Alpine Hideaway Magic Ch. 06


Another thunderstorm arrived in the valley in the middle of the night and the rain beat down on the roof in a roaring downpour. I was barely aware of it and woke only for a few minutes when the first lightning cracked open the sky and shook the land below it. I then drifted back into slumber between my aunt and grandmother as the three of us snuggled and spooned under the blankets. When dawn arrived I was blissfully unaware at first; I remembered being awoken by the thunder and the roar of the rain on the house in the darkness and then the next thing I registered in my consciousness was having my Tante Margarite’s mouth upon my penis; gently sucking me awake as I lay on my back with the covers pulled up to my chest. Oma lay upon her side next to me and was kissing my chest, twirling her tongue around my nipples in little swirls and flourishes. Oma’s eyes met mine and she spoke,

“Good morning Stephan! Margarite, our man is awake and alive!”

“I could have told you THAT Mutti! His cock is roaring and ready to go this morning,” came my aunt’s voice from somewhere down beneath the blankets before I felt the wonderful sensation of my cock once more being sheathed by the warm wetness of her sucking mouth. Her lips and tongue it made lovely sucking sounds like a cow’s foot being pulled up from the mud – over and over again!

“The rain stopped,” Oma noticed raising her head up to look out a window before returning back to kissing my chest. She kissed my chest and neck and moved up to my lips before she broke away from the good morning peck on my mouth with an announcement, “We will have animals to feed and then we have a big day…we are going to take my sheep and Tante’s sheep back up the mountain, but first…both of your wives need a good fucking!”

With that, my Tante Margarite emerged from up underneath the covers to make an announcement as well, “I get his cock inside me first!” Margarite climbed atop my cock and Oma mounted my face. I licked my grandmother’s wrinkly pink crotch and fucked and bucked up into my aunt’s naughty quim as the two women kissed and made love to each other atop me. In a few minutes we were all furiously howling in wonderful agony and I filled my aunt’s cunny with my seed as she juiced and screamed atop me in a wonderful first orgasm of the morning! Not to be outdone, Grandmother came and spritzed hot piddle broth onto my face and in my mouth as she provided me with the luxury of “hot soup in bed” to start my day!

The two women panted and wheezed atop me for several seconds before Oma reached behind Tante Margarite and slapped her on her behind saying, “Alright girl, up off him! I need that cock in me now!” Oma got down between my knees and sucked my penis to new prominence while Margarite lay next to me, kissing me and popping her teats into my lips; one at a time for a nice rough “nipple -nibble” and breast- suck; the act making her squeal and giggle in playful pleasure! In a few minutes, I had hardness sufficient to resume my husbandly duties with Oma and she had me re-position myself atop her in the classic style of the missionaries; her legs held wide apart by my Tante Margarite who took up a position atop Oma’s face.

“C’mon my grandson,” Oma called up from underneath my aunt’s sodden cunny, ” fuck me hard enough to make my teeth rattle!” She then set about the task of gobbling my salty schmaltz drippings from her daughter’s furry cunt as I pushed the mushroom head of my cock inside my wicked Oma’s cunny! We fucked with reckless abandon for the second time that morning; me plowing away at my grandmother’s furrow in earnest while my aunt rode her mother’s hungry mouth as a true Sapphic equestrian rider should have, leaning forward to kiss me in between squeals and moans!

After a few minutes, the three of us once more howled and shook the rafters of the house in a glorious three- way howl of joy! I spritzed my semen up into my grandmother’s quaking womb in powerful briny explosions; tossing my head from side to side! Tante Margarite shook, gushed and piddled her own female drippings into her mother’s hungry gobbler as she shrieked with tightly shut eyes in blissful torture from the intense sensation of the lips and tongue boring away at her cunt!

Oma moaned and screamed up into her daughter’s sex, in-between gulps and swallows and then her own quim splattered granny-broth down the length of my spouting cock as it continued to gush the contents of my bollocks up inside her! Afterwards, we fell into a three person heap of sweaty post-sexual flesh. We cuddled and wallowed as a trio in the warm damp afterglow of the crescendos that had shaken our bodies from our heads to our toes!

