Amenity Project: Epilogue


[In her story “The Amenity Project,” Softly told a sweet, sexy, funny story of four women who designed to “protect” their sons who are just starting college from a group of predaceous junior college girls intending to get the boys make them pregnant in order to entrap them into marriage. Knowing that “boys will be boys,” the women (naturally ) decided that the only way to save the boys was to keep them so well fucked they wouldn’t have time for the junior college girls.

The plan was that each woman would seduce her son’s three friends but one boy had three roommates, so each woman ended up helping keep six boys out of “harm’s way!” It’s four years later now and, with Softly’s permission, we catch up with the women of the Amenity Project on what may be their final meeting.]

Charlie, the afternoon waiter at Friendly’s smiled as the saw the group enter. Yep, it was Monday, the day these women always came in to spend a few hours. It was some kind of club he knew, although no business ever seemed to be transacted. Instead the women ordered Margaritas and told each other hilarious stories. Charlie could never really hear what was said, but from snippets and body language, it was clear they were telling each other about the men they were sleeping with, maybe younger men, maybe more than one younger man each.

Charlie could understand how they did it; they were very attractive women. They actually looked better now than four years ago when they first started coming here. Although he guessed they were all in their early forties, they could pass for ten years younger, mainly from the way they looked and dressed. Now they all wore at least 3 inch heels and few failed to have on cute, short skirts, frilly and flounced or tight across the ass. He was pleased that most had given up pantyhose for proper stockings. He suspected some occasionally omitted the panties. Several had shrunk their waists, giving even the lithe blonde with slightly inadequate superstructure quite a figure. Slinky blouses made the most of their upper-story assets.

By the time several pitchers of Margaritas were history and the after-work customers started to arrive, there were four slightly soused sexy housewives. Charlie never doubted there were going to be an equal number of very happy husbands that night. He was sometimes tempted to “get to know” one of these women better. Seeing them always made him hard. If he could have overheard their conversation this day, he would have exploded.

A closer observer than Charlie, perhaps a Charlene, might have noticed something different about today’s meting. For one thing, no one ordered a Margarita but rather an espresso, latte, tisane, or lemonade. For another, the group was strangely subdued.

“Well, we did it,” Karen Poplowski said with a somewhat forced smile.

“Yes,” Sara Huberman nodded. “All four graduated, all with good GPA’s, and no shotgun weddings.”

“I should think not, each one with three women to encourage him with his studies …” added Vicki Vanclette

“When we weren’t screwing him silly.” Hanna Jurasec interrupted. The women laughed.

“Now they are all leaving for jobs at corporate plants and offices all over the country, Karen said, sadly.

“Amazing! We’ve been fucking six college boys for four years and our husbands never suspected a thing” Vicki chuckled.

“Why should they?” Sara asked. “I found having affairs with your sons plus Walter Vanclette’s three roommates made me feel so good about my self, so sexy, I was coming on to my husband all the time. Ralph’s been getting more sex than since we were newlyweds. He can’t stop grinning long enough to be suspicious.

“If they weren’t men, the sex itself would have made our husbands suspicious,” Vicki snorted. “Who ever heard of women our age wanting sex with our husbands!”

There was chuckle and then a lull in the conversation as if everyone had something else to say but was reluctant to say it. Finally Karen took a deep breath and launched out. “Donald didn’t suspect either, and yes probably because I was making love to him like crazy, but I still felt bad. I was cheating.”

Several women tried to break in to object, but Karen continued. “Maybe you didn’t feel that way, but I did. When I came in all those nights full of boy cum, tired but still horny, Donald always made love to me so trustingly, even eating me afterward the way I like it, never dreaming he was cleaning up after several randy twenty year olds. The guilt explains part of it. Then, too, I guess I was already feeling lonely, knowing that my Jimmy would soon be gone and Donald and I would have a big empty house to ourselves.”

Several lascivious grins indicated bursa üniversiteli escort that the other women had thought the same thing and had ideas about how to take advantage of the time alone with their husbands. Karen started to smile herself.

