An Open Minded Girl Ch. 01


By Dan57 and Ria

Ria’s bold contact with Dan leads him to present her to Kyrhan

Note from the writer

A reader named Ria has contacted me some time ago suggesting I could write about her interesting life story but I convinced her to allow me to include her in a story connecting her with Kyrhan’s world as she is a great fan of our Prince!

Sorry for those who hate my Indian stories but my wife has convinced me to visit India next year and I may find sufficient matter for more than a dozen stories taking place there and I have many correspondents there who often offer me to write stories about India! I am quite prone accepting their demands!

Ria had once started a correspondence with Dan. He was always curious about anything in relation with India and Ria easily grabbed his attention ; she was really open minded and mainly interested by her sexual fulfilment. She had had an early sexual awakening and she was eager to explore new territories… They chatted more and more amiably until Ria felt safe enough to send Dan pictures of her. At the beginning, they were fairly decent but her beauty stunned Dan immediately. She wasn’t beautiful in the western sense, but she was -how can I say it?- bristling with sex appeal, really hot! Dan offered her to meet him in Mumbai during his next visit to India.

That was so easy to organize : Kira had decided to make an official visit in Ladakh to see how she could help people after the important floods there. Kira headed a non-governmental organization working to bring relief to Indian people and she had always plenty of work when the direction of her hotel palace in Rajasthan didn’t require her presence. She would be back just a week later. Her friend and sister Jodhaa as often accompanied her. They both belonged to prince Kyrhan’s harem but the rules there were pretty lax. One of their sisters as they named the other members of the harem volunteered to keep company to Kyrhan and Jodhaa’s husband. Most girls in Kyrhan’s harems had an official husband while they received the prince freely in their apartments. By common agreement, they used the Prince’s king size bed just when he decided to breed them or when they indulged into group sex. Most girls in Kyrhan’s harem looked forward for such parties where they would be shared by up to six men and three or four girls occasionally in the luxury of a top class hotel.

But the harem was far from Mumbai and Dan had booked a room in the local Sheraton hotel, a place he considered adequate to receive such a hot beauty. She wasn’t like most of the girls in Kyrhan’s harem, a cold beauty who often became wild only in the arms of Kyrhan. Ria seemed able to ignite the fire in the loins of any man. She was slender with opulent tits and wide hips. Dan thought she would certainly interest Kyrhan : that was a tendency among the men living in Kyrhan’s harem : to keep a permanent watch on any girl potentially worth of entering the group of the Prince’s chosen mates : some of them lived in the harem and other had chosen to live outside : one of them headed a computer company in the states and visited India just once a year or received Kyrhan whenever he was around. Everyone seemed happy with their way of life under the general supervision of the much revered and respected Rani, Kira.

The apprentice had then another step to climb : obtaining Kira’s approval. The Rani was pretty strict : the girls had to be pretty, able to have a discussion about any subjects with a government member, a religious leader or a simple Dalit and Kira wanted them to be a perfect hostess when receiving men or women. If necessary, she offered them to teach them matters leaving with her for a few months. Her students would be well schooled attending meetings with important people or Kyrhan’s friends of either sex. In Addition, they would be expected to have sex with their mentors in order to expand somewhat their horizons : a girl in Kyrhan’s harem needed to have a strong sex drive, be eager for a party with several partners, male and female, to be able to have conversation with any people. If Kira gave the girl her agreement, she would have a room in the harem as a guest in probation. She would have to prove every day she was worth entering that group of select girls and that their current mates would accept the strange discipline there!

After the probation period, Kira would hold a party for the official presentation to Kyrhan. That was the last step of the girl’s instalment. If Kyrhan decided so, he would organize a party with all the girls available in the harem and their mates, wearing their most beautiful attire. The girl would follow the rules of an Indian marriage; wearing a red saree. The following night would be the night of her formal breeding by Kyrhan. She would have afterwards a suite with two bedrooms in the harem : one was for the girl and the other one was for her current mate or husband. They could share their bed if Eskort Bayan they choose so unless Kyrhan decided to pre-empt the girl. That was often the case during the first months and it gradually returned to normal. The girls could ask for the visit of any member of the harem, male or female and even of the Dalits belonging to Kyra’s team. They revered her and would die or kill to protect her. They were in charge of the security in the whole palace and more generally of all the heavy work on the premises and no one had ever complained!