Finally Oma slapped both our thighs and reminded us of animals that needed attending and morning meals that were not going to prepare themselves! She informed us that we needed to move our sheep up the mountain to take advantage of the spring pasture season. Tante Margarite mentioned that escort bayan just in case any more people were coming to look for me…we might do well to be up on the mountain in a nice cozy hut rather than down in town where everyone knew my existence. It was settled then. We were all going on a trip up the mountain for a few days – possibly weeks.

We hopped out of bed and Oma had Tante Margarite start breakfast on the stove while I went out to feed the animals. As I was drawing water in the barn, Oma came out for a moment with some of the magical pills she had distilled from the mushrooms we had collected from the previous day. She held one out in her hand and gave it to the sad scrawny rooster that we had received as payment from the previous day when we were making our medical rounds.

“There you go my pretty! This will help you to grow big and strong,” she said. The young cock craned his head forward and took the pill like it was a breadcrumb and gobbled it down. Oma winked at me,

“In about four days, his feathers will start to come in thicker and he’ll start to put on some weight. Soon he will be mounting every hen in this barnyard! That old red rooster of mine in the corner will have stiff competition!” She chuckled at her own joke for a second and then said to me,

“We will bring those chickens, geese, and our ducks up the mountain with us. I have a special traveling coop for them. As for the goats they will travel with our sheep herd. My sheep have ear tags so we will be able to tell them from Tanta Margarite’s herd. You probably should take some grain out to them as well before we travel.” I did as I was told and took two buckets of grain out to the field trough for my aunt’s sheep. The rain in the night had filled the trough with water so watering them would not be a problem – plus we would stop at the stream on the first slope of the mountain to quench the thirst of any parched animal.

We ate breakfast quickly and then Oma grabbed the sack of holding plus several herbs and spices. She had Tante Margarite retrieve the brooms from up in the loft while she had me fetch the doctor’s bag used from the previous day. We then assembled out by the animals and my grandmother had us shew the entire barn fowl population (to include the scrawny rooster) into the special coop that she had me fetch from the back of the barn. It looked rather on the large side of things and I was not certain how it was going to make it up the mountain. Oma saw how confused I was and reading my mind, told me to just put the feed sacks of grain in the sack of holding and just “stay out of the way!”

While I loaded up the grain-sacks into the magic bag, my grandmother tapped the fowl coop with her wand and then both the coop and its squawking, cackling, honking contents began to shrink and diminish in size and proportion. After a few seconds, the entire coop was no bigger than a matchbox. Oma merely picked it up and handed it to me saying, “You thought we were going to lug the whole affair up the mountain without me first shrinking it down to a more manageable size? You are so beautiful my grandson/husband…but you still have a wooden head on your shoulders from time to time. I AM A WITCH! We don’t have to do things the hard way!” I nodded and placed the diminutive coop inside the sack for safe traveling. Also in went the brooms and the doctor’s bag. We were ready to travel.

Two American fighter planes droned up the valley as we started moving the sheep and goats across the low pasture and up the slopes of the alpine meadow at the foot of the mountain. Both pilots passed us overhead and waved gallantly. They seemed friendly enough at a distance but I was gripped with fear and panic at the sight of them. I can still see their smiling mustached faces waiving from inside the canopies as they flew by – probably too fast to notice that I was a military age man walking with two women and a flock of sheep.

At first I feared they might turn and come back for a second pass to examine us closer but they seemed intent on looking for something else. A flock of sheep was not a thing of interest. Those pilots were apparently anxious to go for any remaining German military vehicles and fill them with bullets. They had no intention of turning a herd of sheep into a heap of blasted mutton, but I was still glad when we got up the first slope with the herd and noticed the sound of the engines did not return.

We watered the goats and sheep at our first stop up the mountain. It was the same Alpine meadow with the babbling cold stream where we had so many randy adventures over the last two days and the wooden log benches were as welcoming to us as ever; especially as the sun was almost breaking over the mountain and soon the valley would be warm…maybe even a little hot for the traveling. No matter, Oma already had her bullweed pipe out and had been passing it to me and my Tante Margarite in between puffs of our own!

