Anal Etiquette Ch. 01: Politics as Usual


Ashley and I were married upon her graduation from high school. By that time, I had finished up my degree and had a job as a staffer for a local politician lined up after my internship was done. The conditions for the marriage was simple: Ashley and I were to be married now and when Ashley’s younger sister, Annie, graduated High School, we were to be married as well. Bill actually let me have my choice of his other daughter’s, but I settled on Annie because of her personality similarities to her oldest sibling. Ashley was certainly the more dominant of the two however, and she had put a great amount of time and effort into Annie’s anal wellbeing over the years.

We lived in a small town and the mindset was very progressive. As such the people of the town took the anal wellbeing of one another seriously, and preserving that way of life was the most important issue to voters. My boss, Jordan, was perhaps the most progressive among them and – after a brief stint on the five-person city council – she was elected Mayor – becoming the youngest Mayor we’d ever had. I became her Deputy Mayor, the first man to hold that position in decades. Ashley – of whom had followed my lead during her college years – also entered politics and landed the job of City Clerk. Annie went into teaching and started working at the town’s high school. With Annie joining the workforce, we settled on a house, moved in and started the day-to-day of life – but that’s not interesting.

I had been forced to work late one evening. Ashley was working later still and wouldn’t be home until that night. I knew something was up when I pulled into the driveway and spotted my cousin’s car parked in front of the house. It looked like Annie was already home, as her car was also there and the lights were on in the house. I parked my car, got out and entered the front door and immediately heard the familiar moans of Annie and my cousin Katrina; but there were two other voices chatting also. I made my way to the bedroom and was greeted by the site of my wife and cousin on their backs on the bed, in between each of their legs were two women who looked exactly like one another – identical twins no doubt. The only difference I could see on the twins was that the twin between Annie’s legs had both of her dark pink nipples pierced. Each had dark brown hair that ended a quarter of the way down their backs, blue eyes and cute features. The twins’ tits weren’t anything spectacular. They were pert and nicely shaped, but smallish. However, their asses were mouth-watering! Each sporting a perfectly shaped bubble butt currently packed with what promised to be a massive slab of latex.

Each of the twins had both of their arms inside the assholes of Annie and Katrina. This must have been going on for some time as both of them were sliding their arms from wrist to elbow – alternating with one arm going in as the other slid out. All four of them were totally naked. The twin working on Katrina hadn’t noticed me at all watching them; she was too busy burying her face in my cousin’s pussy to notice my being there.

My cousin, Katrina was always a welcome sight at my house. She was a graceful lady with flawless skin – albeit with dozens of tattoos – long blonde hair, light grey eyes and an impressive pair of tits with large pink areolas topped off with pierced nipples. Despite having three kids, she maintained a flat stomach – which was currently bulged out from the anal onslaught her intestines were enduring – and her anal training was far advanced for a woman her age. Her only real flaw was that of her twat: she had never regained the kind of tightness in her pussy that I enjoyed when we were younger. I think she even worked to avoid it. Although she was still fun to fuck, unless she had a truly butt-wrecking plug in her ass, she just didn’t offer the same kind of cock crushing tightness most women do. On the other hand, it wasn’t without its perks. Knowing her limitations to please a dick in the traditional matter, she had started on a strict regime of urethra stretching. I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of taking advantage of this but I had a good feeling about my current chances.

The twin ravaging my wife’s asshole had sensed my presence and abruptly stopped the brutal assault she had been administering. As if on que, Courtney – our young live-in maid – emerged from the bathroom – stark naked. “Who wants their pussy fisted!” she called out in a sing-song kind of way before she realized I was in the doorway. She had been rubbing lubricant all over her hands. She also was clearly unplugged.

Courtney was a local track and field legend getting ready to go to college on a partial scholarship, and her body was well defined. She often complained that her huge tits held back her track career, but it was the absence of her normal belly bulge indicating a seated plug that I noticed right away. Her dark brown, closely cropped pubic hair looked to be slick with lubricant as well, from what I could see Betturkey of her inner thighs. She had stopped dead in her tracks upon realizing she had been caught.

