Annabell’s Welcome


A big part of me is wondering how the little part of me got myself in this car with a stranger. Is the sex I have that bad? Am I really wanting what this man promises to do be done to me? I guess so because I’m sitting here. At least he looks like his picture.

In the drivers seat making small talk is Steven. He’s 5’10 with an average build, piercing dark eyes, and strawberry-blonde hair. I take a long look to my left and note the confidence in his voice and body language. I think back to the stories he shared with me; sex unlike anything thats been done to me. Stories that made the little me throw enough of a tantrum that all of me gave in and let him set up this ‘date.’ We’ll be fucking shortly, and fucking might not be a strong enough word. I can only hope.

“Your pictures just don’t do you justice, I can’t believe how beautiful you look.” He tells me casually.

“You look alright yourself.”

He puts his hand on my knee. I put my hand on his and open my legs a little. He notices the invitation and soon his hand is exploring under my skirt and I stop thinking.

Wow, I just closed the door and Annabelle is already on her knees unzipping my pants. I guess fingering her in the car was enough of a turn on that we don’t need to sit on my couch and pretend to go slowly; or anything else that can be awkward to get through. I can’t believe she got off twice just to that fingering. I’ll have to remember that for next time. What am I doing? I promised her more than just sex.

Showing no further regard for the amazing treatment of my cock I just take a step back, turn around and start going through my mail.

“What are you doing? Get back here!” She says annoyed.

“Who are you to make demands?”

“Fuck.” Slowly and quietly parts her lips.

I don’t have thoughts, just a feeling. Like being dipped in ice water; every part of my body is tingling with anticipation. Every hair is standing straight up but I’ve never felt so warm. So hot.

Oh. My. God.

I thought I was wet before.

Oh. My. God.

I watch as he turns back around and flicks envelope after envelope straight in to his trashcan.

I’m standing at attention. Straight up, arms at my side, unable to move, not wanting to move… enjoying this feeling and anticipation.

With out looking at me he speaks in a calm tone. “Take off all your clothes.”

I use my feet to take off my heels and fall to my natural height of five foot four. I’m not wearing anything but a sundress which I pull up and over my head, folding it once over and laying it on the floor by my sandals.

I watch as he turns to look at me. He looks at all of me, staring intently and somehow making me feel beautiful with out a word.

“Turn around.” He says.

I comply and slowly turn all the way around to face him again. This time his face is stern.

“Turn around and face away from me. Can you comprehend words?”

“Yeah.” I say incredulously as I turn around. My hips thrust forward with out my command and pain briefly close my eyes.

“Ow!” I exclaim as his hand returns to his side, body unwinding from the spanking. I would be killing anybody else for right now; but I stand motionless as the Pendik Escort stinging on my right ass cheek becomes a luxury… clearing my thoughts and focusing me even more in to the feeling of my own body. His hand presses firmly against the small of my back and smoothly down. Teeth and hot breathe on my left shoulder as his hand finds its final destination, cupping between my legs with a finger inside me. A hand pulls my chin, lips to lips I moan deeply.

It stops. Everything stops. I’m left wanting and soon turn to face him.

“Did I tell you to turn around?”

“No.” She says.

“You’re new, you don’t know the rules: You will respect me. You will not talk back. You will address me as Sir. You won’t speak unless spoken to and that includes the ‘Ow’ from your much deserved spanking. You will not tell me no, you will comply without hesitation. Do you have any questions?”

“Always? …What about safe the safe words?”

My eyes get a bit wider as I urge her to remember what I just said.

“…sir.” She remembers.

“So you can be trained. No, this is a consensual fantasy and only applies to the bedroom or other sexual activities. You already trust me or you wouldn’t be here and I am mindful of the things you don’t like and the things you do. That said, I control everything in this realm and you will submit to my every wish and desire or utter the safe words. ‘Yellow light’ means move on and don’t break the fantasy, ‘red light’ means its over, and a raised pinky finger tells me to remove a gag.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now go to your room.”

She looks at me a little bewildered. I recall that she hasn’t been further than 5 feet in to my house yet. “That way, up the stairs first room thats not the bathroom.” I say as I point.

“Yes, sir.”

She passes me and takes short strides. I watch intently as she goes, admiring the beauty of her form and the unmistakable hand print on her behind. Short red hair dances gently behind her.

When I get to the room she is one foot inside the door. Standing still and straight up.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“You told me to go to my room and gave me no further instructions, sir.”

“A very quick student. You may receive less punishment than I anticipated.”

I think I’ll reward her with her first desire.


With her back still toward me she kneels on command.

“Kneel.” He commands.

His words, drive me wild. I have never been so excited to have cock in my mouth and I love to suck dick. I almost turn around before I kneel just to get closer to it but I remember what happened last time. I kneel and try to remember how high his cock is from the ground so I know how far down to go.

He passes me carefully as I’m blocking most of the doorway. I don’t dare turn my head but my eyes watch him as he undresses. His cock is about 6″ long, and very thick. He could probably make it in porn. I can’t take my eyes off of it.

The bedroom is sparse, A lamp on the floor, a bed on the floor with nice linen, and a nice looking black dresser with a mirror. I watch him open one of the drawers and pulls out a little U shaped purple thing that I don’t recognize. He walks Anadolu Yakası Escort over to me, and sits down in front of me. I keep looking straight ahead as a little cold piece of silicon is carefully placed inside my pussy, the other leg of the U hugs my clit. Then both sides start to vibrate. I try to maintain my resolve, keep looking straight. Thankfully he starts to rise.

