An Afternoon Stroll In The Park Part 2


An Afternoon Stroll In The Park Part 2I had totally lost my bearings and instead of going in the direction that Mel went I decided to live dangerously and head off in the opposite direction as I had always found walking in the woods an interesting challenge with the excitement of the unexpected. The problem was that I wasn’t on any kind of path or trail so the chance of finding an exit or other forms of life became minimal, there are usually a few dog walkers or joggers that use the many trails but not many venture into the undergrowth.I finally came to an old mud track which seemed to go on forever and eventually I came to a main road which luckily was on a bus route as I was starting to flag a bit and now knowing I was just two stops away from the park entrance I felt happier especially as a bus came along straight away and even happier to know that the schools hadn’t kicked out yet. I got off the bus and walked back to the café for a well-earned drink.Doris was just shutting up but she did give me a bottle of water which was much needed so I thanked her and decided I’d had enough exercise for one day and headed home but just as I got outside the café I saw this lone figure walking towards me through the park and it was only when she got closer that I recognised her as Mia who was one of the girls from lunchtime, in fact she was the first one to take a snap under the table, at first she seemed embarrassed to see me as I stopped for her to catch up. My first thought was if Mel had told her what had happened in the woods but I thought I would play it by ear, “Mia isn’t it?” I said as she got close, her face went a little red as she looked up at me, “Yes sir, I remember you sir” she said with a giggle, “The spoon man hehe” she continued.I smiled at her, “Yes, that’s me” I said returning her giggle, “You finished early” I continued and she told me that her last lesson was a free period and she wanted to catch the café to get a drink but now see they were closed, I could see she looked a bit parched so came up with a suggestion, “Tell you what Mia, I live just up the road here and have some refreshing homemade juice in the fridge, you are welcome to pop in and have some” I suggested as I offered to carry her bag, “Oh I don’t know sir, is it orange juice sir?” she asked inquisitively and I smiled back at her, “Actually yes Mia, it is orange” I said which seemed to make her a little excited, “Ok sir, I guess I can stop in for a quick drink sir if you don’t mind sir” she said so we took the slow walk up to my house.Mia was probably the smallest out of the three and was just under 5-foot-tall and she had to slow her slim frame up as I wasn’t walking too fast especially as I was carrying her heavy bag, damn these girls must carry half the library home with them but fair play to her for taking her education seriously. I opened the front door and was relieved to put her bag down and asked her if she minded slipping her shoes off and bless her she had to sit on the bottom stair to undo the laces and my immediate thought was why do they wear such short skirts as in the process of taking her shoes off she gave me a flash of her regulation white cotton panties however I don’t think she realised it as I was taking my shoes off too.“Right, lets get that drink for you” I said smiling as she stood up, “Oh sir, do you mind if I use your toilet sir, I’m bursting sir” she asked and I told her it was top of the stairs, turn right and on the right and I stood there with an open mouth as she clambered up the stairs giving me the perfect view up the back of her skirt, Mmm I could see her panties were in a bunch up the crack of her small rounded arse which was a lovely sight. I’ll be damned if my cock didn’t respond and as I was in the kitchen pouring two glasses of juice I could feel a bulge starting to appear.I heard the toilet flush and saw Mia come down the stairs and as walked into the kitchen I handed her the big glass of juice, she took a sip to get the taste, “Oh wow sir, Mmm, this tastes so good sir” she said softly and drank half the glass.Needing a drink myself I followed suit and drank half of mine too and while I felt a tingle run through me I saw Mia’s face glow and a smile appear on her face, Oh sir this is so nice sir” she said and I could see her eyes drop down to the bulge that was appearing in my shorts but putting my glass on the kitchen table I quickly sat down. “Take a seat Mia, no need to stand up while we drink” I suggested, “Hehe Ok sir” she replied taking a seat opposite me.Purely by chance there was a couple of spoons on the table which Mia picked up on, “OMG sir, you got spoons on the table” she said with a giggle so I picked one up and ‘accidently dropped it on the floor, “Oops” I said as Mia laughed so pushing my chair out a bit I got down on my knees to find it and as luck would have it I could see it my Mia’s foot. As I reached across to get it Mia widened her legs giving me a perfect view up her skirt at her lovely regulation white cotton panties, Mmm.