Arranged Marriage Ch. 01


Arranged marriage! Arranged. Marriage. A combination of two words that was completely alien to anyone who was not born and brought up in India. However, in India, it was the norm even in 2019. Well, maybe not “the norm”. Love marriages were becoming more and more commonplace in India too, but it was a far smaller number in comparison to arranged marriages. The way it worked was, matrimonial profiles were created for both girls and boys which included their basic information like height, weight, complexion, salary, etc and also a little family background. Based on this information, the parents set up the initial conversation, after which the boy and girl officially met, and a decision was taken altogether. Let that sink in.

It was far better since the 2000s. In the previous millennium, the opinion of the boy and girl would hardly matter, and the parents would okay the proposal. The Girl’s opinion, especially was not even asked and there were occasions where the girl would meet the boy for the first time during engagement. Now, however, things changed drastically, and the girls became more and more demanding and hence, a balance was being achieved. But it was not being achieved fast enough, according to Anitha.

Anitha was a 25-year-old software engineer in one of the largest banking companies and was currently located in Miami. Anitha was placed there as a Btech graduate and had gone on-site to Miami within a year. A lot of eyebrows were raised and lot of people suggested it had something to with her being a girl. It was an expected suggestion since she was gorgeous. She was quite tall at nearly 6 feet. So white that she hardly needed any makeup. But her breasts, solid D cups was something to die for. She was aware of her beauty since she had been the object of desire for all the boys around her since she was 15. However, she hardly ever reciprocated since she had a dark side.

Anitha hated men! It was a dangerous, spirited hatred that started with her dad. Her dad had wanted a boy when she was born and never passed an opportunity to tell her as such. Her mom got pregnant two more times and miscarried both times through no mistake of her own. That did not prevent him from blaming her for them and he had been both verbally and physically abusive with her right in front of Anitha. Admittedly, he never laid a hand on Anitha, though. That did not mean she forgave him. It was when Anitha eventually went into the states that her dad was ashamed of himself and repeatedly asked her to forgive him. But she never forgave him and was always very cut-and-right with him and spoke with him in one-word sentences while being warm towards her mother.

Once she reached Miami, however, the story changed a little. If men were behind her all the time in India, it was nothing compared to the way she was treated here. Men of all ages were propositioning her all the time. Under peer pressure from her new female colleagues/friends she let her hair down and had sex for the first time the previous year and, surprisingly, she ended up loving it. It was amazing and she went on many dates with different guys. She had one credo, though. She was always dominant with them and the men, after one look at her, never minded. She was always on top. She decided where to go on dates, what to do, etc and while the men were troubled by this, they had no problems when she insisted on paying up wherever she went.

One of the men eventually introduced her to BDSM and the she was hooked. Sex took second place to it and very soon, she became an unprofessional dominatrix. The boys in her life were her slaves now. She brought herself a proper flat and made any boy she was dating her servant there. He had to be naked! Do all the chores and had to wear a chastity belt and a dog collar and was frequently on a leash. Any man who protested would be beaten up because Anitha had been a Karate purple belt in India at the age of 19 itself. She had learnt it specifically to ward off unwanted male advances and she now used it to subjugate any unwilling boyfriend. In fact, the girls from her all-girls karate class were her true friends and they were the only ones she remained in touch with. While the men liked her forceful nature at first, and willingly submitted to her they very soon ran away from her screaming and this frequently left her servant-less. She decided the only solution was to get married and communicated it to her parents. She informed that her only condition for the marriage was that the boy should not work after marriage and come and live with her on a dependent Visa.

Such an arrangement was not unheard of. But it usually worked in reverse. A US-based guy would marry girls with the same condition. Now, when the parents heard of her request – no, her condition- for such a reversed role, they were shocked. Her mother said that it would not be possible. Her dad, however, immediately agreed to it for two reasons. The first one was that he wanted to get back in his daughter’s good books. The second one Bycasino was that, through an incredible coincidence, he knew a guy who wanted exactly that.

