Asian Silk Ch. 02


Chapter 2: A Garden Party

The first story in the series is here.



After our first incredible day of passion, we’re unable to see each other again for three days. And then, it’s not what I would wish. You’ve been invited to an early evening art gallery fundraiser at a wealthy patron’s home, and there’s no getting out of it. I make a few protestations about going to stuffy parties with boring people when I could be spending my time getting to know your body better, but truth to tell, I’m hoping that I’ll have time to do just that after the party.

So I’m at your door exactly when I said I would be, and nattily attired. I think I’ve surprised you.

“Well, you clean up nicely,” you say, kissing me. A long, thoughtful, sensuous kiss. Mmmmmm. I think you look absolutely stunning in a soft, flowing floral dress that billows about your legs, striking the perfect balance between elegance and informality. Ideal for a garden party. You are such a beautiful woman; you make me weak at the knees.

You ask me to drive your car. I hold your hand, taking it to my lips often to kiss. We talk a great deal since we actually don’t know each other as well as we should, but even the moments of silence are warm, golden and enjoyable. I notice that you look over several times, as if studying me. You know that I’m not exactly looking forward to such a formal event, but I hide my discomfort well.

The house is well outside the city, and takes us awhile to get there. We finally find the driveway, unpaved, disappearing though a deep woods. We when finally reach the clearing, I’m awed. It isn’t a house, it’s a mansion. There’s even a half dozen guys and girls parking cars.

Just before we get to the door, you lean closer for a whispered confidence.

“Just so you know, baby, I’m going to suck and fuck your huge cock before we leave.”

And then you’re off, leaving me shocked and shaking, and with the start of an erection. It takes me a moment to catch up, but we reach the wide foyer together. I don’t have time to say anything.

It’s almost impossible not to look impressed: The house is beautiful, filled with original paintings and sculptures, and we take our time looking at several pieces with other patrons, before heading out back to the garden, after taking a tall flute of sparkling wine from a waitress. Only it’s not sparkling wine, it’s Champagne, and a delicious one at that.

We step out onto a huge stone patio fronting an incredible garden — vibrant and breathtaking — that seems to go on for acres. You’re excited and touched by the beauty, and that pierces me, too. Given how we met, there’s so much that I don’t know about you. I know that we’ll have to go for a long stroll, drink it all in. I love watching you get so emotional. Next we notice a string quartet, playing off to one side. Mozart. Could this moment be any better?

The host — a charming older woman — greets us warmly, and she talks easily to us about your work and mine. She’s polished and refined, and in a few minutes you relax, and stop worrying whether I’ll enjoy myself. The three of us talk for a little while, and we’re joined by an acquaintance of yours.

When I ask a few questions about the artwork we saw after we arrived, I’m suddenly taken away. Our host locks her arm in mine — I’m to be given the grand tour of the house, leaving you behind with your acquaintance, as you’ve both seen it before. As I’m leaving, I catch your dark Asian eyes, and you’re laughing, enjoying my predicament.

Twenty minutes later, I’m back at the patio, looking for you, with little success. I talk with a few people I know tangentially, eyes always searching. And then I see you, in the distance. Enjoying the garden. The dress is unmistakable, and I know the gentle sway of your body. I start heading your way. There must be more than 200 people here, but the property is so large, it doesn’t feel crowded in the slightest.

It takes me awhile to reach you — by that time, you’ve moved to the far side of the garden, at the property’s limit. I steal up behind you, and have you to myself, so I pull you to me, your back against my chest. My hands can’t help themselves, and move up to cup your full breasts. I feel your enormous brown nipples harden beneath the fabric.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” you say, leaning your shoulders back towards me so that I can smother your neck with kisses. “But I think it’s only fair to warn you that my date tonight knows martial arts.”

I laugh as I kiss your neck, but then Maraş Escort you shock the hell out of me. You turn and kneel on the grass, only slightly out of sight, and quickly find my cock beneath the zipper.

“We can’t!” I gasp. “Not here.”

