Ant and I


Before I met Ant I never had a boyfriend before. I had lots of guys hit on me and ask me out, but none of them ever really cared about me. They all made comments about how much they liked my natural red hair or creamy pale skin but none of them were what I wanted.

I was young and in high school when I turned 18 and wanted a car. My parents first suggestion was that I had better get a job if I wanted a car. I went to the steakhouse near my house that had an add in the paper for a busser and was hired on the spot. After a few months of cleaning up peoples dirty plates I became a hostess/cashier and ran the front lobby.

Then Ant came in to fill out an application. The moment I saw him I liked him. He had long black hair, lots of piercing all over his face and the only thing wrong with him was the blonde girl who was obviously his significant other that came in with him to fill out the application. It was more like she filled out the application while he stood next to her nervously and his eyes darted to me a few times and back to the floor. He handed the application in to me as I was the only one at the front lobby and then he left. Not a word spoken between us.

I looked over the application, his real name was Anthony and he lived near by. I put it in my managers office on her desk and put a sticky note with a star drawn on it. Just to hint that I liked him.

A few days later he was wearing a white apron and learning how to run the dishwasher in the back. I was excited that he was hired. Usually during my breaks I would sit in the back seating area and eat. After about four months of working with me and just saying hi and good bye awkwardly in the dishwashers area , Ant finally came to talk to me. He came out and asked if he could sit and talk to me while I ate my dinner later. I said sure.

I had just started to eat my dinner when he came around the corner and slid in the booth and sat across from me. He said Hello and started to tell me about himself and the band he had just started. He was obviously very nervous and I didn’t find out many details that I hadn’t already heard from gossip around the restaurant. Before I knew it my little break had ended and there were customers waiting on me to pay their bills. Ant disappeared back into the kitchen and I didn’t even see him until I was leaving and we said good night to each other.

My friend Anna had also started working at the restaurant and a few days later as we were getting our nails done. She proceeded to tell me that Ant told her that he liked me and wanted to know if I would go out with him. I was shocked. I had to think this over first. I knew that Ant lived a bit more dangerously than me, he did drugs and was 21 so he could drink, he had tattoos. My parents are strict Southern Baptists so I had a feeling that this was not going to go over well at home. Plus in the past I had only been attracted to preppy and clean cut looking guys. I pushed all of that aside and told her to tell him that I liked him too and to have him talk to me about it.

I didn’t work for a few days but Anna worked with him the next night and told him that I liked him. She said that he had asked her all sorts of questions about what I had said.

“Did Jayna just say I like him, or did she say something else?”

“Ant, she likes you. She said that she would go out with you.”

“Are you serious? Did seem happy?”

“She smiled and just told me to tell you that she does like you and will go out with you.”

Now I couldn’t wait to go into work but the next time I was scheduled with him was 4 days away. I went to work that day after school and not even 10 minutes into my shift he walked through the front door and came up to me. He asked if he could talk to me outside. My boss said ok and we went out back to talk.

He told me that he broke up with his girlfriend the day before that and she was moving out that very moment and he would love for me to come over after work. I said sure. The rest of my shift flew by and before I knew it I was heading for his home. I called my parents and said I had to work late and walked into his house. He jumped up off the couch where he was sitting and came over to me. He asked if I wanted some soda and told me to go and have a seat in the living room. There were probably 8 other guys in the living room strewn about on various couches and chairs, some on the floor. His mother was wearing a thin nightgown and staring out the window into the dark.

I made my way in and stood at the threshold not knowing where to go. He came up behind me and told me to take his seat on the couch. I sat down and he sat on the arm of the couch next to me. Everyone was engrossed in a new play station game someone had just purchased. Ant introduced me to his mother. She got up and gave me a hug and told me that I looked like such a nice girl and then she went to bed. We sat around for awhile and it got kind of late and I told Ant that I had to go home. He walked me to the door and asked if it was Bayan Eskort alright to give me a hug. I said alright and he gave me a hug and told me that he had been wanting to hug me for forever. I just smiled not really sure how to respond. I walked out the door into the dark with a huge smile on my face.