“So I got to thinking how I could make it up to Donald for letting me have fun with six young studs for four years, even if he didn’t know it. When I thought about it, there wasn’t any doubt what I should do. At the next right time when we were about to start making love I stopped him before he put on the condom and asked him if he still wanted us to start a second family he’d been pestering me about. He snorted like a horny buffalo, went wild with enthusiasm, said yes, yes, he had been dreaming for years about getting me pregnant again, about seeing my pretty tummy bulging with his baby. He even said why didn’t I start on those fertility drugs that can promote multiple births. I just laughed and said, yes, we COULD wait several weeks if he wasn’t in a hurry, but I had a very sticky flow this morning and was probably fertile all that weekend. I thought he might want to ‘get started right away.'”

“Did he ever! He hardly let me out of bed until Monday. When we weren’t fucking, he had my ass propped up with pillows to keep the semen in and spent hours eating me to climax after climax. He did it partly because he was so happy I’d relented about not having more babies after so many years but more because he’d heard orgasms promote conception.”

“Since then, it’s all Donald can talk about. He wants to go shopping for maternity dresses with me. He’s established TWO 529 college tuition accounts and is talking about adding a nursery to the house if we don’t sell and “move into something bigger.” Apparently he has gotten the idea that we’ll be having at least three more. Anyway, yesterday I went to my OBGYN and after a severe look for getting pregnant “at my age” she told me everything looked fine for a delivery next spring.”

Karen stopped as if she had run out of gas. Looking around, she was surprised not to be greeted by congratulation or scorn or mockery. Instead, Sara spoke up. “I hadn’t thought about it that way. Maybe it was the “empty next” feeling, as you said. That and regret that soon I’ll have only one loving husband rather than one loving husband AND six horny college boys to fuck.” There were sympathetic nods around the table. “Especially Josh.” Josh’s mother, Vicki, blushed.

“All the boys are nice and great lovers, but Josh is so gentle, so considerate, I knew I was going to miss him terribly. In some crazy way I wanted to hold on to him, not let him leave me.” Vicki frowned. “Oh I know, he has a brilliant career ahead of him at corporate headquarters; I’d never do anything to hold him back, but I did want to keep a part of Josh with me.”

“I thought about not telling him, but I couldn’t be dishonest, so one night last month when he was already in me, bringing me to one wonderful orgasm after another, I asked him if he would like me to have his baby. It was hardly fair; he was pretty far gone when I told him I had removed my cervical cap and that I was probably fertile that night. If he didn’t want to put a baby in me, he’d better pull out.”

The other women gasped.

“I needn’t have worried. Josh almost sobbed with joy. He said he’d been dreaming of being able to knock me up since the first night I took him to our lake cottage. He said I’d be the most beautiful, the sexiest new mother in the world and he would be very proud for me to have his baby. Even as he was moaning his agreement, he was fucking me faster and faster. Instinctively I locked my legs behind his back and pulled him into me. He couldn’t have pulled out if he’d wanted to. Josh roared when his orgasm overtook him and I came too, feeling his hot young sperm spew into my fertile womb.”

“We lay locked together like rutting dogs for several minutes when, wonder of wonders, I felt him getting hard again. I teased him about being a bad boy for wanting to fuck a pregnant woman. That set him off. He fucked me twice more without removing his cock from me for an instant. We have continued to have unprotected sex but I’m sure that first flood of potent young semen did it for me. An EPT this morning showed I’m pregnant. Ralph was rather surprised that we’d had a ‘little accident,’ but he’s so proud to have me pregnant again, he’ll never suspect a thing.”

Now it was Sara’s turn to be surprised at the lack of surprise, even from Vicki. Only Hanna seemed aghast at Sara’s deliberate cuckolding of her husband. “I swore him to secrecy, of course, and you mustn’t tell escort bayan either. It has to remain just between us.”

“Well, that explains what happened to me. Josh must have told Walter he’d knocked you up,” Vicky said.

“Oh no! He promised,” Sara sighed.

