Amber Cuckolds Uncle on a Cruise!


I want to start by saying that all of my stories are purely fictional and in no way should be taken for more than erotic fantasy. Having said that I will say that the characters I write about are real people in my life that I use for inspiration only. Their names and personal details have been altered to protect their true identities.

If you like my stories please feel free to leave comments. If you like certain aspects tell me and maybe I can utilize those thoughts in future writings. If you don’t like what I write well just close it and don’t continue to read. I don’t mean to offend anyone I just like too sharing my thoughts.

This story entails of my niece turning me into her willing cuckold Uncle while on a cruise. It is purely fiction but such a hot fantasy for me.

I had purchased two tickets for a Caribbean cruise for a lady friend of mine and myself at the time. Just a week before the cruise my female companion to be, had to back out of our excursion due to job responsibilities. So here I was holding an extra non-refundable ticket for a cruise that I really wanted to go on. Fate is a funny Mistress.

I was out having a few drinks just to pass the time one evening, a couple of days before the cruise. I was just about to head out for home when in walked my twenty-five year old niece whom I hadn’t seen in several years. I was not even aware she lived in my town still.

We recognized each other immediately and she ran into my arms for a huge bear hug. I was quite taken when not only did she hug me but also she kissed me right on the lips. Now it wasn’t passionate nor was it a fuck me kind of kiss. But still right on the lips.

I decided to stay and have a few more drinks with Amber and her two friends. We grabbed a table and I ordered a round of drinks. Amber was with two female friends and I was quite enjoying the company of three young attractive ladies. After showing their ID’s the waitress took our order and brought our drinks.

Amber herself had filled out very well since the last time I had seen her. I guess that to be around when she was sixteen years old. Now at twenty-five she stood at I would guess about 5’4″. Her hair was long, past her shoulders, and a slightly wavy radiant brown. Eyes dark and brown that shimmered in the neon lights of the bar.

Having raised three daughters as a single dad I am pretty good at guessing sizes. I guessed her breasts to be a nice round 34C, maybe a slight D. Her slender legs and hips should fit perfectly into size 2 or 3 jeans. Maybe 115 lbs. of stunning beauty.

Her friends Kristi and Laci were no less attractive and equally exuberant. All three young ladies seemed to be enjoying sharing drinks and laughter with this older gentleman they had just met, whom Amber called Uncle Colt.

We talked, laughed and shared stories of what had been going on with each of us since the last time we had been together. Amber was freshly out of a three-year relationship. Kristi and Laci had brought her out for a girl’s night to take her mind off “The Asshole” as they called him.

As time wore on and the drinks flowed I told them about the cruise I was about to embark on alone since my companion had bailed due to work. Amber jumped on this immediately. Not only was she just out of a relationship but she was also in between jobs since she had just moved back to town to share a house with her two friends.

“Uncle Colt, I am appointing myself as your traveling companion so you don’t have to go alone”, Amber quickly informed me. Who was I to say no? Amber needed the time to relax and get over “The Asshole” and really, I wasn’t relishing the idea of being alone on a cruise. So arrangements were made.

By now it was beginning to get late in the evening. The girls wanted to hit a few other bars before ending their night. I informed Amber that I had to go shopping for the trip the next day. I told her she should come along and I would buy her some new outfits for the trip as well. She happily agreed. What girl refuses new clothes?

We said our good-byes and after another round of hugs, this time from all three of these tasty young things. I told Amber I would pick her up around 11:00 AM and we parted ways. I watched as the girls rode away in their Uber ride.

My drive home wasn’t bad as I lived right around the corner from the bar. I was elated that I would have company I knew on the trip, but was still a little down as it was my niece. I had made plans for some romantic time with my previous traveling companion. I was really looking forward to some hot nasty sex.

I fell into bed exhausted and slightly inebriated. Still a little bummed about no sexual fun on the cruise I started to drift off to sleep. Just before slumber overtook me a vision of Amber naked flashed across my closed eyelids. I fell asleep thinking, ok that was not right.

