Ally – Born To Dominate Ch. 03-04


This story contains scenes of – incestual – consensual domination, submission and humiliation. If any of this bothers you in any way, please stop reading now. Otherwise have fun…

Part 3: Ally humiliates her mom in front of a store clerk.

Ally and her mom, Therese, were having a day on the town; after a visit to the mall, the hairdresser and a restaurant, it was time for some window shopping. About ten minutes before closing time, Therese noticed a lovely blouse on display and decided to go in to try it on. It was a small boutique and the last customer was just leaving as the two of them walked in. Heading straight for the blouse on display, the women were met halfway by the store clerk who asked them how he could be of service. As Therese pointed out the blouse, Ally looked the man up and down; not unattractive, muscular and young. After being handed the correct size, Therese walked into the fitting room – which was little more than two wooden dividers and a white curtain. Because of the bad and excessive lighting above the fitting area, Ally could perfectly make out her mom’s shadow as she was undressing; after being a good girl all day, that picture was enough to make Ally vulgarly horny. As she started weighing her options, her mom reopened the curtain and started modeling the blouse for her and the clerk. As both of them nodded approvingly and after turning and twisting a bit more in front of the full length mirror, Therese said:”I’ll take it.” and walked back into the fitting room.

“Hang on, I’ll help.” Ally said as she jumped in with her mother.

“Ally, I am perfectly capable of taking… what are you… Ally, that’s my skirt!”

The clerk, stunned by the turn of events, noticed Therese’s skirt dropping to the floor and being kicked out into the store by Ally’s right foot; a few seconds later, her blouse got the same treatment.

“Ally, not here… no… that’s my bra… there is no need to…”

Her plea was cut short when Ally put her arm out of the fitting room and dropped her mom’s black bra on the floor; shortly thereafter, Therese pleaded again:”Not the stockings Ally, not the…”

A clear and powerful rip ended her whining, as Ally pushed her out of the stall, into the incredulous gaze of the store clerk, who gawked at Therese’s naked tits, ripped stockings and black silk panties as well as the rest of her gorgeous naked body. She tried to cover up as much of herself as she could by folding her arms, but when Ally moved behind her and grabbed the waistband of her panties with both hands, Therese’s hands instinctively moved down in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable.

“Let go mom.” Ally said in a strict and decisive tone.

“Ally please…”


Therese shivered with arousal as she released the waistband, giving her daughter the power to expose her any second now; realizing the clerk had already examined her tits extensively, she saw no use in covering them up with her arms or hands anymore, so she just let her arms hang next to her body. Ally squatted down behind her and yanked down her mom’s panties, exposing her trimmed cunt to the baffled clerk, whose cotton pants were unable to hide his growing cock. Ally got up and walked around her mom, ripping her stockings completely off her and pushing her panties down to her feet. Butt naked in all her glory, Therese was more embarrassed than she had been in a long time. Ally took a step back and looked at her creation for a few seconds, then said to the flabbergasted clerk:”I need a bra for my mom, whory red and size B34.”

Therese looked up and said:”But I am a size D…”

Ally turned around, pushed two fingers up her mom’s twat without any warning – making Therese gasp and hold onto a nearby coat rack – and said:”I know you’re a D, but you’re going to wear whatever I tell you, got it?”

After a few seconds of no reply from Therese, Ally started moving her fingers around inside of her mom and repeated her question:”Do you understand SLUT?”

“Yes… yes Ally, I’ll wear whatever you tell me to!”

“Good.” as she redrew her fingers, and after putting them in her mouth for a second, she looked at the clerk and said:”Bra, whore red, B34… can you remember that, or is your erection depriving your brain of blood?”

The clerk nodded and walked off, returning barely twenty seconds later with the requested item, handing it to Ally, who held it out to her mom and said:”Put it on!”

Therese sighed and started putting on the bra as she saw Ally’s hand cupping the clerk’s crotch, squeezing it, making the bulge in his cotton pants even more indecent and obscene than it already was. Putting the bra on was quite an ordeal as the cups were largely inadequate to hold Therese’s large breasts, even after stretching the fabric a little bit, her boobs still spilled out of the bra.

Ally smiled and looked at the clerk, asking:”What do you think?”

He frowned and said:”Too tight.”

Immediately Ally took her hand away from his crotch and asked:”Really, is that what you think?”

Beginning to understand the rules of the game, the clerk said:”But it’s just perfect…”

Ally smiled and slowly moved her hand back halfway to his crotch, obviously Kartal Yabancı Escort waiting for more verbal encouragement from him in exchange for touching his cock. Horny as hell, the clerk continued – looking for confirmation on Ally’s face:”… for a slut like your mom.”