Annie also found herself with a look of dread on her face when it registered why the arms moving inside of her had come to a sudden unexpected halt.

“So, this is what’s been going on when I’m at work, is it?” I asked looking directly at my wife. It was all I could do to keep from grinning from ear-to-ear. As I spoke, Katrina and the snatch eating twin jumped like they’d been shot. The twin suddenly without any kind of warning jerked both her arms and accompanying fists from Katrina’s broken down shit chute at the same time. I could see the useless ring of muscle she called a sphincter expand outward and – as the fists slipped free – some liquid shot out her urethra and onto the twin’s face.

“I can explain!” Said Annie quickly, ignoring as best she could the arms that were currently being extracted from her backside. “Katrina came to see you… oompf!” a fist had popped free of her confining asshole, and the other arm started its withdraw. “Well she didn’t know you were working late, Oh FUCK!” The other fist had slipped past her anal ring. Like her older sister, that often lead to a series of pussy spasms and squirts, I knew it would be moment before she regained her composure. “I thought it would be rude not to entertain our guests.” She added finally.

“It’s my fault really.” I looked to Katrina who was now taking her turn attempting to explain things. “I wanted the three of you to meet my girlfriend, Charli” She made a hand gesture towards the twin that had been – mere moments before – elbow deep in my wife’s anus. “Also, I thought Courtney and Karlee would get along splendidly.” She made another gesture towards the twin that had been exploring her own holes seconds before.

“I understand.” I said slowly. Annie, Katrina and Courtney all looked relieved; the twins were still kneeling by the bed being bystanders to the scene. “I understand that the three of you know the rules of this house.” Three faces suddenly darkened as realization set in, for by now they suspected what was to come. “These two didn’t know any better.” I made a head nod towards the two kneeling girls by the bed. “So the three of you owe them an apology for dragging them into your transgressions. I mean, look at Courtney!” Everyone did so. “She’s walking around my house unplugged, what if your dad had come over Annie? How do you think that would make me look? Hmm, would it make me look like someone who is looking out for the anal wellbeing of the women that live in my house?”

Annie was starting to look truly frightened at this point. “No, sir.” She always calls me sir when she thinks she is about to get punished, and in this case she was right to think so.

“Courtney, get the swings out.” I gave her the order and she immediately obeyed even though she knew what it meant. “The rest of you, get on your hands and knees on the bed.” Again the order was obeyed without hesitation. I surveyed the backsides before me. The twins were both plugged. Below their asses, short, dark hair matching the color of their eyebrows framed their two snug looking, wet pussies. Annie’s ass and pussy gaped open as they do whenever she is absent a plug filling her backside. Katrina’s holes looked the same: her bare snatch gaping open, her pee hole gaped slightly as well, and the cavern that was once her asshole was likewise open and bared for all to see.

I reached down grabbed the two plugs in the twins’ asses and yanked them free. I didn’t bother taking my time or making sure they were ready. I tossed the two impressive sized slabs of latex to the side. I thought one or both might pass out from the sudden flood of air filling their lungs, but they held it together perfectly. At this point I stripped off my clothes, I didn’t want my business attire ruined by any errant girl goo that would soon be flying around.

I slapped Annie on the ass as hard as I could, she let out a little whimper but stayed in position. “COURTNEY!” I yelled out, “I’m waiting for those swings.” I knew when I sent her it would be a bit before she would return as she would need to retrieve them from my man-cave downstairs. “I’m going to start spanking Annie’s ass until you get up here! Every second you waste she’ll be paying for it!” I gave Annie another sharp slap on the rear. Then another.

“I’m going as fast as I can Sir!” I barely heard Courtney’s reply from downstairs meaning she wasn’t even on her way yet.

“Oh well, I guess she is still looking then.” With that I started laying into Annie’s ass. Each slap on her cheek turned it a brighter and brighter shade of red until it looked as though it was glowing. After about 20 slaps she had started whimpering and I knew the tears would be flowing by then. The other girls stayed put, probably not sure if they were next or if this was a husband-wife Betturkey Giriş thing. At that moment Courtney came rushing through the bedroom door carrying the swings I had tasked her to retrieve. “I thought you had forgotten about poor Annie here – you took so long.”

