And Mom Makes Three

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And Mom Makes ThreeI lay there half awake, half asleep. My cock enveloped in the mouth of a very talented cock sucker.“Mm-mmm, ohhh god that feels gooooddddd.” My voice jumped an octave higher as she buried her nose against my belly, my entire cock enshrined in the hot moist tunnel of her mouth and throat. Pulling back until just the tip was between her lips, then thrusting her head forward again, not stopping until again her face was against my belly. The harder she sucked, the harder I’d thrust. Both hands full of hair as I grabbed her head fucking her face with the intensity I fucked her cunt a few hours earlier.“Ohh-h-h fuck! Fuck! Fuck ! I cried as she ingested my cock. Faster and faster I humped against her face, her mouth, and throat open to my thrusts. “That’s it, Dean. Fuck the sluts face! Fill her mouth with cum! The sound of Robbie’s voice jarred me awake. Looking down my torso and focusing on the head of the mouth giving my cock such exquisite pleasure I realized this wasn’t the head of the woman güvenilir bahis I fucked just hours before. “Oh fuck. Where am I? Who is this? Where’s Robbie?” The thoughts darted confusingly about my passion infused mind.The voice seemed to be coming from beside me. Opening my eyes and looking in the direction of the voice, sat Robbie, two fingers fucking in and out her cunt. “What tha-a …?” I said, looking back and forth between Robbie and the owner of the mouth sucking my cock.“Dean, mom. Mom, Dean!” Robbie momentarily answered pulling her fingers from her hot twat “I’ll explain in a minute. Now fuck this slut’s face!” She commanded. Grabbing the back of her mom’s head, Robbie forced Deb’s face tighter against my belly. “Fuck the slut!”The combination of Robbie’s urging, and the pleasing menstruations of her mom’s mouth, as well as the exotic thought of fucking both her and her mom, sent me over the edge. My cock jerked as my balls emptied load after load of cum down the throat of Robbie’s mom. As my cum subsided, türkçe bahis “mom” raised her head off my cock, and quickly reached over and kissed Robbie, sharing the remnants of my load with her daughter.With cum dripping from the corner of her mouth, Robbie spoke up, her eyes dancing about with passion and a****listic desire. “Mom lets me live here, rent free if I agree to share.” As Robbie was talked I appraised her ‘mom’. Like her daughter, Deb was a redhead. Robbie more ginger, and ‘mom’ a deeper auburn. Both were trim, both had taunt butts. Her mom had bigger tits, at least 36c, firm pliable. As I scoped out mom, my cock already beginning to rebound.“Okkk. So-o-o-o you’re telling me that since I fucked you last night, your mom expects me to fuck her today?”“Umm, yea pretty much, except you’re supposed to fuck both of us today!” Robbie said with a lascivious grin.Looking at ‘mom’, I asked; “and does mom have a name?”“Deb,” Robbie’s mom said, “but mom will do.”“Ok, mom, you’re ok watching me fuck the güvenilir bahis siteleri shit out of your daughter?”“All three holes, anything less is unacceptable. Oh, and I don’t intend to watch I will be fucking her too.” Deb said, as she reached for Robbie’s tits.“I stand corrected. We’re both going to fuck your daughter. Does she have any say in this?” I replied.“Hell no! I’ve been fucking, eating, sharing and training this slut since she was 16. I was the first person to fuck her ass, and my brother took her cherry. We’ve been grooming her as a cum slut for years. Now that she is, I enjoy the fruits of my labor.” Deb said, squeezing, and licking Robbie’s tits as if to emphasize her words.“Got it. Robbie is a cum slut, and her mom is a whore.” I said.“That sums it up pretty well. Now, are you planning on fucking this whore or just talk about it.” Deb replied.“Oh I’m gonna to fuck you, but first I want to taste the hole that produced this slut. You bring that hot cunt of yours and sit on my face. Robbie why don’t you ride my cock and play with your mother while I eat her pussy.” I said.“At Last! I thought you two would never stop talking.” Robbie said. Squatting over my cock before engulfing me in her tight hot pussy. “I’m ready to fuck!”

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