When they first met for the first time, Dan had lifted Ria’s hand to his lips and kissed it. It was so strange and old fashioned that Ria felt a stir in her pussy as he treated her like a Rani. When she discussed it later with the other harem girls, they all told her that it was his normal way. It always made them wet and immediately ready for sex : that was a trap especially made for girls and she had fallen head first into it!

Ria gasped when she remembered what Dan had told her about Kyrhan’s sex drive : he could make love to a girl non stop for hours and leave her when she was totally satisfied and often completely exhausted! Dan had even hinted that he could share her with the prince : that was now her first objective. Dan was quite gorgeous and spoke with such a reverence toward Kyrhan that Ria had instantly become curious what could a girl feel with a bull like Kyrhan. From what Dan had told her he was incredibly gentle and tender but had an unyielding cock that could turn her insides in and out. She had checked her pills on the last morning not to be left without protection. Ria wanted to have the upper hand on her sexuality : a pregnancy would be her own decision certainly not imposed by any man’s whimsies even if he was as attractive as Dan.

Ria was puzzled when Dan invited her for lunch : wasn’t she sufficiently attractive to make him forget his food? Dan laughed when she asked him the question :

-Remember that I am a French man and a dinner or a lunch for us is very important moments where we can chat freely before turning to important matters. Is there a better start for romance than sharing a delicious meal with a pretty girl?

-Do you think I am pretty?

-You are sufficiently hot to revive a corpse but for a French man, good food is a preliminary for other pleasures, an appetizer if you want; and I intend to make full use of your proud tits and all your girly assets! Let us pay due respects to that delicious byriani then we will interest on what you are hiding to my view under this outfit! A pretty girl is always better naked for a true man’s eye!

Ria felt somewhat relieved by Dan’s short explanations and even more so when she saw him looking intently to her figure whenever she moved. He made no comments but she instinctively felt he was following her every moves, intent of discovering the gracious swaying of her body under her western like clothes. She knowingly increased the rocking of her hips just for the plea sure of his eyes. There was a reward for her if she made him mad with lust : perhaps he would shorten his lunch and start playing with her body : that was what an independent minded girl could wish : to be taken as hard as she wished by as strong a man she could dream of! She would see if Dan had enough stamina to her taste! At least, he looked so with his broad shoulders and his strong frame.

Ria grew bold enough to unbutton the top of her blouse, just enough for him to see the lavender colour of her carioca bra. She had chosen it just for this occasion as it enhanced beautifully the curve of her tits. She had divined that this was what Dan loved and she was on a mission : seducing him, making him ask for another date. So far her fuck buddies had never turned down her offers but this guy puzzled her : he was ostensibly fascinated by her curves like the other ones but he had not tried to touch her in any way. Was anything wrong with her? She had never met such behaviour with any man. She instinctively smoothed her silk top. Everything was in order, her long earrings strategically placed with one of them placed between her boobs. Normally, she should be already cuddling in his arms with his knee trying to force apart her knees. He was so handsome that she would just oppose him token resistance but he had not launched any assault on her so far!!! From his look and his glance on her boobs, he was certainly not gay! So what could she do to ignite the fire in his loins?