“I just want to see it,” you whisper. “I just want to hold your cock for a second.”

But you’re lying to me.

Even before I can react, you open wide and engulf my soft 4 1/2 inches, all the way to the hilt, your tongue licking my balls. After 20 incredible seconds, I feel your full, sensual lips withdraw along my length, your tongue circling the head as you milk me with your hand. My cock twitches and rises as you engulf me again, not so deeply, but bringing even more pleasure.

“I still can’t believe how big you are,” you gasp, “and how much this turns me on.”

You then run your hot lips along the length of my shaft, with a long “mmmmmmm” before sucking the head repeatedly. Over and over, until you have my full nine inches standing at attention.

“I want you to fuck me baby, make me come with your huge cock,” you whisper. I can’t believe we still haven’t been busted, but you’ve excited me to the breaking point.

I have to have you — now.

I help you up, and though it seems silly, I push my painful hard-on back into my pants, and we move to a small grassy area fronted by a medium-sized rhododendron. You know what I have in mind, turning your back to me. I lift your dress, exposing your beautiful ass, and you slip off your panties. You grab a wooden fence for support.

You can tell I’m fumbling with my belt and zipper. We haven’t yet fucked doggy style, and I’m thrilled by the thought of it.

“Nice and slow, honey, inch by beautiful inch.” You are dripping wet, and ready for me, so I give you exactly what you want. You sigh loudly, followed by a laughing moan, and I’m gasping yet again with the penetration. It wasn’t a dream. You tight, gorgeous cunt feels like fine exotic silk.

After I’m buried to the hilt, I slowly rotate within you, just as you like, and feel your pussy conform to my girth. You squeeze your lips to milk me, and finger your clit ever so slightly. You don’t need much.

“Ahhhh, yes, God… Just like last time. Fuck, I’m so horny, so fucking horny!” I love how I can bring you along so quickly; the pleasure builds with just a few exquisite, lingering, deep thrusts, and your gasps mount in intensity, falling one after the other.

“Fuck David, I’m coming, I’m coming… Oh fuck, oh God, it’s so good, so fucking good!”

And I watch as your ass clenches with each contraction, and your orgasm is deep and profound, seeming to last for minutes. I can’t help myself, and slide a finger into your tight, inviting ass to massage my cock as I continue to thrust slowly and deeply, and that friction sets you off again; you grit your teeth as you come, and rotate your ass against me, inflaming me even more.

As the pleasure subsides, I remove my fingers from your Chinese ass, and grab your hips to slowly start fucking you with even greater intent, endless thrusts, always withdrawing until just the head remains, so you can feel my entire length stretching you. You have the hottest, sweetest cunt; I’ve never felt anything like it.

No one can see us, I think, at least not until they’re right upon us, but what we’re doing feels so reckless and wanton. You’re amazed at how excited you are, and I’m thrilled, shaking with each thrust into your slippery pussy. With each minute, my cadence increases, and soon I have to clench my muscles to keep from filling you. The pleasure is almost unbearable.

“Oh, that feels so good,” you moan, breaking the silence, biting your bee sting lips in a way that drives me wild. You rock even harder with each deep thrust, so you can feel every blessed inch of me, and I’m in heaven, surrounded by your sweet, delicious, gorgeous Asian cunt. Every so often you squeeze the muscles of your pussy, gripping me like a hand, bringing a long, deep moan of pure pleasure from my lips.

Oh God, oh God, oh God — you’re driving me wild! Has any woman ever been this wet? The sensations are just this side of unbearable.

With my hard cock bottoming out in you, my balls slapping lightly against your ass, I can tell that again your pleasure is building, building, ohhh, you’re being fucked so deeply and completely. I can also tell that your pleasure is made profound by the danger of being caught; you’re reputation as a respectable Chinese girl would come crashing down by the sight Maraş Escort Bayan of you being fucked in public, by the sight of nine long hard thick inches of cock disappearing into your tight cunt over and over again.

I know this is where your mind is, for your legs are shaking, and I feel your contractions as you let yourself come again with wild abandon, head thrashing from side to side. It’s too much for me.

