An Interesting Life Ch. 02


It was about two weeks later when I started getting full-time hours again at the toy store where I worked. I had had some of the hottest sex of my life with the two ex-boyfriends I had run into at the mall. I really hadn’t meant for it to happen like it did…well, not at first anyway. I’d been with a lot of guys but I’d never done anything even remotely as kinky as a threesome before! I was just so really, really desperate for the rent money that when the idea hit me I took the risk and it worked. Of course, I took other risks that night, too, as neither of the boys had used protection. Like I said, it was now two weeks later. They both said they’d call but I hadn’t heard from either of them again…and I was starting to worry that I might be pregnant.

I was 10 days late when I called my best friend Woody for advice. I had already explained the circumstances to him but as soon as I told him what I was afraid of, I began sobbing into the phone . “I…I…know I shouldn’t have done it and…well, I’m…I don’t…”

“Shhhh. It’s okay, sweetheart.” He said very calmly. Woody was older than me and we had been friends since we worked together at the Mall last year. He always had this way of being quietly understanding of me and putting a positive spin on things. “We’ve already talked about what happened that night. What’s done is done. There’s no point in either of us kicking you over it now. You’re my friend and I know the person you are in your heart. I’m not here to judge your choices or your actions”

“Thank you,” I whispered very softly. “But…Woody, do you think I am?”

“I don’t know, honey. I’ll be honest, I’d have to say there’s a real possibility of it. You need to take a test. You won’t sleep well until you know for sure. The tests are more accurate if you wait a little longer than this but I think you can get them in packs of two. Take one now and one next week to be sure.”

“Oh my gosh! I can’t yet! That’ll make it all seem more real, y’know? What’ll I do? I can’t possibly…!”

“Okay, okay. First of all, I need you to calm your cute but spastic ass down, babe. I’ll go to the library and pick up some books on how to tell if you’re pregnant and I’ll meet you at your apartment after I get off work tonight. I should be there by 10. Okay?”

“All right.” I said, still wiping away tears.

“Now, you, young lady, are going to have a good day in spite of this, understand? If it turns out you are, then it’s meant to be and we’ll deal. If you aren’t, then great. Bullet dodged. Lesson learned. Now, get to work or you’ll be late.”

“Thank you.”

I really loved Woody. Since I met him, he had become my friend, my confidante, my advisor and a lot more…but never my lover. It was a complicated relationship. Clearly there was something there. I mean, everyone saw it. We laughed a lot when we were together but we could also argue like an old married couple. He was sort of a father, a brother and even a girlfriend all rolled into one but for some reason, the thought of the two of us getting together sexually had always, sometimes literally, given me the shivers. We both just accepted that and sort of agreed without saying anything never to bring up that one little subject.

Somehow, I got through the day. I called Woody at his office three times just to hear his voice. He kept insisting that I take a pregnancy test but I just couldn’t…yet. I know it sounds ridiculous but I had to have some kind of reassurance of the outcome before I’d feel comfortable doing that. Finally, ten o’clock arrived. I had been home from the store about half an hour, nervously cleaning before Woody arrived. On time as always, he knocked our secret knock, then used the key I had given him in case I ever misplaced mine to come on in.

“Hey!” I said nervously. I had never been so happy to see him in my life. I had spent the day feeling bloated and gassy and hungry. I was convincing myself I was pregnant. I needed him to convince me I wasn’t.

“Hey. I got books!” He held up a bag with what appeared to be three or four books on pregnancy. Oh my gosh! It was kind of like a bizarre dream that I even needed these. I had always been so careful in the past. We both got comfortable on the floor and Woody spread the books out. There was SECRETS OF EARLY PREGNANCY, PREGNANT WITHOUT FEARS , YOUR BEST FRIEND TALKS ABOUT PREGNANCY and SO YOU THINK YOU’RE EXPECTING.

I offered to get us each a glass of wine but he yelled at me. “Are you crazy? Don’t answer that! If you’re pregnant, you are going to have to stop drinking immediately along with any other little self-indulgences you have.” I was shocked and normally I would have yelled back at Woody but, under the circumstances, I knew he was right and I just started crying. The tears welled up slowly as the potential of reality hit me hard. He was staring into my teary eyes when the floodgates broke open.

