Asking For Eggs – Ch. 05


Oh what an awfully hot day today! I’ve already done the laundry and the cooking and there is nothing urgent for me to do anymore. Edgar (my husband) is at work and Sarah is out with friends. I’m feeling so booored. Hmmm… Ryan is upstairs, but he hates to be disturbed during his working hours. There’s no reason to even try to talk to him; he will just get angry at me for interrupting him…How did I end up so bored? I mean, I consider myself to be an intelligent woman. And I’m not looking so bad, either. Yes, I’m forty now and not in the best shape of my life, but I’m not fat at all. I have always liked my long brown hair and my C-cup tits are still firm and not saggy yet. Here and there I’m still getting wanting looks from men on the street.But Edgar and I are not fucking often anymore. And when we do, it feels like he’s just going through the motions spurting his cum all over me or quickly inside me. It’s not satisfactory for me at all anymore.Don’t I deserve more excitement in my life? Well, I guess that’s what family life and marriage are about… But is there really Yozgat Escort not more for me in this life? The kids are all grown up now. What should I do with all my time?While all these thoughts are going through my mind I decide to drink a chilled lemonade to cool off. I take a big sip and try to imagine how the cold liquid is going through my body inside my belly, cooling me off. In my imagination, it helps for a quick second. But just one minute later I feel hot again.Let’s do some sunbathing, I think to myself. At least I can use the heat to get a nice tan. I go upstairs and put on my string bikini, so my ass can get the maximum sun exposure. My son Ryan will be working the next one and a half hours until the stock market closes. So nobody can see me in this, anyway. And besides, it’s not like I’m going nude.Back outside I lie down face-up on a sun chair with some light music playing from my iPhone. Life’s not so bad after all, I think, while my body is getting reenergized by the sun.Gladly we have a very secluded garden where no passersby Yozgat Escort Bayan can look into. I like to have privacy and I’m glad I convinced Edgar to do it this way. There’s only one possibility to be seen and that is from the second-floor window and from the balcony of the neighboring house to the east. But nothing to worry about either, since the neighbors will most likely be working at this time.I close my eyes and slowly doze off… After about what feels like half an hour I awake again. I didn’t know I was so tired, but this short nap really felt good. I turn to my side to get my water bottle and while I do I can spot someone sitting on the balcony of the neighboring house. I don’t look at the person and finish my motion drinking. Because I’m wearing sunglasses, it’s impossible the person could have noticed that I saw him. But who could it be?I take a side glance through my sunglasses and I can see the neighboring kid, Oliver staring at me. From my position, it must seem impossible for him to think that I have spotted him. I can Escort Yozgat only see his head peeking out above the railing of the balcony. He must be sitting on a chair.Ah yes, Oliver. I totally didn’t think about any of my neighbors being home at this hour of the day, but it makes sense for him to be home. He’s the sixteen or seventeen-year-old kid from my neighbors. I don’t know him well, but he looked a bit shy and nerdy the first few times when I met him briefly. To be fair it’s only a narrow view from his balcony to our garden. My spider senses of spotting him have been working very well again. I feel a moment of pride in myself.But this moment quickly turns into a wave of mild anger. Why is he staring at me? It’s not appropriate to stare at me so blatantly while I am almost naked. How long is he watching me already? The whole time while I was asleep. There’s a good chance he’s been watching me for at least ten minutes. Wait, am I turning him on? Is that why he is watching me so intently?I do another glance to my side through my sunglasses without shifting my straightforward head position. Yes! He is definitely staring at me. Horny kid, huh. Who would have thought? He seemed so innocent when we met. Well, let’s give him a little show and have some fun, haha. The poor kid has probably not seen any naked women in his life before.

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