An Accidental Awakening Ch. 02


*This is the second chapter in a two part series. If you have not read An Accidental Awakening — Chapter 1 then I suggest you read that first. Then I hope you come back to this story and enjoy the sexy continuation!

For those who have already read the first installment, I truly hope you enjoy this addition. I know everyone has their own ideas as to where the characters should go but I felt like this path was a natural progression for their personalities. I hope you agree.

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**All characters are of legal age and do not represent any particular person.**


I’m minutes away from finally facing Cara after my night out with the girls turned first lesbian experience. It’s been about a week since Jen and I spent the night together and somehow I’ve managed to avoid Cara and her never ending questions. She came by the apartment the next day but I was still with Jen at her place. She has called me a million and a half times as well but I’ve only responded via text and blamed being busy with the business as my excuse for the lack of calls back. I’ve been avoiding her, I admit it. I’m not ashamed of what Jen and I have been doing but I think Cara will make a big deal of it and I didn’t feel like having to explain myself yet. I just wanted to enjoy.

Cara was out of town for a family reunion for the majority of the week and now that she’s back I’m heading to her apartment to finally face her onslaught of questions. I can’t blame her too much though. To see one friend’s hand under the dress of another is pretty shocking and to get absolutely no answers about it afterwards would drive anyone mad. Jen has been avoiding her questions too so I won’t be surprised if Cara jumps me the second I’m in the door. Just as I’m pulling into a space outside the apartment building I get a text from Jen. *Good luck with the interrogation tonight!* Ha! No kidding.

I toss my phone in my purse and make my way inside. I’m in the elevator a moment later and find myself sharing it with an older man that is trying to discretely check me out in the mirrored walls. I check my reflection and smile at myself. Since spending time with Jen I’ve become a bit more adventurous in my wardrobe. I guess my confidence is showing through. I slightly adjust my miniskirt and admire the way it shows off my long legs and shapely behind. The older man is now leaning back on his heels admiring the same thing. Personally, I think my breasts look the best in this outfit. I’m wearing a loose fitting top that drapes across my body but its low cut and plenty of cleavage is on display. I don’t have the largest breasts in the world but they’re a perky mid-sized pair and I’ve never had any complaints. I flip my shoulder length auburn hair behind me and give the man a wink. He hisses out a breath and says, “Oh if I were twenty years younger. This old man will just have to settle for a nice view.” He smiles and exits two floors below Cara’s and I giggle the rest of the way up.

I don’t even have a chance to knock more than once before Cara yanks her door open and says, “It’s about damn time missy! Get your ass in here and be ready to spill!” This should be interesting. I don’t think she will be judgmental about the whole thing since she’s generally an open-minded person and she already knew Jen swung both ways. I just think me being involved with her will be that part that she’ll have a hard time wrapping her mind around. It will be a shock. It sure as hell was for me! I plop myself down onto her comfy couch and look at her with a smirk. She’s standing in the middle of the living room now with her arms crossed waiting for the details she’s probably been obsessing over for the last week. We’re both waiting for the other one to start. I lift my legs onto the couch and cross them at the ankles. I can do this all day Cara! I give her a grin and she throws her hands up in the air before shoving my feet out of the way and sitting at the opposite end of the couch.

Once she settles in she says, “Nice skirt. Not your usual daytime attire.” She winks and I know she’s joking to breaking the silence. I shrug and tell her I felt like showing a bit of skin today. She nods and says I succeeded. This is kind of fun. She wants to know what happened but hasn’t directly asked yet. I see her bite her lip and realize now that I’m here she’s not sure how to ask. Oh, this is funny! I put her out of her misery and ask her what wants to know. With a roll of her eyes she begins, “Oh please! You know exactly what I want to know. I know what I saw in that cab last week. Jen’s hand was clearly between your legs and you didn’t exactly look shocked about it. What’s going on with you two? And don’t you dare be short on the details!” I can’t help but laugh at her.

I finally give her what she wants and explain what happened in the club bathroom and then in the cab while she and Amanda talked. Her eyes grew wider with each new development and when I get to the point of her seeing us she interrupts. Shaking her head in disbelief she says, Bycasino “Wait! You two played around in the bathroom and then did it again while we were all in the cab? Holy shit! How did we not notice? You dirty little sluts!” I laugh at her outburst and she grins back. I definitely have her attention and she begs to know what happened after we left her apartment. So I give her every last delicious detail and she sat there completely engrossed clutching a throw pillow in her lap. Her expression is hilarious and I don’t leave a thing out.