She opened the second button of her blouse and she filled her chest with air. Her breasts reached as far as they could go. Dan had still no reaction. Ria reached for Dan’s hand and placed it on top of her left breast just covering the deepened cleavage of her tits. Dan took both of her breasts in his grip and tightened his grip. With another man, she would have tried to pull away. He wasn’t brutal or anything but he was marking his territory : he was claiming her for himself and curiously, she felt an urge to surrender. One of her lovers had told her that some men had the talent to wake up the submissive tendencies of a girl. He might be right! She had never felt anything like it but she felt eager to let him play with her tits…

Ria willingly crossed her wrists behind her back and pushed her breasts into his hands, abandoning herself to the strange feeling of total surrender. She would scold herself to be so obedient in the arms of an unknown man but her instinct told her she wanted to do it with this man and with no one else. For him, she could wear a very feminine saree something she never did! She had watched a nice one in the best outlet Mumbai, see through and body hugging. She had never worn anything so sexy but if he wanted, she would show him the shop and model for him. She was on a spell and she didn’t want to escape that spell, she had not the strength to break it.

Ria knew that was one of her last opportunities to break free. Dan had told her that Kyrhan had an even stronger magnetic aura. If he tried to seduce her, she would fall into his arms without a fight. She would willingly enter the harem of a much older man and give up her beloved liberty. She was accustomed to choose men for a short moment but never to give them any control on her life. Dan after just a few minutes with her had made her armour crumble but what Kyrhan could do? She didn’t want to become a rag at the beck and call of an Indian potentate, even a modern one and just belong to him until his interest moved to some younger brat and she would be discarded or drenched with alcohol or gasoline and set on fire as she had seen it on the news : the sati was out of fashion for the spouses who got in the way and . could still be eliminated!

Ria rubbed her tits along Dan’s strong arms and she felt him stir under the caress. That was a good indication he started to get interested. He bent toward her and his lips searched her. Gotcha! She knew from experience that when the lips of a guy touched hers, he was safely hooked. It was so simple! She just lifted her face to him and their moths were soon just in line for a love kiss : she had never kissed a guy on their first date but he was so much attractive and in the same time so different! Her previous boy friends had been all Indian men : a foreigner was a new adventure for her and she felt the excitation of a hunter when he was pointing his rifle toward a prey he had never seen! She was happy not to be a rigorous vegetarian! This man would give her plenty of opportunities to taste him she thought!

Ria closed her eyes and opened her lips. She had still her arms crossed behind her back. She parted her thighs as far as her slit allowed it! Was there a man who could resist to her? His mouth touched her cheek just tentatively at the beginning then more dominatingly. She moaned in triumph . she placed her arms around Dan’s neck. They exchanged their first true kiss… Ria felt Dan’s tongue darting into her mouth : an Indian man would never have been so direct and most of them would have shied in front of such an intimate contact. But weren’t French men renowned for their sexual prowess? She wanted to experience it and discover whether she would love it! Dan was certainly a great kiss man as she had never been kissed so thoroughly, so fervently. It made a nice change from her usual Indian lovers! She felt really enjoyed, esteemed and caressed. She felt jealous of the other French women who considered such lust as granted while their Indian counterpart often felt vastly superior to women. Ria felt like a goddess adored by a simple mortal. With her Indian boy friends, it was often the whole way around : they imagined they were like Lord Rama getting adored by mortal women and it changed considerably their relationship! Taking the first role was so inebriating : she loved it!

Ria felt Dan’s arm reach around her waist. He had decided to start the operations at last. She felt at the same time extremely excited and completely terrified! Would he be kind or brutal? In this hotel the doors were thick and she could never call for help but in the same time would she really need help. So far Dan had been extremely calm and cool! Just she was in an unusual situation and she may overreact to this new surroundings. She made an effort to calm down and smile to Dan! He pulled her toward him and took her hair in his powerful grip. The moment of truth was coming fast. He lifted his hand and held her head high. Good he just wanted to get her to a more comfortable position to be kissed. That was quite unusual in her experience but she had to get used to foreign manners! She felt his other hand around her neck, gently patting her hair. It was also strange but so pleasant! She started to purr like a cat. She could become used to it, no problem. Emboldened by her reaction, he took her feet in his hands and lifted them to the ceiling. He was still quite gentle and she tried to help him as far as she understood what he was intending to do with her. Now Dan could see her knickers and her shoes in detail.

