Apartment 2B part 2

Apartment 2B part 2So after my initial shock , I found myself involved with a hermaphrodite. It was the best relationship I have ever had. She was a wonderful woman and like to be treated as such, she also had a girlfriend that routinely came over to play with her and me if I was there, we’ll call her Elizabeth or Liz for short. Liz was everything that Donna was not , she was extremely tiny and petite, with average tits , about a b cup and a nice tight ass and great legs. and her mouth could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch , damn could she suck.I came to the apartment one day and let myself in, I heard some of the most outlandish sounds coming from the bedroom. walking back I was amazed at what I saw, Liz and three men I didnt know were taking turns fucking Donna. At first I was pissed and Donna and Liz knew it, the guys started to get defensive but Donna stopped them. Taking me aside I asked türkçe bahis what the hell was going on and I thought Liz was the only addition to our couple. Donna explained that even though we fucked constantly she needed more. She held my face and kissed me deeply and Liz began rubbing my cock through my jeans. Soon my anger turned to lust and my pants layed on the floor with Liz getting me hard. Donna led me back to the padded table that we used to fuck on. and laid down pulling me down on top of her. My cock was rock hard and split her open easily. I began to slam her pussy while I could see out of the corner of my eye Liz getting fucked hard by the three men, she had one in her mouth , ass and pussy, damn what a sight. Donna tightened her pussy and I felt myself getting ready to explode when she wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper. I sucked on her tits while I gave her a good youwin giriş fucking , she moaned and came her cock spewing cum all over the both of us, I began to get the feeling I was going to cum when one of the guys stuck his pussy slick cock deep into my ass. Donna held me as he fucked me my cock burst inside her filling her till she leaked cum around my cock. my cock soon went soft even with the guy filling my ass with his huge cock. Donna feeling me slip out of her slid down till her cock was against my ass, she was hard again and I thought he would pull out and she would fuck me but no, she just slid her cum covered cock deep into my ass making me scream. as I screamed a second man stuffed his cock into my mouth, I sucked it willingly the pain in my ass made his cock easy to take down my throat, I could taste Liz’s ass on his cock which made me suck all the harder. youwin güvenilir mi as Donna and the man slid back and forth in my ass I could feel it relaxing and starting to make me moan. Then it happened, the third guy stuffed just the head of his cock into my ass. again I screamed and the guy at my head just shoved his cock deeper into my throat. soon more was going into me than the head and I was sex drunk with all the feelings I was getting. My ass was on fire then they came and I was filled with the cum of Donna and two guys in my ass, while the guy at my head pulled my face onto his cock and he unloaded in my throat, I gagged and I could feel all of them pulling out of me . I felt like such a slut my ass could have taken an arm and not known it, and my mouth was raw from the fierce face fucking I got. Donna was next to me her arms around me and I felt Liz cleaning my ass with her tongue. the guys left and we all cuddled and fell asleep together. Damn I was such a slut , and Donna knew it, she took turns fucking me and Liz the rest of the night, I didnt think my ass would ever go back to normal but little did I know what was in store for me.

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