Andrea , Sir James Ch. 02


Andrea looked at me and said, “Put your arm around me Jack hold me close while I tell you about myself and the events that you witnessed tonight.”

I put my arm around her intoxicated once more by her closeness as she snuggled up against me, as she did I felt her breast against my hand. It was an intentional thing I felt sure and so emboldened I cupped it in my hand which only added to my arousal.

“It feels so nice you holding me like this Jack. I liked you from the moment I saw you and now I feel so happy with your arm around me and feeling your hand holding my breast. Imagine what it will be like to hold it when I am naked, can you picture us naked together?”

“I am trying not to, I want you so badly Andrea.”

“Soon my sweet Jack, please be patient, it will be well worth the wait I can assure you.”

She kissed my cheek as I squeezed her breast. She pretended to scold me then said, “First let me tell you my story.” Then she began to tell me about her life and her marriage to Sir James.


“When I was about eighteen years old I had the normal desire of meeting someone and learning about and experiencing sex for the first time. However when I was a bit younger I had a friend who lent me some books that she found in her fathers basement after he died. They were so erotic and arousing that I used to masturbate imagining that I was the female in the stories. The stories were of women being spanked whipped and degraded sexually in many different ways. It was these stories that made me long for and desire to submit myself to a man who would use me in any way he wanted, or ordered me to perform sexually with other men no matter what they demanded from me, just like in the stories.”

“Perhaps I should stop here Jack, because you will probably hate me if I reveal to you the things I longed for and never found with the men I met. They seemed to be unimaginative wanting only normal sexual gratification, maybe a blow job or anal sex, but mostly normal sex with just the variation of different positions.”

I pulled her tighter against me and said, “No Andrea I could never hate you no matter what has happened in your life up to now, please go on.”

“Well it was not until I took a job as James’s secretary, that I found someone who had desires that were the sort of thing that I also desired. I had been working for James for three months, he treated me kindly and I liked him. I wanted to please him by performing my duties in the most efficient way. I did not realise then that my desire to please with my work was part of my hidden sexual desire, to please and satisfy a man in every way like the women in the stories.”

“Well as I said it was three months after I started working for James, who being a man old enough to be my father, who treated me in that way when I was suddenly confronted with a complete change in his manner towards me. He suddenly seemed to find fault in my work. Silly little things that most normal people would comment on perhaps and that would be the end of it. But James picked on the most minor errors and eventually he did something to me that took me completely by surprise.”

“I had typed up some documents and had made a small typing error which was not hard to fix. He called me in to his office and made me stand beside him, when I did he said, “Look for the stupid error on that page.” I bent over the desk and as I started reading through the document he got up from his chair and stood behind me. I felt his hand suddenly caressing the left cheek then the right cheek of my bottom. I froze afraid to say anything for fear of losing my job. His hand moved away and he said, did you see it yet?”

“Yes James, I am sorry I will correct it immediately, I said my voice quavering. I picked up the page and went to correct the error. I suddenly realised I was lubricating and feeling a little aroused from James stroking my bottom. I returned the document and he dismissed me as though nothing had happened between us. Then on a daily basis he seemed to find errors, he would stand behind me and stroke my bottom without me saying anything to stop him.”

“His actions always made me wet, and wanting. I would go home at night and masturbate about being sexually abused by him.”

“One day he called me in and told me that I was in danger of losing my job because my work seemed to be slipping more. I never told him even to this day, that I started to make deliberate mistakes just to feel his hand on my bottom arousing me. I begged him not to fire me and he said that he would give it some consideration. I took the page with the error on it and corrected it. I then took it into his office and put it on his desk in front of him. “Thank you Andrea, come and see me after the office closes and I will tell you my decision,” he said to me”

“That night when everyone else had gone home I went to his office and stood in front of him as he sat at his desk. Well Andrea I feel it only fair to tell you that I think I will have to dispense with your bursa escort services…unless…he paused. Then looking into my eyes he continued, unless you are willing to agree to me punishing you in another way. I looked at him wondering what he had in mind. I took the plunge and said punish me in any way you want James but please don’t fire me. He looked at me and said are you really sure even though you do not know how I will punish you? Yes James, I will accept whatever punishment you decide on. I saw his face light up hearing me say this.”