“Can you see it ok sir?” she said as I crawled close to her to get the spoon, “Oh yes Mia, I think bahis şirketleri so” I replied taking my time so I could get a good look between her legs, her panties weren’t that tight between her legs but I did see them twist as they disappeared into her crack and there was definitely a few very fair stray pubic hairs poking out the sides and after a minute or so I pulled myself back and got back up on my chair holding the spoon, “Yay sir” Mia said giggling as she drank more of her drink. I followed by taking more of my drink as Mia then picked up a spoon giving me a smile and dropping it on the floor under the table, “Oops silly me sir” she said as she pushed her chair out and got down on her knees.I looked down and saw the spoon by my feet and to give her a chance I widened my legs as she crawled under the table to retrieve the spoon, my cock was now solid and had lifted up the front of my shorts widening the gap in the legs and I knew that my balls were now fully on display, “Can you see it ok Mia?” I asked and heard a muffled.. “I think so sir” coming from under the table, “Take your time Mia” I replied back and opened my legs a bit further while shifting a bit towards the front of the chair, I could feel her brushing my knee as she searched for the spoon and knew she was right between my legs, my cock was throbbing under my shorts.Suddenly I heard the spoon move and it looked like the spoon got pushed further under my chair and as I looked down I could see her head getting dangerously close between my legs as she reached forward trying to reach the spoon, “Oooh sir, I’m sorry sir I am trying to reach it sir” she said and I felt her face come into contact with my smooth balls and pressing against by throbbing boner, “It’s ok Mia, take your time.. Oooh Mmm” I sighed as I felt her tongue flicking my exposed balls forcing me to thrust outwards slightly and with her other hand coming up onto the top of my thigh she eventually got hold of the spoon however she lingered a little and I could feel her sucking a bit on my nuts.Finally she surfaced a little red faced and picked up her drink to finish it off, “Ooh this is good sir and I got the spoon too sir” she sighed and I could see a glow on her face as the juice was taking effect, I held the spoon in my hand pondering as to whether to drop it again and as Mia smiled I think it made me loose my grip, “Ooops I dropped it again Mia” I said as the spoon hit the floor under the table, Mia again smiled as I got down on my knees and crawled under the table and I could see the spoon had landed under her chair towards the back and it was so helpful of Mia to scoot herself to the front of her chair and open her legs making it easier for me.I crawled forward and got between her outstretched legs and tried to reach the spoon but it was still someway out of my grasp, “Can you see it sir?” she asked looking down and seeing my head between her legs, “I think so Mia” I replied and I was so close to her crotch I could feel the warmth and smell the musky aroma coming from her, I reached out further and now found my face pushed into the gusset of her cotton panties and I heard her moan, “Oh sir, Mmm sir are you ok sir?” she asked and I could feel her pushing forward onto my face which forced my tongue to push against the thin cotton fabric and as one hand reached out the other ran up the top of her thigh and under her little skirt until it made contact with her cotton gusset, “OMG sir, I don’t think you can reach it sir but I don’t mind you trying sir” she sighed and opened her legs even wider allowing my fingers to slip inside her panties pushing them to one side, my tongue soon followed causing Mia to cry out more, “OH sir, Oh yes sir, that’s it sir I think you can get it now sir Mmm” she sighed as my tongue flicked around inside her cotton knickers.Mia started gasping and the chair seemed to slide across the floor making it easy for me to now get the spoon and with her skirt over the top of my head I took my time in getting back up which I felt the right thing to do and as I finally surfaced Mia let out her breath, “Oh wow sir, you got it sir” she said as I stood up in front of her holding the spoon like a trophy.As I stood there my shorts were right in front of her face and I could see her jaw drop as she saw the bulge in my shorts was pushing hard against the waistband, “OMG sir, that doesn’t look comfortable sir” she said as she looked straight at my boner, I looked down and stroked my fingers through her short fair hair, “No Mia, I’m so sorry about that” I replied almost pushing my bulge into her face, “Oh sir, maybe I can help sir, I don’t mind helping sir if you want to take your shorts off sir” she said and with that she reached forward and grabbing the elastic waistband of my shorts she pulled them down my thighs letting gravity take over and freeing my throbbing erection which was now staring her in the face, “OMG sir, WOW!!” she sighed.“Ooh sir its much bigger that in the picture that Shaz took in the café sir” she said smiling and I knew that as I was soft then and now I was rock hard. Mia looked at it for a few bahis firmaları seconds and then reached out wrapping her little fingers around the shaft pulling the skin back to expose the swollen head, “Mmm sir that feels so nice sir… Ooops” she said as a droplet of precum oozed out the tip and at first she wasn’t sure but then leant forward and licked it off with her warm tongue.