Dan placed his thumbs under the waistband of her knickers. Ria expected him to pull them down but instead he just pushed them aside to uncover her pussy? It was as smooth as a baby’s skin. Dan checked that her anus was also shaven bald. It was! In her position with her feet dangling freely she wasn’t in a position to oppose his dominance. He parted her thighs wide. His cock was just inches from her slit. Her breath was haggard. Dan probed her pussy with a direct finger into her pussy : it was completely drenched/ Her love juices were dripping from her hole. She wasn’t wet, just positively ready to be fucked but Dan wanted her to be completely offered. He found a bottle of baby cream and he used it to lube her ass hole ; that was how he wanted girls on their first encounter ; ready to receive him and knowing she was now prepared to be taken by him any where, anyhow and any when. He finally decided that he would start with her pussy. He rubbed her clit with his fingers? He was quite careful and she soon writhed in his hands. She discovered he was an expert at making a girl cum as he pushed her several times to the brink before stopping his ministrations just a few seconds before a climax!

It was no accident as he repeated the process several times. Ria started to cry in frustration. It was torture but he seemed ready to continue this game for a long time. She felt total frustration but she knew that he would push her to a point where her climax would be so strong that she would probably faint and she now knew that Dan was a sadist ; he would make her cum but just allow her a few minutes rest before starting a new climb to even higher mountains. He would make her cum and cum again until she would be totally exhausted : that wasn’t usual love making! It was a training intended to make her into something she had never been ; a slave, a sex slave, His sex slave and afterward she would be his puppet and she would be at his total beck and call, ready to do lust what Dan would order her to do, be it degrading or public! She would obey him without discussion? He could order her to surrender completely to his friend Prince Kyrhan. She would probably agree to anything to please Dan! She had a flash imagining herself being ordered to appear naked among a crowd of her friends and offering herself to them all. She bucked thinking he could offer her to some pervert males she knew and she knew she would do it without hesitation! She would accept their chains if Dan ordered her to accept them, she would wear revealing sarees with just a snap of his fingers if he told her to do so and even worse things! But Dan wanted her to accept her fate and there was a test of her obedience .

Dan gave her the order she feared to be given ; to strip completely naked and join him under his bed sheets. She wasn’t surprised when he told her then to frig her pussy hard. When she would have cummed with her own caresses she would place herself on her belly on the edge of the table, her tits hanging from the desk and she would pull at her ass cheeks, offering him to ravage her tight passage. She would obey for sure without remorse and that would be the end of her complete freedom! Her heart beat faster when she lied naked on top of the bed on her stomach and pulled at her cheeks hard, just as she had been ordered. She couldn’t discover the reasons why she submitted so easily to orders from a foreigner she had never seen before this day and that would change things for her so completely. She had never agreed to these changes but she had discovered that submitting to a stronger will strangely appeal to her!

Ria was day dreaming about what Dan would do to her in the next minutes but she had not taken into account he had several targets : after a clear demonstration of her sexual appetites, he wanted to obtain his own release but also to prepare her to meet Kyrhan : that would be the crucial test for her! Dan was quite sure she could face the challenge but belonging to Kyrhan’s harem wasn’t just a job for some hot wench, a sinecure for a cock crazy girl : she would have a representation duty and she would be the centre of attention for the tabloids and the TV news; she would have among her other duties to promote the image of India and of the Indian woman, show to the world the image of India’s haute couture and manners. It was a heavy duty and no wonder Kira, Kyrhan’s official Rani was eager to share this burden. She had some relief only when she was in the safety of her palace surrounded by her sisters and their mates under the protection of an army of Dalit bodyguards. Ria would have to accept to wear some marvellously embroidered silk sarees as if she was born into it even if she would rather wear a Jeans and a tee shirt personally, to select carefully the colour of her outfits and forget the spontaneity of her actual life when she made any public appearance! Would she be up to the task?

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I would like to give a huge thank you to avarramarie for her kindness and helping me edit this story.…

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