“Oh, come on Sara. He is only human,” Vicki sighed. “You can’t expect a college boy who has just impregnated a woman twenty years older than he, especially one a sexy as you, not to brag, can you?”

“Walter told you that?” Sara asked, distraught.

“No, but he must have gotten the idea from Josh. I was with Walter what must have been only a few days after you let Josh make you pregnant. Walter was fucking me good — he always fucks me good.” She looked at Vicki gratefully. “Suddenly he slowed down and asked if I would remember him when he was gone. Between gasps I said of course I would — who can forget a cock like his? I was close to another orgasm and in no mood for conversation. He looked down at me grinning and asked if I was sure I didn’t want a little souvenir of our time together.”

“I wasn’t too far gone for a little red alarm light to go on in my almost fucked-out brain. What did he mean, I asked. He said he wanted to give me a baby to remember him by before he went away. I started crying and telling him I couldn’t do that to Anthony, but he paid no attention, continuing to fuck me into semi coherence. Then he stopped completely and pulled out. I thought I’d changed his mind, but an evil smile told me I was wrong. He said I WOULD have something to remember him by, but I could choose what. Then he pulled out photos of us fucking. These were no romantic couplings and they sure didn’t look like rape. Somehow Walter had pictures of me on my stomach, ass in air as he pounded me from behind. Another showed him, or someone, giving it to me on my back with my heels in the air. There were several of me in the middle of an orgasm, my mouth open and eyes closed us and Walter’s schlong buried balls deep in my married pussy. There were shots of me naked except for my heels, playing with my pussy, obviously posing for him. Walter said these and many more like it were all on a file that he would e-mail to my husband so we ‘both could remember him.'”

I was lost and asked him what I had to do. He said he knew I’d had my period about 10 days ago, so he wanted me to go to a hotel with him the coming weekend. He would to check to make sure I did not have my diaphragm in. I knew it was too late to start on the pill and besides, he pointed out, if I didn’t get pregnant, he could still send the pictures. As luck would have it his calculations were right on; the morning of my blackmailed breeding I was as wet and slick as ever in my life. Walter was in the room he had reserved and he didn’t waste time when I arrived stripping me and warming me up. I hated what he was forcing me to do, but I responded to his kisses as I always do, like a bitch in heat. I was gushing after only minutes of him playing with my tits. I felt his fingers in my pussy. He was arousing me, but I knew he was also making sure I had no birth control in me.”

“When he was sure I was vulnerable he shoved me on the bed and pulled out his cock. Brandishing it at me he asked if I was ready to have him give me his baby. I shook my head no, but he just laughed and said I would be once he started fucking me. I closed my eyes, trying not to think, trying not to show any emotion when he slid his giant cock into me. I failed. The first gasp rapidly became heavy rapid breathing as my body responded to his incessant pounding.”

“As my first orgasm approached he asked me again if I wanted him to keep fucking me, giving me his baby. I tried to protest, tried to say no but at that moment it hit me, a wave of ecstasy that turned my resisted to complicity. He asked again and I said yes, yes, yes I wanted a baby. To my shame, I begged him, begged him to fuck me, begged him to knock me up with his bastard child. Satisfied he bellowed, stiffened and I felt jets of liquid fire shoot into me. I orgasmed again as well as he collapsed on top of me.”

“Before I could recover Walter’s roommates had entered and were pushing Walter aside, calling for their turn. Again I tried to protest but it was useless. Almost as soon as Walter pulled out, one of the another boy was in me. The were all so excited at knocking up a married woman the lasted only minutes before adding their seed to Walter’s. Only minutes, but enough to make me come like a runaway freight train. They continued for hours, each fucking me three or four times, climaxing me again and again. There was no way I could not be pregnant from that cumload. When I escort bursa made love to Anthony that night he thought I was crying for happiness at “our” sudden decision to have another baby.”

Vicki surveyed her sympathetic friends. “You won’t even know who the farther is, will you?” Karen asked. Sadly Vicki shook her head. The women noticed that Hanna was not looking very sympathetic.

