angela and the stockroom


angela and the stockroomi cant use real names as this didnt happen too long ago, but it did happen, and i have a few more stories to come.i was 18 and workin my rubbish stock room job, id not been there long, and was starting to make friends. an older lady, angela, had sort of taken me under her wing and had been lookin after me alot. one day before we started work she asked if i fancied a coffee and a chat. she wanted to chat because her husband had left her and shed been feeling down, but didnt want everyone fussing, she thought i wouldnt be the type to fuss, maybe i wouldnt even be angela is in her early forties, and has had 2 c***dren,she had thick legs and a big ass that had a wobble to it when she walked. her tits were huge easlily an e cup maybe bigger, and she had a pretty face bakırköy escort and long blond we chatted she touched my leg a few times, and i cant say i didnt want to fuck her, but its one of those things you think wont happen, youl just dream about we both head to our posts at work, she gives me a huge huge pushin her tits at my chin,id leant down being taller than her, and accidentaly put my hand on her bum. i apologised and moved it, to that she giggled and said not to worry.about two hours into a very quiet shift i got a call on the internal phone, it was angela asking if i was busy, i wasnt and had also been rotad in for two hours more alone. she said it was her tea break and would i like anything, i said a coffee would be great.minutes later angela beşiktaş escort comes in and hands me a coffee, i grab an extra seat for her but as i sat down, she imediately dropped to her knees in front of me. ‘im single now and you want it right’ ‘what, really? here’i couldnt beleive my luck’yes really and yes here, im gonna suck your cock off’she turned into absolute filth. as i took my cock out, she unbuttoned her shirt and let her huge tits fall out of her bra. i was so hard at seeing this.without using her hands she took my cock in her mouth, and moaned as if she was being eaten out, she squeezed and rubbed her tits then flung them around my cock.’tell me when your cumming’which i pretty much was, a fine older woman goin to town on my cock, i wanted to paint beylikdüzü escort her white. i tried to hold as long as i could but seeing her fat soft tits jiggling about was so sexy, and the way she seemed to be loving it more than mei told her i was about to cum, she quickly leant back grabbed my dick with both hands, then leant back forward so as she jerked my dick her tits bounced’go on, cover me you dirty little bastard’ she said, being from yorkshire made that wierdly amazing tooi began to cum, the first spurt literaly jumped at her face then dribbling to her tit, then she dived her mouth over my throbbing cock to suck the second blast out, she choked a little then pulled out rubbin my bellend on her huge tits.after about a minute she stood up and turned around, i thought she would be cleaning up or about to leave, but she hoiseted up her skirt and sat back onto me, my cock twictchin between her juicy cheeks.’next time you cum, it will be in my arse’she stood up and with tissues shed got in preparation, the dirty cow, she cleaned up then left.look out for angelas house soon

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