A few days later Ant asked me to a movie. Sort of a strange invitation since I was the only with a car, so he sort of asked if I would drive me, him and his brother and a few of their friends to a movie. I said ok. On the way there we got pulled over for speeding. The red and blue lights lit up the car, the cop made everyone pile out of the car and ran their licenses. Ant had a warrant for not paying child support and the next thing I knew he was being arrested. He got arrested on our first real date.

“Jayna, I am really sorry about this.” I didn’t know what to say, the guy I just started to date was being hauled away by the police.

“I cannot believe you didn’t tell me you had a kid.”

“I will tell you all about her as soon as I get out.” With that the cop shut the door and drove away with Ant in the back of the car.

The next day he called me and said that he had gotten bailed out and invited me to come over and hang out with him when he got off work since I had the night off already. I picked him up at work and we went to his house. I told my parents that I was going out with Anna to a movie. The house was the same as it had been before, full of people and thick with smoke. This time we had room for both of us to sit on the couch. Soon everyone was leaving to go drinking at someone else’s party and they asked me for a ride. I said ok and when we got back to Ants we were almost alone. Just us and two of his brothers remained. This is the first time that we had ever spent any amount of time just the two of us together. It was strange.

“So about your daughter?”

“Oh yeah. Her moms name is Melissa and she lives in New Mexico, my daughter is almost 5 and her name is Natalie. I don’t keep in contact much with Melissa because she has a pretty bad drug problem. I do send my daughter letters and gifts though.”

“Do you have anymore kids?”

“No, just one.”

We still had to sit right next to each other on the couch since his brother was laying on the other end. My knee brushed up against his leg and I could feel the sparks just from that. He put his arm around my shoulders and we sat there like that for awhile. Then I decided that I was going to make a move. I told him that I wanted to lay down and lean against him. So I put my head in his lap and snuggled up against him. He had his arm on the back of the couch still and I grabbed it and pulled it down across my chest. He looked down at me in surprise. I am sure that he had not expected that. Then he grabbed my hand and held it for awhile. Gently he slipped his hand up under the bottom of my shirt and stroked my taut stomach with his fingers. I was getting really turned on by all this and quite frankly I wanted more. I pushed his hand towards my jeans and he stopped and moved his hand back up. I was hoping he would finger me but he just kept rubbing my stomach. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was that I wanted but I knew I needed something more. Then my phone rang and it was my mom asking when I would be home. I told her I was on my way and Ant walked me to the door where he gave me a big hug and asked me a question.

“Would you like to spend the night next Friday?”

“Of course I would. What time?”

“Well we both have to work how about we just go home together to my house after and stay here?”

“Sounds good.”

I had never been to a sleep over at a guys house so I wasn’t really sure what to pack. I put some clothes in my backpack and told my mom I was going to stay at Anna’s house after work. She never even questioned me. After work we got back to Ants and sat around on the couch and smoked. I was feeling a little hazy and it was also much later than I usually stayed up so I asked if I could go to bed. He got up and we went in his room. His bed consisted of a mattress on the floor with a fitted sheet and a comforter on it. I went in the bathroom and put on a pair of cotton shorts and a t shirt to sleep in. I came back in and he was sitting fully dressed on the mattress. His eyes ran up and down my body and I felt like I was wearing nothing. I went and laid down on the bed and got under the covers and he got up to turn off the light.

I heard a rustling sound and realized that he was taking off his shirt. He slipped into the bed next to me and I brushed against his bare chest. I automatically said sorry. He told me to be quiet and not apologize for touching him. This is the closest that I had ever been to any man with out a shirt on. He put his arm around me and pulled me up against him. I put my head on his shoulder, and put my arm on his chest. It felt so good to just be touching him. Then he asked if he could kiss me. At this point we had not even kissed Anadolu Yakası Escort yet, but we were laying in his bed together. I said yes. He put his mouth over mine and slipped his tongue in. We laid there making out for a few minutes and his hand started to wander up under my shirt.