I woke the next morning as the sun was just starting to peek through my window curtains. As I groggily opened my eyes I realized my cock was aching. Reaching down poker oyna I discovered I was rock hard. I have awakened many many times with a piss hard but this was not one of those times. I slowly started to remember dreaming a sexual dream although I could not remember the details.

Not being a man to ever want to waste a good hard cock I slowly started stroking my rigid shaft. A moan escaped my lips as I realized precum was already oozing from the slit in the head of my dick. I smeared the slimy ooze over my throbbing shaft and started to increase the tempo of my stroking, My free hand slid down and started to fondle and tickle my very full balls. The combined pleasure of stroking my steel hard cock and tickling my heavy balls made my hips start to thrust up and down. It wasn’t long before hot sticky cum erupted from my spasming cock and shot all over my chest and stomach.

As I lay there in my bed allowing my breathing to return to normal I closed my eyes to enjoy the relaxation that follows a hard orgasm. As my eyelids closed again an image of Amber naked flashed over my closed eyelids. I shook my head and spoke aloud to myself. “You have to stop that,” I said to myself.

Sitting up, I stood and made my way to the shower. The cum on my chest and stomach was cooling and becoming tacky. I needed to wash it off and get ready to pick up Amber for a day of shopping.

At 10:30 AM I texted Amber to let her know I was on my way. I hopped into my Dodge Challenger and pulled out of my driveway to start the day. I opted for my Challenger over my Ram truck because I thought Amber would like it better. Boys and their toys.

I turned into Amber’s drive at precisely 11:00 AM on the dot. Amber came rushing out to meet me. I was barely vertical out of my car before she was in my arms hugging me. Again she kissed me right on the lips. Perhaps it was my visions from the night and morning before and a bit of an over active imagination but I swear this kiss lingered for a little longer than the one last night.

As we broke our hug I was able to get a good look at Amber’s choice of attire for the day. Her hair was back in a ponytail, which was good because this day was supposed to get into the low 90’s. I held her at arm’s length to get a good look at her. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless top with spaghetti straps that fit snug around her full breasts and left just a tiny bit of her midriff showing. Red shorts followed which seemed to match the yellow top very well. I was somewhat surprised at the fact that they were short, really short. She had finished off her ensemble with red converse sneakers.

Amber finally noticed the car and I was glad I chose it for today. She actually squealed with delight. As I opened the passenger side door for her to get in she said, “Very sexy car Uncle Colt.”

As I backed out of her drive to head out shopping I couldn’t help but notice how tanned and sexy her long slender legs were. Damn those shorts were short. If she were to spread her legs I would be able to see what color panties she had chosen. I quickly looked back at the road and drove.

As we drove, Amber without even asking adjusted the radio to a station of her choosing. It not my normal preference in music but I wasn’t about to put up a fuss. After she settled on a station and had the volume where she wanted she turned to me and began to speak. “So Uncle Colt, what do you think of my outfit I selected for today,” she asked?

“It is very cute and awfully sexy, “I said. “Maybe it is too sexy to be wearing out with your Uncle,” I continued.

Amber laughed like I said something silly and replied, “Don’t be silly Uncle Colt. No one but the two of us know I am your sweet little niece. Every other man will be jealous of you and the hot little number you have tagging along. Every other woman will be looking at you like why is that older man with that young lady.” She laughed again and said, “Of course some of the bitches will be jealous of you buying me stuff and think you are my Sugar Daddy. They will wish they were me.” Again she laughed.

I knew she was correct and even though I was finding it harder and harder not to stare at her tight sexy body I smiled inwardly. The way she was dressed she barely looked eighteen, maybe nineteen but not a day more. Here I am at forty-five. Yep I was going to be receiving cradle robber glances all day.

Our first stop for the day was Old Navy. I purchased some cargo shorts and tees for myself for the casual dress of the cruise. I also wanted something comfortable for the 8-hour stop over in Cabo.

Our next stop was Rue21. Amber told me it was one of her favorite stores. Inside Amber asked if I had a spending limit for her. I told her not to worry that I was sure she wouldn’t break the bank here. She smiled and hugged me. Several other ladies in the store looked at us like we were pervs or something. This was the look we had expected. I wasn’t sure how to react but inwardly I was smiling big time. I knew everyone in the store thought canlı poker oyna I was buying things for this young woman so she would fuck me. I almost laughed out loud.

