Another Business Trip


On the Road

Zombie. The word popped into his head as he realized that the elevator door had opened and he hadn’t even noticed. As the doors started to close he hit the button again and stepped into the elevator. He couldn’t remember if he’d locked his car or not so he pointed the remote into the garage as the doors were closing and pushed the lock button. He thought he heard the beep but didn’t have the energy to check.

The elevator opened automatically in the lobby. You had to switch elevators there, he supposed because the hotel didn’t want people coming up from the garage directly to the guest rooms. He glanced over into the restaurant and debated heading straight over for a drink and something to eat. It looked empty and that suited him fine but the day’s series of meetings had caught up with him so he hit the button to take him to the fifth floor. He knew he had to eat, he hadn’t since breakfast and his low blood sugar was part of the reason for his exhaustion.

His stomach grumbled at him as he rode the elevator alone. “Yeah, yeah,” he muttered, “I need to at least shower and change first.”

It took three attempts with the fucking keycard to get a green light and a click of the opening lock. He hated the things but he understood the necessity…too many people walking away with the key in their pocket meant too many locks that had to be changed and too much money spent. He was just an old-school salesman in a computer-fueled, salesperson era.

As was his habit, as soon as the door was closed behind him he was ripping off his clothes. Shoes kicked across the room, shirt and tie dropped on the floor as he passed the bathroom door, pants, socks and underwear fell at the end of the bed. He sat on the edge of the unused bed and grabbed the TV remote. It seemed to him that in his childhood there had been thirteen channels and lots to watch. Now there were hundreds and not a damn thing on. His stomach growled again; he had to eat. He knew he was going to end up asleep on the bed if he stared at the idiot box any longer so he hauled himself up and hit the shower.

The water was hot and felt good on his aching shoulders when he leaned forward with his hands against the wall, his head bowed and let it pound on his neck. It cleared his head as he stood feeling the steaming water running down his back and through his butt crack. Concentrating on the tickle that ran over his anus, he felt a familiar stirring. His cock started to harden and he knew the only way to that it would get looked after was if he did it himself. He was tempted as he soaped up and let his hand glide the length of his shaft. He thought about how good it would feel to slip a soaped-up finger up his asshole while he stroked his now rock solid penis.

“Not now,” he murmured, to his junk. “I have to eat then we’ll see if they’ve got any good porn on the tube when we come back to the room.” Now there’s something good about TV that they didn’t have when I was a kid, he thought, porn. Obligingly his penis sagged while he finished his shower and toweled down.

He looked at his clothes strewn across the room and considered picking them up but the maid had been and no one but him would be in the room so he just grabbed a pair of jeans and a golf shirt out of his suitcase. As he pulled on his jeans he realized he hadn’t grabbed any underwear but decided commando was fine. The restaurant was dark and he was just there for a couple of drinks and dinner. He slipped on a pair of loafers and didn’t bother with socks either.

The restaurant was still dead and that was still okay with him. He looked at a table against the wall but decided to start at the bar. He’d have a couple of drinks then eat there as well f it stayed empty.

“Quiet night,” he said to the bartender as he hauled himself onto a stool.

“Wednesday,” he replied, “Great night to work but the tips suck. You here on business? I don’t remember you being in before.”

“Yup, another hotel, another city and another lonely night. Just me, my right hand and a couple of young lesbians on TV.”

The bartender laughed. “Well, I’m not going to be able to help you out with that but maybe a drink will put you in the mood. What’s your poison?”

Something moved in the corner of his eye and glanced toward the door. He knew her routine to a T because it was his routine. She glanced around the restaurant, resting her eyes for a couple of seconds on a corner table then looked up at the bar. He could tell from the look that she’d made the same decision as him and she pulled up a stool, leaving one separating the two of them. There was no briefcase and the business attire had been ditched as well but from the few seconds he had looked her up and down he knew she was in the same boat. Another hotel, another city and another lonely night.

“Red wine, something full-bodied.” He finally responded to the bartender who had watched him watching her and gave him a knowing wink. “And whatever the lady is drinking as well.”

She looked over at him and flashed him a Kayseri Escort tired smile. “That’s very kind of you,” she said, “and not necessary.”