“I’m close, I’m close.” My deep cries are strangled with tension.

“My mouth, baby my mouth,” you gasp, and I withdraw my slick cock, barely under control, but you whirl like a dervish, kneeling before me quickly, and taking the head of my cock between your lips — so, so sensually. The effect is mesmerizing. You suck and lick me to an immediate explosion.

I watch your eyes go wide as you swallow my first huge spurt of slippery, sweet cum, and then you open your mouth, so the second and third ribbons splash over your lips and cheek. Six hard spurts follow, hitting your tongue, and you swallow my load easily, but we’re not done yet. You milk me softly, squeezing even more semen from my thick cock, swallowing each dollop in turn, as if trying to make it last.

And then your tongue cleans my cum from your lips, and your fingers catch the seed that landed on your cheeks, and it’s between your lips and down your throat faster than I can say.

“God, I’m such a slut,” you say, slowly rising to kiss me, your lips still warm with my cum. “Did you see the look on my face when you shot into my mouth? I can’t believe it. Do you know what happened?”

I admit that I don’t.

“Swallowing your cum makes me come!” Your eyes close, and you’re swaying with pleasure. “Oh David, that is so fucking hot! Thank you.”

You don’t have to tell me. My ejaculation was incredibly intense and satisfying. You kiss me deeply, and then I help you as you straighten your dress; you look so very beautiful, and I feel lucky. Your cheeks are flushed, your breath is still coming in gasps as we make it back to the path just as an older couple rounds the bend. Another 30 seconds, and they would have found us.

You smile mischievously, and we talk to them briefly about the lovely estate, wondering if they can tell by our color, our perspiration, what we’ve been doing. We laugh so easily at their jokes, so relaxed, so pleased, and your poise is a delight to behold.

As we walk back to the patio, I look over at you, the waning sunlight catching your lustrous hair, the soft curves of your shoulders, and I’m smitten. So moved. You are so gorgeous, so sexy. I can’t keep my hands off of you, and I can’t help but wonder what will come next.

Soon we’re back at the patio, busier now, waiters and waitresses swirling by with more Champagne and delicious hors d’oeuvres. A tall, distinguished look man joins us. Our host. We thank him for his generosity, compliment him on his glorious estate. And then he starts in on wine. He’s read and enjoyed a few of the wine and food articles I’ve written, likes my style, and he’d love to show me his cellar. Damned if I’m not pulled away from you again.

I get another grand tour, and it’s impressive. The guy has 2,600 bottles, stored in dark, hardwood racks. The whole room is temperature-controlled, and he shows me wines I’ve only dreamt of tasting, including a venerable Bordeaux from the year you were born. I mention the fact, and before I know it, the bottle is in my hands, a gift for us, for a special occasion. I thank him warmly, amazed, and we return to the deck.

And you’re gone again. After 15 minutes, I don’t know where else to look. I head back in the house, find one of the mansion’s six bathrooms. When I open the door to leave, you’re on me, surprising me, driving me back, smothering my mouth. After a few quick passionate, wet kisses, you force me down on the chair near the floor-length mirror and lock the door.

You lift your dress, so erotically, and I see your beautiful pussy. You’ve taken your panties off! And then you move to me slowly, gazing in my eyes, undoing my belt and my zipper, sliding my pants and shirt off, exposing my cock. It’s just starting to rise, and you grab hold and mount me slowly. It’s not easy to get my cock inside of you when it’s so soft, but you do it, and you fuck me so that it hardens, filling you. Slowly, ohhhhhh, so slowly. Gazing deeply into my eyes the entire time, kissing my mouth hard, tongue rife, soft, sensual lips surrounding mine.

