Amsterdam Prostitute: Client 02


My name is Lacey, and I’m a prostitute in the red-light district of Amsterdam. I get paid to explore the art of erotica, and I love my job. Even though I am in graduate school, I know I will continue being a prostitute once I finish school.

I’m so excited to fuck right now. I’m blaming my horny feeling on my high sex drive, and on my high feeling from a bowl of cannabis I just smoked. Smoking buds has a tendency to increase my desire for sexual activity, and I am glad I feel relaxed and ready to see my next customer.

My late morning client is a woman with big, beautiful tits; I love them and I love to suck her nipples. She is highly sensual. By the time I suck on her fat nipples for a few minutes, her underwear is drenched. I really get turned on when she gets wet. She moans fantastically as she gets finger fucked. She’s been visiting my room for over a year now. She always reserves me for an hour.

I review my morning client sheet from the front desk. I notice this morning is a bit different for my customer Cara, and I like when she breaks away from her sexual routine. Being able to fuck Cara is always fun, and I am glad she wants me to fuck her this morning.

Since her pussy is a little large, I know she will fancy my thick Kong dong. She might resist at first, but I know she likes big dicks. I like to wear a strap-on.

The time is 10:51. Cara should arrive at 11:00. I know she’ll arrive promptly, so I hurry over to my vanity and pour a shot of vodka. I swallow the alcohol and let it slide down my throat before it rests in my belly. I want to lose some inhibitions, so I can be in charge. Cara likes when I take charge with my cock.

I adjust my lace bra and panties. My strap-on is in place. I tie my robe in a loose fashion; I want the robe to fall off my shoulder so my nipple peeks out. I want Cara to fondle me too. She likes touching my body; she always tells me while I finger her as she sucks on my tits. Cara likes to play.

As I sit down on my satin bed, I hear a card swipe through the automatic door opener to my room. Within seconds, Cara is standing in my room. She shuts the door behind her and walks towards me.

Her breasts are magnificent and full. She’s wearing a skirt, and her thighs look athletic and voluptuous. She looks sexy, and I can’t wait to fuck her.

She approaches my vanity and pours herself a shot of vodka. I watch her drink it and I say, ‘It’s nice to see you, Cara.’ I then reach out my hand and cup her breast. She closes her eyes and whimpers out a sexual sound of acceptance. I pull her closer. My physique is slightly taller than Cara, so it is easy to pull her close to me.

As I hold Cara, I take my hand and raise her chin so my mouth can meet her tongue. I want to feel her. She opens her mouth and she kisses me back gently. I want more, canlı bahis so I take my tongue and push down on her tongue with a little force. I pull her closer and I hold her tighter. Cara moans. I say, ‘I want to see your nipples. Unbutton your shirt.’

Cara begins unbuttoning her shirt as she continues to kiss me. I take my hand and I unfasten her bra; I slowly place my hand over her breast. I fondle her breast. I squeeze her nipple and I cup her large bosom. I jiggle her tit. She moans louder. I move to her other breast and pinch her nipple. I push her down on the bed.

As she lies back on the bed, I spread her legs. Her skirt rises up closer to her hips. Her shirt is open and her breasts are round, large and ready for me to suck. While her legs are open, I put my hand between her thighs and I touch her pussy. I can already feel her heat. I slide my finger under her panty line and I glide my finger over her slippery twat. Cara immediately says, ‘Oh, yes. Do that.’ I’m going to fuck her good. She is so wet.

I see her playing with her tits. She has her left nipple between her index and middle fingers. She’s squeezing her nipple hard. Her nipple has peaked with excitement.

I climb on top of her and straddle her. My ass is on her pussy. My cock flaps out from my robe. She sees my Kong and gets excited. I move closer to her face, and I begin twisting her nipples. I smack my cock in her face, and I raise up on my knees. She likes it, she likes the sensation of losing her inhibitions. Cara starts sucking my cock.

I watch her slide her hand up and down my shaft, and I say, ‘ya. You’re a bad girl. You like my cock pussy; I know you want me to fuck you.’ I slightly fuck her face. Cara moves her hand down my cock. Her fingers rest on my pussy hole. She likes my wet pussy. She says, ‘Oh, yes. Let me lick your pussy, baby. Let me tongue fuck you.’ I tell Cara, ‘you didn’t pay to lick my snatch, baby. You paid to get fucked.’ I start rocking my pussy over her hand a little faster, and she glides her fingers wildly over my twat.

After a few minutes, I get up and I turn Cara over on her stomach. I slap her large ass and I watch her backside jiggle. I spread her legs wide; I slap her ass again and I say, ‘raise your pussy up, Cara.’ She slightly raises her body; I spread her ass cheeks. I have a good view of her wet pussy, and I am in a good position to fuck her. Her pussy is slightly off the bed, and I am standing hunched over her with my cock resting on her ass.

She is so ready, her pussy is wide and wet. I take my two fingers and I start fingering her thick twat. I watch as she moves back and forth on my fingers. She moans, ‘Yes, finger this pussy. You like this pussy. You got me all wet, so I could fuck that big cock.’ I watch her big ass get wetter; I’m going to fuck her so hard.