Karthick was a 6-foot-tall 27 year-old who was also looking to marry. He too, was a software engineer. However, unlike Anitha, he hated it even though he was beyond exceptional at it. He always wanted to become a cricket player, but owing to his dad’s penury, he had to forgo all those dreams to study. Once he was in a job, he filed three patents on digital security in his first year. He then sold those patents to his own company. He used the money he received to clear off all his dad’s debts in a single go. Now, his parents were in a situation where they could live off his dad’s pension. He was also going to receive royalties from his patents to boot, which he also ensured went to his parents. As a result, he made a decision that would seal his fate and lead him down into a dark and horrifying path called Anitha. While his parents repeatedly tried to change his mind, he was adamant that he would no longer work. He hated software jobs. He had actually found a part-time hobby as a game caster. He liked it, and, he reasoned, if he married a girl working in US, he could continue that hobby and make a career out of it. Of course, this would mean that the girl would be the provider and he would be a house-husband. But, Karthik had been very helpful to his mom from a young age and was very good at the household chores. He had no shame in admitting that this was what he wanted.

Anitha’s dad approached Karthik’s dad (yes, that is how it worked) and Karthik jumped at the opportunity. He stood up to both his parents and said, “I am agreeing to this. Yes, it is uncommon. But, it was also uncommon to file three patents at the age of 23 and give you buttloads of money. When you accepted that, you should accept this as well.” So saying, he called Anitha’s dad and gave them his consent.

Anitha was flabbergasted when she heard that her dad had found someone so quickly. She was thinking it would take months to find a guy like that, because, even in 2019, majority of Indian boys expected girls – even girls who were equally earning/educated – to be the ones working in the house. She looked at his photo and had to admit that he was cute. However, she was not just content with the husband working around the house. He had to be her slave. Completely. She wanted her husband to be naked, leashed and doing all the work with a chastity belt. She had figured her parents would need to wait for at least a year to find someone who accepted to be a house husband. Her plan had been to then bring him out here on a dependent visa, lock up his passport/visa documents, and then slowly turn him into her slave. Now, she had to move up all her plans and she was nervous. However, she decided not to look at a gift Horse in the mouth and agreed to at least meet him when she went down to India next week.

Once she reached Bangalore airport, she went outside to hail a cab. She had told her parents she would come on her own. Suddenly, a black Innova came to a stop next to her and two arms pulled her in. She was shocked and was ready to kick and fight when she saw it was her Karate friends. They loaded all her luggage, sent them to her house in a following Sedan driven by a driver and took her to their favourite park. Anitha, despite the jet lag did not complain.

Due to another bizarre coincidence – well, it started out bizarre for Karthik and ended up being disastrous – he was in the same park. He was shocked to see Anitha with her friends. He checked his phone more than once to confirm it was her and wanted to talk to her. However, he was woefully shy in front of women and the sight of so many women made him nervous. Against his better judgment, he followed them. When they sat a Gazebo to catch up, Karthik did something. He could not explain the logic behind his action 10 minutes later. IN fact, even ten years later, he would not be able to explain the logic behind his next action. He hid behind a tree and listened to them talking.

The topic quickly came to Anitha’s marriage where she informed her friends about her wishes.

“I need the man I marry to be my naked slave. He will be naked around the house all the time and do all the chores while I kick back and relax. I don’t know why, but it gives me great pleasure.”

Whaaaaaat? What kind of a wish was that? And, why was he getting hard hearing this? Karthik had no idea why he was getting an erection but he decided in a second he was not going through with this. Unfortunately, for him, he did not have that option.

“It gives you great pleasure. As in, you have had such an arrangement already,” Lakshmi, one of her friends and the shrewdest one in the group, asked. In fact, even though she was the same age as Anitha, she was already one level above her in terms of job position and would be promoted again in another two months. Lakshmi was that efficient.

Anitha smiled. Bycasino giriş Nothing went past Lakshmi. “Yes. Most of my relationships have been like that. I want my husband to be like that, too. In any case, this clown does not want to work. So, there is no reason for him to reject it. But, do you think he will accept?”

