Anything I Can Do? Ch. 02


He felt a reduction in the weight that held him down. From somewhere he summoned the will to push against that weight once again. He was pleased but wary when he began to move; the load eased slightly as he pushed and he was able to get to his feet. He wondered how long it had been. He heaved himself upright, noting that the weight had become manageable. Tentatively he took a step. Again the weight lifted subtly. He took another, and another, finding he was walking for what felt like the first time! Within a dozen steps he broke into a run. He felt the wind in his face and the scenery flashed by has he ran faster and faster, no longer feeling the weight, he felt almost buoyant. With that realization he made a powerful leap as he ran and soared into the air! He flew over the trees and above the rolling country side, exhilarated by the freedom he felt. He thought back to his former captivity and how unpleasant it was, and he began to falter! I don’t belong in the sky, he thought. Something is…!

Wrong! He jerked awake, shocked to realize that he had been feeling very good, and that was not normal. It was dark in the room, and he was warm and comfortable in an unfamiliar bed… His body jerked violently at his realization that there was a beautiful woman with her head on his chest and her leg draped over his. Then it all came back to him:

“I know what you need, and you deserve to get it!” She pulled his coat off of his shoulders and leaned in for a hungry, open mouthed kiss…

“Oh my God,” he croaked as the memory of what had happened came rushing back to his mind. The memory also came back to his penis, apparently, as it twitched against her leg at his thought. She let out a small moan and turned her face to look up at his. Her eyes were lidded with recently broken sleep, and it made her look sultry in the dim moon light that filtered through the bedroom window.

“Hey beautiful,” she murmured up at him. “Did you sleep well?” She let her hand run lazily up and down his side. He felt his penis harden further! He was nervous that she could feel it pressing against her leg. His mind flashed! How had this happened? They were friends! Would she be mad? Had she had too much to drink? Had he damaged their friendship forever?

“It’s okay, Silly,” she told him, as if she could read his mind. “I loved it, and you needed it, so don’t even argue with me.” She gently dug her nails into his side and gently laughed at the violent twitch his body gave in response. “But…” she started, her eyes cut to the side coyly.

“But…?” he repeated anxiously. Here it comes Kuşadası Escort he thought. She slid her hips back and wriggled under the covers for a moment. Her hand came up out of the covers and she ran her index finger down his nose.

He heard her say “But you are not done yet,” just as the scent and sensation of her juices on his nose hit his brain! He could not help moaning loudly, his eyes closing as he luxuriated in the feeling of her moistness on his skin. His cock was painfully hard now, and he felt it twitch and ooze against his flat belly. It had been so long since he had felt a woman’s touch! So long since he had felt wetness!

She instructed him to lie on his side, facing her and grabbed his hand. She pressed it against her breast.

“Mmm-Rr..” his moan had a hint of a growl as he squeezed her breast. Her hand pressed against his, he felt her nipple harden in his palm at his touch. She moved his hand to her other breast.

“Yes, Baby,” she coed. “Touch me anywhere you want.” His hand was around her back in a flash, he pulled her close, mashing her breasts into his chest. She seemed surprised at how fast he moved when he kissed her hard on the lips! His let his pent up passion loose as his hand snaked down and grabbed her ass, hard. She moaned into the kiss, and he wondered if his grip was too strong.

He broke the kiss and pulled back, studying her face.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked seriously. She giggled at his expression and caught hold of his hand again. She pulled it to her panties, which had finally soaked right through after his passionate kiss.

“See for yourself, Baby” it was her turn to growl as she ground her pussy on his fingers. He rubbed up and down her pantied bottom for a few moments before he slipped his fingers down her waistband. They both gasped as his fingers touched her bare pussy for the first time. Her lips felt like rose petals, smooth and luxurious, as his fingers slid up and down. He stopped occasionally to press her whole pussy into the palm of his hand.

His mind was overloaded with sensations! He felt the waistband of her panties on the back of his hand, along with the moisture that had soaked her panties. Her moist lips and hardening clitoris against his fingers felt like heaven! Her hips were grinding up and down in pace with his rubbing fingers. Her tiny panties were stretching to their max and hindering his ministrations.

“These have to go,” he rasped.

