Annie , June Ch. 04



The following is a “true story of my imagination” and continues the affair between two nursing moms which began in “Annie & June”. This episode focuses on day 2 of the weekend shopping trip the girls took in Chapter 3. In this chapter, chapter 4, Annie and June bring home a young salesgirl for more nursing moms lesbian fun!! As always, names, places, situations, etc. are all a figment of my imagination and any resemblance to someone or some place you know is purely coincidental!!


June woke first and a glance at the clock read 8:12 a.m. She turned and gazed at Annie who lay sleeping, uncovered. Annie lay naked with her legs spread slightly, her closed slit clearly visible through her bald pussy. June was exceptionally horny this Saturday morning and stared hungrily at Annie’s bare pussy. She eased herself gently between Annie’s legs and licked her slit lovingly. Annie groaned and turned her head as her legs spread wider. Her delicate pussy lips opened like a rose to reveal a moist, pink center. June’s pussy spasmed, as she gently slid her hands under Annie’s ass and dipped her tongue into the warm, moist center, before covering the pussy with her mouth completely and eating out her friend.

Annie was roused from a deep sleep by an overwhelming sensation to urinate. Waking fully, she realized it wasn’t a need to urinate at all, but the beginning sensation of an approaching orgasm as June ate her pussy. Annie closed her eyes and smiled, as she reached down and placed a hand on the back of June’s head.

June felt Annie’s hand and glanced up at her. Annie laid there with her eyes closed in obvious pleasure. Neither spoke save for an occasional moan escaping Annie’s lips. June continued her assault leaving no part of Annie’s cunt untouched. She licked her slit, nibbled her clit and tongue-fucked her hole. She even grazed her anal ring briefly with her tongue.

After a few moments, Annie’s moans grew louder as her orgasm came over her. Through the climax, June ate her pussy, as Annie moaned loudly. Her eyes remained closed as her head flipped from side-to-side. Her fingers dug into June’s hair as her other hand massaged her own breast. Her hips raised involuntarily in an effort to get more of her pussy into June’s mouth. Finally, the orgasm subsided as June’s tongue began to relax. When the orgasm was over, June shuffled up to Annie and kissed her. Annie tasted her own juices as their tongues danced. When the kiss was over, June spoke.

“Breakfast in bed!” she said wryly. Annie laughed. “So, you hungry?” June said seriously.

“Mmm-hmmm,” Annie replied. “I could go for a Belgian waffle!”

“Mmm, that sounds good. I’m going to shower. Wanna join me?”


Thirty minutes later, the women were ready for a day of power shopping, among other things. As they walked hand-in-hand through the hotel corridors, they turned a corner and were met with Maria – the housekeeper from the previous night. June watched as the young lady eyed first Annie and then her. She smiled at June briefly before glancing at their locked hands. She turned and went back into the room she was freshening up as Annie and June made their way out of the hotel.

Outside, the air was warm and dry, with just a slight breeze. Annie and June made their way through the parking lot and across the street. Still walking hand-in-hand, they made their way into the Tellville Pancake House. After a brief wait, they were seated.

Annie’s eyes immediately found the Belgian waffle. “Here it is,” she said, “Belgian waffle made from scratch and topped with blueberries and raspberries. Okay, I’m done looking!” she said putting the menu down and staring at June.

June smiled and perused the menu, settling on two eggs over easy with hash browns.

“Are your ready to order?” asked their gray-hair, plump waitress.

“Yes,” Annie replied looking over at June.

“I’ll have two eggs, over-easy, with ham,” June said looking over at the waitress.

“White or wheat bread?”

“Wheat,” June responded.

The waitress stared at Annie. “I’ll have the Belgian with blueberry sauce and sausage links.”

“Drinks?” The waitress asked.

“Coffee for me,” June replied.

“Orange juice…large,” Annie answered.

“Thank you,” the waitress replied and walked away.

After a wonderful breakfast and conversation, Annie and June paid their bill and left a generous tip. Walking out hand-in-hand, they noticed a few of the other patrons staring at them. Squeezing each other’s hands tightly, they exited the restaurant and burst into laughter, as they made their way to the shopping outlets.

After several hours of shopping and trips to the van, both women looked at each other in exhaustion. “Phew!” June said, as she let out a deep sigh. “I think I’m done!”

“Oh, okay, but can we hit A Woman’s Prerogative?” Annie asked in reference to the woman’s shop specializing in lingerie and women’s delicate under garments.

“Oh, sure!” June replied, as if she had forgotten about the shop and was suddenly excited to check it out.

