Art Show


He shivered and pulled the collar of his coat up higher, trying to keep the cold rain from running down his neck. Obviously his decision to walk to the art gallery had not been a good one. Hopefully Angie would be able to do something about his wet clothes. Angie was the owner of the small and very successful art gallery. She specialized in up and coming artists and had a knack for weeding out the good from the bad. As one of her very best customers Angie invited him to every new opening and often would set up a private viewing before the official opening. That was the reason for his walk today, the exhibition would open that night, but Angie had insisted that he come early to see something really special.

Angie greeted him at the door with a quick kiss and hug. “Kris, you are all wet! She exclaimed. “Here, come upstairs and lets get you out of those wet things.” She took him into the back and up the flight of stairs to the apartment above the gallery. “Here, take this robe and strip out of those wet things, and I’ll throw them in the dryer.” He went into the bathroom and stripped off his wet clothes. Angie’s robe was a tad on the short side but it covered everything. “No one will be here for a couple of hours yet, your clothes should be done by then. Let’s go down and you can see the pieces while the dryer is going,” she called to him through the door.

He stepped out of the bathroom in Angie’s short robe. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her stop short at the sight of him her eyes opening wide. The robe did little to hide anything but his most private parts. Although he had managed to close it at the waist it was open from there on up showing his flat muscled chest and stomach. It came down to about mid-thigh showing off the corded muscles in his thighs and calves. He flushed red when she licked her lips her gaze moving up and down his frame. She caught herself staring and grinned at him. “Well, umm let’s go down and look at the paintings,” she said quickly. This time she took him by the arm and he could feel one breast rubbing against him. He had always found Angie very attractive, she was small, barely 5′ tall but was very well built with a nicely rounded ass and good-sized breasts that jutted out proudly from her small frame. She followed him down the stairs and he turned even redder as he felt her staring at him from behind. He could feel his cock stirring, acutely aware of Angie’s nearness.

Angie was quiet until they reached the gallery. “Here, let me close the blinds while you turn on the lights. The doors locked but I don’t want anyone to try and come in early if they see the lights on.” He flipped the light switch as he heard the blinds come down. “Now, come up here,” she called “I have three artists in this show and I want you to start in front.” He walked up from the back of the gallery, making sure that the borrowed robe was firmly tied. Angie had a clipboard and pen in one hand and handed him the brochure for the show with the other. She seemed to be all business now and he relaxed. “Now the first artist is Alex,” she said, “I know you not all that fond of cubism but he has some real potential.” He took a long look at each of the fifteen paintings. He gave each his full attention. The fact that Angie seemed to be brushing up against him a lot was very distracting though.

“Mmm, yes I can see his talent. Lots of potential with this one Angie. But, nothing here reaches out to me.”

“I figured you would say that, but I want you to see everything,” she replied.

“Now the next artist is Oscar. I think you will find him very interesting.” Again he gave each of the eleven pieces his full attention. Angie continued to brush against him and his cock was starting to throb. He cinched the robe’s belt tighter, trying to hide his rampant member in the folds of the cloth.

“I see bio-mechanical very interesting. Very evocative. Why don’t you pen me in for


“Ah, I thought you might like those,” Angie replied.

“Well, I guess I’m becoming a little predictable when it comes to what I’m willing to hang on my wall.” He looked back at Angie and noticed that the top two buttons of her blouse had come undone somehow. A fair amount of her cleavage was showing as her breasts strained against the tight blouse. He turned away quickly, his face flushing again, his cock jerking, almost painfully, in the robe.

“Okay, the last artist is Ingrid, I think you will enjoy her work quite a bit,” Angie said her voice growing a little husky. She bumped into him from behind and she lingered a moment her breasts crushed against his back before stepping away. He shivered as a shock of desire raced up his spine. “I think she is the best of the three,” added Casibom Angie.

He spent a long time looking, lingering over each of the 10 pieces. They were compelling, powerful pieces. Here, the show was dominated by two large, sexually evocative pieces. The first featured two women lying on a bed entwined in a lover’s embrace and the second a merman taking a mermaid from behind. Both painted in a photographic style. “Well Angie, I suppose you know which two I want?” he asked. Angie looked a bit uncomfortable and bit her lip.