“Oh God, yes,” she breathed as she lifted her hips and he roughly dragged her panties down her legs. Kuşadası Escort Bayan He took a moment to enjoy the view. The blankets had long been shoved aside, and she lay on her back, legs spread wide, her pretty panties still looped on one ankle. Her beautiful breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing. Her head was back on a pillow, her eyes were closed and her lovely lips were open wantonly. Her hands caressed her sides and hips as if with a will of their own. His eyes drew down to her hips that were still gently moving. He could see her pussy glistening in the moon light. This was art he knew, captured in his mind’s eye forever.

Her eyes opened and he saw her looking at his penis as it throbbed half out of his underwear.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “I know you need it, so do I. Please, come up here and fuck me”

He pulled his boxers off and tossed them aside. He heard his heart pounding in his ears, his vision seemed to narrow as he climbed up her body and finally positioned himself above her. His breathing was deep and fast, as if he had been running. He looked down at her. She looked into his eyes as she gently positioned his penis at her opening. Points of light danced in his vision at her touch. She bit her lip and nodded gently. He slowly pressed his hips down and felt the intoxication of first penetration. They gasped in union as he pushed half his length into her, before pulling back and pressing again. She was very tight and he wanted to remember to be gentle.

Within a few strokes he was in her all the way, and he stopped to see that she was okay. He looked down at her, at the caring and compassion mixed with raw lust on her face. Her arms reached up and twined around his neck. She gently pulled him in for a kiss, and he settled some of his weight against her body, careful not to press too hard. He broke the kiss and placed his head next to hers on the pillow.

He whispered, “I am not sure I remember how…” He swallowed hard. Tears came.

His wife had fought hard against the cancer that claimed her body. Sexuality had become awkward almost immediately as surgeries, and radiation wracked her. When chemo took her hair she lost more than locks. There had been no intimacy in his life in so long.

Until now.

She gently stroked his back and made shushing sounds. “It is okay baby, let it out” He felt her squeeze his cock with her pussy and lightning struck in his head! Leave the past in the past, it insisted. His back arched up and drove his cock deeper into her. As he pulled out and pushed against Escort Kuşadası her again, he thought he might remember how to do this after all! He began pushing into her with long slow strokes. She gasped and quickly got into a rhythm with him.

“Yes,” she hissed “fuck me!” His only response was a low growl and slightly harder thrusts.

He could hear her gasps as she worked her body against his, the sound of her passion drove him to new heights. He felt her body pressed underneath him, healthy, and strong. He knew he was taking those first steps from his dream! He wanted to run! He thrust harder, growling deep in his chest when he felt her nails sink into his muscled back. She started to drag her nails down his back and he roared! He reared up straightening his arms and looking down at her as he pushed into her fast and hard. She shrieked as she felt his penis deep inside her!

“Oh my God, Yes! Yes, yes! Fuck me as hard as you want! Take your frustration out on my pussy!” she cried. With that he gathered her legs up over his shoulders, planted his hands on either side of her and began pounding harder than ever into her. He was dimly aware of the expression on his face, but that part of his brain had no control. He looked angry! His teeth were barred, his jaw muscles clenched and unclenched. His brows were low on his forehead and his eyes were fierce! He was feral, rabid even as he fucked her faster and harder.

He drove the loneliness and grief out of his body through his hips. The injustice of his loss, the disappointment in friends who hid from discomfort, all pushed out from his straining body. He fucked his anger into her, and she melted it. She evaporated the negativity with her compassionate gift of her body.

He heard her keening wail start quietly and gain strength as she neared orgasm. When it hit, she cried out his name at the top of her lungs and his whole body exploded! His muscles jerked hard, as if electricity was coursing through them and he howled! Long and loud he howled! Veins stood out on his neck, rage painted his face as burst after burst of cum filled her pussy! He howled until both his lungs and his balls were empty, and he collapsed on top of her.

She gently held his trembling body as orgasmic aftershocks ran through his body. She stroked his back and rubbed his neck murmuring comforts for a long time, as his breathing slowly returned to normal. She gently kissed his head over and over until he finally had the strength to ease his weight up and look at her. She could see the concern on his face as his eyes searched hers. She knew he was himself again.

“I am sorry,” he mumbled. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She moaned as she lowered her legs off his shoulders and put her knees together.

She kissed his lips and told him “Everything is going to be fine.”

And he realized that she was right.

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