An Alternative Breakfast


The day, dawned bright and warn, as she opened her eyes, she thought she was the luckiest girl alive. The sun shone through the large windows, overlooking the gorgeous sandy beach. She sat up, the sheet slipping down into her lap, exposing her beautiful shapely breasts.

She looked down at them and smiled, knowing the effect that they had on her boyfriend. She lay back down, and pulled the sheet back up so that she was fully covered. There were sounds from the kitchen area, and she knew that he was in there making a delicious breakfast.

She stretched, rolled out of the bed and padded, cat like, across the floor, her lithe body moving easily. She opened the wardrobe, and pulled out a long flimsy summer dress, and shrugged into it, pulling it on, and doing all the buttons up. Her breasts pushed against the thin fabric, and the buttons strained. There was music in the kitchen, she heard mindless pop, and giggled. Moving to the beat, she undulated down the hall, her bare feet silent on the wooden floor. She peeked round the door, and saw him, in front of the grill, his body glistening with a thin sheen of sweat. He stood there, frying eggs, and turning the bacon, naked.

“Good Morning.” she said, in her sexy soprano voice. He turned round slowly, and looked at her and smiled.

“Morning Babe, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed, but since you’re up, how about breakfast on the balcony?” he said.

“What a great idea, are you going to sit out there like that?” she enquired.

“I taksim escort bayan don’t see any reason to wear anything but my smile.” he replied, “Can you take the bread and the tea out, and I’ll bring the rest in one minute. Thanks.”

Moving into the kitchen, she came over to him, and slid her hand over his tight bum, and kissed him hard on the mouth.

“I’ll do that now.” she murmured, “Have you got any sausages for me to eat?” she smiled suggestively, and knelt down, taking his stiffening cock into her mouth, and beginning to gently stroke his balls.

“Hang on a sec babe,” he said, “at least let me take the food off the heat so that we can eat after I have shagged you senseless.”

He turned round, switched off the appliance, and then turned back. His powerful erection, swinging round and gently tapping her on the cheek, she smiled, opened her mouth, and slid her lips down his engorged shaft. His hands began to caress her golden hair, and his knees began to tremble as his pleasure heightened.

“Stop Babe please.” he gasped, “Let me do something for you at least.”

Relinquishing her limpet grip on his cock, she looked up, and smiled “Fine by me” she said, and stood up, brushing her body against his cock as she did. His arms encircled her, pulling her close, and his mouth found hers, their kisses long and deep, as if they would drown without each other. Hungrily he probed her mouth with his tongue, her tongue ümraniye escort bayan fighting back.

They broke apart, and his eyes, travelled down her body. His smile widened as he saw her nipples clearly through the material. Taking her hand, he lead her out of the kitchen, through the lounge, and out onto the balcony.

They were in the most secluded spot, no-one could see them. He lead her to the rail, and turned her round, so that she could see the gently rolling waves, and he slowly lifted her dress, his hands stroking her thighs as he got higher.

She leant forward, feeling the dress reach her hips, his strong hands gripping tightly. She gasped, as she felt his tongue slide up the back of her leg, and his kisses on her arse cheeks. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and felt his tongue begin to probe her already moist pussy. She felt her lips open up, like a flower when it feels the sun, and she groaned. His tongue was alternating between deep probes into her tight wet pussy and flicking over her clitoris.

Her body convulsed and she pushed back hard, almost knocking him over, as she reached orgasm. His tongue continued it’s probing, as he moved one of his hands, and slid a finger deep into her, his tongue stopped it’s fiendish work, and his fingers began to tease and probe even faster and deeper than his tongue had previously.

She began to moan loudly, her body reaching the highest pleasure point, his üsküdar escort bayan fingers skillfully keeping her on the plateau of total pleasure.

“No more please.” she begged ” Just stick your cock in and shag me hard.” she gasped, as her body once more convulsed in orgasm.

She could feel his engorged penis between her legs, rubbing over her clit, while his fingers still probed. She reached backwards, and pulled his hand away, and them grasped his cock and guided it into her waiting pussy.

She yelled in delight as he filled her. Pushing herself back, to feel all of his tremendous cock in her. His hands gripped her hips hard and he began to thrust slowly, withdrawing almost to the point of falling out, and then slowly pushing all the way back in.

He controlled her by pushing her over the edge of the railing, slipping in and out at his speed. She screamed as he thrust hard and deep, the deepest yet. He pulled her back from the rail, and slid his hands round to cup and fondle her breasts, slipping one hand into the dress. She moaned, and he began to thrust harder and faster.

She gasped for breath, her body building up to another orgasm, it was wild. His breathing was loud in her ears as he leant forward, his hips thrusting faster and faster.

“Oh, I’m going to cum.” he grunted “Yes , Oh yes, I’m cumming.”

His thrusts continued, getting slower and slower, until he stopped, his cock deep inside her, his body trembling.

“That was fantastic.” He gasped ” I never knew it could be that good.”

“I know what you mean.” she panted.

Sweat covered their bodies. His cock began to slide out, relaxing after it’s early morning workout. As it finally slid out, she stood up straight, turned round, and kissed him hard on the lips, he responded, she felt his cock twitch.

“I’m going for a shower.” She said “Fancy joining me?”

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