“Yes, I knew you would want those two, but the artist doesn’t want to sell those. It took me hours just to convince her to include those in the show,” she replied, a note of concern in her voice.

“I see,” he mused, “Well I’m anxious to meet her. Perhaps I can convince her to let me buy them if I promise to give them a good home.” His cock was still rampant but the focus had changed. The paintings were reaching deep and bringing forth desires he was unaware had been growing. He took a step back and bumped into Angie, she staggered and clutched at him to keep from falling, pulling the robe apart. He turned to help her and her mouth gaped open as she caught sight of his swollen member. He quickly pulled the robe back together his face feeling hot. “Let’s go upstairs and see if my clothes are ready,” he mumbled as he fumbled with the robe. Angie only nodded. She followed him up the stairs, he was acutely aware of her stare and what she might be able to see from her vantage point below and behind as he went up to the apartment.

“I’ll check your clothes, why don’t you change in the bedroom, you will be more comfortable,” Angie said to him.

“Umm, okay,” he mumbled. He went into the bedroom. Rather Spartan actually, except for the large king sized bed covered with a dark blue satin bedspread. Out of curiosity he checked underneath, yes indeed, matching silk sheets and pillowcases. He turned to the window and looked out over the street, the gray rainy day beginning to settle into an equally wet, rainy night. He never heard her enter the room, didn’t know she was there until her arms reached around him from behind quickly untying the robe and grasping his swollen member. He groaned as her hot hands stroked and caressed his hard cock. He turned to her looking into her eyes as her hands fondled his balls.

Her blouse was open her breasts constrained only by her lacy bra. He reached for her, caressing her breasts through the lace then slipping the blouse off her shoulders and undoing the clasp with one hand. Her breasts sprang forward as they were released, the nipples hard and swollen. He held her breasts, rolling each nipple gently between his fingers and thumbs. She moaned loudly and knelt before him, taking his throbbing cock between her lips and swirling her tongue around the head. He sighed as the heat of her mouth enveloped him. He held her head gently with his hands her mouth slowly working up and down his shaft as she tried to take it all inside her mouth and throat. A buzzer sounded, shockingly loud in the quiet bedroom. They both jumped startled at the sudden noise.

“Damn, I didn’t know it was that late,” growled Angie as she stood. She got her clothes in order as she stormed towards the door. “Come down when you are ready, Kris” she called back to him. He sighed in frustration and relief. He was very attracted to Angie and had considered trying to seduce her a time or two but had never acted on it. He wasn’t sure he was ready for her. But his cock was hard and throbbing and without thinking he took it in his hand stroking it slowly. He could see the picture of the merfolk in his head as his hand sped up, stroking harder, until his cock throbbed and jerked in his hand, great strands of white cum hitting the floor as the merfolk fucked each other in his head. He felt better having released some of his tension. He cleaned up and dressed making sure he was presentable.

He disliked making big entrances and Angie knew that. She never let her artists know that he was one of her biggest clients. He didn’t want the artists to feel like they had to impress him. He wanted to know them as a friend not someone they had to impress. He was unsure of his feelings for Angie because they had a good business relationship. He didn’t want that to change.

He slipped into the gallery through the back door and worked his way around to the front again, where Alex’s work was hanging. There was already a large crowd in the gallery and he had no problems blending in. Eventually Angie spotted him and called him over. She gave him a quick hug, harder than normal, and introduced him to Alex and Oscar. They chatted for a while. Kris was quite pleased Casibom Giriş that his initial impressions had been right. Angie always knew how to pick them. After a short conversation Angie dragged him away back to Ingrid’s work. Here the crowd was larger, each painting drawing its own group of admirers. The largest of course were around the two pieces he had admired so much earlier.

“I was right about her, wasn’t I?” Angie asked him. “I’ve already sold half her paintings, she should be thrilled.” Angie guided him through the crowd. “Ah, there she is,” she said pointing to a young woman surrounded by a crowd of people, mostly men, a glass of champaign in one hand.

