Annual Vacation with Mother


As Ice’s mom put down her bags in the hotel room and stretched her travel weary arms over her head, Ice looked at her body as it stretched at the thin fabric of her sundress and wondered for probably the hundredth time that day what that body looked like underneath those clothes. His infatuation with his mother had slowly grown over the years starting when he was a teenager and following him throughout his life well after he had his own children. She was fit and attractive, that’s what drew him to her physically. And she was a wonderful mother that he loved dearly, which drew him to her emotionally. His imagination was already starting to go wild as she set down her complimentary “fresh squeezed Florida lemonade” and then let her arms fall to her sides and fell back onto the bed, not caring that her dress was riding dangerously high on her toned legs.

“I”, she stated mater of factly, “am going to take a nap.”

“C’mon mom, we just got here, your not getting old on me are ya?” Ice joked. He was hoping they could have gone to the pool right away so he could see her in her tasteful swimsuit. Classy or not, she couldn’t hide her curves from him in that skin tight piece.

“Ugh” she sighed, “I just need a little nap, give me 45 min and I’ll be ready to go smart mouth.” Disapointed but happy to have finally arrived at the hotel, ice said “fine. I’m gonna go check out the digs and be back for you.”

She wordlessy waved her understanding as she closed her eyes and let the fatigue of the trip soak into the bed and out of her tired body. Ice took in the surrounding area fro the balcony for a few minutes and then crossed back into the sleeping area on his way out the door.

“Bye mom” he said as he walked by

When she didn’t respond he paused at the entrance to the living area an looked back.

“Mom?” he repeated with a smirk on his face. Still nothing.

His eyebrows shot up as he thought,” wow, what a heavy sleeper”! He walked to the bed and looked at her a moment, then a thought occurred to him. “Mom.” he said I a normal conversational tone. No response. “Mom” he said again a little louder.

Three times he did this, raising the volume of his voice each time until she twitched just a little. He was surprised at how loud he had to get before it disturbed her slumber. He left the room wondering just how heavy a sleeper she was at night time. Would she notice if he felt her breast through her pajamas, or peeked under the covers at her pussy? These thoughts left him preoccupied as he wandered aimlessly through the hotel and out to the pool. After about 35 minutes he slowly started making his way back to the hotel room. When he arrived his mom was still breathing easily as she slept, so in a daring move he stripped his clothes off and took his swimsuit into the bathroom with him. Just being naked in the room with his mother only 6 feet away had been a rush. As he readied the water to rinse off the grime of travel before heading to the pool, he thought of how amazing it would feel to have her touch his cock, to feel her breasts, smell her sex. As he fantasized his cock began to grow as did his incestuous lust. In a bold move fueled by passion he cracked open the bathroom door and looked out. She was still laying motionless, drifting in a sea of unaware bliss. Ice crept out of the bathroom and stood next to her with his engorged cock sticking straight out over her face. He slowly pumped his fist up and down his swollen cock as he looked at her sleeping form. He thought about seeing her face covered in his cum, thought of her yawning and licking her lips, inadvertently letting his semen fall into her mouth and swallowing it down. These images stuck in his mind as he pumped faster and harder, then as he neared the moment of no return he realized he had no place to deposit his load. Frantically he searched as his balls boiled over with cum and his eyes fell on the lemonade his mother had brought up with her. He slipped of the lid and spilled his seed into it in long forceful jets of warm cum. Feeling completely spent, he put the lid back on and prepared to throw it away, but as he reached for it his mother moved and started to stretch. In a panic he fled to the bathroom and quietly closed the door.

He stepped into the shower and let the water wash away all the stress and lust he had been carrying. As the water beat down on him he heard a knock at the door.

“Yea?” he called out.

“Hey honey, im gonna change into by swimsuit, so don’t come out yet ok?” His mother replied.

“OK!” he laughed.

Several minutes later he turned off the shower and lazily dried off, knowing he was going swimming anyway. He put on his shorts and opened the door, forgetting to check with his mother, but she was already dressed in her swimwear, but she was bent over apllying sun screen to her legs and affording him a full opened view of her ass as it stretched against the already form fitting fabric that held it tightly in place. She finished and stood up, gasping in surprise as she turned and saw him there.

“Hey creeper!” She almost shouted

Ice laughed and said,”What mom, you didn’t know you raised a ninja?”

She rolled her eyes at the remark and said “Alright ninja boy, off to the pool then?”