I bahis siteleri slide my fingers out of her snatch, and I smear her wetness all over her pussy and ass. She is extremely wet and hot. Her pussy is thick and ready for penetration, I want her relaxed. I place my thumb in her ass. She slightly jumps. I thumb fuck her ass until I start to feel her get loose.

As she rocks back on my thumb, I take some lube and squirt it all over my cock. I rub the oil up and down my thick and strong shaft. I take my thumb out of her ass, and I put in my other thumb. I work the remaining oil off my hand and into her asshole. She loves ass play.

She moans as she fucks my hand. I slide my thumb in deep, then I nearly pull it completely out of her ass; but not quite. I thrust my thumb back into her asshole and I hold my hand in her ass. As she bucks her ass back on me, I slide my cock into her pussy. I guide the shaft as I hold my thumb in Cara’s ass. She holds still, and she lets out a sensual yell. I know my cock is big.

Cara lies on the bed with her legs spread wide and my cock in her pussy. I start moving my hips and thrusting my cock back and forth in and out of her twat. She lies there trying to buck up a little. I know she is adjusting to the size. After a few seconds, Cara says, ‘Fuck, yes. That’s a big cock. Damn. Fuck me until I can handle it…..fuck me.’

I pull my cock out of her wet pussy, and I pull my thumb out of her asshole. She raises up on her knees. She rests her upper body on her elbows. Her ass and pussy holes are wide open. I slide my cock back into her snatch. I fuck her gently, then I spread her legs wider. I put my thumb back up her ass. I fuck her asshole with my thumb, her ass slides over my second knuckle as I go deep into her glory hole. My thumb glides in and out of her ass. She moans and says, ‘Fuck me. You like this ass. Fuck it good, baby.’

She starts rocking back on my cock. I put my index finger in her ass. Now, my thumb and index finger are fucking her butt.

I spend several minutes finger fucking her ass and cock fucking her twat, then, I slap her on her ass and I pull my cock out of her snatch. I pull my fingers out of her asshole. I walk over to my chair and sit down. I look at Cara and say, ‘Bring that hot twat over here and ride me. I want you to fuck me.’ I know Cara likes to ride on top.

She immediately walks towards me and straddles her wet pussy over my cock. As she slides down on my cock pussy, her face releases a look of ecstasy. I push my cock up inside her and I push her body down on to my hips. As I thrust up inside her, she raises and lowers her body in rhythm with mine. I start sucking her large nipples.

I love her nipples. Cara has hard nipples and big tits. She goes wild when her tits are fondled. As I suck on her nipples, I bahis şirketleri start to really play with her tit. I begin gently biting her nipple, and I take my hands and squeeze her tits together. I mouth fuck her tits. She loves the feeling. My tongue is going everywhere across her breasts. I’m sucking her whole tit, licking and sucking. She starts riding my cock harder and faster. Her tits bounce with her thrusts. The harder I suck, the faster she fucks me. I suck hard and fast. Yes, so hard and fast. Oh, yes….

Cara starts grinding me hard. I keep mouth fucking her tits. After several minutes, I reach around and put my middle finger in her ass. She moans wildly. Cara says, ‘Oh, yeah. Finger my ass. Make me cum. Come on, fuck me like I’m a bad bitch.’ I suck her tits wildly as I power thrust her ass with my finger. She bounces uncontrollably with speed.

The harder she slams down on my hips, the harder I thrust my cock up in her pussy. We fuck back and forth wildly, as I rapidly pump her ass with my finger. Cara says, ‘Oh yes. Don’t stop. Pease, don’t stop. Keep fucking me. Please.’

It was like she was begging me. I fucked her harder and I said, ‘Fuck, you feel good. I love your tits and ass.’ I pulled my finger out of her ass. I took my hands and spread her ass cheeks wide, and I continued to fuck her deep. Fuck she was good.

Cara fucked me hard, and I sucked her tits and bit her nipples. She screamed, but she liked it. I pulled her hair back, nibbled her nipple and sucked it hard. I sucked her nipple raw.

I reached up and pulled Cara down hard on to my hips and I held her there. She tried to buck up, but I held her too tight. I start to fuck her fast. I slid my cock in and out of her wet pussy over and over again. She couldn’t take it and she started to fuck me back harder. I let her. She said, ‘Oh, yes…Yes….Fuck.’ I kept thrusting up inside of her fast. I said, ‘ya, take it, Cara. Come on, be a good girl and fuck me back, baby. Come on. Fuck me.’ She fucked back strong.

She leaned closer and started fucking me faster, and faster, and then she said, ‘Yes. Oh. Yes.’

I knew I fucked an orgasm out of her; I watched her ride my cock as she released her liquid down my thigh. I pushed back up into her, and she continued to ride me. She rode me slow until her orgasm ran out.

After she was finished, the clock said 11:55. Cara had approximately 5-minutes to freshen up in my bathroom before she had to leave. As she was still sitting on my cock, I looked at her and gave her a kiss. She sweetly smiled, raised up from my cock and said, ‘I love fucking you.’ Cara is cute.

As she left a generous tip on my vanity, she quickly freshened up before she left. As I pulled off my strap-on, I watched her leave my room. I threw her bathroom towel in the dirty laundry, and I started to run the water for a quick shower. I have a small time frame before my next client, but I need to run some errands before I meet him.

This is my job. I get paid to fuck a variety of people, and I love the work.

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