She was striking, honey blonde hair piled high on her head, one strand refusing to cooperate hanging down one side of her face. She was dressed for effect, her short dress clinging tightly to her curves, cut low in back and front, her breasts seemingly barely contained within it’s confines. Her high-healed shoes showing off a splendid pair of legs covered in sheer black stockings, a thin black seam running up the back of her legs. She took his breath away. Angie tugged on him and he allowed himself to pulled over to the group. Angie easily parted the crowd and introduced them.

“I have heard so much about you,” Ingrid said.

“About me?” he replied raising one eyebrow at Angie. Angie blushed a bright red.

“Yes, she said that you wanted to buy the two paintings that I wanted to keep.”

“That’s true I was hoping to talk you out of them.”

“Well, we shall see persuasive you can be about that then, I am very attached to them.”

They chatted for a few more minutes the conversation centering on her paintings, heavily mixed with sexual innuendos. She was bright, clever and witty. He found himself very attracted to her. Eventually, Angie parted them dragging Ingrid away to meet some of her other clients. He relaxed and then realized that he had a raging hard-on. He slipped towards the back, knowing that Angie wouldn’t mind if he took a break in the little coffee room by her office in the back of the gallery. He sat in the darkness for a long time, just relaxing, getting his pounding heart and raging cock under control. He was about to stand when the door to the back opened, letting a shaft of light pierce through the darkness. He saw two figures enter and he sat back down in the coffee room.

One of the figures giggled and he recognized Angie’s voice. She sounded slightly drunk. The light in the office went on revealing Angie and Ingrid. Angie had pushed Ingrid against the desk and pulled the top of her dress down to reveal Ingrid’s breasts, her nipples hard and swollen. Angie bent slightly and took one in her mouth. He heard Ingrid gasp as Angie’s hot lips and mouth enveloped her breast. Angie’s hands had moved underneath Ingrid’s dress and Ingrid was beginning to unbutton Angie’s blouse. They giggled and moaned as they fondled each other. He unbuttoned his pants releasing his hard cock from his pants. He stroked it slowly but forcefully as the two women fondled and played with each other.

Ingrid grunted hard, Angie had pulled Ingrid’s dress up and had thrust a finger deep into her pussy and was fucking her with it. She gripped Angie tightly as Angie sucked her breasts. Angie’s finger moving quickly in and out of Ingrid’s pussy. He watched as Ingrid trembled and shook as Angie’s hands and mouth brought her closer and closer to the bursting point. He stared at them, Ingrid crying out as Angie finger fucked her to an intense orgasm. They collapsed into each other’s arms.

“Let’s go upstairs,” whispered Angie to Ingrid, “Dori can close the exhibit down tonight. Ingrid nodded still recovering from the orgasm that Angie had induced. “Wait here a second.” Angie buttoned her blouse, smoothed her hair and went up front. He continued to sit quietly in the darkness. Just watching Ingrid sit on the edge of the desk her cheeks flushed red. Angie returned in a few minutes. “Okay, everything is set, but I think Kris went home. I couldn’t find him anywhere.” she whispered, “I hope he’s not mad at me for not seeing him off.” Angie pulled Ingrid across the room and up the stairs.

He slipped off his shoes and socks and waited till they were inside Angie’s apartment and the door had closed, then he made his way quietly up the stairs. He paused at the door and listened for a moment. After hearing nothing he slowly opening it. It was dark in the apartment and he stood in the doorway letting his eyes adjust to the dim light coming in through the windows from the street lamps outside. He could hear noises coming from the bedroom now, soft grunts and moans of pleasure from Angie. Without thinking Casibom Yeni Giriş he stripped off his clothes and stood naked in the darkness, his hard cock pointing up to the ceiling. He moved to the bedroom door and peeked in.