A finger lifts my chin and our eyes meet. He looks sweet and my eyes close just a bit as a wave of pleasure comes up my spine from the vibrator. As the little uncontrollable convulsion subsides there is a cock all the way to my throat. I gag a bit and he pulls it out to the front on my mouth.

“Give me both of your hands.” He says calmly.

I comply again, my arms go up to meet his hands and he thrusts slowly and gently in to my mouth. He grabs both of my wrists and his middle and pointer finger press into the bottom of my arms, right where my watch strap would be. Then his cock is back in my throat again… no gagging this time.

Just as I squeeze the pressure point I jam my cock all the way down her throat. Fuck yes! My head drops back as I enjoy the sensation. I look down and there is pleasant surprise in Annabelle’s eyes.

“Fuck it with your mouth.”

What ensues is the best blow job I have ever received. She repeatedly buries my cock in her face and I let go of one of her hands. She is masterful with a cock, taking every advantage of her suppressed gag reflex. Her hand aids her progress toward my climax. I enjoy her responsiveness to her vibrator, in my mind there is nothing greater than watching a woman in a state of pleasure. That is, until I lose my load in to her mouth. Her excitement to drink me is bordering on insane. She works so well through my orgasm I didn’t know it was going to end. Her body is suddenly in in the throws of an orgasm too. My little vibrator is doing all my work for me! Unacceptable! I grab the back of her head with both my hands and press myself all the way in and hold it there. She eventually gags again and I remove myself from her mouth slowly.

Waves of pleasure course through my body. Then hands force my head all the way down this freshly milked cock. I can feel it throbbing in my throat and on my tongue. I’m limp with pleasure as I’m hanging from my mouth. He slowly pulls it out as I gag for the second time and I try to resume my kneel, my legs are weak after that orgasm. He removes his vibrator from me and turns it off with a long press.

Fuck me! How on Earth did I just have the best sex of my life with out having actual sex?

Now I can finally concentrate. Having this redheaded goddess and a load in me was just too much. I toss the purple vibrator aside and go back to my drawer. It’s not here, I open another drawer and find what I was looking for: a roll of duct tape. I return to Annabelle and cover her mouth with the tape.

“Won’t be needing this anymore. Now get on the bed”

She slowly raises to her feet. She’s been exemplary is following commands and I think she still wants some rough treatment. I grab her by the hair and pull her toward the bed, slapping her ass hard as she stumbles past me.

“Hesitation İstanbul Escort and sloth will not be tolerated.” I give my weak excuse for the fresh hand print. A small moan can be heard from under the tape and I know she is more disappointed in herself. Her eyes are only looking to please.

I retrieve a few ropes and tuck her elbows under her knees then tie her hands to her feet. There is no way to obstruct access to her two yet to be used holes.

I look at her lying there on the bed, tits pushed together between strained arms. Her back is bent and eyes narrow. This position reminds me of the fetal position, except she can protect nothing.

I screw a set clamps to her pink puffy nipples. Tie a short rope around her head like a headband and then tie that to the chain between her nipples. Her chin is pressed in to her chest voluntarily as any relaxation will pull on her tits, and while I won’t force her eyes to stay open she’ll only be able to see what I’m about to do.

I can wait no longer, I bury my head in her spread open crotch and lick everything I can. I want to taste this women. This pussy is wet, and I dive my tongue in to her. Then further back I drill my tongue in to a tightly puckered asshole. I return to the clit and pinch it between my upper teeth and lower lip, slightly sucking it as I whip it with my tongue. My fingers have involuntarily pierce her and massage inside. I enjoy every movement of her body, every sound it makes, and especially the taste. She cums again violently, body straining against the binds with no regard for her nipples; she arches her back and stretches her neck. My cock has fully recovered from the service it had just received and I’m on my knees pushing in to her sodden pussy. Her moan changes pitch as I fuck the tight cum hole hard. There is no other speed than fast. My body is unable to keep up the sprint and sweat is rolling off my every surface… still fucking the convulsing cunthole. I notice her nipple clamps are swinging freely from her head and I rip the tape of of her mouth.

“Oh god yes!” Fills the house. Followed shortly by the unmistakable sound causing a fresh welt to form on her ass. My cock pulled out of the pussy and hands go around her neck and squeeze.

“Were you spoken to?!” I say through gritted teeth.

“No sir.” Falls almost inaudibly from her mouth.

Before she can finish the words my cock is pressing against her asshole, the puckered sphincter slowly gives way to pressure of my mushroom tip. Then all at once it’s buried in her ass.

Eyes roll to the back of her head as I fuck the unwilling hole. Over stimulated from fucking her already my cock bursts inside as my body shudders. My thumbs release their hold as I enjoy release again. Air audibly fills her lungs and the fresh oxygen tightens her ass even more.

Yes, yes, oh god, YES! My body just wants to be released to relax and enjoy the sensation. Pulsing through me, seemingly trapped at the knots he tied.

I watch his as his eyes finally open and the throbbing is his cock subsides, then slowly pulled from my ass. He immediately begins untying my bonds as I lay on the bed. He tosses the ropes aside and wraps his arm around me, finding a comfortable place to lay and starts to kiss me.

It’s passionate and steamy… a little too steamy, his body is still soaked in sweat. I pay no attention to the unpleasantness and focus inward as I close my eyes. Enjoying the familiar feeling, but far more intensely. Before long we are making love.

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