I still had on my bra, in an attempt at modesty, and he quickly unbuckled it. He was rubbing and playing with nipples. It felt like little electric currents were running through my body and I didn’t want to ever stop kissing him. Then his hand started to go down further towards my shorts and he slipped his finger tips just under the elastic band. I stopped him at this point. I had something I had to say.



“I have to tell you something.”

At this point he sat up and stopped touching me, my body felt cold.

“Are you ok? If you want me to stop just say something. I didn’t mean to scare you, I just want to touch you everywhere so bad that it hurts.”

I hesitated and I was really glad the light was not on because this was going to be embarrassing and my face was already red, I could feel it. I didn’t say anything and he laid back down and started rubbing my arm.

I put my head against his chest.

“I’m a virgin.”

He stopped moving. There was a long silence that sort of hung in the air.

“That’s ok. I didn’t know. I just assumed since everyone was always flirting with you and you went to parties that you had probably been with a few people.”

Now I was shocked.

“I have never done any of this stuff before, and I just wanted you to know in case I wasn’t all that good, or didn’t know how to do something. Plus I want to wait a little while before I do it.”

“I understand. When the right time comes around you’ll let me know, and until then there are other things that we can do. I am going to be here so take as much time as you want, I don’t want to do it until your ready”

Now my imagination was running wild wondering what those other things might be. I was already soaking wet and we hadn’t done much.

He pulled me close and started to kiss me again. He asked me to take my shirt off and I did. But even though the room was dark, I folded my arms over my chest to cover my nipples. Now I felt at ease knowing that he knew there were limits placed on our night together, buy I was still nervous as hell. He started to kiss lightly down the side of my neck and then nibbled on my ears and neck. He took my arms and unfolded them and placed them to my sides, and made his way down to my nipples. He kissed all the way down to my belly button before coming back up to my nipples and taking them in his mouth to suck on them slowly and gently. By this point I was moaning and rubbing myself on his leg. I had never been this turned on before.

He started kissing my mouth again and his hands were busy pulling off my shorts. He started rubbing my pussy through my drenched cotton bikinis. He stopped abruptly and told me to take them off. I obeyed. He kept kissing me and started playing with my clit and I was moaning even louder now. He slipped a finger in me.

“Your so wet.”

He put another finger in but I was so tight that it wasn’t really comfortable. I stopped him and told him it didn’t really feel good and he just smiled. I asked him why.

“You really are a virgin.”

Normally I would have been pissed because he didn’t believe me when I had told him my biggest secret just five minutes ago, but there was just too much going on for me to get mad about that.

He got up and moved his body over me and sat kneeling in between my legs. He started rubbing my clit again and I was moving all over the place. I didn’t realize what he was about to do until the last second. He had gently pulled my legs apart and he put his head over my pussy and kissed me. Then I felt his tongue slowly slide into me and I thought I was going to lose my mind. He put a hand on each of my legs to hold them apart because I was writhing everywhere. He started slowly moving his tongue over and around my swollen clit. I was going crazy and just kept saying his name over and over again. Then I felt like I was burning up inside and I told him that something was happening, he told me not to worry and just let it happen. The next thing I knew I had my first orgasm. I was shaking and my legs felt like limp noodles as he crawled back next to me and kissed me again. I could taste my pussy for the first time on his lips, his goatee smelled like me.

All I could say was wow. I had no idea anything like that could happen. He just laughed and said that it would only get better. We stayed up watching TV and after a little while I started kissing his neck. He asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to do it all again.

We finally went to sleep as the room was getting light from the sun coming through the windows. We got up around noon and Ant went out to get us a drink. I could hear clapping coming Pendik Escort from the living room. I asked him what was going on.