With your feet touching the floor, you lift off of me until just my cock Escort Maraş head is inside you, and then you slide down my shaft, burying my cock deep inside of your gorgeous pussy. Fast and slow, varying your rhythm according to your pleasure, your needs. I can feel your honey covering me, dripping around my balls, then to my ass and the chair. The scent is everywhere, intoxicating, and I’m thrilled by your wetness. And you’re fucking me so completely, so deliberately. Looking at me, watching every reaction that I make. Telling me how much you love my cock, how good it feels to take me inside of you so deeply. You tell me that you feel like such a cock slut now, and that I’ve spoiled you. You only want to fuck huge cocks from now on.

I am shaking and so turned on. Oh God, I know exactly how you feel. I tell you that I only want to fuck Asian women now, so tight, so wet, so exotic. That your cunt feels like silk, and drives me wild. Our lovemaking feels so exquisite, so intense, so delicious. I’m gasping with each thrust. Moaning, kissing your mouth, our tongues fencing. God, this is so incredible, so sexy. So hot!

Then you move closer, so your hard, huge nipples brush against my face. I kiss, suck, and bite them as we fuck. You continue to vary your rhythm, you’re in complete control, squeezing me, driving me wild. If you could only feel my ecstasy!

And then you close your eyes, crying out.

“Oh Baby, Ohhhhhh, fuck, I’m coming!” And I feel your body shaking, trembling as you come, so hard, so wonderful. But you don’t stop, the same cadence, driving me insane. Minute after minute, so hot, so wet, so incredible. And then another deep orgasm for you, shuddering and wild and, for the first time, your cadence erratic. “So good, so good,” you moan.

You lean in, whispering.

“I love tasting my Asian cunt on your cock baby…” You breathlessly fuck me harder. “Do you think I’d like tasting other Asian pussy? What if you fucked me doggie style while I licked one of my friends until she comes, and I can taste her sweetness… Wouldn’t that be hot?”

You’re gasping at the thought, and start fucking me hard. “Mmmmmm. Or wouldn’t it be hot if you fucked one of my Chinese friends — a girl who has only fucked little dicks — while she licks me to orgasm. Would you like that, baby?”

I gasp a strangled yes. “Or maybe we could both suck your cock while you’re wet with my cunt — or her cunt — until you explode in our mouths.”

The fantasy is too much for you, and you come screaming wildly.

I’m so close, every nerve and fiber of my being starts to tense. A warm, delirious wave rushes through me, and over me, starting with my cock, and then it’s everywhere, every muscle tensing with pleasure, overwhelming me, and I come with every ounce of strength that I possess, calling your name over and over and over, just barely aware that your pussy is again squeezing my cock, and that your cries mingle with mine. I come so hard that I almost pass out.

We don’t move for the longest time. I just hold you so tightly, still shaking, amazed at what you can do to me. I know that I never had an orgasm like that before, and my gratitude makes me want to give you more pleasure still. I lift you off of me, moving you back to the sink, seating you on the wide marble countertops. Before you can move, I raise your dress, and position you so you can watch in the mirror, as my tongue glides along your thighs, moving to your sopping pussy. I feel you lifting your legs, spreading your legs, opening yourself to me, so that I can taste our lovemaking, and please you with my mouth and tongue, probing and licking, every inch of your amazing kitty. I love spreading your lips with my fingers, then sliding into you repeatedly with my tongue, sucking, licking, trying to go deeper, to taste you, to taste us.

I hear your moans, your gasps, so sexy, and you watch me like you’re entranced. When I shift my lips to your clit, circling it, lightly sucking it, you go wild. I fluttering my tongue against your swollen pearl, until I feel your hands at my head, pressing me into you even as you hump my face with your pussy, crying out, and three hot orgasms follow; as one fades, another rises in its places, and I am slick with your sweet pleasure.

When the third orgasm subsides, exhaustion takes over. We spend a few tender minutes kissing, touching, catching our breath. I dress, and then finally, we unlock the door, and rejoin the party, with only a few wait staff exchanging knowing looks.

We drive home slowly, and you squeeze my hand. Eventually, laughing, I tell you that I had more fun than I had expected to.

“Yes, you were a very good boy tonight,” you answer. “I had fun. I think, as your reward, we should go back to my place and fuck ourselves silly. How does that sound, sweetie?”

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