“You can get the next one,” he replied. “Your expense account or mine; we can flip a coin if you’d like. So what do you sell?”

She chuckled. “It’s that obvious is it?”

“Pretty much. I mean us old sales guys all start to look alike after awhile.” The words were out of his mouth before his filter went up. “I mean you’re obviously much younger than me and obviously not a guy and you sure don’t look anything like me.” It came out a little too quickly and a little too loudly as things usually do when trying to extract a foot from a mouth.

This time it wasn’t a chuckle but closer to a belly laugh. “Well, I’m not sure about younger and I know I look like crap but I’m definitely not a guy. I’m also reasonably sure you don’t want to know what I sell.”

“Thanks for letting me off the hook,” he said and decided to key in on the relatively safe topic of sales. “As for what you sell, it can’t be as boring as my brake pads. Tell me you sell drugs or guns or something exciting.”

“Brakes pads, huh? Strange as it may seem I also sell pads but a different kind. I’m not sure about exciting but I can tell you tales about super absorbency or light days. You might find the difference between tampons and wrap-around panty liners very enlightening but if that’s to be the topic of conversation then I should move closer or we might spoil someone’s dinner.” She moved to the stool beside him closing the gap.

It was a good thing he still had his wine glass close to his mouth otherwise the bartender might have been wearing a mouthful of zinfandel. “No need to get into the gory details, if you know what I mean,” he said with a laugh.

“I know exactly what you mean, trust me.”

The first and second glass of wine went down quickly as they discussed sales, difficult clients, hotels and having to ask the front desk what room you’re in because they all start to blend together. When the bartender offered another round he asked if she’d like to join him at a table for dinner with the next glass of wine and she accepted provided it went on separate tabs.

They slid into a corner booth and the bartender dropped off menus and another glass of wine. He wasn’t sure how she was feeling but between the warmth from the wine, the exhaustion from the day and the ease with which they were chatting he had a nice glow going. He stretched his feet out under the table and accidentally bumped hers. Apologizing he started to pull his foot away but it was held firmly in place when she slipped hers on top of his. Their eyes met over the top of the menus and she reached across the table and ran a finger down the back of his hand.

Without letting her gaze slip from his she slid out of the booth and slipped over onto his side of the table. She leaned over and whispered to him. “Forgive me for being so bold but I have to tell you that red wine makes me horny as fuck. I’d really like to order an appetizer, finish this glass then get out of here. If we don’t leave after this glass I’m going to have to get on my knees under the table and suck your cock right here.” She slipped a hand into his crotch to grope his swelling cock. The decision to not put on underwear now seemed like a mistake. If he had to stand up to go to the washroom he was going to have to drape a napkin in front.

Quickly recovering from his initial shock he said, “Bold is good with me. I will warn you, however, that if you don’t take your hand off the goods very soon I’m likely going to have a rather embarrassing wet spot in my jeans when we get up to leave.”

She removed her hand and grabbed his guiding it under her skirt and onto her panties. “You mean wet like this?” she asked and his cock almost burst his zipper.

The bartender returned and asked if they’d made any decisions. Rather than make it obvious he kept his hand where it was as he stumbled through an order of escargot and calamari. When his one finger made a nervous twitch he felt her push against it and heard her exhale a little too loudly. The waiter smiled at him and said, “I’ll tell the chef to make it snappy.”

“Thank you,” he said, a little too loudly. When the bartender had gone he started to pull his hand from between her legs but she clamped it in place with one hand and pulled her panties to one side with the other and pushed his finger between her lips, groaning softly.

“God you’re soaked,” he said slid his finger between her hot, wet labia.

“Mmm, if I’d known I was going to have this much red wine I would have raided my samples and put on a panty liner. Usually I have one glass then head to my room for a little porn and my trusty rabbit.”

“We’re more alike than I thought.” He moved his finger up slightly and found her swollen clit then swirled his finger lightly around it. She clamped onto his hand, squeezed her legs tight and several shudders ran through her body.