When I’m finished she’s gaping at me and squeezing the hell out of that pretty little pillow. She’s in shock and I just relax back into the soft cushions and wait for her to process. It takes a while and she tells me I better not be screwing with her head. I promise it’s all true and she gets up to head to the kitchen. She’s back a few moments later with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She pours without saying a word and hands me a glass of a crisp white wine I don’t recognize. I sip it and watch her brain try to work through the story. She finally speaks, “I can’t believe it. I mean, I knew Jen liked women but you? You’ve never even hinted at being attracted to women and I just can’t believe it was all happening in front of me and I had no clue!” She pauses and looks right at me before saying, “Does this mean you’re a lesbian now? Are you two a couple?” I shake my head no. She pours more wine into her glass and sits back on the couch saying, “Well? Get on with it then. Explain.”

I toss back the rest of the wine in my glass and twist it in my hand. With a deep breath I begin, “I don’t really know what it makes me and no we’re definitely not a couple. I don’t want to be a couple with anyone. We’re just friends. She’s awesome but I can’t do more than that right now. It’s only been a week and a half since Brent and I broke up for Christ’s sake! Jen and I are just sex I guess. She’s good with that.” Cara takes a big sip of wine and stares into her glass. Then a smile spreads across her face before she breaks out into loud laughter. I smile and pour more wine into my glass. When she finally catches her breath and wipes tears from her eyes I ask, “Would you like to share what exactly is so funny?”

She grins at me as she pours herself more wine and holds it up for a toast saying, “To getting laid!” Oh I love this girl so much. We clink glasses and sip. Cara begins talking right away, “So now that you’re a part-time lesbian what does this mean for our girl’s nights out?” I don’t know exactly what she means and say so. I can’t help smile at her part-time lesbian label though. She rolls her eyes again and explains, “I mean are we going to scope out men or women now?” I laugh at her and give a shrug. Who knows? I have no idea. Her face turns a little more serious and she asks, “Honestly though, what do you want to happen now?” I really don’t know. A lot has already happened in the last ten days. It’s hard to know what it all means and I don’t really think I should be making life changing decisions right now. I think back to the morning after Jen and I first started whatever it is you want to call our current arrangement.


-The morning after-

When my eyes open I briefly don’t know where I am and the bedroom around me looks completely unfamiliar. It takes several moments for the previous night’s events to come back to me and I slowly roll over to face the truth. Jen is still asleep and facing me with her hands curled up under her chin. She looks so peaceful. Clearly it really did happen. Wow! I’m not sure how to feel about this. Last night was amazing but totally unexpected! I never once considered being with a woman and never even felt sexually attracted to one before. Well, maybe that’s not totally true. There was that one night senior year of high school when I made out with a girl on my cheerleading squad. We were totally drunk at the time though and did nothing but kiss. It was pretty hot but I just shrugged it off as a crazy drunken decision that didn’t matter. Maybe I should have explored those feelings more at the time but who worries about such things at eighteen?

I look back up at Jen and watch her sleep. Her soft blonde hair is spread across the pillow and wrapping around her head. Even with her hair a complete mess she really is a beautiful woman. Her sleeping lids are hiding her bright blue eyes but her pretty pink lips draw my attention. I’m suddenly thinking about how fantastic those lips felt all over my body last night and feel my body respond to the wonderful images in my mind. My eyes travel lower to her large breasts that are only partially covered by the sheet and I slowly pull it down to expose one nipple. It hardens in response to the cool air of the room and I resist reaching out to touch it. I need to get a grip! I roll onto my back but my mind is picturing how wonderful she looked naked beneath me last night. Her body was trim and firm under my touch and her neatly trimmed blonde mound was just begging for my touch. Ok. I should really get out of this bed.

