Subject: Apartment Boy Part 1 Living in a large apartment has its perks, chances of a cute boy living in the complex are quite high, but the chances to get caught are also pretty high. Really that’s the only upside and downside I could think of if I’m being honest. To my luck though, my complex doesn’t have security cameras and a cute boy lives just a short walk away from my building within the complex in a pretty secluded spot. How I encountered him you may ask? Well just like any other perv, I took a nice walk around the complex on a day where I was high on testosterone, figuratively speaking, and 18 year old hormones were peaking. Being pretty cautious I took a throw away jacket and a mask, one nice upside to a global pandemic, you can never be too careful. I walked towards the aforementioned spot within my complex and there he was. A boy, no older than 14 or 13 and just barely breaking 4″11, out with his small dog. His hair, which I can only describe as looking like Kevin McCallister but slightly longer was a dark mix of browns. His beautiful tanned skin showed that he’s an outdoorsy person with no sight of hair on his arms and legs. I felt a heat rise within me as I stared, he looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and gave a shy smile. I waved towards him and pointed at his dog. He looked at me questionly as walked a little closer to him and bent down to pet his dog. Pulling down my mask I commented, “What an adorable dog you have!” I glanced up to him and noticed him smile. “Thanks, her name is Beatrice.” The dog soon was on her back as I scratched his stomach. “What a nice name, I’m more of a cat person myself.” The conversation continued on till I decided to continue my walk. Pulling out my phone I made a little reminder of what time it was, pretty methodical, I know, but when there’s a cute kid like that just a few steps away from where you live, you try pretty hard. Over the next couple of days I made sure to encounter him every walk and strike up a conversation, sometimes it would be about school, his family, his hobbies, what he likes to do for fun, konyaaltı üniversiteli escort that kinda stuff. Some days I would bring along sugary snacks with me and make up a little dare for him to win the snack. Well this day I took things to the next level. We were discussing something relating to christmas when I broke out into a santa clause act, keeping my voice down so as not to wake up anyone, I walked to the stairs and sat down, daring him to sit on my lap. Now, to quickly explain how these apartments are. You walk down a secluded pathway with an apartment on each side, there are then the stairs to the upper apartments so the only people who could catch us are the people coming out of the apartments and anyone who walks by the opening path. So we were quite secluded. The kid, whose name was Brendan, giggled and ran over to sit on my lap and by sitting on my lap I really mean sitting on my crotch as I had spread my legs a bit. After he settled he must’ve noticed my raging erection digging into his shorts covered butt. “Your thingy is very hard.” He whispered to me. I smiled lustily, responding, “That’s because you’re making me feel very happy and good. Now I’ve got another dare.” I said as I pulled out another snack out of my jacket pocket. “Rub your hands on my thingy.” This was a huge step up from just fun little dares but I was way too horny to care. But he did it anyway, he jumped off, turned to face me and rubbed his hands all over my hard cock. I gave him his two snacks and stood up, readying to leave. “Thanks for the snacks!” He exclaimed. I smiled and nodded back at him, rushing home and whipping out my leaking, slightly thick 6 inches. It only took a couple of seconds before I blasted a big load over my stomach. The next day though was when I cemented his belonging to me. I took him to the corner of the complex and rushed us behind a bush, between the complex wall and apartment “Alright Brendan, I wanna try what we did yesterday but we’re gonna take it to the max level.” Brendan gave me that kurtköy escort signature cute smile I’ve grown accustomed to and nodded. I smiled devilishly and unzipped my fly, taking out my already hard cock. Brendan’s eyes widened as I wagged my member. “Go ahead, grab it.” I said calmly. His small hand slowly inched towards it until he soon grabbed it, making my cock pulse and jump. I moaned and stroked his hair. “Oh buddy, you’re making me the happiest friend ever.” He smiled again and asked “What do I do now?” I placed my hand over his and slowly started stroking, I let go and soon enough he got the idea and started stroking it on his own. I threw my head back and sighed with pleasure. Little Brendan, on his knees pleasuring a big boy’s hard cock was a heavenly sight. I took out my phone and snapped a couple of pictures. Shooting a video I grabbed my cock and lightly whacked his face with it a couple times. Spreading my pre-cum all over him. He giggled and licked up a little which had landed on his lips. “Doesn’t have much of a taste.” I grinned at him and told him to stand up. Grabbing two snacks out my jacket I placed them to the side. “Wanna earn another two buddy?” He rapidly nodded, my own little boy toy I thought. I told him to face the wall and slowly lower his pants. As he slowly began to lower his tight shorts I whipped out a little bit of lube, now don’t get ahead of yourself though kind reader, as much as I’d love to fuck him silly, I had other plans. I began to lather my penis in the stuff and slowly jerked off. Soon his smooth buttocks came to view, I kissed each cheek and slowly massaged them with my free hand. “That feels pretty good…” He mewed. Seems like he’s a natural born bottom, I thought “Just wait till you feel this.” I say as I part his cheeks. I quietly groan as I see that tight tanned boy hole. I push my face forward and begin digging into his boypussy. He gasps and squeals, nearly losing his balance. “Mmh, you like that Brendan?” I groan quietly, Brendan doesn’t respond and instead moans ankara kurtuluş escort in pleasure. I smacked his ass and attempted to stick my tongue inside his love hole, sadly though it is way too tight. Not wanting to cum too soon I then used both my hands to spread his butt wide apart, showing his majestic hole in all its glory. I dug in even more as I tried one more time to push my tongue in. I soon felt a tightness around it as I managed to get past his ring. Brendan moaned aloud one more time until I had to pull off. “Mmh, you like that don’t you, you little boy slut.” My dominance clearly shows as Brendan looks at me, appearing to be out of breath and wobbly. I lick from his perineum all the way to his anus one last time and stand up. “Stay right there little boy, I gotta do this.” I pushed his feet together and poured more lube on my hand and cock. Rubbing it all over his upper thighs and perineum area. I wiped my hands on my legs and slowly sank my cock between his thighs and pushed out through the other side. Feeling his own little cocklet gliding across my head and shaft. I reached around and grabbed his cock, feeling its hardness as I began pushing in and out while jerking up and down. It was quite hard to not moan but I quickly solved this problem by french kissing my little Brendan. Hearing his own moans encouraged me to pound him harder and faster. “We’re gonna have lots more fun like this my little boy toy. You want that?” I ask as I pull away from his small childish lips. He moaned and kept nodding yes. He pushed himself up and proceeded to french kiss me back which threw us over the edge. I pulled out too much and my cock slid up towards his sphincter, not knowing this I thrusted forward opening his hole just enough to send my cum inside his little hole. At the same time Brendan groaned aloud in my mouth as he experienced what I’m guessing as his first true orgasm. I pulled away and looked down to see my cum running down his legs. We both tried to catch our breath as we slowly cleaned each other up. I laid back against the wall holding Brendan as he cuddled up to me. “Think we can do this again Brian?” I looked down at him and saw a small smile beginning to form, I smiled at him. “Yeah, we’re gonna do this every day Brendan. Promise you won’t tell anyone else got it? Or else we’ll never have fun again.” He sat up and promised as I leaned down and kissed him once more till we both went back to our respective homes

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