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Subject: Andy’s 1962 Adventures-3 All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between adult males and teenage boys. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material. Please donate to fty). It is the only way to keep this site up and running. All comments welcome. Gay – Adult-Youth: M+/t+, oral, anal – – – – – Andy’s 1962 Adventures – Part 3 The next day, at the swimming pool, I followed George’s lead and stripped completely naked. The men around me, who were naked and semi-naked, seemed to take a sudden interest in me, but this quickly faded when I slipped on my swimming trunks. A portly man in his fifties continued to stare at me as I put my clothes in George’s locker. I was kinda drawn to him for some unknown reason. He was of a similar build to George; however, his cock was longer and thicker than George’s. He noticed me staring at his cock, so he turned to show it off, and then moved around to make it swing from side to side. Of course, I continued to stare at his adult length as my cock twitched away inside my swimming trunks. Some ten minutes later, I was swimming in the main pool with George. The man from the changing room was swimming close by, waiting for the opportunity to reach out, underwater, and squeeze my cock. He managed to squeeze my cock, when George wasn’t looking, three times. Then suddenly, he got out of the pool and walked towards the changing room. An hour or so later, I found myself naked in the back of George’s van, Doug and George quickly turned me over, face down, and spread me out. “There’s no need for any ropes,” I said. “I like this kind of sex.” Ignoring me completely, Doug tied some ropes around my wrists and ankles to the mattress. He then fitted a blindfold around my head. I then felt a pair of hands take hold of my arse-cheeks and spread them apart. “Get his arse up a bit,” George said. “and put that pillow under him.” “Look at that arsehole,” Doug said. “It looks so tight and pretty.” “That’s for sure,” George said, as someone ran the tip of their finger over my “tight and pretty” arsehole. I lifted my head off the mattress and gave out a low moan of pleasure, which I repeated when the fingertip returned to touch my anus again. “That sounds so fuckin’ sexy,” Stan said. “C’mon, let me hear it again.” Someone used the tip of their tongue to replace the fingertip. I gasped and tugged at my bonds as the tongue çankaya escort sent a shockwave of pleasure surging through my body. I had never felt anything like it, and was so fuckin’ keen to experience the sensation again, and again, and again. “My old tongue does it again,” Doug said. “Schoolboys just love it.” “Look at him go,” George said. “The little sod can’t get enough.” The sensation had swallowed me up whole. My entire body ached, and yet I was still happy to let the tongue work its magic on my arsehole. “You’re turning him into an addict, Doug,” continued George. “He’ll be bending over and spreading his arse-cheeks for tongue every minute of the day after this little outing. Ain’t that right, Andy?” “Yes, yes,” I said, breathlessly hoping for more tongue. “Okay, Andy,” Doug said. “One more tongue-lashing; then we fuck you.” George tightened his hold on my arse-cheeks when Doug’s tongue went back to work on my anus. My whole body buzzed with excitement as the sensation suddenly returned and wiped me out for a second time. And then, when I thought it was all over, the tongue came back to wipe me out again. “Fuckin’ hell,” Stan said. “He’s having a fit.” “Nah,” Doug said. “They all get overexcited like that.” ~ ~ ~ I was still on cloud nine when the first cock entered my well-rimmed hole. It slipped in effortlessly – thanks in the main to Doug’s hard work and a good coating of Vaseline on the cock’s stem. With my legs fully outstretched, I was in the perfect position to take on a five-star rogering. “C’mon, George,” Doug said. “Keep pounding that sweet little hole. I want to see it red-raw by the time I dip my wick.” I shook my head from side to side and groaned as George increased his stroke rate. The man began to power-fuck my “sweet little hole” as every inch of my body danced to his tune. I was there for his pleasure, and that’s why my cock was leaking so much pre-cum and threatening to shed its load unaided. I was being fucked by an alpha male with an insatiable appetite for the weak and willing; and boy, was I weak and willing! Bill pulled the van over and switched off the engine. I was dizzy with excitement as George’s powerful buttocks pounded my body into the mattress. “Look at him go,” Stan said to Doug. “I’ve never seen George so enthused. It’s truly mesmerizing to watch.” “Yes,” Doug replied, “I’m green with envy.” The two men laughed as they watched their friend take my arse on a long and memorable ride. çankırı escort “Maybe we should keep the boy in the van,” Bill suggested. “For orgies and such…” It was the words, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” that