As soon as I stand Jen’s eyes pop open and she looks up at me with an anxious Bycasino giriş expression. She’s nervous. Well so am I! She pulls the sheet up to cover herself and says a little hi. This is going to be a bit awkward, isn’t it? Maybe it shouldn’t be though. We’re both adults and we did nothing wrong. Who cares that it was unplanned? It was amazing and that’s what should count. We just need to talk it out but we should be dressed for this conversation. It’s too distracting otherwise. I feel her gaze at my back and I quickly slip out of the room in search of my clothing. It takes several minutes to round up all the pieces and I finish dressing myself just as Jen comes out of her bedroom wearing a tank top and sweat shorts. She’s not wearing a bra and I take a deep breath to calm myself at the sight of her hard nipples poking through the fabric. She starts a pot of coffee and I sit at her dining table looking for something to say.

She finally sits with me and we smile at each other. She speaks first, “This is a little weird huh?” I nod. It is. There’s no point denying it. She nods too and speaks again, “Are you okay with what we did?” I think on that for a moment and find that I am. I’m confused but okay. She smiles at that and says, “Oh good! I was so nervous you would be totally freaked out.” There’s a long pause and the awkwardness seems to creep in again. There’s an elephant in the room and it’s named ‘what happens now?’ We both smile at each other again but no one speaks. I don’t know what to do! Jen jumps out of her seat when the coffee maker finishes brewing and pours two mugs before returning to the table. She disappears back into the kitchen and brings back sugar, cream, and a bowl of mixed fruit. Several more silent minutes pass as we both make our coffees to our liking and spoon some fruit into our respective bowls.

Oh I can’t take this anymore and speak quickly, “Ok. I don’t know what to do now. I mean, I really liked last night. It was awesome and sexy and amazing but I don’t know where to go from here. I can’t start a new relationship right now. Not with anyone, not just you! A lot has happened and I need time to figure it all out.” I pause and look into her eyes before adding, “Is that okay?”

She looks relieved that the big question in the room is finally addressed. She puts her coffee down on the table as she begins to speak, “Oh thank God! I don’t want a relationship either! That’s what I was nervous about, that you would want to turn this into a girlfriend thing. I like you a lot Ash, but I spent a lot of time in and out of painful relationships and just don’t want that right now. I loved last night and I hope it’s not the only time we get together but if it is that’s okay too.” Phew! That was easier than I expected. We were both nervous for no reason at all. I give her a little smile and tell her I hope we can do both, be friends and have repeats of last night. She smiles back and leans across the table to plant a coffee flavored kiss on my lips. I guess that’s a yes!

We finished our coffee and fruit in a relaxed state with some light flirting but I decided to leave right after. I called a cab and made sure it was a different company from the one we were in last night. I have no intention of running into that driver again. Jen smirked when she realized I avoided that company and gave a playful smack on my ass while I dialed. I think she and I will have a lot of fun. We briefly discuss what to do about Cara as we wait for the cab but with her leaving for a family vacation in a day we decided to just put off explaining anything until she gets back. Avoiding her calls shouldn’t be too hard.

Before long the cab sounds its horn outside the townhouse and it’s time to go. We say our goodbyes and share a brief kiss before I’m out the door. I’m halfway down the path to the driveway when I hear Jen call my name. I turn around and find her leaning against the frame of her doorway with my panties hanging from one finger. She gave a smirk before saying, “Very sexy.” Then she disappears inside and I wander over to the cab with sense of wetness growing between my legs and a grin on my face. A lot of fun indeed!


That really was a fantastic night. And the two other times Jen and I got together this past week were even better. That girl has a huge appetite for sex and it’s been a lot of fun. She’s definitely awoken my sex drive which until my first taste of her I didn’t realize how much it had been lacking. I look back to Cara and answer as honestly as possible, “I don’t know yet. I know I don’t want a relationship and I sure as hell don’t want to fall into another situation like I had with Brent. I doubt Jen and I will be anything but what we are now. I’m totally fine with that though. I just want to have fun! Being with Jen has proven I was clearly missing something so I’m just going with the flow and seeing what happens. I’ll worry about the future later.” I end with a shrug and a sip of wine. Cara watched me intently through my little speech and nodded along with me. Maybe she gets it despite being in a completely different place herself. She’s looking for a real relationship. Bycasino deneme bonusu She wants the romance, the ring, and the big white wedding. Her biological clock is ticking and she wants to have family. I thought that’s where I was too until I found Brent inside someone else. Now I’m ready to experience new things none of which include settling down. Maybe later that will return but not now.

