Ass Music


Ass MusicTwo pillows under my head, three under my stomach and my ass in the air. I’m a little high from the bourbon and my heart is racing with anticipation. His fingers are slippery with KY and they’re caressing my sphincter. “Relax baby.” I relax it, he pushes a finger in, pulls it out. “Good boy”. Again. In and out. He’s very gentle. I relax it more. Now two slippery digits. It feels nice. Gentle. In and out. “I think you’re ready for me now sweetheart.” Shit man, I’ve been ready for you for a fucking hour.His head presses against my hole, then it slips up toward my tailbone. He slides it back and forth over me. “Fuck me baby” I whisper. sahabet güvenilirmi “I’m gonna fuck your sweet tight ass you little whore!” he replies. He stops sliding and positions his head in my hole. He pushes. I relax. It begins to slide in. Slowly. He pauses. I’m starting to stretch around his thick cock, the same cock that I was sucking just a few minutes ago. His beautiful, thick shaft, cut and veined and hard. He pushes again, this time he means it. His head passes my point of no return. My ass takes him in. We moan together. He slides deep into me and rests again, his sweet flat stomach wet against sahabet yeni giriş my ass and his thick meat filling me. He starts to rock, sliding out of me. Not all the way, just enough that I can feel his head just inside. Back in, slowly. Out again quickly, back in slowly. His rhythm. Out fast, in slow. Jesus he’s a good fuck! My head is spinning and my ass is in heaven! He rocks a little faster, I bite the pillow. Now he pauses, breathing heavy, he puts his hands on my shoulders and pulls me toward him. I push my ass to him, bringing his cock as deep as I can, his head rubbing me deep and caressing my g spot. sahabet giriş He starts to rock again, he abandons his previous rhythm and just fucking pounds me. I pound him back, his stiff shaft is making sweet music inside me. Almost without warning I cum. It’s a mother fucking beautiful orgasm! I’m moaning, my sphincter is gripping his shaft. He’s on the edge, wailing into my ass, dripping sweat on my back. His body stiffens, he pulls my shoulders hard and thrusts his jones deep. He pours into me, a big hot load. He’s gasping for breath, his cock is throbbing, his sweet wet stomach pressed against my ass. We are silent. He gently pulls out of me and climbs off the bed. I roll onto my back and reach to the nightstand for my glass of bourbon. I take a sip and look around the room at the four other guys with their cocks in their hands. Everyone of them stiff, and their cheeks flushed. I whisper “Who’s next?”

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