At the Adult Store


At the Adult StoreThe other day i was at the porn shop looking for some fun toys that me and my husband would enjoy together. I went to the dildo section were of course all of the dildos are huge. Instantly i noticed i was getting warm. It must of been all these hard rock cocks in front of me. My husband is average size but sometimes a gal needs a little bit more in her life. I started to pick this one that was battery operated and had beads on it. It seemed a little too big for my pussy.When i turned around to go to the next isle i noticed a couple looking at toys as well they looked very happy together. I noticed that they were looking at bullets. I have a couple of those I enjoy them for my solo performances when the hubby is not around. I stayed were i was but in the corner of my eye i noticed pınarbaşı escort the tall dark haired man was looking at me while he was talking to his wife. I kept to my self and kept looking around. I found what I was looking and and I kept analyzing it back nd forth. Next thing I noticed the couple were lloking for dildos too right beside me. At first they were amazed of all the toys. Then they started to play with them. She was like look hunny what do you think. i kept to myself but aster a minute or two I noticed they got really close too me. It made me uncomfortable at first but then it went away. The wife bumped on to me when she turned around both of our boobs collided in the middle of the isle. I was like excuse me she was very apologetic I told her not to worry. She insisted on brushing my coat of she was look i made your coat wrinkley i was not to worry but she insited and kept padding me down on my chest. I told her it was ok but she kept insisting but the more she padded me the more her hands started to cup my breast. It seemed like she was fondling me. i felt helpless because it felt so nice to feel another womens touch. She loked into my eyes and I culd feel her hand on top of my breast. It was like i was in a magical place.Her husband decide to get behind me and started to fondle my ass. I love it when my husband grabs my ass and spreads my asshole. He was gentle I didnt know what to do next. She leaned over to kiss me and i just stood there frozen like a mummy. I was beeing fondled and kissed by both of them. I didnt know what to I was so turned on that a complete stranger and her husband would have the inclination to come at me like this. I was so turned on that I had lost sight of where i was and started to rub my clit. My pussy was so wet that I felt like i was taking a shower. We both kissed and rubbed our bodies together. The next thing I noticed was that a clerk from the store interrupted us and asked us if we needed anything. All three of us were like no were fine just looking around. He ruined the perfect moment. At that time I was like i need to go home. It was nice meeting you. I left without even buying anything. I got home and saw my husband on the couch watching tv. i got on my knees and unzipped his crotched and started to suck his cock until he came. He was like what got into you, i told him i was feeling generous. Little did he know that the strangers at the stores had done all the hardwork kickstarting this pussy inot high gear.

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