“He stood up and in a stern voice he ordered me to take my dress off. As I removed it he came around to the front of the desk and I was soon standing in front of him in just my bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and high heel shoes. Unhitch your stockings but leave the suspender belt on he ordered me. Once more I obeyed him. Then he made my feelings surge and my juices really flow when he told me to bend over the desk and grip the top on the far side. I realised then he was going to spank me. When I did as ordered my breasts were pressed against the top of the desk, I felt his hand on my back as he pressed me down so my bra-covered breasts were mashed hard against the wooden surface, making me moan from the sudden pain that I felt. His hand was then removed from my back and I felt him lift the rear suspender straps and lay them on my back. I felt his fingers being inserted into the elastic top of my panties, he began to pull them down over my bottom and legs and I stepped from them”

She paused then said, “He must have been kneeling to slide my panties down, I gave an involuntary moan as I felt him plant a kiss on both cheeks of my bottom. He knew full well how much he was turning me on I was sure as he ordered me to open my legs a little more. I opened them knowing that he was still kneeling and that I was now displaying my anus and pussy to him. I moaned once again as his hands caressed my cheeks before I felt them move to my cleft, he then pulled my cheeks wider apart, holding them for what to me seemed like minutes while all he did was stare at my anus. The silence and the feel of his hands holding me in this lewd erotic position while he looked at my exposed anus made my pussy gush more. I knew he could smell my arousal as I felt the juices leaking from me and running down my slit onto my swollen clitoris.”

“I suddenly felt his fingers sliding down until they were on either side of my exposed pussy. I knew he would see how wet I was as he gazed at my pussy, the lips already partly open from being aroused in such an erotic way. Then I felt him pulling his fingers to each side and felt my pussy being opened wide exposing the pink interior glistening with my juices. I felt the cool flow of air enter me as my hole was now also opened, revealing the dark interior to him as he held my pussy spread wide.”

“You are a slut Andrea, he suddenly said as he released me and slid two fingers inside my flooded hole. He wiggled them around as he felt inside me making me moan loud at his action. Then he suddenly withdrew them and brought them to my mouth and ordered me to taste myself. I felt like a slut exposing myself to him and allowing him to do the things he had to me so far, but my sexual desire of being controlled and used in any way a man wanted made me obey. I took his fingers inside my mouth and tasted my juices for the first of what would be many more times, as I sucked them clean.”

“Once more he moved behind me and again he stroked my bottom telling me that sluts like me needed a good spanking, that I had a beautiful spanking arse and did I agree. Yes James, spank me teach me to be more careful with my work in future, I said to him.”

“TROLLOP, he yelled at me as I suddenly felt a movement of air on my bottom, and then his hand landed a stinging blow on my left cheek. I felt his hand caress the place his hand had landed soothing it. Then just as I began to enjoy the sensation of pain then pleasure his hand was removed and I heard him yell, SLUT, and his hand landed on my right cheek making me cry out, as I was not used to being spanked. Once more his hand stroked over the stinging sensation soothing it, while at the same time I found myself getting wetter. Then he began to spank me hard with no soothing caresses. I felt my bottom burning and the heat slowly moving deeper down inside me and into my sex.”

“All the time as he spanked me I kept crying out at the pain begging him to stop but he just ignored my plea’s, when he eventually did I felt the most beautiful sensations of pleasure flowing through me. I knew that this is what I had been longing for for so long. That it was a man old enough to be my father did not matter. What did was that I had found someone who could satisfy one of my secret desires, and who would perhaps perform other acts on me as time progressed.”

