Amber’s Revenge


I sat in my Jacuzzi just opposite the strongest jet in the tub. My legs were slightly parted and my head was tilted back. My eyes closed, and my mind conjuring up thoughts of Rick and all the erotic moments we had shared this past week.

Some say that the mind is the most fertile wonderland in which to cultivate sexual satisfaction. I must agree; for by just using my thoughts and with the slightest physical stimulation, I’m able to orgasm over and over again. The past hour and a half had proven that more then four times.

It is also the place where I fantasize about such things as love, hate, revenge, and of delights yet to be attained. Most women who are highly sexed, I’ve been told, think about sex five or six times a day. I must be the exception, because it is a constant companion that can come to life by simply seeing something that resembles a cock, or a guy with tight buns, or the shapes clouds form in the sky, anything. I can convert the most innocent visual things into something that has to do with sex.

Ever since I had watched the forced seduction of my stepfather by my baby sitter, I’ve been planning all sorts of revenge. So… that coupled with my hunger for sex, has served to keep me in a constant state of sexual anxiety.

Rick had discussed it with me and tried to figure out why I held this grudge. We finally concluded that I was upset because Susanne had the intimacy with my stepfather, which I had been dreaming about since I was eleven. Then when he passed away before those dreams could become reality, I had nourished this need to get even. I had witnessed them having sex and I was fascinated as I watched.

So now my plan was to make Susanne watch me make love and experience the same hunger that I had endured that evening so many years ago.

Actually I had blown things out of proportion in my mind. Rick was probably much better for me then daddy would have been. Few dreams could ever come close to what Rick had down with me. And actually we had only been physically intimate during the past week or so. Yet, I still harbored this need to have Susanne beg to be satisfied sexually.

Of all the scenarios I had fantasized, none came close to my most recent one. Rick would be the most important player in this one. Now I had to convince him to join Susanne and I in a threesome.

Over the past several years I had kept in contact with Susanne and she had confessed to being Bi. That would be a plus. But my experience with women was limited to those occasions when I had engaged in sex with girls at finishing school.

Though I loved to have a girl, any girl, go down on me, I found it just a bit difficult to return the favor. I have to admit, I do like the taste of myself and frequently put my fingers or my dildo in my mouth just to get the thrill of tasting my own sex.

Rick was on travel now and wouldn’t return until early Friday afternoon. I had been calling him each night and masturbating my self to near exhaustion having phone sex with him. I love to listen to his hand as it slides salaciously up and down the length of his hard cock while he describes what he wants to do to me in that low sensuous voice of his.

As for me, first I use my fingers to get really wet, then to get off again and again, until my hand gives out. That’s when I reaching over, get my vibrator, and continue. He could talk a nun into becoming a nymphomaniac with the things he describes. And he has the sexiest voice imaginable.

So much for those reveries, I thought, as I climbed out of the warm water, turned off the jets and dried myself off. Not completely satisfied, I went to my sloping rail, pushed the suction cup on the base of my favorite dildo down on top of it, fixing it at just the right spot, and spreading my legs, straddled it. Pushing my pussy down, it slid in deep.

Leaning forward I can force it to stroke my clit and by thrusting up and down I can get off using it this way. Generally in under three or four minutes. Now satisfied, I lifted off it. I gazed down and smiled at the creamy froth of my own making, which had been churned up and deposited as a ring around its base.

Reaching down I let my index finger glean the thick mass onto my finger and brought it to my lips. God, I do taste good, I thought.

Now I pattered, barefoot and nude, to the room I call the chamber. I had outfitted it with all the sex paraphernalia I thought I might enjoy using on myself and on Susanne. Most of the restraining devices in the room consisted of the cuffs on the wall, the chair with its variety of straps and the stirrups and the leather cuffs on the corners of the bed. Those were options that could be used to hold someone spread eagle, if needed.

Rick had helped me assemble most of it and I had tried some of the devices.

I looked around, and feeling brazen, decided to try the motor driven dildo for the first time. I had placed the reclining chair with its restraints in front of it, and with some pushing and shoving I got it into Bycasino position. The control for it, I held in my left hand and slid high in the chair, then let myself down so the flexible dildo attached to it, entered my pussy about three inches.