After a minute of being held Kayseri Escort Bayan in place and feeling her vibrations she released his hand and turned to him. “Thank you,” she said. “That will keep me from ripping your clothes off until we make it back upstairs.” She leaned in and nibbled on his ear. “When was the last time you had sex? I don’t mean masturbation or the wham-bam type but good, intense, incredible sex.” Her hand slipped down to his rock hard cock again.

He thought about it and honestly could not remember. “It has been awhile. Let’s see, divorced two years ago and sleeping on my own for at least a year before that. Since the divorce I’ve had a few wham-bam sessions but they were all paid for, if you know what I mean. How about you?”

“I learned to stay away from bars and particularly red wine in bars very quickly after my divorce. I know I could go out and get fucked anytime but I’m not into married guys and the younger guys have no clue. All they want is to do the deed and hit the road. I tried the paid route too and they’re definitely more attentive but the fire isn’t there. So, yeah, I can’t really remember either.”

“If you stay away from bars and red wine, what are we doing here?”

She pulled up his left hand. “No wedding ring, you offered a glass of wine, we’re about the same age, I was totally wiped out after today and even before the wine I wanted something more than my rabbit tonight. Right place, right time.”

The bartender was a man of his word and he was back with their appetizers in no time. He struggled to keep up to her in wolfing down some food and finishing up the wine. She was obviously ravenous and he was reasonably sure it wasn’t just for food and wine. He signed the tab onto his room and she didn’t offer much in the way of protest. They were both ready to get out of there.

The exhaustion he felt in the lobby earlier was gone and they almost dashed across to the elevators. Thankfully his erection had died down so he could walk in public without an unsightly bulge. But it didn’t take long to return as soon as the elevator doors closed. They had no sooner decided his room was closer and hit the button for the fifth floor when she pulled him into her arms and locked onto his lips. Their tongues explored and introduced themselves to each other while she cupped the cheeks of his ass in her hands.

He pulled free, yanked her blouse free of her skirt and let his hands slide up to her breasts. He hadn’t focused on them earlier and the looseness of her blouse had hidden their now obvious size. They were firm and full and the nipples stood at attention through her bra. As he fumbled to slide his hands underneath he discovered that it had a front clasp and he quickly unhooked it. She gasped as both of his hands found a nipple and gently squeezed and twisted them.

They hadn’t been paying attention to anything but each other until they felt the elevator stop and heard the doors slide open. Thankfully the hallway was clear and they practically sprinted down the hall to his door. He fumbled with the keycard and cursed it again when he couldn’t get the door open. Meanwhile she was working on his belt and when it let go she started fumbling with his button and zipper. If he couldn’t get the fucking door open he was sure she was going to pull out his penis right here in the hall. Finally he noticed he had the card upside down, reversed it and heard the lock click. They stepped into his room just as she released his aching penis from his jeans, which fell to the floor with the rest of his clothes.

He started to apologize for the mess but she obviously wasn’t concerned. She was staring at his package and running both hands over his balls and his cock. She was obviously distracted so he took the opportunity to unbutton her blouse to set the girls free then sprung the clasp on her skirt and pulled down the zipper. He’d stepped out of his jeans and loafers so he was standing there naked but for a golf shirt and she was in front of him in a pair of lace panties, an open bra and blouse with her skirt pooled at her feet.

“This is amazing,” she said, still staring at his throbbing cock and running her hands around and over it. A couple of the paid ladies he’d entertained had commented on his package and how it was much bigger than average but he’d always thought that was just part of their act. He’d never really had the opportunity or desire to openly compare his to other guys.

He lifted a breast to his mouth, pulling the erect nipple in and swirling his tongue over it.

“So are these but if you don’t stop what you’re doing you’re going to have a mess in your hands,” he said as he switched to the other nipple.

She let go and grabbed the bottom of his golf shirt lifting it over his head then shrugged off her blouse and bra. She locked onto his mouth again and pressed her swollen breasts against his chest walking him backwards towards the empty bed. When the back of his legs hit the bed he let himself fall backwards, pulling her down on top of him. His Escort Kayseri cock was pulsating between them and she let loose from his mouth and pulled one of his nipples into her mouth. She nibbled one then the other with just enough tooth action to send shockwaves of pleasure not pain through his body. Then she was down at his belly blowing and licking her way down. He knew where she was headed and it was obvious that was where she wanted to go.