“You know how to get there? This place is huge.”

“Yea I found it.”

“Lead the way then.”

“Alrightly……um, so your kind of a heavy sleeper huh?” Ice asked as innocently as he could

“Oh, no! I wasn’t snoring was I?” she asked almost in a panic.

“Hahahaha, no no no. I just made plenty of noise and you never even flinched.”

“Oh, that’s nothing, when I take my sleeping pills at night I better have a full 9 hours to sleep or else im pretty much useless. So if this place catches fire tonight, don’t you leave me or im a gonner.”

“Wow, that’s pretty hard core stuff.”

“Yea, well it gets the job done. Hang on while I grab my drink.”

Ice waited patiently by the door as his mom came around the corner slurping up her lemonade. Then her remembered that it had an entire load of his cum in it. His eyes went wide as he watched his mother drink down every drop of cum his balls had to offer. She looked at him questioningly and he swallowed hard and stammered out an unintelligible explanation for his expression and quickly headed out the door and adjusted himself.

Swimming was uneventful, Ice afforded himself a few lingering looks at his mothers wet body as they enjoyed the coolness of the water. Then they went back to the room and changed for dinner. The dinner was excellent but he could see the tiredness of all the excitement creping into his mothers face and in the way she leaned against him on the way back up to the room.

“Im soooo tiiiiired” She whined. “One good nights sleep and I’ll be back on top though.”

“That’s fine” Ice said. “I’m gonna turn in too. Don’t forget your sleeping pills.” he reminded.

“Oh I hardly need them tonight, but I don’t want to wake up all night either I guess.” she reasoned.

Ice watched her take her sleeping pills from her bag and set one on the nightstand. Then she took her PJ’s into the bathroom and he heard the water start as she took a shower.

His heart beat hard in his chest and his breathing came out labored as hi nervousness and excitement battled against his calm over what he was hoping to do tonight. Then as an afterthought he opened her pill bottle and crushed up another half pill into her water, just to make sure. He anxiously waited for the pills to dissolve while she showered. After what seemed like hours, he heard the water shut off and then another eternity passed as his mother dried off and got ready for bed. Finally the door opened and she came out in a baggy T-shirt and pajama bottoms.

She walked over to the bed and deftly downed her pill and finished all the water in the glass.

With a sigh she climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her. “night sweetheart” she said tiredly as she shifted into a comfortable position. “Night mom” He mumbled as he tried not to shake with anticipation. She moved and fidgeted for a while before finally sighing and dropping her pants off to the side of the bed. He realized she must be really hot here in those sweat pants and congratulated himself on his luck and good planning skills.

After 15 agonizing minutes he picked out the shallow consistent breathing of someone sleeping peacefully. He willed himself to wait another half hour before quietly climbing out of bed. He moved over to his mother and knelt down. Her back was to him so he reached out a hand and paced it on her shoulder and waited. She didn’t move or alter her breathing in the least. Emboldened, he gently rolled her onto her back. And then waited again for movement. Non came. His breath quickened as he gripped the covers and lifted them up and then folded them down exposing her body to the warm night air. Almost in appreciation she shifted, opening her legs a bit allowing her body to cool from being over-warmed by the blanket. He waited again, but still nothing. He walked over and turned on a lamp in the corner of the room. It cast a faint glow over the room but it was dim and relaxing enough to expose her body to him completely, but not assault her eyes hidden behind her eyelids. He walked back to the bed and looked her up and down. Her legs were completely bare and he could see all the way up to her trimmed bush, her pussy lips pouting out at him. He felt the uncomfortable tightness of his erection pressing against his shorts and stripped them off along with his underwear.

Then he moved to her side and began lifting the hem of her shirt, exposing her belly, then her ribs, and finally with a little tugging, her gorgeous breasts. He stood and looked at her naked body fully exposed to him. It was warm and soft and inviting. He couldn’t resist touching her breast, taking it all in his hand and kneading it softly, then pinching ever so gently at the erect nipple on top. His breathing was ragged with lust by now and his inhibitions were quickly disappearing completely. He lowered his mouth and covered her breast with it and sucked lovingly on her tit. While engaging her mature breasts, he ran his hand down her body, feeling the curves of her stomach and hips, then traced a line up her inner thigh and gently touched her slightly protruding pussy lips. He reached with his other hand between his own legs and gently stroked the raging hard-on that waited impatiently for release. He paused a moment to guage her reaction to his fondling thus far, but her breathing was still even and her mouth was open slightly with her head turned toward him. He had the briefest moment of concern as he wondered if he had given her too much, but she had said herself that it was almost impossible to wake up after taking pill, so he pushed ahead.