Tentatively I turned it on. Slowly the artificial penis moved into my wet cunt. And it stroked back and forth about three inches. It really didn’t do much for me so I switched out the rubber dildo and attached another which had a clit stimulator molded atop it. That did it! By scrunching down I could feel the vee shaped soft flap stroke against my clit with each forward thrust.

I usually cum fast so I kept the thing moving in and out rather slowly. As my first orgasm began I increased the depth of its thrust and then its speed. I went Ballistic. Two more orgasms and I was getting a bit dry and had to add some lube to the plunging rubber cock.

It was awkward to use without a second person to help position it, but god help anyone who doesn’t have the control in hand. If I had been restrained and couldn’t control it, I think I would have passed out. It would be perfect to use on Susanne.

About Susanne: I had watched her blackmail my stepfather, Karl, into having sex with her. I had, unbeknownst to her, watched her cum again and again while I hid in the shadows and masturbated. At that time I was sixteen. A year later my father was killed and I never had the intimacy that she had with him.

I had kept in touch with her and now she was coming to visit me. She was German and sometimes reverted to her native language when she got excited. My father was also German so I think that’s how he came to hire her to take care of me.

My plan was to introduce her to Rick. From that point on, I knew she would try to steal him away. She also had this thing for older men. The only stumbling block was convincing Rick to go along with it. He is rather shy but I think he would do almost anything, within reason, for me. Including having sex in the presence of someone else.

For the next two days I busied myself shopping and straightening up the house. Getting rid of empty cartons and trying not to think too much about Susanne. I don’t know why I keep using her full name because she has been asking me to just call her Sue for some time now. Actually her full name is Susanne Bremmer. I think Rick would prefer to just call her Sue and let it go at that.

She arrived at two in the afternoon on Friday. I did put on my sexiest, casual clothes. That would be my tightest jeans with a white blouse that ties at the waist, and a pair of loafers. Girls always want to show off their best assets, which happen to be my figure. Being only five feet two and having only 34B breasts, I am rather petite.

When I opened the door she immediately threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss, full on my lips. “Amber, sweetheart, you’re as pretty as ever,” she gushed.

I invited her in and took her bag. She had come straight from the airport so she was dressed more formally. Slacks, a blouse and jacket, and dress shoes. Her hair was still that long blond mane that I had always envied.

Showing her to the guest room I left her to unpack and get comfortable. When she returned she had changed into something more casual and sexy. She had put on just a little weight but it complemented her figure. She was about a 36C on top, but her waist remained thin and enticing.

She had changed her blouse to something similar to what I wore, but it was a light blue, and didn’t button until somewhere below her breasts. Normally she wore a bra, but not now, and I was surprised that she wasn’t saggy. I didn’t think she had gone for implants because of the way they sort of flattened when she slouched back on the sofa.

“So tell me what’s happened in your life since we’ve been apart,” she asked.

“Well you know I lost Karl in that airplane accident, and then was sent to finishing school by my aunt. I stayed there in Europe until I was eighteen and was of age to get my inheritance. I’m rather well off now, so I bought this house and found my dream man.” I answered.

I was baiting her and enjoying it immensely. I could see her eyes light up at the mention of my “dream man.”

She still had that slight German accent and continued to prod me for more information. I knew that she also had this thing for older men and I was really going to have her panting before I was thru telling her about Rick.

She kept subtly bringing the subject back to Rick. ” So tell me about this dream man, Amber, you know, how old is he, what does he look like, is he sexy, everything.”

“You’ll meet him later,” I answered, trying to keep her curiosity up and let her hunger grow.

I continued. “Come on, I’ll show you around the house. I had it customized for my own enjoyment.”

When I showed her my bedroom with its Jacuzzi she spotted my dildo still attached to my ramp. I had forgotten to take it off earlier. She Bycasino giriş just smiled and commented…”I have one just like it but I like the way you have it attached to that sloping thing. I bet it feels a hell of a lot better when you can lean over on it.”

I smiled and had to admit, “It sure does. I’m not very comfortable squatting on the thing. My legs get tired, so I had them install this ramp. You should have seen the guys who did the installation for me. For days they wondered what it was for.”