Pleased with his answer, Ally grabbed his cock and squeezed it repeatedly as she asked:”What do you think would go well with this bra?”

Realizing that a wrong answer would cause Ally to stop touching him again, the clerk thought for a few seconds and replied:”Perhaps some childishly pink panties… Hello Kitty for example?”

Ally took his zipper between her thumb and index finger, zipping it down, then unbuttoned his pants and said:”Mmm interesting, let’s see it…”

Walking over to the junior section, he grabbed a pair of Hello Kitty-panties and handed them to Ally, saying:”These will make her really uncomfortable!”

After Ally handed the pair of panties to her mother, she slid her hand into the clerk’s underwear, quickly finding his stiff tube and started wanking him; as the clerk gasped and moaned under the expert stimulation of Ally, Therese reluctantly wriggled herself into the pair of Hello Kitty-panties, which were evidently way to small. Once above her knees, Therese had to pull harder and harder, almost having to rip the fabric to be able to pull them up any higher; when they wouldn’t go any higher, she whispered:”That’s as far as I can get them!”

“What do you think?” Ally asked the clerk again, who she was still pleasuring with her hand. He opened his eyes and nearly came when he saw Therese standing there, with her legs squeezed together, the Hello Kitty-panties not even covering her pussy.

“Beautiful.” he stated. “Now, how about some vulgar looking stiletto’s to go with that ensemble?”

Ally, thrilled by his proposal, squatted down, pulled his pants and underwear down with one quick tug and asked:”What size?”

“Mmm, she looks about a size 14, so I am thinking 13, maybe 12.”

Ally grabbed his throbbing cock with her right hand, solidly gripping the base and sucked the tip into her mouth, giving the clerk a thorough blowjob for about thirty seconds, making him tremble on his knees. Then she took his cock out and said, as she kept wanking him:”Go get them.”

After stepping out of his pants, the clerk nearly ran towards the shoe section, returning not twenty seconds later with a pair of grey, ugly, stiletto’s; his stiff cock obscenely bouncing up and down. Ally, still in squatted position, threw the shoes at her mom’s feet and said:”Put them on.”

Without taking her eyes off her mom, she wrapped her hand around the clerk’s cock again, guiding the tip into her mouth. Clumsily and leaning against the wall for support, Therese wriggled her feet – as far as they would go – into the shoes, barely keeping her balance. After sucking on the tip of his cock for a little while longer, Ally looked up into the clerk’s eyes and asked, frantically jerking his meat:”Anything else?”

Eager to have Ally continue her treatment, the clerk wrecked his brain, trying to come up with another addition to Therese’s ridiculous and uncomfortable ensemble.

“How about some stockings…” he asked.

Immediately Ally loosened her grip around his dick and slowed her wanking as she looked at her mom and said:”Mmm, I don’t know… she would have to take off the shoes again.”

“… stuffed in her mouth!” the clerk corrected himself, desperately trying to impress Ally.

“That’s better!” Ally smiled as she turned her head and swallowed his cock, deep-throating the guy for about a minute, her tongue expertly licking his balls in the process. Balancing on one foot, the clerk reached out to a nearby shelf for a packet of stockings and ripped open the packaging, handing a pair of brown stockings to Ally.

“Tell you what.” Ally said, letting his cock slip from her mouth, but continuing a solid handjob. “Why don’t you shove them in her mouth… mom, come closer!” As she engulfed the clerk’s cock with her hot and eager mouth again, Therese clumsily shuffled closer. Again letting his cock slip from her mouth, Ally whispered:”Go ahead, stuff them in!”

While his cock was being expertly wanked, the guy hesitantly brought the stockings up to Therese’s mouth, which – to his moderate surprise – opened up by itself; gently, he started by inserting a small piece and carefully stuffed more and more of the stockings in her mouth. Therese just stood there, her mouth opened wide as if she was yawning, letting a perfect stranger stuff a pair of stockings into it. The whole endeavor took less than fifty seconds, after which Ally smiled and said:”Oh, I think there’s room for another pair, wouldn’t you agree?”

The clerk, driven by his desire to spurt, nodded affirmatively and reached out, grabbing another package while Ally was bobbing her head up and down his tool, driving him mad. As soon as he had taken the pair of stockings out of the wrapping, he brought them to Therese’s mouth. Ally had another idea however and said:”No no, not like that… give them to me!”