“I’m sorry,” he cooed. “I am so sorry.” He reached out and put his arms around me. Even though I normally refrained from getting too physical with Woody, I put my arms around him, too, and began sobbing Escort Bayan uncontrollably into his shoulder. As if on another plane, somewhere, I could feel his left hand rubbing up and down my back slowly. He was trying to comfort me but I felt odd little electric tingles. I broke the hug quickly and pulled away with a look of confusion on my face. “What is it?” he asked.

“I….Just…Oh, nothing.” I fibbed. “I’m just scared, dammit!”

“I know, baby. Oh…strike that. Bad choice of words.”

I started laughing at that and wiped the tears away. Woody had the uncanny ability to be able to make me laugh at the most serious moments just by saying something stupid. If he had gotten the same strange vibes that I did when we hugged he wasn’t letting on.

“Okay, girl, let’s get down to business.” With that we each grabbed one of the books and started going through it looking for tips. I found one first.

“It says here that one of the surest early signs is extra-sensitive nipples. Dammit! My nipples are always sensitive. How the hell does that tell me anything!?”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Calm is a good thing! Hmmm. Well, lie down and take off your shirt.”

“What the fuck?”

“Just once, will you listen to me? I’m trying to help here. Look, if it eases your mind any, I’m not a breast man, remember?” He stood and walked quickly into my kitchen.

“Lie down and take off your shirt!” he yelled back.

We were very close but this still seemed weird. I pulled a pillow off the couch onto the floor and got as comfortable as I could. I tentatively pulled my shirt up over my breasts. My apple-sized breasts were kind of flattened and the air-condtioning made my nipples hard already.

“All right. Here we go.”

“What are you…? Ice? Oh, no, you don’t.” I pulled down my top and started to get up but he gently but firmly pushed me back. I lifted the shirt again.

“Mmmm. Not bad!” he leered jokingly…I think.

“Stop that! Go ahead and let’s get this over with.”

He took a dripping ice cube he had gotten from my freezer and held it between two fingers. Then he began running it slowly over my upper body, oddly avoiding the nipples. “What are you doing?”

“Shhhh. I’m desensitizing your body to the cold so we can tell just how sensitive your nipples really are.”

“Yeah, right!”


His eyes were on my body, lying exposed in front of him in a way I could have never imagined. Was he really not noticing me? I watched his face and he seemed oblivious to the topless woman lying on the floor. The ice was cold in an already cold room. My entire chest and stomach were getting wet. Strangely, it felt as though other parts of my body were, too. Finally, Woody got to the point, rubbing the melting ice cube across my left nipple. My nipples were pretty large and, as I said, always sensitive. There had been times that I felt as though I could almost come just from having my nipples rubbed. He was going very slowly, looking into my eyes now as he asked, “Feel anything?”

“Not much of an ice cube left, dumbass. Our body heat melted it.” He looked at what was left of the cube, popped it into his mouth and wiped his hands on his pants.

“Sorry. Guess we’ll have to use the old-fashioned way. Hold still, now…” I was really nervous about this. I felt so…naked in front of my best friend but he seemed almost clinical about it, like he was a doctor or something. His finger was shaking visibly, though, as he moved it toward my nipple. He touched it tentatively, brushing lightly across it. It felt like a fire burning in his touch.Then he took two fingers and kind of manipulated it back and forth. “Anything?” he asked.

“Nothing, “ I lied, stifling a moan. I could feel both nipples straining to get even harder than they already were and, more surprisingly, my head started feeling a bit dizzy. I didn’t think these were the reactions he was looking for, however, so I kept them to myself. “I mean, obviously they’re sensitive but, like I said, mine usually are.” “Hmmmm.” He reached down and stroked the other one. A shiver went through me and a little gasp escaped my mouth. “You okay?” he asked.

I sat up quickly, pulling down my shirt and brushing my hair back. “Fine. There was no difference. I think I’m ready to take the test now.” I was actually very confused. Woody was my friend, not my lover, yet I felt my juices flowing. I felt my skin feeling hotter in the cold living room and I felt my head spinning when he touched me…and he didn’t seem to notice any of this shit! Were my nipples sensitive because I was pregnant? Who the hell could think about that at a time like this? I was going crazy!

“Has anyone ever told you that you can be damn frustrating at times?” he sighed as I flitted across the room leaving him sitting there on the floor.

“Asshole!” I said.

“What made you change your mind so suddenly?”

“Well, I…I…I just decided that you were right…as usual…so I should listen to you.” I said it but I couldn’t make eye contact with him.

“Oh, yeah. I can really see that being a possibility.”

