Anything Ch. 03: For Our Brother


Anything – Chapter 3 – Anything for Our Big Brother

Copyright 2021 by Limnophile

I woke up feeling quite groggy and my eyes didn’t want to work. I couldn’t move very much. I thought that was fine, because I was very high on something nice. I saw a fuzzy bright light above me, as I laid on my back.

A female voice I didn’t recognize said, “Good, he’s coming around. Kurt, you’re going to be alright. Just relax. I’ll get you some chicken broth, okay?”

I couldn’t make my mouth work right. “Awammawwh. Hawarrawa.” I gave up, and just nodded a bit.

She fed me the delicious broth through a straw. I was SO HUNGRY! The lady questioned me a little, then told me the terrible news. “Kurt, do you remember being in the hospital two weeks?”

I shook my head.

“You were on some strong drugs. I’m not surprised you don’t remember. Your arms and left leg are in casts, and your jaw is wired up. You’ll be in bed two more months, until the casts can come off. Do you understand?”

I nodded slightly.

“You were in an accident. People saw lightning hit your boat and it exploded. Kim and Kelly pulled you and your daughter Sarah to shore, but your wife is gone. I’m so sorry. Mercifully it was quick. The gas tank was under Karen’s seat and she died almost instantly.”

I cried furiously. I’d never been so sad or felt such a terrible loss. I couldn’t move much or talk, but I screamed and cried in my despair. Karen wasn’t just my wife, she was my older sister, best friend, and the love of my life.

When I finally calmed a little, the lady said, “My daughter Jenny and her friend Cassie will be here to help you when you wake up again, but I have a lot of other people to take care of. Here, this will help you sleep.”

She put two pills in my mouth and gave me some water. I did indeed sleep and woke up feeling nice until I remembered. I cried a little more, as Jenny wiped my face with a damp washcloth. Jenny and Cassie both kissed me lightly on the cheek. Cassie said, “We’re so glad you’re going to be okay! We’ll take good care of you.”

The next few weeks are still a haze of pain and pain pills. One exciting morning, Cassie gave Kim and Kelly an important lesson. “Now that the catheter is out, you’ll need to help him pee about six times a day. You take the empty urinal bottle and slide it over the end of his penis, like this.”

Her hand on me felt very nice, and there was a movement near the base of my cock.

“And then you rub his belly gently, like this.”

I felt the urge to pee, but I was too erect. My penis continued to swell as she held it. “Sometimes it takes a while to start. You just keep holding it, so the urine doesn’t spill.”

I was over half erect and swelled even faster when I saw Jenny walk in sucking on a cigarette. She saw what was going on and licked her pink lips. I knew something would come out of me soon, and it probably wouldn’t be piss.

Cassie said, “Sometimes when you touch his penis, it’ll get hard. Beşiktaş Escort The right thing to do, according to Mom and other nurses, is just leave him alone for a few minutes until it goes down.”

My little sisters were looking! They were nearly 19 and were becoming gorgeous hotties. I was quite ashamed. I didn’t want them seeing me naked, much less helpless.

“The quicker and more fun way is to jerk him off. You squeeze the middle of it and stroke it, so the rim of the head touches your hand at the end of the stroke. See?”

She held firmly and stroked slowly at first, then sped up when she thought I was close.

“White stuff will squirt out the end when he’s done. It’s cum, or semen. It’s the stuff that starts a baby if it goes in a pussy. Some girls like to taste it, but I don’t. You can just squirt it in the bottle and let him pee when it goes down.”

Kim asked, “Can I try it?”

“Okay. He’s almost there. Hold your mouth over the end, and don’t let go until you feel the pumping stop.”

I felt Kim’s mouth on the end of my penis! My little sister was sucking my dick!

She stopped a moment, asking, “What pumping, I don’t feel anything?”

I grunted as I climaxed. Cassie nudged Kim’s head, “Quick! Suck it!”

Kim got over half of it and smiled as she licked her lips. “It tastes really good! I want some more!”

I watched a little drip off her chin, until Cassie wiped her face with a cloth. “If you don’t catch it all, it can make a sticky mess. He can cum more than once a day, but he needs to rest a little in between. He’ll start peeing in a minute, once it’s soft again. He needs a sponge bath at least twice a week, or whenever he’s dirty. You gently rub his body clean with a washcloth, like this.”

Kim asked, “Can you teach me to smoke too? It looks so grown up, kind of sexy.”

Cassie looked at me. I tried to object. “Urngh! Oooh!”

Cassie giggled, “I won’t if he says no. But since he can’t.”

I watched carefully as Kim coughed and grimaced as she had her first ever cigarette. I still thought it was quite sexy. A few hours later it was time for me to pee again, and Kelly took care of me this time. She liked the flavor of my cum even more than Kim. “Wow! It’s so good! I want this every day!” I was horribly embarrassed, but I wanted both of them to do it every day too.

For the next week I got four or five blowjobs a day, every time I had to pee. My sweet little sisters had turned into dedicated cocksuckers. One day Jenny came in with a sad look on her face. She closed the door and took her clothes off as she said, “My family is moving tomorrow, so I have to say goodbye. I wanted to try sex with you before, but I was scared. I hope it’s ok if I do it today?”

I tried to remind her to use a condom. “Romononodurrr!”

“I think it’s romantic too, finally realizing I like you just before we leave.”

She lowered herself down onto my rod, and her pussy Beylikdüzü Escort was painfully tight. She bounced up and down for a long time, with my dick stroking in and out of her mostly dry slit. By the time I came, I was very sore.