“Oh sir, that is so nice sir” she sighed and as she opened her mouth I started to push my cock inside gently thrusting while she then reached out putting her hands on my arse cheeks and gently rubbing and squeezing as she pulled me closer taking my cock to the back of her throat before she started to gag but she didn’t want it to beat her so composed herself and took it in again but this time relaxed and I felt the tightness of her throat, damn it felt so good and she wanted me to fuck her face.I was astounded by her keenness as her head started bobbing and her tongue swirled around the shaft and such was the tingles she was sending through my body I have to say I didn’t last very long before my cock started to pulsate sending a stream of hot creamy cum into her mouth, I think I took her by surprise as she wasn’t ready but she recovered quickly and didn’t lose a drop. She looked up at me as my softening cock slipped out her mouth, “Oh yummy sir, that was so good sir, I didn’t mind doing that sir” she sighed as her eyes sparkled, “Can I have some more juice please sir, I loved it sir” she asked and after stepping out of my shorts I was happy to pour us both a refill.I gave Mia her juice and suggested we go into the lounge to drink it as it would be more comfortable and she happily agreed and when we got there I told her to sit on the sofa where she could relax and enjoy her drink, “Oh sir, you forgot your shorts sir” she said giggling, “But I don’t mind sir, you look good sir” she continued as she looked down at my hanging cock although drinking more of the juice I didn’t know how long it will stay in that state. I don’t know how but Mia’s shirt had become untucked from her skirt and was hanging outside which with her short skirt did look rather arousing especially as the top couple of buttons had come undone and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra as her little bees tings didn’t warrant one.I did notice however that the hem of her skirt was rolled over, “Why do you shorten your skirt like that Mia?” I asked her as she sipped on her juice, “Oh sir, me and my friends try to see who can get the shortest skirt without getting caught sir” she said with a giggle and then smiled, “Would you like me to show you sir? I don’t mind showing you sir” she said as she stood up, I looked at her standing there, “Maybe unbutton your shirt first Mia so I can see better” I suggested, “Oh OK sir, shall I take it off sir?” she said as she started to undo the remaining buttons and as her shirt opened she slipped it off and I could see her skirt was already rolled a couple of times and Wow her little bee stings looked so suckable.“So what’s the record then Mia? I asked her as her skirt looked rather short already, Mia seemed excited in telling me, “I done 4 before sir but it might be better if you get on your knees sir to give you better look sir” she said and I had no problem with that idea as I got on my knees in front of her and already I could just see the gusset of her rather loose white cotton panties so was envisaging this to be a good game.She took another sip of her drink, “Ok let’s go sir” she said as she carefully rolled her skirt for the third turn and OMG more of the gusset was now on display, Mia giggled… What do you think sir?” she asked softly as I looked up her skirt, “Mmm it looks nice Mia” I replied, “But I would like to see the fourth turn” I continued thinking that there wasn’t much of her skirt left, it was more like a thick belt with about 4” of skirt left.“Can I see the fourth turn from the back Mia?” I asked so Mia turned around and I could already see the bottom of her cheeks and with half her panties wedged up her crack it was an awesome sight, “Ohh that looks nice already Mia” I said softly inching myself a little closer and as she struggled to make the fourth turn I saw the button fly off which did in fact make it easier as her waistband wasn’t so tight now and with the majority of her pantie clad arse on display and me being just inches away I was in seventh heaven, “Oh Mia that looks so nice” I sighed softly feeling my cock stiffen, “Oh thank you sir, you can look closer sir if you want to sir, I don’t mind you getting close sir” she sighed and I was right up there as she bent slightly.“I think it would be better to pull your skirt down Mia or it will crease up” I told her and I think she misunderstood me as she pushed her skirt down and as she squeezed it over her slender hips and down her thighs it pulled her panties down with it, “Oops sir” she said as she now stood naked with her back to me, “Oh don’t worry Mia, you look so nice like that” I said back to her, “Really sir” she replied softly.Mia did have a cute little body, well from the back anyway as she stood there kaçak bahis siteleri frozen to the spot letting me take it all in, her back seemed to arch in and her arse curving out and a sweet little thigh gap made my view perfect.