“Shut up! I just decided that all the old wives’ tales in the world wouldn’t give me the good solid information that a pregnancy test can.” I nodded my head assuredly but I realized that it was myself I was trying to convince. I didn’t really care about the damn test at that moment. I was feeling things I hadn’t felt in a long, long time with a guy…only it wasn’t with a guy! It was with Woody!

For his part, I could see nothing. He took a deep breath and stood up. “Okay, okay, okay,” was all he said as he picked up his bag again. For a moment I thought he was leaving and I didn’t know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. “Luckily for you, “ he continued, pulling a small box out of his bag, “I had the foresight to pick up a double pack of pregnancy tests at lunch today.”

“What? That was incredibly presumptuous. I told you that I…”

“I know, I know, but hey, now that you want it, we have it right here, see. Isn’t that a good thing?” I bit my lip. I truly hated it when people presumed to get me things they think I need. In this case, though, he was right. My sudden flare of anger cooled quickly and I held out my hand to take the box. “All right, how does this thing work?”

“You have to pee in it.”


“You pee in the little…whatever… device.”

“It’s a plastic thingie,” I said, rolling it around in my hand.

“Okay, then, you pee in the little plastic thingie. If a minus sign comes up, you’re negative. If a plus sign comes up…”

“Yeah, yeah. I get it. I get it.”

“Don’t get so nervous. We’re taking care of you. Geez, you’re actually sweating and it’s freezing in here.”

I was sweating and it had nothing to do with that test. What’s more, I was juicing up down there. I couldn’t stop it because I wasn’t sure how to stop thinking of Woody that way. I looked at him. He was slight, balding and had thick glasses. Definitely not my type. Not even a single tattoo! Yet ever since I met him it had seemed like we’d known each other for years. We finished each other’s thoughts and sentences and put up with each other’s quirks…and mine could get pretty quirky sometimes. Why hadn’t we ever…? “No! No! No!” I thought to myself. “This kind of thinking is just wrong! I’ll take the damn test and get Woody out of here fast so I can get my mind off his cock…I mean…Oh, shit! That is what I meant!” I was a basket case and started to tear up again in my confusion.

“Honey, don’t worry! I’m right here for…”

“UUUUGH!” I interrupted as I ran in the bathroom and slammed the door behind me. I pulled down my jeans and my pink lace thong and sat down on the toilet. I couldn’t deny the fact that the tiny crotch area of the thong was soaked. I spread my legs apart and ran the fingers of my left hand across my mound. I plucked at my dewy lower lips, fluffing them out like an aromatic flower. Oh so lightly, I let my fingertips tickle the soft flesh. My index finger found my swollen clit but suddenly there was a tapping on the bathroom door.

“You okay in there?” Woody inquired quietly.

“Shit! Fuck! Damn it!! Go away! I’ll be out in a minute!” One thing was sure. I was too turned on to pee until I took care of myself. Maybe if I took a minute for that I could finally stop thinking about Woody “that way” and how good his cock would feel in my soft hands or…”Mmmmmm!” I had absentmindedly begun using my pinky on my clit. I closed my eyes and tried to think of a dozen other dicks but I could only envision one I’d never seen before-the one on the other side of that door. I imagined what it might feel like, pushing slowly up into my body, making me feel totally filled by his flesh. Ummmmm! I imagined I could smell his sweat and feel his hot breath on my neck. Oh my gosh! I was rubbing myself raw by that point and I was starting to tremble. It wasn’t easy but I stifled a moan as I started to come and my bladder muscles finally loosened up. I suddenly couldn’t keep from peeing. Somehow, I had the presence of mind to grab the pregnancy test off the sink next to me and catch a few drops in the little plastic thingie. I set it aside and slumped back on the toilet exhausted.

There came another tentative knock. “I, uh…I’m sorry to bother you but…well, are you finished yet? It’s been about ten minutes.”

I folded a piece of toilet paper and wiped. The action gave me another small tremble. “Mmmmm, yes!” I said. “I’m done now.” I tried to focus on the pregnancy question again. “How long do we have to wait?” I pulled my clothes back on.

“About 15 minutes to be sure,” he said as I opened up the door.

Fifteen more minutes. The time ticked by in relative silence. We lay around on the floor paging absentmindedly through the books he had brought. Every once in awhile, I swore I could feel his eyes watching me. When I looked, though, he was reading to himself. After awhile, I suggested that we might want to watch a video while we waited. Finally he said, “It’s been plenty of time. We have to know.”