Both women made güvenilir bahis their way into the shop and browsed its content. Annie selected several items, including two bras and several panties. June had selected several panties and was rifling through bras when a high-pitched, pert voice came from behind.

“May I help you find something?”

June turned, as did Annie. Both stared at a beautiful but very young-looking woman, dressed in a black, two-piece suit. A lace camisole was barely visible underneath the short, buttoned-up jacket.

Annie and June stared speechless at the young woman for a second before June cleared her throat and said, “You? You…work here?”

“Yes,” the young woman replied, with a quizzical expression, “why?”

“Oh…no reason…San-dy,” June responded reading the saleswoman’s nametag and then glancing at Annie for a brief moment. “It’s just…well…you barely look old enough to drive.” The young girl was about their height, standing maybe five-two or five-three. Sandy had barely a waist to speak of, but a full, heart-shaped ass that filled her backside out nicely and balanced out a chest that supported grapefruit sized tits. Sandy was very young looking but strikingly beautiful nevertheless with porcelain skin, full round cheeks and a small mouth. She had a small, button nose that offset her round, innocent-looking blue eyes. Her shoulder-length, blonde hair was pulled back into a pony-tail, adding to her youthful appearance.

“Oh, yeah,” Sandy replied, “I get that a lot.”

“So,” Annie asked, noticing the small tattoo on the top of Sandy’s hand, between her left thumb and index finger, “how old are you exactly?”

“Nineteen,” Sandy replied glancing at Annie.

“Wow,” June added, “you don’t look nineteen at all! Good thing, too, cuz age has a funny way of sneaking up on you!”

“So I’ve heard,” Sandy said. “Uhm, so was there something I can help you find? You looked frustrated.”

“Oh, well, I’ve always liked your seamless bras but I can’t seem to find one my size.”

“What size are you?” Sandy asked beginning to rummage through the bras.

“She’s a 36D,” answered Annie, as Sandy stopped and turned to stared at her momentarily. Annie smiled before June responded.

“This is Annie, Sandy, and I’m June. And yes, I’m a 36D,” June said as Sandy turned from Annie to glance back at June, a perplexed look across her face. “I’d like a black one and a lilac one, if you have any my size,” June added.

“I don’t think there are any here, but I might have some in the back,” Sandy replied seemingly flustered from Annie’s remark on June’s breast size. “Let me go check,” she added.

“Okay,” June answered as she and Annie watched the petite girl walk away. Her firm, tight ass jiggled nicely with every step.

“Mmmm,” Annie groaned just loud enough for June to hear, as both continued staring at Sandy’s ass.

“You got that right,” June whispered wickedly as they both continued staring at Sandy’s behind until she disappeared out of sight.

Annie turned and leaned close to June. “There’s probably not a hair on that pretty, young pussy of hers. She probably shaves it clean like all the young women today,” Annie whispered.

This time, June was the one to groan softly before regaining her composure. “C’mon, help me go try some of this stuff on,” she said as she turned and headed to the dressing rooms.

The dressing rooms were a series of large stalls with heavy curtains for doors. There was plenty of room for, both, Annie and June as June began to undress. “Oh, god, that little girl has me so hot!” Annie whispered staring at June.

“She’s not so ‘little’ apparently,” June replied gazing at herself in the mirror as the last article of clothing came off.

Seeing June naked aroused Annie, as she moved into her. She wrapped her arms around June, just under her breasts and kissed June’s neck, chin, and lips. Annie moaned again as they kissed softly, but when Annie moved a hand to June’s breast, June broke the kiss.

“Annie, honey, let me try this on first,” June replied matter-of-factly, and Annie backed off immediately, not wanting to make her friend uncomfortable.

“Sorry,” she said putting her head down like a little girl who had just been chastised.

“No, that’s okay, I just want to get this on first,” June said, slipping on a baby blue, double-layered, full support sport bra and matching sport shorts. The full support pressed June’s breasts together and up, causing them to look like two, large balloons. “What dya think?” she asked twirling into the mirror.

“Nice, very nice,” Annie replied gazing lustfully at June’s breasts. “Think you can nurse in it?”

“Idunno,” answered June, “let’s find out!” she whispered hoarsely as she turned to Annie and lifted the bottom of one side of the bra easily to release a plump breast. The nipple stood erect at the thought of what they were about to perform and where.

“But…I thought…,” Annie replied in reference to June stopping her a moment earlier.

“I wanted to get this on first so we could…test it out,” June responded. Then she added, “Does güvenilir bahis siteleri my baby girl need some mommy milk?” She teased her nipple.