Sue laughed. “I’d like to try it. Would you share? There are so many things I’d like to do with you. Are you still straight or do you think you’d like to try something different for a change?”

I thought to myself before answering. She’s going to love what I have in mind, but it’s not going to be exactly the way she might want it.

“Sure, I’m open to anything. Rick has some fabulous ideas for some rather interesting things to do. You’ll like him, I know. You are interested in guys aren’t you or have you gone completely the other way?” I ask.

Sue flushed and almost stumbled over her words as she tried to contain her anxiety. “My god Amber, I love guys, especially older ones and I’m really on a high waiting for you to introduce me to your Rick”

“Come on, I’ll show you the rest of the house and my special room. Rick and I fixed it up with a few things that you might find interesting. I call it my chamber. It’s the room just down the hall from your room,” I explained.

Opening the door to the chamber she first felt the blast of warm air that gushed out. “Wow, its hot in here,” she commented.

“I like my sex hot and sweaty,” I giggled. “I love the taste of a mans hot wet body. It’s just something I enjoy, and Rick doesn’t mind it.”

I turned on the gas lamps and Sue just stood there looking from one wall to the other, then up at the ceiling. “Oh mein gott,” she commented as she slipped back to speaking German momentarily.

“This is awesome she continued. You even have a love swing. Show me how all this works she pleaded. I’ve never seen anything like this except on some of my sex tapes. You even have a fucking machine. I always wanted to know how good they are.”

I smiled to myself and thought, “you will Susanne, you will!”

“Does you friend use these things with you?” she asked.

I gave her a teasing smile and just nodded my head.

“I have got to meet this guy, Amber. You’ve got to be the luckiest woman in the world. Tell me about him.”

I lead her back into the living room and we sat on the couch as she pumped me for information about Rick. I was perfectly honest and described him just the way he is.

“He’s six foot two tall, weighs about one eighty five, has a flat tummy and his hair is just beginning to gray at the temples. When he’s on me, his chin is on top of my head, I admitted. He’s not athletic, but he can last for hours.”

“Hours? You’re kidding me.”

“No, it’s true, he has priapism and stays hard for hours.”

She was almost drooling as she asked, “would you share? I mean could he be talked into fucking me? I mean if you felt it was ok?”

“Do you mean solo, or a Ménage à trois?” I asked

“Both! Either, Oh hell anyway Amber, I haven’t had a good screw for years and quite frankly I’m getting tired of my roommate,” she confessed.

I had to smile to myself. She was exactly where I wanted her. Horny and hot.

“Well, you’re going to have to talk him into it, Sue. I really don’t know how he’d feel about it.” I lied. At this point I knew that I was going to have to overcome my thing about going down on Sue. But hell, I thought, I can do that if it’s going to accomplish my goal.

“I’ll go over to his place next door and bring him over,” I said. I’ll invite him over to go for a swim and introduce you to him. And, Oh, we always skinny dip.”

“How big is he?” she asked. I mean his cock, is he big?”

“You’ll see for yourself I answered, I guess he’s average, probably six inches long but very thick, and he’s circumcised so what you see, is what you get,” I laughed.

As I left to go get him, she stopped me and asked, “Shall I get undressed and wait in the pool, or should we all undress together?”

“What ever you want I answered, but I’d probably not want him to think you were too anxious,” I suggested.

I looked at her from head to her feet and had to smile to myself. The seam of her jeans was tightly drawn up into the crack of her pussy and the dark wet spot gave her hunger away, as did the pointy hardness of her swollen nipples.

I fetched Rick and brought him back with me. Sue had decided to stay dressed. She greeted him politely at the door and as I went over to make drinks, Rick sat at one end of the leather sofa, and she sat at the other end, with her legs tucked up under her. I noticed that she had redone her hair and undone all the buttons on her blouse, so now the only thing holding it together Bycasino deneme bonusu was the knot that held the bottom together.