After altıparmak escort bayan a few puffs of the pipe I felt the effect. By the surging roar of blood in my loins beneath my lederhosen, I could tell that more naked high jinx were on the agenda as part of the journey up the mountain. We would probably be quite tired when we reached the summer hut, high above us and through the pass near the other side of the summit. As Oma retrieved the tiny snuffbox-sized fowl coop from the sack, she suggested to Tante and me to get out of our clothes and feel the spring air! Nobody was coming up the mountain and if they did..we’d see them from a long ways off. Plenty of time to either throw some clothes on or disappear with the help of a bit of magic should anyone from the town below start to come up from the fields below!

She showed me the fowl coop in her hand as she spoke. I could see the tiny barnyard fowl inside, looking like little toy figurines that had been carved by a meticulous toymaker – except that they were all squawking and clucking and honking and I could now make out their somewhat frightened movements. They had all been calm in the dark of the bag coming up from the valley below, but now in the light of day…they noticed everything was somewhat BIGGER and they cried out in alarm! Oma paid them no never-mind and set the small coop on the ground while Tante and I took her advice and began to disrobe; still watching the goings-on with interest.

Oma produced her wand from her skirts and then secured a bag of salt from the sack of holding. She tapped the coop with her wand and the box soon returned to its original size, sprawling on the grass with terrified ducks, geese, and chickens inside; back to normal but terrified just the same and squawking away like they had just fallen a thousand feet! Oma ignored the agitated foul inside the coop and now proceeded to sprinkle a large border ring of salt around the coop and then went to the far shore and sprinkled another border that formed a half circle running down to the water’s edge of the stream.

She then raised her hands to the sky and mumbled an incantation that took several seconds with her eyes shut. When she lowered her hands and opened her eyes she stepped across the frigid rushing water back to the coop and unlatched the gate. Out spilled the barnyard fowl to the water’s edge; the ducks and geese immediately taking to the water and happily turning in lazy squawking circles. The hens and the two roosters, apprehensively walked to the stream and looking about themselves, began to drink and even wade a few inches into the relief of the rushing stream.

I noticed that none of the fowl moved out of the ring of salt and I commented on as much to my Oma who was now nearly completely out of her dirndl and standing next to my Tante Margarite who was already naked as the day of her birth. She dropped her skirt to the grass, stepped from her pile of clothes. Oma then explained to me that she had used an old spell that went back to the Celtic Germanic origins of the Bronze Age…when one of the challenges to people who didn’t have a lot of fences and stone walls marking their land was to figure out a way to keep their animals penned up. Cows and sheep were not a problem but fowl can sometimes go far astray in thick undergrowth and woods (and in the times of the old religions, a shaman might be employed with a spell that would create and invisible wall that would “pen animals in”).

“It’s simple, I have created an image in the minds of these fowl that is completely an illusion. They see a stone wall where the salt border is. It extends across the stream to the other side and round again! It is completely in their heads!” I nodded in understanding. Oma had in two days before my very eyes, sent the Wehrmacht and the Gestapo packing with merely a suggestion; penning up a bunch of noisy birds would have been as easy as writing one’s name in soft dirt with a sharp stick!

“Come Stephan!” said Oma as she took Tante Margarite by the hand, “There is a deep spot up here in the stream where we can bathe…away from these animals!” We shot a glance back to the sheep and goats who were happily drinking from the stream and grazing in the grass of the green slope and then we three proceeded to the deep spot she spoke of. It was a place where the water pooled about half a meter deep as it emerged from the wood line before rushing across the meadow. There was a bit of a drop between some massive boulders that formed a waterfall and an icy cold shower for anyone who stepped underneath! We stood at the edge and then Oma shared with me the secret of how she had endured the freezing stream when she had previously bathed there to my incredulous surprise.