“Everybody thought that I fucked you last night because you were moaning so loud.”

I cringed just thinking about what they all thought and having to face everybody.

“My mom told me good job, she said she was up all night listening to the whole thing.”

For the next three months our relationship only got better. We spent every moment we could together. Then one night Ant told me that he loved me. He said he didn’t want to tell me before because we hadn’t been together for very long but he knew that I was the best thing that had ever happened to him. I was the happiest at that moment than I can ever remember being.

About a month after that night Easter weekend rolled around and my parents went out of town to visit some relatives. I stayed home because I had to work. Ant came over and we started making out on the couch. I climbed up on his lap and started grinding my pussy on to him.

“If you don’t stop doing that then something might happen and I won’t be able to stop it.”

“What if I want it to happen?”

He stopped and looked at me. We started kissing again and then put in a movie. After the movie we went to bed because we did have to work early the next morning. We started messing around and we both took off all of our clothes and I climbed on top of Ant. He put his hands under my butt and scooped me up and set me on top of his face. I was holding onto the headboard while his whole face was buried in my pussy and he worked away with his tongue. I felt the orgasm building and started grinding myself against his face. I came all over his face my juices glistened on his lips. He set me down on his chest and I just laid down on top of him exhausted.

I felt his hard cock against the inside of my thigh. It felt huge. At that moment I wanted him in me and I started to slide down on his dick.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to have sex with you Ant.”

“Are you sure?”

I started to ease down onto him and felt his huge head against my pussy. He picked me up and put me on the bed next to him.

“If we are going to do this, then I am going to do it right.”

I laid there waiting and he climbed slowly on top of me and started kissing me all the way down my body again. I was so nervous. Now it was going to happen for real. Then I felt his cock against my pussy lips and he put his hand there to pull my lips open and he started pushing in. It hurt and I said ouch. He stopped.

“I really don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s ok Ant, I want to.”

“I don’t think we should do this tonight, I love you so much I want to make sure you’re sure.”

“But I am sure. I love you and I want you to be my first.”

“I just can’t hurt you right now.”

He climbed off of me and laid down in the bed beside me. I rolled over and buried my face in the pillow. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want me and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down my face. I felt so rejected by him. He put his arm over me and pulled me back against him. He pulled me over so he could kiss my face.

“What is all this for?’

He felt the tears running down my face.

“Why don’t you want me?”

“I do. If you are still sure tomorrow then we can try again then. I just want your first time to be perfect. Mine was anything but perfect and I want you to have a good memory.”

I still wasn’t overjoyed about this but I settled back against him and went to sleep in his warm arms.

The next day after work we came home and hung out at Ants. My parents were on the way home so I didn’t really want to be there. After awhile I told him that I was going to go and change out of my work clothes, I went in his room to put on some pajama pants and a t shirt. He came in and I heard the door behind me shut again. He came up behind me and I could feel his cock hard against my leg.

“Are you still ready.”

I just nodded.

We laid down on the bed and he started kissing me and moved over my whole body. He went down on me and I came. He sat up again and moved over my body while he kissed me. I felt his cock there at my entrance again and I shifted my legs to open them for him as wide as I could. He started pushing in and he went really slow. It was uncomfortable but didn’t hurt that bad. Then it hurt really bad and I told him to stop. He stopped and stayed still. I got used to him being in me and he started moving into me again. He pushed all the way inside me and I felt like I was being torn open. He went in and out of me a few times and stopped and pulled out. He went down on me again until I had another orgasm.

He said that he really wanted to come but didn’t want to hurt me being too rough. I told him I would be fine and he pushed back inside of me. I was only a little bit sore and after a minute it started to feel really good. He started slamming into me as hard as he could and after just a few minutes I felt a warm liquid in me and I felt him pull out.

I realized that he had cum in me. I started freaking out and he told me I would be fine as long as I had been taking my birth control like I was supposed to. We laid there in each others arms.

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