An Ocean Dance

College Uniform

I am standing by the open window looking out at the ocean as it gently touches the shore. The rhythmic sound is peaceful and hypnotic. The salty smell is strong in the air. The seagulls cry their evening good nights to each other as the sun silently drifts down to touch the sea painting the sky with the most amazing shades of pink, purple and blue. Behind me, a fire burns in the fireplace. Its warmth mingles and dances with the cool sea air blowing in through the window.

I close my eyes allowing the sounds and smells of the ocean to fill my mind and take me where it will. I feel your presence behind me right before your arms gently encircle my waist pulling me towards you. I feel your breath on my neck as your lips tenderly kiss that spot just below my ear that sends tingles of passion coursing through my entire body. Your hands move very slowly until you are cupping my breasts. Your fingers flicking over my nipples, combined with the cool ocean air make them quickly harden. You increase the pressure of your fingers n my nipples to that perfect point that further excites my body. Moaning and shifting on my feet, my butt rubs against the growing desire building in you.

In a slow, shuffling dance we move. A dance that takes us further into the room, at last, still locked in our embrace, we reach the bed. You loosen your arms just enough to turn and guide me down on the edge of the bed before gently laying my down. You kneel and proceed to leisurely remove my clothing. As each small bit of my flesh is exposed, you cover it with the warmth Escort of your kisses. My hands glide over your arms, your shoulders, your neck and your head. I moan again with the pleasure and desire building inside me. The one area of my body you resist kissing and caressing as my clothing falls away is that place at the top of my thighs, the root from which this ravenous yearning grows.

At last, I am totally naked and you step back to survey your work. The warmth of your touch still ripples just below the surface of my skin. The cool air, drifting in the still open window, flickers across me as it attempts to take the lead in the dance of my nerve endings. Methodically you remover you clothes and then drop them to the floor. When you too are disrobed, you return to my side. Again, your hands and your kisses slowly pirouette over my body. You linger in all the right places, such as my nipples and the hollow at the base of my throat. Then you pause on my neck just below my ear. The passion builds to a fevered pitch.

Just as you knew would happen, I have reached that peak of desire where I desperately need you to touch the core of my desire. I know that you want me to ask you before you will finally place your fingers or your lips to my most tender flesh. And so, I speak the words you long to hear. In a whisper I beg you, telling you how much I need you to touch my pussy. You move down on the bed, separating my legs and positioning yourself between them. Gently, your fingers part my lips and I feel your warm breath mingling with the cool air for a moment before your tongue plays lightly over my clit like the first notes of a song. It seems only seconds later that the music reaches the crescendo of my first orgasm and crashes through my body. You slip your tongue past my lips allowing you access to drink fully the nectar of my desire. At the same time one of your fingers traces the rim of the hole of your true desire. That often forbidden hole we both know is where you long to sink yourself into.

My nectar combines with your saliva to provide the necessary lather and you massage the muscles surrounding my darkest depths. As my orgasm subsides, my muscles relax. They allow you to insert a single finger past my rim. Patiently, you continue to caress and kneed the muscles giving way for you to slide in a second finger. Your tongue returns to its dance, flicking the bud of my desire and bringing my quickly to the peak of another orgasm further loosening that cavernous well of your desire.

As my orgasm fades into silence, your fingers still inside me, you help me turn over. You lift your hand forcing me to raise my butt and place your other hand between my shoulders encouraging me to lower my chest to the bed. This is when I offer to you the most vulnerable part of me. I offer you the hole you seek. I speak the words you want most to hear. I beg you to fuck my ass. You slowly remove your fingers, press the tip of your rod to the rim of ass, press against me and gently glide inside. You slowly sink deeper and deeper until your entire length is buried in me. You pause, giving me time to adjust to the sensation of being filled up by you. Gradually you pull back until only the tip of your shaft remains inside me. Again, you delve into my depths. The undulating dance begins and with each stroke, your pace increases almost imperceptively.

As your tempo accelerates, I join you in the dance meeting each of your thrusts with a movement of my own. You grab my hips and use then to pull us together. And we dance, until we reach a feverish pitch and the apex of our song in unison. As we both climax, we press our bodies so tightly together that we almost become one. We pause, waiting for the music of our love to slowly fade away.

The warmth and light of the fire seems to be rekindled of its own accord. The sound of the birds returns to break the silence of the room. The breeze blowing in the window cools our hot and sweaty bodies. It is then that we realize how powerful the music of our love is. That music so overwhelming for a time has blocked out the world; the fire, the birds, and the breeze. Nothing existed in that moment of time except you and I as we joined together and became one. As the world returns to life for us, our separation begins. You slowly pull back, hesitating when the tip of your rod reaches my rim. Then, with a subtle shift, the separation is complete. The dance had come to an end for now. You help me straighten out my legs and mover up to once again lay your body next to mine. You take my in your arms and hold me tight against your chest. Our hearts beat as one. We whisper words of love in each others ear and drift like the tide on the shore until sleep takes us out to sea.

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