Amy’s Escort


Relaxing on the couch during a quiet evening at home, Amy entered the search words “couples escort near me” on her iPad and tapped the screen.  Her search was quickly rewarded with several matches that she opened and closed the links for until finding one which peaked her interest.  Scrolling through the menu, she tapped “Gallery” and smiled.  Ever since a vacation several years ago when Eric had choreographed a surprise encounter in their foreign hotel room, Amy had patiently waited to respond in kind with a similar evening of her own.  Enough time had passed now that she felt Eric would not be suspicious of her if her plan fell within the parameters of their typical daily life. With Eric’s birthday coming up soon, Amy wanted to surprise him with with a staycation downtown, something they had done several times previously and that she knew would not raise undo suspicion.  Amy scrolled through the gallery photos and clicked on profile after profile of potential candidates, eliminating some quickly while mentally keeping others alive through her first round cuts.  Brunettes, blondes, and redheads. Black, White, or Asian.  You name it, the diversity of available options was varied. She had really never pondered what type of woman she might choose for an evening like this if left to decide alone.  One by one though, she narrowed the list of physical traits to the ones she felt best aligned with both Eric’s tastes, as well as her own.  Each time the list of candidates shrank, the smaller details became increasingly more important and harder to select, but eventually Amy sat looking at a lone profile glowing from her screen. “Jesse” was 34 with blonde hair, 5′-5″ tall and bi-sexual the profile stated. Four professionally photographed poses in various states of undress confirmed that her body was perfect both in and out of her beautiful red lingerie.  Long slender legs, a tiny waist highlighting a nice round tight şişli escort ass, a gorgeous face, and incredibly firm round breasts – Jesse had the entire package.  Although Jesse fit the bill in every way, it was her breasts that mesmerized Amy.  It didn’t hurt that this was Amy’s most important criteria for herself either.Amy clicked on Jesse’s rates for “couples companionship” and found them to be a little shocking. This was a special occasion though and she wanted it to be memorable for both of them, so she would not allow sticker shock to compromise her choice.  Proceeding to the “Contact Me” section, Amy sent a message inquiring about Jesse’s availability for the date she needed, before closing out of her profile to wait for a future reply.Later that evening, Amy checked back and found she had indeed received a response back. “Yes,” the date was open it read “would you like to book?  If so, please send credit card authorization for a deposit.”Amy took a long, deep breath before typing “Yes!” along with her Visa number.  In a text box for describing any special requests, Amy provided a lengthy summary of her plan for the evening.  After reading it through several times to ensure she had captured everything correctly, she made a decisive final tap on “Submit,” which made her chuckle because it seemed so appropriate.  “Thank you for your order!” the screen glowed. “Jesse will see you on…”A few days later, the couple checked into their chosen downtown boutique hotel. After settling into their room, they showered and changed for the evening before heading out for a nice dinner and drinks at a restaurant which was only a short walk away.  After an incredible meal and relaxing conversation, the couple strolled casually back to their hotel where Amy suggested that they stop off downstairs for a nightcap. It was 10:45 pm when they settled into a round corner booth of a bar located just off the lobby of their şişli escort bayan hotel. It was a locally popular martini bar that attracted a significantly higher level clientele than the average downtown watering hole. The twosome had barely received their cocktails and toasted to their evening together when an attractive blonde woman approached their table. “Hi. Isn’t your name Amy?” the woman inquired.  Amy smiled back and nodded yes before asking the stranger if she would like sit down and join them for a drink. Wondering to himself just how Amy knew this person, Eric was a little surprised to have her slide into his side of the booth instead of Amy’s.   Never-the-less, he was perfectly content being flanked on each side by a beautiful woman.  Amy introduced her acquaintance as Jesse just before the waitress returned to take Jesse’s order. “I hear you’re celebrating your birthday!” Jesse said. Eric answered that it was, yet still questioning how she might know this given the fact that she and Amy seemingly had crossed paths randomly by their initial reactions.  “So… how do you two know each other again?” Eric asked as the waitress returned with Jesse’s martini.  “We don’t,” Jesse replied, raising her glass to offer her own toast as a teasing smile crept across her face.  “Here’s to a very, very happy birthday!”Eric felt a slight adrenaline surge at the seductive tone of Jesse’s toast before seeing Amy smile slightly as well. “Check please.” Amy requested as the waitress walked by and then followed by asking Eric  “Do you have the room key dear?”Wondering why Amy suddenly felt the need to leave so abruptly, Eric nodded yes while watching her slide quickly out of the booth and motioning for him to follow.  Perhaps she was uncomfortable with this person and had only made a courtesy invitiation to join them which she had not really expected Jesse to actually accept.”Nice seeing you,” Amy said mecidiyeköy escort walking away with Eric in tow.  “Maybe we’ll run into you again sometime.””Maybe,” Jesse replied, watching them disappear through the lobby door.Reaching across the table, she gathered the card key that Amy had so obviously left behind, the room number clearly written on the outer jacket.  Obvious to anyone except Eric that is.Arriving back in their corner suite with a fantasitic view overlooking the street below, Eric walked over to the bedside table and turned on the lights with Amy making a beeline for the restroom.  Sitting down on the edge of the bed to take off his shoes, Eric found himself still trying to process the curious conversation downstairs.  What exactly was Amy up to?  He didn’t have to wait long for an answer as he heard the click of the rooms door lock and watched the door swing open.Jesse entered the room and closed the door behind her.  “Hello again,” she smiled. “One of you seems to have left this downstairs,” extending her hand to return the key card. Eric stood up and walked over to accept the key back from Jesse just as Amy returned from the bathroom.  “That was fast!” Amy said in a surprised fashion. “Well, we want to make the most out of our sixty-minutes, don’t we?” Jesse countered.  “Sixty-minutes?” Eric replied before looking at Amy.”Happy birthday baby,” she said softly.  “I think you should probably unwrap your presents now.”Jesse stood in the center of the room, flanked on each side by Eric and Amy.  Amy led off with the first move to put Eric at ease before they jointly proceeded with removing each article of Jesse’s clothing until she stood entirely naked between them.  Except for her G-string and heels which would stay on for now. Jesse tipped her head back and reached behind her, grasping the growing bulge in Eric’s slacks that was pressed against her now bare ass. Eric gently clutched her throat soflty with his right hand and allowed his mouth to move down the side of her neck. With her hand growing increasingly impatient behind her, Jesse felt the warmth of a Amy’s now suddenly naked body as it pressed itself against her.

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