“Thanks. You were good to us, but I don’t see what the big deal about fucking is. It’s not that great. It kind of even hurts. I still like girls better.”

I had felt good enough to spray into her, and if she had gotten herself wet or used lube, it would have felt a lot better for both of us. She kissed my lips and said, “I had a lot of good times here. Get better soon.”

I was sad to see her leave. I could have taught her so much! A few days and many blowjobs later, Cassie made her last visit. She told Kim and Kelly, “It’s great that you won’t need any more help. You’re sure you’re okay doing everything he needs?”

Kim said something that made me love her even more. “Anything for our big brother.”

Kelly agreed, “Yeah, anything for our brother.”

Before Cassie had even left the house, the two pretty redheads were giving me a wonderful smokey blowjob. The next day Kim said, “Since you can’t give us gifts for our 19th birthdays, we’re going to give you gifts. Our cherries.”

I tried to tell them about condoms, and failed again, “Currrummumuhuh!”

“Yup! We’ll make you cum a lot, big brother. This is gonna feel SO good!”

It was actually painful for both of them. I tried not to, but eventually I came inside both their little pussies. On the second attempt for each of them, they had orgasms too.

For the next month, both rode me nearly every day, and the bounty of smoky blowjobs continued too. The day before my casts were to come off, Mom paid us an unexpected visit. She said, “Go do your homework, girls, I need to talk to Kurt.”

Kelly reminded her, “It’s August, Mom. We graduated and college doesn’t start for two weeks!”

“Then go make dinner or something.” She closed the door and lit a cigarette.

“I missed you so much, Kurt! I’m so sorry about Karen.”

My jaw was still wired, or I would have told her how upset and angry I was that she didn’t even go to the funeral.

“I bet my baby boy missed Mommy’s blowjobs, and her tight dirty ass? Let me give you some, baby.”

She stroked my cock, licked it, and blew smoke on it. She was still so sexy that I had an erection, after cumming into Kim only an hour before.

“Let Mommy give you her naughty ass, sweetie. Enjoy how hot and kinky it is, to buttfuck your Mommy.”

She rode up and down on me, with her asshole squeezing and stroking my stiff cock.

I climaxed into her, shooting cum up my mother’s colon.


She climbed off and started cleaning me with a washcloth as Kelly walked in.

Kelly asked, “Is that poop on him? Did he mess himself?”

Mom reassured her, “It’s ok, sweetie. I’ll take care of it. Go back to making dinner.”

“But Beyoğlu Escort Mom, it’s only two o’clock.”

“Then swim in the pool or something. I need to talk to him.”

“He can’t talk until tomorrow, when he gets the casts off and they un-wire his mouth.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. I just have a few ‘yes or no’ questions. He can nod or shake his head, right?”

I nodded.

Kelly sighed. “Okay, Mom. Whatever.” She closed the door loudly.

My mother asked me, “We’ve had a tough past, but I want to make it up to you. I know you’ll never trust me, but maybe we can make a deal? Since you think I’m a whore, how about I be your whore? Pay me for some great sex, and if I want to leave it won’t be a big deal. Will you pay your slutty Mommy to fuck you, baby?”

I didn’t have to think about it. I shook my head immediately. Mom was wiser than I gave her credit for. She knew I must be getting good sex if I turned her down. She asked, “So do you have a girlfriend now?”

I nodded.

“I can tell when you’re lying, baby. You don’t have a girlfriend, but you don’t want sex from me.” She thought a moment. “Have Kim and Kelly been… Those nasty little BITCHES!” I shook my head, but she knew.

“You realize that Kim and Kelly aren’t your sisters right? Karen or your father must have told you he got a vasectomy when you were a baby. Remember when you and your friends got really drunk when you graduated high school? I rode your cock after I got you to bed. You’re their father. You’ve been fucking YOUR DAUGHTERS!”

Kim flung the door open, and I saw Kelly behind her. “WHAT?”

“Kim, Kelly, Kurt is your father.”


“NOOOO! He can’t be! We love him!”

Mom looked stern and angry when she asked, “So have you only sucked him? Or did you fuck your father too?”

Kim freaked out and curled into a ball on the floor, as Kelly kept screaming, “NO! He can’t be! NOOO!”

The next day the girls got pregnancy tests, both positive. My mouth was finally freed from its prison of wire, but I didn’t have much to say. I should have been happy the casts came off, but the gravity of the situation squashed any joy out of the day.

Later at home we sat around the living room, not saying anything for a long time. Mom made the obvious even more clear, “We’re a very fucked up family.” She paused. “Maybe we should just stay together as a family and keep fucking. We get Kurt a vasectomy so we don’t have to worry about any more babies, and we just stay together. I like giving him blowjobs and love sex with him. I think you do too? Right?”

Kim and Kelly nodded.

“And you still want to fuck him?”


“It feels SO GOOD!”

“And I know that my naughty boy still wants to screw my dirty ass every day, right, baby?” I blushed and nodded.

“Then let’s stay together and keep having fun. I’ll help with the babies too.”

They switched to sucking vape devices, which aren’t as bad for people as cigarettes. I got a vasectomy, and we did indeed keep fucking as a fucked-up family.

A month after my vasectomy, Mom had morning sickness and took a test. She was pregnant again. We had forgotten that after a vasectomy, sperm can still be ejaculated for up to a few months.

Kim and Kelly each produced a son, and soon after Mom gave me our third daughter.

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