Courtney only glanced over at my sniffling wife before making her reply. “No sir I was just trying to find all three swings for you, I thought you would want all of them since there are so many of us.” She was right, but I had hoped she wouldn’t make the connection and would be forced to make another run down there to give me an excuse to lay into Katrina’s ass as well, but she had unknowingly spared my cousin from the fate my wife had just received.

“Set them up, and do it quickly. If I think you’re wasting time you’re going in one first.” I told her. Like a flash, she went about her task at a pace I’d never seen before. She must know how annoyed I was at the three of them.

While Courtney was setting up the swings, no small task seeing as she had to use a stepping stool to reach the ceiling, I began some work of my own. I got behind my cousin and shoved my hand into her gaping pussy. It was probably more difficult then it needed to be because I hadn’t bothered to lube my hand first. I was planning on just using whatever lube she could provide me naturally.

“OW! Shit, Cy! That fucking hurt!” Katrina made her discomfort known. I pumped my hand a few times, and then twisted it 180 degrees a few times more. Her cries of discomfort started taking on a different tone at that point. That’s when I yanked my fist free with a loud, wet pop. Then I moved down the line. I’d only just met the twins so I wasn’t sure what their limits were. I shoved my wet balled up fist into the ass of Charli who was the furthest right of the girls. It slipped in easy enough. I used my left hand to start playing with her sister Karlee’s pussy. I used the wetness of her pussy to bath my hand in it. I could tell her pussy wasn’t one that was frequently fisted because up to a point the fight to get my hand inside wasn’t worth it any longer, so I switched to her ass which greedily sucked in my hand up to the halfway point on my forearm.

I noticed Courtney had erected the first swing that was now hanging from hooks I had installed on the ceiling when we bought the house. She had moved on to the second swing, I told Katrina to get in. Annie climbed off the bed and followed her over. The swings are basically

harnesses designed to keep their occupant bound so they can’t move too much and stay bent over at the waist providing unadulterated access to both holes. Katrina climbed onto it and laid back, Annie helped her push her legs back until her thighs were flat, parallel with her back. Then Annie locked Katrina into that position, and stepping back pulled a cord on the swing flipping Katrina face down but still doubled over at the waist.

“Do you want me to start administering her punishment, sir?” Annie waited expectantly for my answer.

I was working both asses in front of me now – punch fisting the two of them – yanking both hands free before slamming back into their waiting assholes. “Yes, you may begin, Annie.”

With that Annie pulled the swing up so that Katrina’s vulnerable holes were at a comfortable height for her to work while standing. Annie plunged her right hand into the snatch before her, not waiting for a reaction she brought her left hand up and slammed it alongside the right. A low guttural moan escaped Katrina’s mouth as Annie started twisting and pumping both her hands inside Katrina’s twat.

“The second one is done, sir.” Courtney had finished putting up the second swing and started work on the third. “Do either of you two know how to use one of these?”

“I do,” declared Charli. “The company I work for makes them.”

“Good, then put your sister in it,” I responded – removing my clenched fists from their colons. Like good girls, they obeyed. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched the proceedings. Annie gave Katrina another half a dozen or so quick pumps and then extracted her hands from my cousin’s gaping snatch, a steady stream of clear liquid spurted out of Katrina’s twat in response. Just as I’d taught her to do she raised her left hand a couple inches lining her finger tips up with Katrina’s asshole and sank her hand and half of her forearm into the gaping hole before her.

Charli had gotten her sister situated in the second swing and had inserted her balled up fist into Karlee’s gaping ass. She was currently in the process of working in her other hand when Courtney had completed setting up the last of the swings.

“Get over here and suck my cock Courtney.” She didn’t hesitate and padded over to the bed. She grabbed onto my cock and licked the head like it was a snow cone before opening her throat and engulfing the whole thing. I grabbed onto the back of her head with one hand and forced her down, Betturkey Güncel Giriş controlling the pace of her cock-tending ministrations.