Lakshmi’s reply shocked Anitha and sent a blood-curdling chill through Karthik.

“Well, he is hiding behind that tree, peeping on us. So, why don’t we ask him?”

Karthik was rooted to the spot. He was not peeping on them. He was just listening. The distinction was huge. However, the distinction did not seem to be important to them.

“Come on out, Rat.” Lakshmi called out. “Did you seriously think I did not see you? I saw you as you started following us – staring at our asses all along – and confirmed that you are the groom. I was giving you an opportunity for the last 20 minutes to do the gentleman thing which is to either leave or come and talk to us. Now, come out before I get there and drag you out.”

Karthik did come out. Rat? Karthik should have been outraged, but he felt only fear. He could see from the girls’ builds that they were karate fighters while he neither knew any fighting technique nor did he have any upper body strength. It took all his will power not to come out with his hands up. He was that scared.

As soon as he got within reach, Lakshmi kneed his groin. Karthik fell down shrieking.

Karthik started grumbling. “Please, Anitha. I was not peeping. I was just listening to you people.”

Lakshmi kicked his butt. It was so painful and also humiliating that Karthik started sobbing.

“You address her – in fact, all of us – as madam or ma’am.”

“Yes, madam”, Karthik whimpered.

Anitha watched all the action amused. She made up her mind that this was her husband indeed. He was on all fours in front of her 1 minute after she saw him. What more did she want? Of course, he could now say that he was not going to marry her. She had no intention of letting it happen.

“Alright, worm.” Karthik would have never believed that there would be a time in his life where he would prefer being called a Rat. “We are getting married. No objections. And, this is how your life will be. You will be naked. You will wake up at the crack of dawn, make my coffee, kiss my feet, take any punishment I give you, cook breakfast, wash dishes, clean the floor, clean the toilets, wash clothes, dry clothes, polish my shoes, and generally just wait hand in foot on me. What are you looking like that for? This is what we women have been doing in India for centuries sans the nudity. But, that is how it will be for you. Now, you can say you don’t want this marriage. Unfortunately, I can take your pants and undies off you right here right now. I would then drag you to the nearest police station and say you exposed yourself like this in front of us. It would be four words against one. You will be in Jail by tomorrow and I know enough lawyers in the city that would ensure you will be convicted and get a twenty-year sentence. Twenty years in jail. As a sexual offender. Imagine that!”

Lakshmi showed a photo on her phone. “This is our earlier selfie. Due to a happy accident, you can see that you are in the bottom right corner hiding behind the tree. That will be proof that you were stalking us and we will use it to prove you exposed yourself in front of us.”

Karthik wished and prayed all the Gods for the Earth to swallow him up right then. Of course, it did not happen. He was also horrifyingly aware that they were right. The laws in his country were very partial towards women. He had heard terrible stories where women took advantage of the laws and tormented men. Now, it was happening to him! He also knew sexual offenders were tortured in Jail. But, to avoid that, he had to marry this monster.

However, Karthik was very intelligent. He knew that right at that moment, he had to take her deal. His logical mind quickly came to the conclusion that he was not going out of this park – which, considering it was a weekday, was very secluded- with his pants on unless he said yes to her. It would indeed be his word against theirs and he knew exactly how it would go out. He had to accept the deal.

“Yes, madam. I will marry you.”

Lakshmi kicked him again. “Wow! Such a romantic! Propose her properly. Go down on one knee. NO, go down – sorry, stand up – on two knees. Walk towards her kneeling and kiss her feet and beg her to marry you and treat you like a Dog.”

Karthik told himself that both of them, ANitha and Lakshmi would regret this for the rest of their lives. He would fix them. However, he was now going to do something that he would regret. He raised up to a kneeling position, kneel-walked on the cold, park floor and kissed Anitha’s feet.

“Madam.” Karthik was smart enough to whip up the words on the fly. “I am nothing more than your slave. Please marry me and treat me like a Dog.”

All Bycasino deneme bonusu four girls doubled up in laughter. They had known all along that ANitha liked punishing boys. But, this. This was something they did not imagine in their wildest dreams. And, it was all thanks to Lakshmi.

