Ally , Vano


Alyson looks at her love sleeping. She sighs as she thinks to herself about the couch in the hallway. Her eyes drift over to the door as she smiles to herself. She looks back to his sleeping form and slinks over to him. Touching his back softly, she tries to ruse her sleeping lover, but to no avail.

Sighing deeply again, she frowns. She wants him now. She can feel her heat flow into the lower parts of her, and feels her panties get wet.

stepping lightly on the bed, so as to not wake him, she laughs aloud thinking of playing a little game with him.

She pulls back the covers from his strong handsome body and bites her lip, looking upon him. Alyson carefully pushes him onto his side, and giggles softly as he groans at being bothered. “you are so cute when you sleep my love, ” she whispers.

Happily, he sleeps unclothed, so she takes time to admire his beauty, tracing the lines of his muscles with a single long fingernail, prolonging her own excitement. She stops when he feels his body move, and smiles in appreciation as his body responds to her touch.

His cock now the center of her focus, she leans down, her lips inches from the tip. She thinks of how much she wants his cock, deep inside her. She frowns, wondering what he would do if she…

Cupping his balls lightly in one hand, she brushes the tip with her fingers, as an experiment. Alyson chuckles as it twitches in response, atalar escort bayan the head swelling in her tight fist. Alyson chuckles again as she hears him moan, and she wonders what her lover is thinking of as she plays with him..

Leaning down, she kisses the head softly, marveling at the silky smoothness of the skin surrounding his cock. She wets her lips, letting the head slide into her mouth and lets it sit there, filling her mouth.

Alyson’s right hand comes to the shaft of his cock, holding it tightly as she kisses and licks and nips lightly at the head. Her hand moves slowly up and down his shaft, as she increases the speed, she hears him moan again, and decides that maybe she is doing something right…

Her own passion momentarily forgotten, she is entranced by this part of him.. The way she can touch him, and it sends pleasure through his whole body.. licking her own lips, she tastes salt and frowns, lifting her head up as she looks once more to him.

Alyson spies her lover sleeping still and begins to kiss her way up his stomach, lingering at his hip, leaving a little love mark.. When she reaches his nipple, she grins evilly and bites it, sending shivers down her own body as she thinks of his mouth on her. Moaning she slides to his mouth, hovering just above his lips.

Not wanting to spoil her game, ataşehir escort bayan she moves, kissing his neck, the smell of him driving her Crazy.

After nuzzling his neck, she growls playfully and nips at his nose. “wake up lover. I need you now.. ”

Not waiting for a response, she slides her hips down his body, moaning as he rubs her… Stopping at his cock, she smiles, then slowly lowers herself onto him, closing her eyes as she feels him inch by inch melt into her body.

Opening her eyes, she sees him stare at her, an animal look clouding his features, along with sleep.. She smirks and takes him into her, feels him completely buried inside her.

Cupping on breast she tosses her hair back, then pinches her own nipple and growls at her lover. She laughs as she sees his features darken, and smiles when she hears his grunt.

Her mind comes to a staggering halt when his hands grab her hips roughly… She leans down pressing herself closely to him, and gasps as his roughened cheek brushes against hers. “You should know better then to wake me like this my love, You know how grumpy i get!” With those words, he throws her off of him roughly and Alyson finds herself on her stomach facing the headboard. Momentarily surprised she feels his rough hands pull her butt into the air, and gasps as he enters her roughly.

Moaning, avcılar escort she pushes back against him, wanting him completely inside her, But he stops her.. He grabs her hair and brings her his mouth to her ear, whispering, almost growling. “no. you wait… Its my turn now.. ” He throws her head down and she whimpers.

Vano slams his cock into her, painfully, she can feel him touch her very core and she grips the bed sheet tightly in her hands, holding herself almost still against his attack. With each thrust he gets faster, and his growls wilder.

Alyson feels her own excitement perk again, And pushes hard against him, hoping that in his excitement, he forgets what he said before, and smiles, feeling is hands grip her hips and pull her tightly against him.. She moans rocking with him, His cock sliding up and down inside her, rubbing her everywhere. She breaths in deeply, smelling him on the pillow clutched to her face and its almost too much fro her senses, He is everywhere, Inside her, on her, under her. She shudders painfully against him, and feels her muscles clench around his cock. Moaning her head flies up to look at the ceiling as her cries get louder.

Vano laughs at her, and continues to thrust deep inside her, but at her moan, he feels something snap inside him, and growls fiercely as he feels himself pour inside her.

Vano grunts and reaches down to smack her ass lightly, squeezing one cheek as he comes. His nails dig into her as he feels the last of his seed spill into her, and he collapses on top of her, exhausted.

Alyson smiles to herself, and pushes a strand of hair from her eyes. His weight welcoming, she turns her head, looking back toward the end of the bed.

“So you woke up?” She chuckles as she hears his groan.

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