“I just tricked those geese, ducks, and hens into thinking they are surrounded by a wall of stones yes? Well I can trick my own mind into thinking this water is as warm as nilüfer eskort a bath in a Roman palace! You have it in you too…you must set your fear of discomfort and pain aside…let it go…let it drop! Imagine a pebble is in your hands..that is your fear of pain, of cold, of the water’s icy shock. Now you let the pebble go and you use your magical powers to trick your own mind into feeling this water is warm, downright hot to the touch!” She closed her eyes and cleared her mind, and then stepped into the icy pool of slowly circling eddies. The water was just below her knees and I could tell it was absolutely frigid, but her face showed no discomfort; just peaceful serenity as if she was on a beach wading in water kissed by scorching hot Mediterranean sun.

She paused for a second, then fell backwards into the pool. Emerging from the wickedly cold water with a placid look on her face. She pushed her hair back behind her eyes, and then looking as if she wanted to make room for my aunt and I, she motioned us in!

My Tante Margarite was next. Trembling at first she stepped her naked form into the water…then stepped into the middle of the pool…clearing her mind and apparently remembering how to do a trick her mother had shown her many times before. Her eyes opened with an expression of happy tranquility and she fell backwards into the water next to my Oma. She rose up from the pool like she had just fallen into warm comforting tea and she and Oma now hugged and kissed and caressed for the sheer joy that their mind trick had afforded them! I was next.

I stepped a bare toe into the water and felt the same electric shock of cold that I had felt in the days before when I crossed the stream or drank from it. I ignored the sensation. I did as my Oma had suggested and thought of nothing. My mind became a bottomless pit of nothing…the empty set…a complete absence of matter…time…space…light…thought. Nothing. I still had my fear of the shock and cold but I imagined a stone in my hand. The stone was my fear now, my trepidation, my reluctance to feel discomfort.

I let the stone go…down into the nothingness of my head and then I imagined walking into a hot barn on a stifling hot day. I imagined hot soup that I had burned my mouth with when I impatiently gulped it down out of rashness during a mid-day meal. I imagined sitting in the back of a hot Opel Truck two summers before when all the Hitler Youth were called out for summer maneuvers and training, with sweat miserably running down my cheeks and neck. I imagined the comfort of the bath Oma had given me when I had arrived burning with fever at her home. I imagined lying in bed with the two women in the pool before me …and I stepped into the midst of a pleasantly warm and somewhat uncomfortable hot spring of water, tumbling down the mountain and into this meadow by way of a waterfall!

Standing in the middle of the stream with warm water swirling about me, I paused. I looked back at the two women crouched in the pool together massaging each other and enticing me with glances that promised sex, a hot bath, and a comforting touch. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, released it, and fell backwards…into a blissful caress of water that I only had experienced in hot baths at home.

I lay for a moment in the swirling warm bliss, letting it circulate about me like amniotic fluid in a womb. I felt weightless as a fetus in this warm comfort and I relished this sensation! Then I felt another equally pleasing sensation, my Tante Margarite had grabbed me by my semi erect cock. She began to frig her nephew’s penis as though she were trying to churn butter! I also felt Oma’s hands come up from under my head to pull me up from the water and into the air with a brief sputter only to have her mouth cover mine as she kissed and embraced me!

The three of us embraced and kissed and fondled each other in the warm decadent bath created by our minds. Oma said that a mind spell like this is difficult to sustain for long periods of time but when more than one magical person is at work…making the spell…and at the same time making magical sex like we were inadvertently doing…then the length of the spell was increased and disproportionately so! We rubbed and fornicated for what was probably forty minutes or so in the freezing water that felt wonderfully hot to us. My two female relatives took turns, taking me behind the waterfall to squat in its cascade and to sink their weight down upon my cock as I sat on the boulders beneath the roaring torrent. As we covorted beneath the falling water – both fornicators feeling only the sensation of hot water and sexual penetration; the other enchanted woman would circle around the us; kissing and nibbling at their shoulders and necks and stealing a grope or two here or there.

When the hour was almost up, we began to feel the cold seeping through the spell; such as one would feel cold water leaking into a boot that had suddenly stepped into cold mud. We all felt it at about the same time, creeping back into our perception of reality as we became more distracted in our fornications and fondling. Finally, Grandmother motioned with her head to the water’s edge and we left our freezing bath of iniquity to the shore.

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