The bottle of wine is now empty and we decide to open another as our conversation moves onto other things. We spend a while drinking and talking and it’s so fun to be able to just relax with my friend. By the time we reach the end of the second bottle I realize I better spend the night on the couch and reach for my phone to text Jen. I find two messages from her waiting for me and read, *so how did it go?* followed by, *is she going to kill me for corrupting her friend?* She ended the second one with a tongue sticking out face and I smirk while typing out my response.

Ash: *Cara is good with it and I happen to like your form of corruption.*

Jen: *Do you now? What do you like most?”

Hmm. She wants to play. Cara is busy opening a third bottle of wine and pulling some dessert from her fridge so I indulge in the game.

Ash: *Hmm. I think your tongue.*

Jen: *My tongue?*

Ash: *And the things it does to me.*

Jen: *Mmm. I like that part too.

I jump a little when Cara comes back to the couch to hand me my plate of cheesecake. She gives a questioning look at my reaction and raises an eyebrow at my phone. I shrug and try to act nonchalant but she doesn’t buy it. She moves fast and snatches the phone right out of my hand. Oh hell. Her eyes widen as she reads through the texts and she grins at me over the phone. She tosses it back to me and says, “Hot. Don’t let me interrupt your sexting.” Oh yeah, that’s what they call it now, right? I open the texts back up and quickly type out a message.

Ash: *Cara caught me and approves of our sexting. Who knew?! Maybe it’s the third bottle of wine talking.*

Jen: *Ha! Three bottles? Must be.*

Ash: *Yup. Staying here tonight. Call you later?*

Jen: *Absolutely. Sweet & wet dreams, baby.*

Oh she’s bad! I smile and tuck my phone back into my purse. Cara is smiling at me while eating her cheesecake. She reaches for her wine as she says, “You two really are having a lot of fun huh?” I nod and dive into my dessert. It’s so good. It’s a specialty dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake and it’s pairing beautifully with the dessert wine Cara has brought out. Heaven! She giggles a little before saying, “I’m happy for you. Honestly! You should have fun, you definitely deserve it and I trust Jen so I know you’re in good hands.” I grin like a fool at the ‘good hands’ part and can’t help but think of the good things those hands have done to me. I’m practically a sex addict when it comes to this woman. Cara laughs at my expression but doesn’t ask. I’m kind of glad as I feel a blush creep across my face.

We eventually passed out after finishing the third bottle and our slices of cheesecake. I curled up on her couch and had delicious dreams. The following morning we both cleaned ourselves up and went out for breakfast. It was past lunch time by the time I made it back to my apartment. I spent the next four hours working and getting things ready for the upcoming sex toy show. After placing an order from my favorite Chinese place I hear my cell phone ding from the other room and grab it expecting to see a text from Jen. To my shock it’s from Brent. What the hell does he want? I open it and read, *I miss you, baby. Can we talk?* Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me! I quickly text back, *You can’t be that fucking stupid! We have nothing to talk about. Call your whore. See if she cares. Don’t text me again.* I toss my phone back onto my couch and walk away. He’s such an idiot.

The next day I meet with my distributor to plan out my order for the show and talk about plans to expand into lingerie on top of the toys. Just as the meeting is ending my phone rings and I see its Jen. I answer on my way out to my car and tell her about Brent’s text. She laughs at his pathetic ways but we’re quickly off the topic of him and onto the reason she called. She tells me she has a surprise and wants to bring it over tonight. A surprise! I wonder what that could be. You never know with her so I happily make plans for her to come over around eight. We end the call and I head to the grocery store to pick up some wine and food for dinner.

Several hours later a knock sounds at my door and I let Jen in. She looks fantastic. She’s wearing little gray linen shorts and a white tank top with a brown leather coat hanging open over it. She pulls me in for a kiss and we lose ourselves in each other’s mouths right in my open doorway. I don’t know what the surprise is but I can already tell where this night will be ending. We eventually break apart and head inside. I have wine ready on the counter and a chicken stir-fry finishing up on the stove. Our conversation flows easily about my night with Cara and how the business is going. She tells me about a new hotel client she just landed and we toast to the success. After enjoying a delicious dinner we wind up sitting on the couch with some country music playing in the background. Even without the sex, she’s just fun to be with which makes the awesome sex just that much better.

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