Amber chose six pairs of shorts. Most as short as the ones she currently wore. She also chose 8 tops to mix and match the shorts. Amber then selected three pairs of sandals, one pair of boots, and four pairs of flip-flops. As we paid for our selections the cashier kept leering at me like I was a lech, but I am sure the looks she gave Amber were more questioning. Questioning like how do I get an older man for myself to buy me things?

We both barely made it out of the store before we erupted in laughter. We put our purchases in the trunk of the car and decided our next stop was the mall.

We arrived at the mall, parked and went inside. The first destination Amber chose was Palais Royal. We would need a couple of formal outfits for dinners aboard the ship. We headed directly to the dresses. Amber waded through the racks of clothes like a seasoned pro. She seemed to have an idea what she was searching for, so I just tagged along.

Finally she stopped and pulled a navy blue sleeveless number from the rack. The lower portion of the dress was pencil cut and solid navy blue. The top portion was white with navy blue horizontal stripes. The dress was cut low in front and back. I was sure her back would be almost completely bare and an abundant amount of cleavage would be visible in front.

Amber grabbed my hand and headed for the dressing room. She whispered, “I have to try it on Uncle Colt. I want your opinion as I will be wearing it to dinner with you.”

At the change rooms I sat down on a bench outside as Amber closed the door to try on the dress. We were in a back corner of the store, which was mostly deserted. I was seated so I had a clear view of the door to Amber’s change room.

I noticed that when she closed the door behind her, it did not close completely. After a second or two it drifted open about two inches. Not a lot to a passerby but for me I could see directly into the room. I was about to say something when Amber turned towards me and started to unbutton her shorts. I sat back down from being half-risen to close the door. I know I should have said something but again the thought of the visions from last night and this morning came to mind.

Amber undid the button at her nubile waist and slid the zipper down. Folding back each side of her shorts at the waist she started to wiggle her shapely hips and push downward. As her shorts slid past her hips she stood erect and let them slide down her legs to the floor. My thought earlier of what color panties she was wearing was now answered. Pink with a red bow just below her belly button. Shiny silk material with red polka dots. French cut high on her hips. I felt my cock stir and had to will it to stop. This was my niece. I could not turn away though. I felt as if was powerless.

Amber crossed her arms in front of her and clasped her fingers around the bottom of her top and began to pull it up and over her head. Her bra came into view and was a perfect match to her panties. My god my niece had an exquisite body. I began to worry she may see me staring at her until she turned her back to me. There was her ass. Her panties had ridden up into her ass crack and almost one hundred percent of her ass was bare to me. Her cheeks were perfect. They were round and full. My mind completely forgot I was ogling my niece. My cock sprang to life and in no time I was trying to adjust a full-blown erection.

Amber took the dress off the hanger and slid it over her head. As it came down she pulled and adjusted it over her breasts and down across her hips. As it smoothed out in place she ran her hands over it to work out any last wrinkles and smoothed it out over her firm little ass.

Amber turned towards me and her hand reached for the doorknob. I saw her pause as she realized the door wasn’t shut completely. I quickly looked down at my phone as if I was engrossed in it and not looking in her direction. I continued to watch from my peripheral vision and saw Amber look at where I was seated. I can’t be certain but I am pretty sure she smiled.

I waited for her to get close to me before pretending to notice her approach. “What do you think Uncle Colt,” she asked? I looked at her as she turned in a slow circle making sure I had plenty of time to see all of her in the dress. She was breathtaking. The dress hugged her breasts and hips. Her exposed shoulders and back gave hint to the soft smooth skin the rest of the dress covered. The low cut front was just as I had suspected. Her cleavage was very visible, the inside curves of her firm tits showing to anyone who wanted to look. The skirt portion settled just above her knees.

I gulped and said, “Yes that will do nicely. I think it will go perfectly with the navy suit I already have planned to take.” She smiled and walked back into the dressing room. Again the door didn’t close all the way. internet casino I am certain this time on purpose. I heard the door click shut and looked up just in time to see it ease back open about the same two inches. I glanced at Amber over my phone so it appeared I was looking at my phone and I saw her looking at the door. I deduced she was trying to decide on just how far open she wanted it to be.