“Ugh!!!” Annie groaned and leaned into June who sat back on the built-in bench of the stall. Annie kneeled between June’s spread legs and covered June’s turgid nipple with her mouth. Her hand moving instinctually to June’s other breast and releasing it from the confines of the bra so she could massage it as she sucked.

The letdown came immediately as Annie began to gulp. The sweet milk easily trickled over Annie’s tongue and down her throat.

“Ugh!!!!” June moaned. “Yes!” she hissed, “My baby girl! Drink mommy’s milk all up. It’s all for you!”

“Mmmm,” Annie moaned as she gulped and stared into June’s eyes.

“Yeah, that’s it,” June moaned, looking deep into Annie’s eyes and caressing her cheek.

Both women were so aroused and engrossed in their lustful act that they didn’t hear Sandy calling just outside the curtain.

“Excuse me,” Sandy repeated politely.

Startled, June glanced up and her eyes met Sandy’s through the crack of the curtain’s side-edge. June noticed Sandy peering into the stall, seemingly intrigued at what they were doing. “Oh,” she said stumbling a bit as she stood, forcing Annie to release her hold.

Annie saw the direction of June’s stare and turned, meeting Sandy’s eyes momentarily. She stood and slipped out of June’s way as June lowered her bra and opened the curtain slightly. “Uhm…yes?” she asked, behaving normally but seemingly flushed and embarrassed. She didn’t want to look at Sandy, but she knew she had to, so her eyes glanced up into the young girl’s eyes.

“I…uhm…found what you were looking for,” Sandy said with a touch of attitude in her voice and leaning on one side as she held up the bras by an index finger. A slight smile ran across her lips, as she stared at June as if contemplating something.

“Oh…uh…thanks, thank you,” June replied flustered as she stretched out her arm and grabbed hold of the bras. “Uhm…Sandy…’bout what you just saw…”

“That’s okay,” Sandy quickly interjected. She stared deeply into June’s eyes before adding, “I understand.” Then, she added, “but you two should finish up trying on your stuff, don’t you think?”

“Yes, absolutely!” June said without hesitation. Then glancing one more time into Sandy’s eyes, said, “thanks.”

“No worries,” Sandy replied and turned away.

Flustered and embarrassed, June closed the curtain and said, “Oh my god, that was close. We almost got in trouble, but I think she’s gonna ignore it!” She quickly undressed and put her clothes back on.

“Yeah, good thing she likes you,” Annie remarked, grinning.

June stared at her while dressing. “Do you want to try anything on?”

“No, I’m pretty sure everything I got will fit. We probably should get out of here.”

“Good idea,” June responded gathering up her items and opening the curtain.

Both women came out to no one’s gaze or attention. The store was busy enough to keep the clerks occupied at the register counters. June caught sight of Sandy helping a customer check out.

“Okay,” she said smoothing out her appearance and adding, “are we set?”

“Yup,” Annie said.

Both women made their way to the check out registers and stood in line. Ironically, the next available checkout was Sandy, who yelled, “I can help who’s next.” Annie and June both stepped up to the register together, but Annie went first. “Find everything you were looking for?” Sandy asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Annie replied with a smile. Sandy smiled back as she held up each article for folding before placing them in the bag.

“Oh, this is beautiful!” Sandy said holding up a very sheer, powder blue, flyaway baby doll nightie with a single bow-tie at the bust line; which then draped loosely down to the hips. “Someone will love this,” Sandy remarked in fake reference to a male, as she glanced at both women and smiled.

“Yes, I’m hoping they will,” Annie responded taking pleasure in the amusing game and glancing briefly at June, who was not smiling. Annie finished her sale, and June was next.

“Are we all set?” Sandy uttered the rehearsed line.

“Yes, thank you,” June replied looking through her wallet and pulling out her credit card.

“These sport bras are amazing!” Sandy said, holding up the bra that June had on when Annie was nursing. “I wear lots of sport bras and these are by far the most comfortable,” Sandy added, a smile never leaving her face.

“Good, that’s what I’m looking for,” June replied in a pleasant, but professional tone.

“And they’re so versatile!” Sandy remarked in obvious irony.

From the corner of her eye, June caught Annie turning away as a coughing fit seemed to besiege her. When she turned back and met June’s gaze, Annie was smirking. June was getting annoyed, but turned to Sandy and decided to play along, replying, “Good, good, cuz I need it to also allow me to nurse my little one, you know?” She ignored Annie’s half-cough, half-laughter fit again and with a sparkle in her eye, smiled at Sandy.