He could make out the two women on the bed. It was easy, even in the darkness, to tell who was who. Angie was on her back resting her head on the pillows, her legs spread wide, her hands playing with her breasts, tweaking her hard swollen nipples. Ingrid was between her legs her head bobbing up and down as she licked and sucked Angie’s auburn pussy. Ingrid’s ass was pointed high in the air, while she firmly held the firm cheeks of Angie’s ass in her hands. He watched for a moment, Ingrid eating Angie like there was no tomorrow, Angie thrusting her pussy up to meet Ingrid’s tongue, beginning to cry out as Ingrid’s tongue worked magic on her pussy. As if in a dream he moved into the room till he was standing at the foot of the bed his engorged cock pointed at Ingrid’s upraised ass.

That’s when Angie opened her eyes and saw him. Her eyes went wide as he stood behind Ingrid and he raised his finger to his lips to silence her. She grinned and nodded reaching down with her hands to hold Ingrid’s head tighter to her pussy. The scents coming from the two women were intoxicating, his heart beating fast, his cock throbbing and aching. He took Ingrid by the hips and thrust his cock forward deep into her wet pussy till his balls slapped hard against her ass. She cried out and jumped but could not escape the delicious thrust with his hands holding her hips and Angie’s hands holding her head.

He paused for a moment enjoying the feel of her hot pussy wrapped around his rampant cock. He pulled out leaving just the head of his cock inside her. Holding her with one hand he began toying with her asshole with the other. He thrust hard again watching his thick cock disappear inside her. Ingrid raised her head and cried out as he impaled her. Ingrid shoved back on his cock her soft wet pussy enveloping his cock and squeezing hard. Angie pulled Ingrid’s head back down to her pussy, desperate for Ingrid’s tongue. Kris let Ingrid concentrate on Angie, just holding is rigid cock inside. Ingrid slowly fucking herself on his hard cock while she ran her tongue over Angie’s pussy. The heat surrounding his cock was maddening and he fought with himself to keep from pounding into her without mercy. At last Angie cried out, thrusting her pussy up hard to Ingrid’s face her body rocking as her orgasm burst through her. She collapsed back her eyes locked on him.

Ingrid cried out grunting hard has he pulled his cock back and thrust hard into her. She whipped her ass back to meet each thrust of his cock. She cried out again as his long finger penetrated her ass. She held still for a moment the rock hard cock throbbing inside her pussy as he finger fucked her ass. She yelped and thrust hard against him taking both members as deep as she could. Angie sat up on the bed and moved to one side of them. She kissed Kris deeply and reached underneath Ingrid to finger her swollen clit. Kris reached down pulling Ingrid up so she was kneeling, holding her breasts in his hands, tweaking her hard nipples with his fingers. She felt the fires inside building and she began to shake uncontrollably as Angie flicked her clit in time with the thrusting of the cock fucking into her.

He could feel Ingrid tense as her orgasm approached. He paused for a moment and pulled his cock all the way out of her hot pussy. She cried out in frustration, thrusting back trying to find his swollen member. With his hand he guided it to her ass pausing for moment then thrusting his hard slick shaft into her bowels. She grunted and cried out trying to escape the sudden intruder in her rear. He felt like his cock was in a vice as she squeezed down hard on the rigid shaft. Angie quickly shoved a finger into her empty pussy and Ingrid went wild. She impaled herself on the rigid shaft fucking back and squeezing with all her might, feeling each vein on the pulsing cock. She stiffened and cried out as her orgasm burst through her. He could no longer hold out, the fierce grip of her ass was to much for his throbbing cock and his orgasm washed over him like a raging fire, his cock flexing and jerking shooting jet after jet of cum deep into her ass.

He collapsed against her and she in turn collapsed on to the bed. He rolled over on to his back and found himself snuggled tightly between the two women. He rested for a moment staring at the ceiling his cock going limp between his thighs. Ingrid and Angie rested their heads on his chest and he wrapped his arms around them holding them tight to him. For a time the room was silent, then two different hands and two sets of lips began to explore his body and the room filled with his moans of delight. He relaxed and surrendered himself to them feeling his cock begin to swell again as their hot hands stroked and caressed him.

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