her bikini. Jason too is stripping down to his swimming trunks and then slides into the warm bubbling water next to her. Once he’s in she leans over to snuggle against him, sliding his arm around her waist as she trails her fingers slowly over his handsome chest, and for a long moment they kiss passionately.Only after their long warm kiss, does she finally turn to study the other occupant of the Jaccuzi. The heavily muscular guy sitting across from them is dark skinned, definitly african american with his almost ebony skin, and she recalls him being a part of the football team, probably something to do with running other people down, he seems to be build like a hulk. She smiles at him hoping he isn’t going to complain about his two new jaccuzi buddies, but he doesn’t seem to mind, his dark brown eyes are gliding over her body with clear appreciation and he grins back at her warmly. Allison can’t help but enjoy the attention, and makes a little show out of stretching over Jason and kissing him again, showing off her sensual young body.After playing with her boyfriend for a while and obviously teasing the poor guy across from them bursa escort bayan she suddenly notices that the front of the dark blue swimming trunks he’s wearing is poking almost out of the water. At first she thinks it’s just the jaccuzi’s bubbles blowing into his trunks and making them float, but she can see something large and solid inside them, and can’t help but grin.”Did you stick a cucumber in your pants? That’s kinda sad you know..”The guy, marcus was his name she thinks, just grins at her, appearently not bothered about her little slight.”You think it’s a cucumber, why don’t you prove it..”She looks at him for a moment, and part of her knows she shouldn’t, but she’s had quite a few to drink, and he did essentially just dare her, she can’t let that slide. So she slides off jason’s lap and bends over near Marcus to take a hold of his swimming trunks and yank them down, certain she’s going to emberass him, and then maybe he’ll leave and they’ll have the jaccuzi to themselves!But Marcus shows no sign of emberassment, and when she pulls down his swimming trunks to his ankles, the only thing that’s revealed is the largest and darkest cock she’s ever seen in her life. And not simply in length, the sheer girth is incredible. And she finds herself staring at it with wide eyes, watching it bounce in the water as Marcus just smirks at her.”That’s some cucumber huh?..”Allison doesn’t answer, she simply stares at that enormous black cock like she’s mesmerized, but finally she reaches out with her hand and runs her small pale fingers over the immense shaft. And as if she’s acting on impulse, her small little fingers start to stroke the immense shaft, realizing that she can’t even get her hand around it, she adds her other hand as she starts stroking that enormous shaft up and down, not even catching what people are saying around her.Transfixed by the cock in front of her, her body seems to make a decision without her mind really getting any say in the matter. Her hands slide gently off the enormous black cock and she stands up, shaking the water out of her long auburn hair, and undoes her bikini top, escort bursa letting her large beautiful breasts free. Then her hands slide gently down to her bikini bottoms and suddenly Jason’s voice cuts clearly through the air.”Allison, what are you doing?”She looks at him briefly, her cheeks turning red, yet a determined look on her face as she pulls off her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and steps out of them.”What do you think i’m doing..”She turns her eyes back to Marcus and she smiles wickedly as she sits down on his lap, that enormous black cock between them and laying against her flat stomach, her hands move back to wrap around it and she stares down at it amazed as it almost pokes her bellybutton. Marcus’s hand moves in between her legs and she let’s out a long gasp as his fingers slide inside her, even his fingers are big and make her shudder. But before she can cum on his fingers, he pulls them back out and his dark eyes seem to draw her in as his hands move to her hips, and with a slight nervous giggle she feels her young body being lifted. And her eyes drift down to stare nervously at that enormous black cock as the swollen thick head is pressed against her tight pink pussy.”mmmm, marcus you won’t fit.. you’re too big..”He leans forward and gently tries to kiss her to keep her from staring down at her own body. But it’s no use, and he settles for pressing his lips against her beautiful large breasts and sucking on her perfect nipples until they’re hard. Allison merely watches as he starts to rock her back and forth, gently slipping the head of that enormous cock between her pussylips, and she can feel it starting to press against her entrance. Her breath catches and she wonders if she should call it off, he’s far too big. But his hands are already pulling her down, and she can feel the pressure building, more and more his strong arms are pulling her down and increasing the pressure of that large cockhead on her pussy. And then suddenly her body gives in, and Marcus’s thick cock slips several inches inside of her body causing her to scream loudly, every nerve in her tight young pussy is triggered, and the experience of being stretched around that enormous cock is so intense it sends her over the edge, her whole body rolling with a powerful orgasm and her eyes fluttering shut as she bucks on his lap.

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