“OOMPF!” I focused back on Annie’s expert manipulation of Katrina’s backside. A grunt had escaped my cousin as Annie’s arm had forced itself inside Katrina’s intestines up to her bicep. I had been so preoccupied with the desire to get Courtney’s mouth around my cock that I had missed the buildup going on mere feet from me. Charli had also made good progress up her sister’s rear end too. She now had both of her arms buried nearly to the elbow and was continuing to push.

I started pumping my hips into Courtney’s eager face when I heard the front door open and shut. Soon after my lovely wife was standing in the doorway. “Well, well. What the fuck’s going on here?” She was looking back and forth between me face fucking the maid and the women in the swings. I quickly caught her up on the proceedings.

“So it’s punishment is it?” Well, let’s get to it then!” Ashley said and stripped naked. Letting her perfect breasts spring free, the nipple jewelry she was wearing looked especially painful today. Her belly bulge became easily noticeable once her blouse was off. She grabbed a strap-on harness from her dresser drawer and attached a massive heavy grit plug from her toy set. I let go of Courtney’s head and told her to go get in the swing. I followed our short pretty maid to the swing she was about to be placed in.

Ashley had kneeled down beside her sister and was examining her process up my cousin’s ass. Annie was twisting and yanking her elbow through the useless ring of muscle marking the entrance to Katrina’s lower intestine. As the elbow would reinsert itself Annie would drive forward burying her arm nearly up to her shoulder and then the process would start again. Ashley, stood and told Charli to get her sister out of the swing, Charli pulled her arms free of their confines and helped her sister down. “Get in the swing,” Ashley directed Annie to take the place of Karlee, as Karlee worked to regain her legs after being let down from the contraption she was just in.

Ashley worked her sister into the swing as I was doing to Courtney. Once situated, I temporarily abandoned Courtney and headed over to my wife’s toy case. The twins had stepped back for a moment. Ashley was getting ready to make her sister’s life a lot more miserable then it was mere minutes ago – readying the strap-on she was wearing to go exploring inside Annie’s gaping rectum. I examined the toys laid out before me and selected one from the larger end of the case sporting pointy triangular knobs ascending the length of it in a spiral pattern, and another plug with spherical knobs and covered in a medium grit. Both were about 18″ in length.

I carried them over to the bed and grabbed the one with the pointy knobs on it and started covering it with lube. Satisfied it was ready I walked over to Katrina and placed the head at her asshole. Giving one hard push the punishment plug started its descent into my cousin. I instructed Karlee – the twin that had been on the receiving end of her sister’s brutal double fisting – to take the other plug and work it into Charli’s ass. Neither objected and Charli assumed the position on the bed and her sister started the slow, painful process of working the plug into place.

I looked to my left to see the progress Ashley had made. She had started working the strap-on into her sister – who was making distressed whimpering sounds as the grit – no doubt – was stretching and tearing at her tender nether hole. I finished seating the plug I was working into Katrina’s ass just as Karlee was finishing up seating the one in her sister’s.

“Alright, Karlee find a strap-on and start working it into Courtney; and it better not be anything small or smooth, you understand me?” She nodded her head and set about the task given to her. Charli was still on her hands and knees on the bed, the bulge caused by the plug poking out from her stomach clearly visible from the angle I was at. I grabbed a bottle of lube on the bed and lubed up my finger and promptly slid it into my cousin’s urethra. I thought there would be more resistance then what I found and so quickly added another.

“Oh fuck!” Katrina let out a little cry as the second finger joined the first.

Karlee had started pounding Courtney’s gaping little bunghole with a plug that was pretty sizeable for my small maid. Her tormentor had grabbed onto the cords suspending the swing from the hooks and was pulling Courtney close to her own body driving the plug deeper and deeper with the continuous pressure. Courtney was loudly moaning, and screaming from discomfort – a frequent sound in our household as Ashley never missed an opportunity to drive the same sounds out of the diminutive girl.

“You better not let your sister’s ass go empty to long, Charli.” Charli took the hint quickly donning a suitable strap-on. She took up position behind her sister and started working the sizeable punishment plug into the gaping hole between Karlee’s ass cheeks. I watched them until the plug was seated and the three of them had formed a chain, Charli fucking her sister’s asshole as Karlee did the same in turn to Courtney’s.

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