“His hands now caressed my bottom again. Then I felt him planting kisses on it and wondered when he was going to…she hesitated…fuck me,” she said.”

bursa escort bayan But just as you saw with Millie, he thrust his fingers inside my gaping wanton hole. Not one or two but four of them, forcing them into me making me cry out at having my ring and then my sheath forcefully stretched to accommodate them. He ignored my cries as his fingers plundered my sex while he told me how hot and wet I was, and how he knew that this was what I really needed. His thrusting fingers and the crude words he was using took me to my peak. As I crested I heard him say…come for me Andrea…come for your master. At that moment as my orgasm flowed over me I knew in my mind that I was his, that I would submit to him allow him the freedom to use or abuse my body in any way he desired.”

“From that night on he was my master. He made me do things that I never thought I would. He taught me about the things that men like him liked and wanted from a woman. So I became his in every way. I do not regret one moment or feel bad in any way about the things he did to me and allowed others to do with me, it was what I craved and still do.”

“After you came to work for him he told me about you, but not just how efficient you were at performing your duties, but how he wanted to bring you out to Henley and for me to meet you. He told me he wanted to see me with you because you were my age, and of course all of his male friends are much older than I am. Not that it bothers me for they all bring me pleasure as I submit to them in whatever way they desire. So Jack he wants to watch you taking me, plunging into me, doing whatever you want to me no matter how lewd or even sadistic it may be. Would you like me to service your secret desires while he watches us?”

“I want you badly right now, and I would willingly have sex with you anyway at all, even though he was watching us.”

“I am pleased about that Jack, because I want to submit to your every demand, I want you to come and visit each weekend…will you do that for me Jack…will you?”

“Yes I would love to be with you every weekend, but what about the servants?”

She laughed and said, “We only employ our cook and maid and a cleaner on a Monday to Friday basis, so that we have weekends free to indulge our sexual desires as and when we want. They are all gone by eleven am each Friday but get paid for the full day.”

“By the way Jack I forgot to tell you that Millie is not really a maid, she is in fact James’s niece, does that shock you?”

“Surprise me yes, but no I don’t feel shocked by hearing that.”

“Perhaps this might shock you then. Millie was sodomized by her father when she was twenty-one here at Henley although he had been fucking her since she was eighteen. She is a real daddy’s girl as you will find out when her father visits. She loves to have him fuck her or use her in other ways while others watch them, she is as much an exhibitionist as she is a submissive slut. But who am I to talk for I am no different to her in many ways. I am a slut a whore but I enjoy my life and would love to be your slut, your whore Jack, if you will accept me in that way. I won’t be faithful to you nor do I expect you to be faithful to me. Will you accept me for what and who I am?”

I pulled her to me and kissed her, a long deep passionate sexual kiss before I said, “Yes Andrea I will accept you for who and what you are, just so long as I can be with you, make love to you.”

I did not realise to what depths of depravity my commitment to her would lead me. If I had realised would I have acted differently, knowing that I wanted to posses her to know her carnally. I cannot say I would have. I should have had an inkling of the road I was setting out on when she responded to me saying about making love to her.

“No never make love to me Jack…just fuck me…use me in whatever way you want. Love is for romantic people, not for people like me who are really sluts and whores. Who derive their sexual pleasure from being used and abused, allowing men or women to gratify their darkest desires as they use us for their pleasure.”

I pulled her to me wanting to kiss her and start on the road to sexual pleasure. She pushed me away saying, “Not now Jack we must wait till James is able to watch, tomorrow you and I will share each others wants and needs.

“Her hand came down and she stroked my erection through my pants again as she said, “But you shall have your relief while I watch you take your pleasure from Millie.”

How could I refuse when my body was demanding that I release all the sexual tension that had built up right from the moment that I had first met Andrea, and after witnessing James using Millie and listening to Andrea’s explanation.

I released Andrea who went over to the wall and pressed a button, which obviously connected to a bell in another room.

She smiled at me as she walked back to sit with me, and sitting down said, “I must tell you that Millie the lovely bursa merkez escort sweet slut is my submissive. She will do whatever you or I tell her to. So use her take your first taste of her submissive ways while I enjoy watching you using her.”

Just then the door opened and in walked Millie wearing only a robe.

“You rang mistress.”

“Yes Millie I want you to let Jack have his way with you.”

“Yes mistress,” she responded.