“You have a very fit body Mia; do you do sports?” I asked her wondering how she kept so slim, “Yes sir, I do lots of PE sir, I can even touch my toes” she said with a giggle and this I must see, “Do you want me to show you sir?” she asked, “I don’t mind showing you sir if you want to see” she continued and with that she bent down with her legs slightly apart and held on to her toes, OMG I thought I was going to lose my load right there as her cute little arse cheeks widened and I could see her shaded little starfish, “Do you like it sir?” she asked and it was a struggle to stop myself diving in. “Oh yes Mia” I replied dribbling at the mouth as I inched closer to her, “I know this might sound weird Mia but can I kiss it?” I asked which made her giggle, “OMG sir, you want to kiss my bottom?” she questioned, “Oh sir, I don’t mind you kissing it sir if you want to sir” she continued and I was so close now she could probably feel my breath.She held her position as I leant forward and gently kissed each cheek and then ran my tongue in little circles, “Oooh sir, that tickles” she said giggling and then gasped as I ran my tongue up and down her widened crack a couple of times, “Oooh sir that feels um… nice sir” she sighed so I decided to carry on and reached up and widened her cheeks to fully expose her puckering little hole. I suggested she bend over the sofa as she would be more comfortable and I widened her legs a bit further so I had better access to both her holes and as I poked and prodded her little dark tunnel entrance she gasped as my fingers ran up the inside of her thighs and gently teased her damp pussy lips and I could feel the soft pubic hair surrounding them.I felt Mia pushing back as I got to work on her back door and again she gasped as my tongue pushed inside, “OMG sir, oh yes sir.. Mmm.. YESSSS!” she cried out as I started to tongue fuck pushing in so far that my nose was digging in her crack, damn she tasted so fucking good I was like a dog on heat licking every inch if her sweet, rounded arsehole.Mia was now very relaxed and as I took hold of my throbbing cock I raised myself up and inched closer to her and positioned my swollen helmet up to her open hole, Mia gasped in anticipation of what was to follow, “Mmm sir, I don’t mind you pushing it in there sir, OH YESS!” she sighed softly as I started to push my cock into her wet and waiting arsehole.I was surprised at the ease it slipped in telling me that I probably wasn’t the first cock she’d had in her arse and groaned softly as I started to thrust pushing in deeper with every stroke.I reached under cupping my hands on her little bee stings and could feel the stiffness of her nipples in my palms as I started to get into my rhythm pumping away in her arsehole, Mia grunted in time with my thrusts and as I started to up the pace her grunting got louder, “OH YES SIR, MMM YESSSSS!” she cried out as I felt my balls banging the back of her legs and I knew that any minute I was going to explode.We kept the pace up and Mia was pushing back on me as if she didn’t have enough of my cock in her arse and as I added a bit more saliva for lubricant I could feel my balls tightening and as my cock started to pulsate Mia squealed as I emptied my load deep inside her tight hole, OMG I thought it would never end as I collapsed on her back trying to regain my breath.Suddenly it all went quiet and it sounded like Mia was purring as she felt the warmth of my ejaculate deep inside her body and to be honest I was totally drained and void of any energy.When my cock softened I was able to pull out and Mia turned her head smiling at me, “OMG sir, that was awesome sir and I love you doing that to me sir, you’re the best” she sighed as she turned around and for the first time I saw the little tuft of fair pubic hair between her legs, Mmm it looked so sweet and as much as I wanted to continue I was beat and she could see it. Mia got herself dressed and we exchanged numbers which was something I didn’t do with Mel but knowing how close they all were I was sure, like my pictures, it would be shared around.It was the late night at the surgery and I knew that Vikki was doing a double shift to make up her hours and I was just hoping that she wouldn’t be too demanding when she got home but I needed to refresh myself so took a long cool showers and have to say when I washed my balls I could feel the smoothness which was testament to Kimmy’s skill and professionalism.I felt good after my shower and decided to slip on my tatty old boxers as they were so comfortable to lounge around in and made a fresh batch of juice as it’s always nice to have some ready made up should the need arise, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down to relax waiting for the impending return of my ‘daughter’.I was so tired that I must have fallen asleep as the sound of Vikki coming in jolted me awake and as I focused my eyes I could see that she was as tired as I was, she smiled as she saw me reclined on my chair and it was nice that seeing each other after a long day made us both smile, “How was your day daddy?” she asked… if only she knew…To Be Continued….

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