The clerk handed her the pair of stockings and while both he and Therese looked down at Kartal Yeni Escort Ally curiously, she rolled the stockings up into a ball and held them under his cock head, frantically jerking him off. As her intentions slowly became to everyone, Ally bent her head down and started licking the guy’s balls, stimulating him into an orgasm while smiling up at her mom. The horrified look in Therese’s eyes only edged Ally on further; after milking his rod for another thirty seconds and occasionally licking his balls, the lucky clerk started to grunt and tremble on his feet. With his cum rushing up his shaft, Ally enveloped his cock head with the pair of stockings, catching his massive load in the brown, nylon fabric. With most of his cum out of his dick, Ally took the pair of stockings and held it several centimeters under his swollen head, slowly milking the last few thick, gooey drops out of it, onto the already drenched stockings. Again she looked up at her mother, who was even more horrified than before. When his orgasm was completely over and every drop of cum had been extracted from his dick, Ally handed him the pair of stockings, saturated with his cum and with even a little puddle of cum in the middle and said:”You know where it goes…”

As he brought the pair of stockings to Therese’s mouth, Ally licked and sucked on his shrinking cock, not taking her eyes off her mom for even a split second. As there was already a pair of stockings stuffed in her mouth, it was a tight fit, but Therese stretched her mouth and submissively did her best to accommodate the second pair as well. With all the fidgeting and wriggling going on, some of the cum contained within the stockings had spilled over onto Therese’s lips and chin, much to Ally’s amusement. After the clerk’s cock had gone completely limp, Ally let go of it and got up, saying:”Thank you, that’ll be all, we’ll take the whole outfit!”

She then turned towards her mom, looked her up and down and said – as she reached inside her purse to take out a slim, silver dildo:”You look fantastic, mom!” More humiliated than flattered by that compliment, Therese just smiled uncomfortably and watched as her daughter got on her knees in front of her, putting the dildo under her skirt and into her white cotton panties. Under the stumped gaze of the store clerk, Ally crammed the metal phallus all the way up her soaking wet cunt, leaving just enough room for her fingers to hold onto it and pull it back out, putting at least thirty centimeters between her cunt and the tip of the dildo. She repeated this over and over again, lewdly and untidily fucking herself for minutes on end, gawking at her mother – who looked like a slut in every possible way. Then, suddenly, Ally stopped taking the dildo out and just kept fucking herself with it hard and fast, filling the room with wet, sopping sounds. Meanwhile, the fingers of her free hand started stroking her swollen clit and together, the actions of her hands slowly brought her to a spectacular climax. She screamed, moaned, bucked and squirmed for several minutes, all the while using her mother’s ridiculous and humiliating appearance as a stimulus. When, after about six minutes, she stopped pleasuring herself and slowly took the dildo out, Therese realized her torment was over. She quickly spat out both pair of stockings and took off the unflattering bra, panties and stilettos, not bothering to cover herself up for the store clerk as he had already seen everything she could possibly try to hide. As her mother disappeared behind the curtain of the fitting room, Ally got up – leaving behind a very large, wet stain on the carpet – and readjusted her clothing. As she picked up the Hello Kitty panties and used them to clean her metallic dildo, she looked at clerk and said:”So, what do we owe you for the ensemble?”

Part 4: Ally destroys her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day. Roger had taken the day off to prepare for the special occasion. When Ally came home after a long hard day at the office, he had cleaned the whole house and had a warm hot scented bath waiting for her. After soaking in the bath for about an hour, Ally put on a cocktail dress as requested by Roger and they went out for a night on the town. Roger had made reservations at Ally’s favorite restaurant – which was extremely expensive. All dressed up and gorgeously made up, Roger positively radiated in her presence: he was proud to be seen with her. After dinner and two bottles of expensive wine, Roger took Ally’s hand and asked:”You happy?”

“Yes.” Ally purred.

“Is there anything else you’d like to do tonight?”

Ally thought for a few seconds – long enough for her depraved side to kick in – and said:”Mmm, I’d like to get some cock and some sperm in me!”

“Mmmm.” Roger said with a smile. “I think I can accommodate you there.”

“No, not yours silly.” Ally mocked, playfully slapping his hand and dismissing him just like that.

“What, but I don’t… I mean, I thought…”

“Hush now.” Ally said, condescendingly tapping his hand. “Just pay the bill sweetie, that’s why you’re here after all; don’t worry about all that grown-up stuff, I’ll find a real man for that…”

Before Kartal Masaj Salonu Roger’s brain had even understood every insult in that sentence, his cock twitched in his pants.