Anitha made him kiss the feet of each girl there and tell them that he was nothing more than a speck of dust on their shoe. She recorded him doing that and sealed his fate with it. There was no way he was risking those photos/videos going online. Ha! Welcome to a woman’s world. And, he was not allowed to stand so he had to kneel-walk to each girl. When he finally got to Lakshmi, she made him lick her shoes clean as well. Once again, photographed and recorded. Karthik now had no illusions and was horrified to think that this would be the rest of his life. But, he knew he was completely at their mercy. With the photographs and videos, he was doomed to accept anything she said. He was going to marry her and spend the rest of his life as a slave the exact way she had described earlier. The thought made him physically ill.

They eventually let him go and Karthik ran away while the girls laughed and high-fived among themselves. On the way home, he stopped his Bike near a Park, placed his head on the speedometer and cried his eyes out.

That night, at a bar where the four girls were drinking, Lakshmi finally admitted. “He was only just listening to us and not peeping. I made up that bit about staring at our asses too. You wanted to subjugate him and I felt this was an easy way to achieve that” Lakshmi concluded as all four of them downed a shot.

“I figured that.” Anitha replied “What I am not able to figure out is, how did you come up with that plan in, like, ten seconds” she added while all four of them took one more shot.

“PffT! I am smart. Deal with it” Lakshmi replied.

“Well, thanks anyway. I got what I wanted so easily because of you. Go ahead girls! Get as many rounds as you can. All on me.”


What did I ever do to achieve this? I have always been respectful. Respectful to my mother. Respectful to all women in general. Never did I ever leer at any girl, let alone attack or molest. What kind of injustice is this? The fury and injustice of all of it made him want to scream and break everything in front of him. This can’t be happening. This. Can’t. Be. Happening. But it was.

Karthik was miserable. The two families had met. Anitha looked at him contemptuously while the parents decided on the details and arranged a date. The next Monday. Anitha had no intention of giving Karthik any time to let himself off the hook. Not that he could if he wanted to, anyway. He was trapped with no way out. Once again, the fates aligned favourably to Anitha since both families wanted a quick and small wedding. Karthik’s dad hated all his relatives and had already made up his mind that none of them were to be invited. Not one of them helped him when he was drowned in loans. So, who cares whether they were invited or not. As for Anitha, she had already informed her parents that her wedding would be a low-key event with only the immediate family and her close friends.

They also decided that Karthik and Anitha would meet some times during the week to get to know each other better. They set their first meeting to be in Lakshmi and Madhura’s (another of the Karate friends, the fourth one was Niharika) shared flat on Thursday. All three of them took the day off from their companies in anticipation of the event. Lakshmi and Madhura were complete slobs and paid their hired help double because they made such a bad mess at home. For the next three days, they sent their help on a paid leave so that it would be a great mess for Karthik to deal with. Thursday morning, when they took their morning dumps in their respective toilets, they both had the same wicked thought at the same time and left it without flushing.

Hating himself, repulsed at being such a pushover, tearing into his very existence for being such an idiot as to have actually followed four women and listened to them, which led to such a horrible turn of events, Karthik came in at exactly 9 AM on Thursday to the flat. All four of them were there. Niharika opened the door. She gave a strong kick to his butt as he walked in which automatically made him fall at the other three women’s feet.

“Strip.” Anitha commanded.

He was expecting this. Still, he hesitated and received one more kick from Niharika. He quickly disrobed and stood naked in front of them. He hated the fact that this made him hard.

God! It is the biggest I have ever seen. Anitha was thinking.

Is it actually supposed to be that big? Lakshmi was spellbound.

Karthik had always been aware that he was more than well-endowed. Not that he had ever used it since he was still a virgin. He had not even kissed a girl before. In any case, his large – and long – dick caused him more discomfort than he cared to admit, while simultaneously not giving him any tail that would be expected of someone like him. He saw the effect his dick was having on them but it hardly registered next to the humiliation of being naked in front of four clothed women.

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