“Of iddaa siteleri course,” Sandy replied handing June the charge slip to sign. June signed the slip and retrieved her bag from Sandy. “Thank you, ladies. We hope to see you again some time!” Sandy added as the women walked away. Annie and June said thank you simultaneously as they looked back one final time at Sandy. As Sandy stared at June, she winked an almost imperceptible wink. Both women turned and walked away.

Outside, Annie started talking about some of the items they’d purchased, but June’s thoughts were lingering on Sandy. She glanced at her yellow charge slip and noticed Sandy’s name printed at the top. June thought back to the moment Sandy caught them, and how she was straining to peer into the stall as if to catch a glimpse of their naked breasts. June also wondered why Sandy had let them go? Perhaps, June thought, she’s curious? June’s mind flashed a vision of the three of them entangled on their hotel bed sucking breasts and eating pussies. Her pussy spasmed as the fleeting thought disappeared. But then, June wondered if the young woman wouldn’t indeed join them? Suddenly, June had an idea and stopped in her tracks.

“What?” Annie asked turning to her friend.

“I think she overcharged me,” June lied. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

“Actually, I’m starving. I’ll be waiting in here,” Annie said in reference to the diner in front of which they were standing.

“Okay, good,” June said and quickly began walking back to the lingerie store. Reaching its entrance, she looked back to verify that Annie was no longer standing there. Annie had gone into the diner. June quickly took out a pen and the charge slip. Using her purse as support, she wrote down “Annie & June”, along with their hotel name, room number, and a time of “8:00”. Looking up at the entrance of the store, she steeled herself and walked in.

Sandy looked up from behind the counter and saw June approaching. Before she could speak, June stuck out her arm and handed her the charge slip. She said lying, “I think you gave me the wrong copy of the charge slip, this one’s yours,” and she quickly turned and walked out of the shop. She didn’t give Sandy a chance to reply, nor did June look back at her. She simply walked out and headed straight into the diner.

In the store, a confused Sandy looked down at the piece of paper and read the scribble. A smile spread across her face as the confusion vanished. She placed the paper into her pocket and went about her business, anticipating quitting time.

In the diner, Annie asked, “Everything straightened out?”

“Yeah, it was my misunderstanding. Let’s eat!” June replied and the topic was dropped. Both women ate salads and made small talk before heading back to the hotel. It was nearly two o’clock in the afternoon, and both women were exhausted, as they entered their hotel room, dropped their bags and toppled together on the bed. They had not intended to fall asleep, but sleep came nevertheless. They dozed for two and a half hours.

When they woke, twilight bathed the darkening room, signaling the arrival of dusk. June turned on the side lamp as Annie went to the bathroom and peed. Again, June listened to the sound of the urine hitting the water and her pussy spasmed. She pushed thoughts of piss fantasies out of her head. She stood and turned on all of the lights and closed the heavy curtains that housekeeping had opened. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Annie had thought of the same thing and was just finishing up her own brushing.

As June brushed, Annie wrapped her arms around June’s waist from behind and whispered in her ear, “So, what other ‘toys’ did you bring?”

June spit into the sink and rinsed her mouth. Standing and turning into Annie, she whispered, “Naughty ones. Very, very, naughty ones,” and she kissed Annie deeply.

“Mmmph,” Annie moaned into June’s mouth before whispering, “can I see?”

“In due time, my sweet,” June responded, “in due time!” With that, she slipped out of Annie’s grasp and walked out.

Annie followed. “Aw, c’mon Juney!” Annie pleaded, “I wanna see!”

“I’m hungry, should we order in?” June said choosing to ignore Annie’s remarks.

“And eat out?” Annie cracked.

June glanced at her and smiled. They ordered room service, starting with some bruschetta. Annie experimented with beef tips smothered in an orange teriyaki sauce, with a hint of nutmeg and coffee, while June went with the Southwestern pasta with blackened chicken and corn. They splurged on two bottles of expensive wine, along with a double order of strawberries and mint chocolate sauce. Four bottles of sparkling water rounded out the order. June paid the $110 check and tipped the server generously before closing the door on him. After tuning in a jazz station on the clock radio and lighting some candles, the women dimmed the lights and had a romantic dinner. In no time, one bottle of wine was empty and Annie and June were feeling good. The clock displayed 6:40 as June wondered if their visitor would show up? June poured each of them a fresh glass of wine and then stood, pulling Annie along with her. Each held their glasses of wine as they began to slow dance to the jazz coming from the radio. They looked into each other’s eyes as they swayed softly to the music. They came together in a sensuous kiss.

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