“My, my, my! Haven’t we all been naughty?” Hanna smirked. “Karen was so guilty about letting six college boys fuck her silly, she let her longsuffering husband put a baby in her middle aged tummy! Sara was so infatuated with her twenty-year old lover, she just “had” to let him give her his baby. Vicky, who started her career with the Amenity Project pulling a train, gets pregnant at a free-fuck-for-all gang bang and may the best sperm win! By the way, as my Billy tells it, Vicki was not so reluctant s she says. She went wild, demanding that they knock her up, taunting them to pump more baby-making semen into her fertile pussy. If she hadn’t kept drinking until she passed out, she’ still be there.” Vicki blushed.

“Well, girls, I’ve been naughty, too, but I’m sure as hell not sorry about it. Billy told me about Sara and Vicki getting pregnant a month or so ago one night while we were making love,”

Three jaws dropped open but no sounds came out of the mouths of the astounded women.

“Oh, yes, I’ve been fucking my son since, well, lets just say he never experienced the traumas of other junior high boys, wanting to fuck his teachers, his friends’ mothers, sexy high school girls, supermarket checkers, women in the church choir, and every other woman from 18-65. I was keeping Billy’s prick limp all by myself too well for him to fall for one of those junior college sluts, , but I played along to avoid suspicion.”

“But hearing that Sara and Vicki were going to be having little bastards gave me a wonderfully nasty idea.”

Three pairs of wide eyes grew even wider.

“I must say, 4.0 or no, Billy may not have the initiative to claw his way up the corporate hierarchy. Even after helping Vicki get an baby in her belly, it didn’t occur to the big ungrateful sap that his horny Mommy might want to get pregnant, too.”

“Of course I didn’t let that stand in my way. A night or so later when he had fucked me to a few nice orgasms and was getting ready to fill a condom with his baby juice, I told him I had made a little pin hole in it and that if he didn’t stop, he might knock me up. He actually slowed down! I was disappointed, of course, that he had not been fantasizing about making a baby with his sexy mother like most healthy adolescent boys, but I wasn’t concerned. I just ‘warned’ him that he weren’t careful, he was going to pump his baby-making sperm in my fertile pussy, He could make me pregnant, blow up my belly with his baby, make my tits get big with milk for a little brother or sister.”

“I could feel his cock in me grow harder and I continued to taunt him, telling him what a bad boy he was for wanting to cuckold his Daddy, wanting to put a baby in his Mommy’s married pussy, probably wishing he could nurse from my milk-swollen breasts! That did it! He trumpeted like a rogue bull elephant and slammed his delicious prick in me and erupted. I felt the rush of scalding jizz, the sabotaged condom failing perfectly. It was like a geyser spewing his baby making sperm into my pussy. I already had visions of Fred and me seeing him off at the airport, me in sexy mini-maternity dress already starting to show.”

For a few seconds there was a stunned silence, then Sara started t laugh. “My god! Four pregnant, middle aged housewives, soon to be without our young lovers! What are we going to do? I remember when I was pregnant with Walter how horny I was. Ralph could hardly keep up with me then; now he’s barely good for once a night! I’ll be climbing the walls!”

Karen scooted closer and ran her hand under Sara’s skirt. “Well,” she grinned, we have each other.”

Vicki grinned. “Yes, having a woman’s tongue in my puss, and vice versa, will be a pleasant diversion, but I for one knew I’d need hard male cock to keep me sane. I was already beginning to cast lustful glances at any man who walked near me.”

Vicki looked down, She squirmed in her seat. She went to say something, then stopped. She looked up.

Sara observed the movements and said, “You have something to tell us?”

Her eyes went from woman to woman. “So I did something about it. Last Saturday night, I just had to go out — to the “Red Rooster” lounge. I danced with several the Kappa Sigma guys from State. I came on to them and suggested I would like to spend some time with them. They took me to their frat house and then they took me — all of them. They were pretty tired when we finished, but told me to come back anytime. Care to join me?”

Sara, Karen, and Hanna exchanged glances.

Karen smiled at Vicki as she said, “Charlie, check please.”

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