All I had to do was look at her and it was obvious that she was ready to pounce. I watched her out of the corner of my eye and could see her hand creep to her crotch and nonchalantly begin to caress the seam. That must have been driving her clit crazy. Her face was flushed and she looked almost as if she was going to make herself cum even before she finished undressing Rick with her eyes. She was hungry and couldn’t hide it.

“So, Rick, have you and Amber known each other long?” Rick nodded yes as he played our game with her.

“Amber showed me her special room. It’s really awesome. There are so many things in there that I want to try.” She laughed. “I think I’ll need your help with some of them though. Are you interested Rick?”

He smiled and said “Sure, but there’s one in there that might be a bit much and I’m not too sure about it, Sue.”

“Which ones that,” she asked.

“The Electro-sex gadget,” he answered.

By now Sue had moved over to where he sat and had her hand on his thigh. I watched from my position by the bar and suddenly had a fleeting moment of jealousy. She was working her hand to his cock and as we had agreed, Rick let her begin to fondle him. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I brought the drinks over and effectively interrupted her advances. Now with one hand on her drink, the other on his cock she was beginning to get more aggressive. Refilling our glasses, I suggested that we take a dip in the pool. That was all Sue needed. She stood up, whipped off her blouse and unzipped the side of her jeans and wiggled them down to her ankles and kicked them off.

Now she stood in front of Rick and unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it back over his shoulders, then tugged his shirt tails out and let it drop to the floor. I don’t know how she did it, but moving closer to him she pressed her nipples against his chest and at the same time got her hand between her tummy and his belt and unfastened his jeans. As she tugged them down she pressed her lips to his and forced her tongue deep into his mouth.

His hands wrapped around her bare back, then slid down to cup the cheeks of her firm ass in each palm. I watched with some remorse. I had told him to do it, but it still brought back bad memories. It was déjà vu.

Sue still hadn’t seen Rick’s cock but must have been able to feel it. He wasn’t hard yet but I knew he was beginning to ooze pre-cum. He always did at this point.

I interrupted them and having taken my cloths off as I watched, suggested we move to the pool. I played the good little hostess and followed them with a pitcher of vodka gimlets. From my vantage point behind them I could see Sue, with her arm around Rick’s waist, looking down at his semi erect cock and I could imagine how wet she must be getting.

Rick separated from her at the pool and dove in. I followed, then Sue took the plunge. As always the cold water made my nipples hard and the little bumps surrounding each begin to swell in the soft pink areoles around each. Hers did the same, but her nipples were larger than mine and stood up more noticeably. Then she made her way over to me, and putting her arms around my neck gave me a deep kiss before bowing her head to suck on my hard nipples.

I looked at Rick and he was smiling. He was enjoying it and quite frankly, so was I.

After some moments we moved to the edge of the pool and I poured another round of drinks. I was beginning to get a little loopy and so was Sue. Rick can handle it, but we girls were getting slightly tipsy and more daring.

Fifteen minutes later we all climbed out and began to dry off. Sue was ready for the attack. She insisted on helping Rick dry off and after throwing her arms around him again, she drew his mouth to hers and I know their tongues were dueling as each sucked the others. Hell, now I didn’t care. I just wanted some of the action.

When Rick broke away she went to her knees and tried to dry his legs but ended up clutching his cock with the fingers of her hand as she brought her warm mouth down to cover its head.

Rick responds quickly to physical play and began to swell up. I watched, knowing Sue was in for one hell of a shock.

Rick just looked down and asked, “Like it? Want to see what you’re going to get?”

With her mouth full of his cock all she could do was mumble, “ummmm hummmmm.”

I smiled knowing what was going to happen next. Rick grew to his six inches, and then began to swell in width. First an inch, then more and more until he must have been a good inch and three quarters or more in diameter. Sue couldn’t take it all for more then a few minutes before her jaws began to ache. Then pulling off she gasped, “My God, Ooooooh mein gott, du bist so groß!, so big”

I had to laugh out loud. I knew she was going to say that. It’s the same thing I had thought the first time I tried to suck him off.

“What’s the matter, Sue, I commented, too much for you to handle? Wait until you feel that cock twisting and plunging in and out of your pussy. You’re going to go mad!”

“I never dreamed he was so thick. It must feel like his cock is fisting you,” she breathlessly gasped.

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