interrupted Bill in mid-sentence. George had reached a climax and was eager to share the news with everyone in the van. I began to tug at my bonds and whoop like a monkey as he released his seed. Doug was quick to step into the breach and take over from his spent friend. His hard-standing cock slipped effortlessly into my arsehole; and although it didn’t stay there for long, it did leave quite an impression. “Any objections to turning the boy over?” Stan asked, who was next to take me for a long and memorable ride. “I want to fuck him with his legs high in the air and wide apart. We can tie his ankles to those two roof brackets with rope. George had them installed for just such an occasion.” “Okay,” George said, “release those ropes and turn him over, Stan. Let’s see what he looks like on his back, with his legs up in the air.” Of course, I had no say in the matter. However, I did welcome the change of position – being tied down for so long wasn’t doing me much good in the old aches and pains department. “Okay, chaps,” Stan said. “I’m going in, so wish me luck.” Doug and George laughed as Stan got between my legs and pushed his cock deep into my rectum. I felt his cock-head enter my inner sanctum and rub against my prostrate gland. He then began to power-fuck my hole for all he was worth. “C’mon you slack bastard,” he barked at me. “Tighten up those arse-muscles and give me a ride to remember.” I clenched my anus as tight as I could, which did prompt a grunt of approval from Stan. “Give him some nitrite, Doug,” George said. “He might need a little boost.” Something was waved under my nose a few moments later; and as I sniffed it in, my head began to swim. “That’s it, Andy,” Doug said. “Sniff in the vapour and let it take you for a spin.” I raised my head and gave out a low moan of satisfaction. I didn’t want this moment to end, but Stan had other ideas. His climax wiped me out completely; and as the sweat poured off my body, he thrust forward and filled my rectum with his spunk. Someone wiped the sweat from my forehead as Stan’s cock was withdrawn and replaced by another hard-standing stem. Again, George fucked me like a man possessed. He slapped my thighs and called me all the names under the sun. Apparently, my new position had triggered another çayyolu escort five-star performance. My rectum was now awash with four loads of spunk. Doug was more of a sucker than a fucker, so when his turn came round again, my shattered body was spared another full-blown fuck. Instead, I was treated to a suck-fest. “How does that feel, Andy?” Stan asked. I mumbled a few words of grateful thanks and sighed when Doug came up for air. My poor cock had been neglected for far too long. It had been throbbing and twitching throughout the entire fuck-fest, but no one had touched it. Unfortunately, when Doug went down again, it released a deluge of spunk almost immediately. I had been rimmed and sucked by real experts; and fucked by three hard-standing cocks. I would never walk away from an offer of sex again. A few minutes later, as I was waiting to be released, someone banged on the side of the van. “Is anyone there!” they shouted. “You can’t park here.” “Fuckin’ hell!” Doug exclaimed. “We can’t be nabbed in here. Not with a naked boy on his back and the smell of spunk everywhere.” “So, what do we do, Doug?” Stan asked nervously. “How do we get out of this jam?” “Get going, Bill,” Doug shouted. “But don’t break the speed limit.” George and Stan burst out laughing as someone opened the back doors of the Transit. “The look on your face, Doug,” Bill said. “What a picture …. And what was it you said?” “Don’t break the speed limit,” George laughed. “What an arse!” “Fuck off!” Doug snapped. “You two wind-up merchants aren’t funny. Speeding only draws attention, so don’t scoff.” As the three men continued to argue over the whys and wherefores of speeding in a built-up area, Bill pushed his hard-standing cock into my well lubricated hole and kept it there while he told me how sexy I looked. “Be careful there, Bill,” George said. “Don’t you go damaging the merchandise. Just fuck his arse, as agreed. You’re the last one today, so take your time.” “Someone better shut the yard gates,” Bill said. “They’re still wide open.” “Okay, Bill,” George said. “I’ll shut them.” “Give Andy a quick tour around the yard and garage, Stan,” George said. “Show him the garage hoist and the ropes we use to hang our guests up between sex-romps.” My whole body shuddered when I heard George’s words. I then gave out a low moan of pleasure when Bill’s cock gently rubbed against my prostrate gland. It was then that I decided to hang around for more sex. “I really like this one, George,” Bill said. “He’s a proper weak and willing schoolboy, and so-o-o pretty.” “You said that about the last one,” George said, “when he first arrived in the van.” “Yes, that’s true,” Bill said. “But you know me, George. I’m a real sucker for bony bum-boys and their rock-hard cocks.”

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