Mixed emotions ran through me. Now I knew for certain my adorable niece wanted me to see her changing. I was also certain I wanted to see her changing. I felt like a perv but again I was powerless to do anything about it. I looked up at Amber and she smiled as she started to lift the dress up and over her head. Those darling little panties came into view followed by her bra. As the dress cleared her head she shook her hair to let it straighten out. I thought to myself damn that is a sexy move.

Amber looked right into my eyes and smiled. She slowly turned her back to me bending at the waist to retrieve her shorts. She lifted one leg and stepped into the shorts then the other. She wiggled her hips as she pulled them up and over her supple ass. She again turned to face me. Looking into my eyes she slid her hand into the front of her shorts in what appeared to be a move to adjust her panties. She smiled as she pushed her hand deeper and wiggled it for a second before pulling out and clasping the button and zipping up.

As Amber was slipping back into her top I was lost in a whirlwind of thoughts at the boundaries that had just been crossed, with my niece. I wasn’t sure what to do next or what to say in the conversation that surely was about to happen.

I was shaken out of my thoughts as Amber reached down and took my hand. She pulled me up and draped the dress over my arm to carry for her like it was expected. We started walking back to the dresses with my hand in hers with out fingers entwined like two lovers instead of a niece and her uncle. I followed along as if I was lost in a trance.

I was kind of thankful she had given me the dress to carry, as I was able to cover my painfully hard cock with it. I held it in front of me as we walked.

Back at the dresses Amber busied herself, searching for her second dress. Her hand never let go of mine as she led my along. She used her other hand to sift through the racks until she came to something that struck her fancy.

Dress number two was considerably more sexy than dress number one. Number two was a little black slinky number. Although it was still sleeveless it had wider straps over the shoulders. Still revealing cleavage although not quite as much as the first dress. It was markedly shorter though. I stopped about mid thigh exposing her firm tanned legs. The front was bunched in horizontally creating a sort of upside down vee in the middle. It was elasticized around the middle in a way that guaranteed it to hug her form and display every curve of her delectable young body.

Amber turned to me holding the little black dress in front of her. “Shall we try this one on as well Uncle Colt,” she asked with and evil grin? “Darling I don’t think I can take another fitting like the last one,” I feebly replied. Amber giggled.

“It is ok Uncle Colt I know this one will fit me perfectly,” she stated matter of factly. Again she draped it over my arm on top of the first dress without even asking. It was obvious she expected it without even considering it any other way. I found myself liking her just assuming such a role.

We made our way to the cashier to again pay for our selections. This time however, the older lady at the register smiled and asked how we were doing today? Amber while draping her arm through mine answered before I could and said, “My darling Uncle is taking me on a cruise and he is buying me these dresses for our trip. The lady looked up at us for a moment then looked at the dresses. Her eyes landed on me and I sensed questions. She then turned to Amber and said, “Well you have a handsome and generous Uncle here. Be sure you take VERY good care of him on board the ship. Also remember what happens on a cruise, stays on a cruise.” She smiled and patted Amber on the hand. We paid and left still arm in arm.

Amber pulled me closer and whispered, “That lady thinks you are fucking your niece. Isn’t that wild?”

I nervously replied, “Yeah that’s a little funny.”

We walked past a Mexican restaurant and I suggested we take a break and have a light lunch. Amber was happy to oblige as she informed me she had skipped breakfast in a trade off for sleeping in and letting last night’s alcohol wear off a bit more.

As we were being seated in a quite dimly lit booth I was surprised again when Amber slid into the same seat with me instead of the seat across from me. Seeing my questioning glance she giggled. “Everyone thinks you are a perv fucking a sexy girl young enough to be your daughter. We may as well give them something to think about,” she quipped.

Along with our food orders we both ordered a large margarita. After it was gone we ordered another. And then we ordered another. Equivalent to approximately six drinks each we decided it was time to continue shopping. Amber wanted to get shoes to go with her dresses.

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