He slid his finger down between her legs and pressed them in until he felt her pussy lips part and a sensation of dampness greeted his probing digit. He brought that finger to his lips and tasted it, then wetted it with his saliva and returned it to her pussy and slowly slipped it in, watching her for signs of waking u the whole time. When she moaned and shifted her hips he stopped and waited for more reaction, but non came. After waiting a while he resumed his invasive probing of his mothers most intimate region, withdrawing his hand now and then to taste her cunt juice. Just to turn himself on more he soaked his finger with her wetness and then put that finger into her mouth, wiping it all over her tongue. He repeated this several times until her mouth was well coated with her own vaginal lube and then placed his lips against hers and pushed his tongue into her mouth. He let his tongue explore and taste the semi bitterness of her sex mixed with the freshness of her recently used toothpaste. He felt the smoothness of her teeth, the soft wet rubbery feel of her tongue as he licked it, the warmth of her breath as it passed from her mouth into his. When he withdrew himself he was shaking with need, he wanted to fuck her so badly, but that would no doubt wake gaziantep escort her up, wouldn’t it? She did take one and a half sleeping pills and it had only been an hour and a half ago. Still, it seemed too risky.

He climbed onto the bed between her legs and lowered himself gently on top of her, holding most of his weight with his arms, but settling himself down enough to feel her warm body pressed against his and he imagined that body writhing against his in ecstacy. He pushed his hips against her and felt his cock push in between her ass cheeks and the bed. He repeated this movement several times, enjoying the sensation it gave him, then he moved back down and tasted her pussy, sliding his tongue in and savoring the intimacy of the act. He sat back then and put his finger under her ass and dragged it up between her ass cheeks until he found her puckered ass hole. He wet his finger down and started to push into it, but it offered too much resistance, so he went to the bathroom and took some lotion back and applied it liberally to her ass hole and then to his finger and tried again. This time it resisted for a moment and then opened up to his invading hand. She moaned again and shifted her hips, almost dislodging his finger, but he held it in place and waited to see if she would wake up anymore. When she did not he worked his other finger back into her pussy and watched his fingers move in and out of his mother pussy and ass, recording the moment in his head. That’s when he had the brilliant idea to get some pictures of this moment.

He grabbed his phone off the dresser and quickly snapped a few shots of his naked mother, then switched it to video and ran the camera slowly over her body. Then he repositioned himself on the bed and reinserted his fingers into her holes and filmed himself finger fucking her slowly. He moved the camera up and down to show her face and tits as she was being secretly fucked by her son. By now he could not hold out any longer, if he waited anymore he knew he would have blueballs, so he walked up to where her face was and after pushing his tongue into her and giving her another probing kiss, he spit onto his painfully hard cock and pushed it into her mouth, slowly at first to guage her reaction and see how far it would go in. When he hit the back of her throat he pulled back out and began to slowly and gently face fuck her. He didn’t need to go fast, the taboo of what he was doing and the anticipation allowed him to slowly build to a climax. His breath quickened and he started shaking as his orgasm built up and then finally with unhindered lust he drove his erection right down her relaxed throat and blasted the first jet of cum right down into her stomach. She coughed and jerked and dislodged his prick but he continued to cum all over her face and into her mouth. The violent release he experienced from ejaculating into his mother was euphoric. He shook with the astounding pleasure that emanated from his engorged cock and watched in raptured fascination as thick gobs of white semen coated his mothers lips and face. She coughed a few times as she swallowed down the cum in her mouth and then relaxed with a sigh as her drugged mind was forced to remain asleep.

Ice stopped the recording and quickly took a couple pictures of her beautiful cum covered face before getting a t-shirt and cleaning her off. He replaced her shirt and pulled the covers half way back up before returning to bed and watching the video he had taken which made him hard again until he jerked off once more before finally succumbing to exhaustion.

The next morning he awoke and looked at his mother, and all the nights activities came rushing back to him. He quickly grabbed his phone and looked to make sure it hadn’t been a dream, and grew instantly hard again as he watched his mother cough and swallow his semen again. He waited nervously till she woke up, but she gave no indication of knowing anything other than an unusually long shower where he recognized the same moans he had heard just a few hours before.

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