“Meet you out front, I’ve got to go tinkle.” Ally said and headed for the bathroom.

Absentmindedly, Roger paid the bill and strolled to the front of the restaurant where he waited for Ally. When she walked out, he helped her put on her coat and escorted her to the parking lot; still figuring out how to respond to the unexpected turn of events. If there was anything he’d learned from all his past experiences with this side of Ally, it was that there was little or nothing he could do to influence her behavior; he would pretty much have to endure whatever she had in store for him; unfortunately for him that was quite a bit! Once in the car, Roger figured he might as well give it a shot and put his hand gently on her thigh, only to be slapped away immediately… she didn’t even look at him and said:”Head downtown.”

Roger started the car and as he drove off the parking lot, Ally groped his crotch and started massaging his cock, getting him hard as a rock in no time; at the first red light, Roger decided to take another shot and gently reached out for her right boob. Before he could actually touch her, she slapped it away – again – quite hard; but immediately put her hand back on his crotch and resumed massaging his cock through his pants. Roger gave up and just decided to go with the flow.

“Turn left here.”.

“Take a right and the next left.”

“Park over there.” Ally said, signaling to an empty spot in front of a X-rated video and book store.

Roger followed her in, feeling very uncomfortable.

“Wait here.” Ally said as she walked straight up to the guy behind the counter, asking him some questions. Roger looked around and noticed about five or six men in the store, all perverts from the looks of them. After a few minutes, Ally signaled Roger to follow them and they were led into the back through a shady looking curtain; there were several booths and while Ally entered one and closed the door behind her, Roger was led around the back and pushed into an adjacent booth. As the guy closed the door behind him, Roger looked around and noticed that he was separated from Ally by just a glass wall. As she looked him straight in the eye, she took off her coat and kicked off her shoes. Then something happened that Roger was not prepared for, but should have seen coming a mile away… suddenly on Ally’s right side, a glory hole opened and a big hard shlong was pushed through. Ally reacted by walking towards it and getting on her knees next to it, facing the glass wall and staring Roger in the eye. Without much ado, she extended her tongue and started licking the entire length of this strange cock. Involuntarily, Roger stepped up to the glass for a better look and felt his heart sink into his boots. He closed his eyes for a second, shaking his head… refusing to believe what she was doing; when he opened his eyes again, she had taken the big head in her mouth and was sucking it sideway, still facing Roger, taunting him. Seconds turned into minutes, and pretty soon Roger had no choice but to accept what was happening; although seeing Ally pleasure a stranger’s cock hurt him, his own dick appreciated the spectacle and nearly ripped through his pants. After another two minutes or so, Roger was left with only two choices – head out or stay, watch and jerk off: he decided on the latter. As Ally saw Roger starting to beat himself off, a wicked smile swept across her face and she started sucking and bobbing her head up and down the stranger’s cock with even more vigor than before. Just a few seconds of this was enough to make the stranger spurt and Ally took his cock out of her mouth, wanking it furiously as it shot big glob of gooey cum onto her cocktail dress, her hand, her arm and the floor.

When she opened her mouth, a mixture of sperm and spit ran out – suggesting she had been too late in taking the strange cock out of her mouth; Roger wanked furiously and put his hand against the glass, desperately longing to be closer to her, wanting to put his hands on her body. The spent cock vanished and Ally started playing with the buttons of her dress, opening them one by one from the top down, until another cock appeared through the hole. This one wasn’t hard yet – but even in it’s deflated state it was clear that it belonged to an older, less endowed man – probably one of the men who were in the store before. Roger couldn’t believe his eyes as Ally opened her mouth wide and started licking slowly at the wrinkled ball sack; it was obvious she wasn’t picky; she didn’t care who the cock belonged to, as long as it wasn’t Roger; she wanted to degrade him, and he was about ten wanks away from blowing his load against the glass because of it! Not wanting to cum to this particular scene, Roger slowed down his masturbation, waiting for a visually more enjoyable passage; Ally spared no effort in pleasuring the little cock and sucked on it furiously, carefully holding the shaft between her thumb and index finger – that’s how small it was. Even after several minutes of sucking and licking, it had hardly stiffened or grown at all. And yet, Ally never missed a beat: she continued to suck, jerk and do anything she could to pleasure the guy attached to this sad specimen of a cock. Eventually, she managed to bring him to some sort of a climax, catching the few drops of sperm which trickled out onto her cleavage.

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