His friend was sticking straight up at her but she bypassed him and went for his testicles and scrotum. First he could feel her hot breath as cupped and admired his sack. He groaned when he felt her light kisses then her tongue work its way over his aching nuts and up to the base of his shaft. She ran her tongue up the full length of his underside. When she took his head into the heat of her mouth he let out a growl and it was all he could do to keep from filling her mouth with what he knew would be a huge load of semen. He wasn’t ready to let go yet so he pulled himself out of her mouth and rolled her onto her back.

It was his turn to start at the top and work down. He kissed her lips and tasted some of his saltiness on her tongue. She writhed and groaned when he nibbled and blew gently on her neck and earlobes. Then it was on to her gorgeous breasts, flattened somewhat from being on her back but large and firm enough to make nice pillows on her chest. The nipples were easy to find, sticking a good half inch from her areolas and he returned the favour using his teeth and some solid suction as she pushed them hard against his lips. When he reached her belly he could feel her whole body quivering in anticipation of what he was about to find.

If he thought her panties were wet before he hadn’t seen anything. The stain had spread up to the front of her mound and disappeared between her legs towards her butt. When he pulled them off and she opened her legs he could smell her sex wafting to his nostrils. Her pubic mound was neatly trimmed but not completely without hair and he liked that. A woman should have some hair there even if it sometimes had to be picked out of your teeth. Her labia were full, red and glistening. He traced the right side of her mound with the tip of his tongue, under her lips and back up the left side, listening to her quickening breath and low moans.

The smell was incredible and a trickle of opaque juice dripped from her lips and ran towards her anus. It was obvious she couldn’t wait any longer and neither could he…he had to taste her. He dropped his mouth over her labia and sucked them hard into his mouth running his tongue between her lips then letting them pop out from between his. Now they were open, like the spreading wings of a butterfly, and he could clearly see the shiny, pink of her pussy. He ran his tongue over the inside of her savouring the smell and the taste. As a kid an older boy had explained to him how pussy smelled like fish and tasted like chicken. The kid obviously wasn’t very experienced. This pussy smelled like a kind of musk but with a light citrus aroma mixed in and the taste was a combination of sweet and salty. It was apparent that she looked after that part of her body when it came to hygiene because there was nothing fishy there.

Now she was grinding into him and when he looked up over her mound she had a breast in each hand and looked like she might just pull a nipple right off. He dove in licking from her anus straight to her clitoris with the full width of his tongue like a kid enjoying an ice cream cone. She rocked and moaned and thrust at him every time his tongue ran over her clit. He knew it wouldn’t take much and decided he wanted her cum in his mouth right then so he thrust two fingers between her lips and curved them up to her front wall to massage her textured G-spot. He found it easily and she pushed hard against his fingers rocking with his back and forth motion. As soon as he had her rhythm down he wrapped his mouth around her clit and sucked it in swirling his tongue around and over her engorged nub.

“Oh God, yes,” she cried. “Don’t stop. Oh, shit, please don’t stop.” If the neighbours were sleeping they wouldn’t be now but he did as he was instructed and massaged her G-spot with two curled fingers while tonguing the hood around her clitoris. She had obviously let go of her tits and now had his head clamped hard against her vagina, rocking and twisting…making him work to keep his fingers in place and his tongue on target.

Then it stopped. All the motion ceased except for his fingers and tongue as she mashed his face into her pussy and froze. He could feel the muscles in her legs contract around his ears and her fingers tightening around clumps of his hair. The sound that came from her throat was a combination of a growl and a squeal an ‘errrrrreeeeee’ that he had never heard before. Then she released. Her legs let go of his head and her hands went back to her nipples while she bucked against his mouth. He released her lips and drew in a breath that he desperately needed but her hands were back on his head jamming his face back against her sopping pussy. She pushed him away then pulled him in several times as she rocked and thrust on the bed. And it was done. The strength went out of her arms and legs and she lay like a rag doll. An adult rag doll with legs spread and pussy dripping.

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