I took a long, deep breath and climbed to my feet, holding onto the edge of the coffee table. I crossed my fingers, laughed nervously and walked into the bathroom with my eyes closed, knowing full well that the next few moments could change my entire life.

“Well?” asked Woody walking up to the open door.

“It…It’s negative,” I stated flatly. “ I am not…repeat, NOT pregnant!” My face lit up with joy and relief and my head immediately felt a hundred times lighter.

“Fantastic!” he said as I laughed uncontrollably. He opened his arms and I gladly fell into them and we kind of jumped up and down in celebration of my dumb luck. I hugged him tightly. I could feel my breasts squeezed into his chest. We were so close I could smell him. His hands were snugly on my shoulders when I suddenly got that strange feeling again and pulled back suddenly. His face looked different somehow and he was just staring into my eyes, speaking volumes!

“Stop that!” I said forcefully. “Stop that right now!”

At first he said nothing. Then, after long seconds, he whispered, “No.” His hands slid down to my waist but would not let go. I broke eye contact. I was unsure what I should think or feel as he moved his face closer than it had ever been to mine.

I looked up and saw his wet lips part . “Oh fuck,” I thought but it was too late. Woody’s lips latched intently onto mine in what had to be the single most passionate kiss I had ever felt in my entire life! I felt an electric shock suddenly run through my entire body. My thoughts started swimming in a million directions at once. There was no turning back.

Woody’s tongue never left my mouth as I literally tore open his shirt with buttons flying everywhere. Almost on their own, my hands began running themselves over his hairy chest, scratching all down to his waist with my fingernails before fumbling with his zipper.

I kept moaning and mumbling even though we pulled away from each other just long enough for him to pull my top off over my head leaving my boobs bouncing free for him to knead and squeeze. Oh, it was a kind of heaven that I never imagined possible!

As I finally got his pants off, I reached through the pee-hole in his green boxers and pulled out his thick, fleshy penis. It was already oozing out the tip so I spread the pre-cum on my hand and used it to pump him quickly and with a loud squishy sound. Meanwhile, I slipped out of my own jeans, too, and they ended up in a pile next to his on my carpet.

Woody dropped his head to my neck and began licking and nibbling like a starving vampire. My hair was in the way but he didn’t seem to mind as he kept at me like a madman, leaving marks that wouldn’t go away for days! My hand had made its way to my pussy by then , rubbing the hard little nub of my clit as fast as I could until he forcibly pulled my fingers away and began rubbing it for me.

In the wonderful dizziness of the moment, I lost my balance and fell on the floor pulling Woody down with me. For just a moment, time seemed to stop and our eyes met again, this time not as friends but as lovers. “Are you sure?” I asked in a breathless, shaky voice. His answer was to pull the crotch of my thong aside and, in a swift, single motion, fill me with that beautiful cock right up to his tight balls!

My eyes literally rolled back into my head and I let out a loud “Unhhh!” and wrapped my long legs around his back as he began plunging in and out of me with pure abandon. My hands drew blood as the nails scraped across his neck and shoulders. Every once in awhile, I allowed myself a moment to catch his eye and feel the fires he was feeling. The room smelled of a strong, sweet musk that I doubted would ever go away. “Oh, oh, oh!” I murmered every time he bore down on me. “Honey, wait! Do me…Ungh! Do me doggie-style, please! Oh, fuck me on my knees, honey!” He paused and pulled out long enough for me to get into position in front of him. As I climbed up, I admired the sheen of my pussy juice on his meat and knelt my head down just enough to give it a fast, tasty lick. Woody hadn’t said a word since this had started but now he was breathing hard and sweating. As I wiggled my tight little butt up at him, he slapped my left ass cheek unexpectedly and I was surprised that I liked it! “Ow! Do it again, you bastard!” He did, this time hitting my right cheek. “OW! Harder!” He spanked me on my rump a few more times, undoubtedly leaving it red and sore before finally plunging back into the wet stickiness between my legs. The moment he touched me I could feel that magical feeling again and I knew that he could feel it, too. I began bucking my ass in earnest, balancing on one hand and rubbing my clit with the other.

He was grunting now in a way I never thought I’d hear him as he fucked me hard and fast on the floor of my own apartment. “Are you gonna come?” I asked. “Is my pussy squeezing you hard enough?” With that, Woody spanked my ass again, then ran his right hand through the wetness where he was screwing me, finally jamming not one but two fingers up my virgin ass! That was all she wrote as far as my body was concerned and I began convulsing in orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhh, shit, fuck, yes!!!”

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