It was then I recalled the way Millie had looked and smiled at me when I first arrived, and the look of excitement in her eyes another time. I knew then that Andrea had deliberately arranged this.

“Take your robe of Millie and show yourself fully to Jack while he undresses.”

I watched Millie remove the robe and walk over to Andrea as I started to remove my shirt. From that moment I saw a different Andrea whose language became coarse as she said, “Do you like her lovely tits Jack? Wait till you feel them, you can squeeze them hard, bite them the bitch loves real rough fucking don’t you slut? Perhaps you might like to fuck them and shoot your come on her face.”

I had now removed my vest and pants, as Andrea said to Millie, “Turn around spread your legs, bend over and open yourself up and show Jack what you have on offer for his pleasure.”

As I removed my shoes and socks I watched Millie do as asked. She was soon presenting her cunt and asshole to me. The pink interior of her cunt was already wet, the sight aroused me more as I thought about getting my cock into this lovely willing young slut, who I had seen being spanked and come on. I was now standing in just my boxer shorts.

“Turn around and kneel by me Millie while I remove Jack’s boxers.”

“Come over here Jack.”

I walked in front of Andrea and stood looking down at her; she looked up into my eyes and smiled. Her eyes those lovely green eyes once again held mine captive as she said, “I can’t wait any longer to see what you have hidden in your boxers Jack.”

“She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxer shorts and slowly pulled them down over my hips, as she pulled them to my knees my rigid cock fell forward. She released my boxers letting them drop to the floor. She gave a gasp at the sight of my eight inch tool pointing straight at her. She licked her lips as her hand reached out and grasped my shaft finding her fingers barely met because of it large circumference.

She gazed at it as she stroked her hand back and forth masturbating me. She cupped my large balls in her other hand, squeezing them gently she said, “Your hung like a horse as the saying goes Jack, my cunt gushed profusely the moment I saw it. I promised James I would wait till he is able to watch you fucking me for the first time, however I think a little sucking to make me wait filled with desire to feel you inside me tomorrow, will not be breaking my promise.”

“Do you like it Millie? Did your cunt get wetter the moment you saw it? Wait till you feel it fucking your slut face.”

“Its magnificent mistress, the biggest and fattest cock I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to suck it mistress.”

“Then share it with me. I know you are a greedy cunt and want it all to your self, but I never thought how well hung Jack might be, when I said that because of my promise to James I would let him fuck you tonight. But now you will have to wait, because I want to be the first to experience the pleasure of feeling Jack’s huge tool opening my hole, stretching my cunt like no other cock ever has.”

I watched Andrea move her head forward, then her tongue slipped out as she began to lick in circles all around the underside of the rim of my cock. Then up and over the swollen purple helmet like head capturing the first taste of my pre-come as it oozed out.

She paused and said, “Mmmmm very tasty Jack, I’m hungry now to taste more of your come.”

I gave a long moan of pleasure as Andrea took my cock head into the warm wet confines of her eager mouth. It was a bit of a struggle but she managed to get the tip in and began to suck on it for a few moments. She suddenly took her mouth away and said to Millie, “Try that for size in your mouth,then imagine what it will feel like buried to the hilt in your cunt or arse.”

I moved back and turned slightly to face Millie giving Andrea a close up view as Millie now grasped my shaft. She licked my cock head and then took it into her mouth. Just like Andrea she managed to get my swollen cock head inside, but her lips were stretched more tightly around my shaft.

Watching Millie sucking me, and having sucked me herself and tasted my pre-come, Andrea could no longer deny her own bodies demands. She slipped her panties off, then lay on the floor and lifted her dress and revealed her clean-shaven cunt to me.

“Do you like it Jack? Do you want to fuck it Jack?” she said as she moved her fingers down and began to play with her clit. She then masturbated herself while watching Millie giving me oral sex.

She was highly aroused I could tell when she began to say things to Millie, telling her what a dirty cock sucking slut she was. Then she addressed me saying, “Fuck the cunt’s face Jack, she loves to feel a cock being rammed down her throat, so ram your big tool all the way and shoot your load in her mouth.”

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