At The Table


She invited me over for lunch one day – a day off work for her was a delicious excuse for an afternoon tryst. She was in a rather flirtatious mood, and did her best to dress the part. She wore a very cute, short plaid skirt, tight low cut sweater to show off her curves quite nicely and a pair of heels to match the sexy thigh-high tights. She would turn an absurd number of heads if she went out dressed that way – but we had planned to stay in. My one request had been that she let me surprise her with dessert.

Through the meal our conversation was pleasantly animated by touching one another here and there – some rather innocuous while others much more provocative. But all very pleasant. I offered to clear the table after we finished and while I clattered about a little in the kitchen she asked rather excitedly, “What did you bring for dessert?”

Over the noise of my preparations I called back, “Just be patient – I’ll bring it out in just a moment.” As promised I returned in just a few minutes and placed a small tray on the sideboard next to the dining room table. “Stand up, please,” I asked, then turning her chair around to face away from the table, pulled mine up to face her. “It’s not nearly as much fun eating these by yourself,” I explained, turning to take something from the tray I brought in.

I turned back to face her with a small chocolate in my hand. A slightly unusual sweet – a tiny thin chocolate cup with a small dollop of whipped cream followed by a tart mango sauce and finally topped with a drop of warm chocolate sauce. “Open wide,” I ask, quickly placing the small treat on her tongue, then watch her explore the flavours mixing in her mouth. I prepare Gaziantep Grup Escort a second serving from the tray, offer it to her and she feeds me the same way. I’m pleased with the combinations of flavours, textures and temperatures, all in one small bite. And with the pleasure of sharing with her.

We don’t get as far as a second serving before we collapse into passionate kisses, the flavours still mixing as our tongues entangle in our long deep kiss. My hands start wandering over her body, admiring the curve of her breasts under the thin sweater, only a sheer camisole underneath. Down to her smooth thighs, teasing under the edge of her skirt. Into her ear I whisper, “That was just the appetizer, would you like to try the real dessert?” Her murmur sounds suitably welcoming to the thought.

I quickly stand up and pick her up from the chair, pulling it out of the way with my foot and lowering her onto the table. She looks both shocked and titillated at being on the table, but I don’t leave her much time to consider it. From the tray on the sideboard I take two small plastic bottles, then quickly unbutton her sweater and pull the camisole up over her breasts. On one I place a small drop of chilled mango sauce, the other warm chocolate sauce. First licking one and then the other I enjoy the two different flavours, both deliciously enriched by the subtle flavour of her nipple. She moans gently as I switch one for the other, letting my hand wander down between her thighs as I lick and suck again. Her thong is incredibly wet by this point and she squirms on the table as I tease around her clit while running my tongue over her nipples, savouring every drop. The third time I slip my fingers under her panties, sliding into her wet pussy and then spreading her slippery juices over her clit while flicking a nipple against my tongue. As she starts to squirm again I slip my fingers deep inside, finding her pleasure spot as I lick harder and faster, hearing her scream out wildly as she comes, arching up high against my hand before collapsing back onto the table.

The polished table makes it very easy to move her around. I quickly turn her so her head faces me, just at the edge of the table. Dropping my pants and pulling off my shirt I’m suddenly naked and extremely aroused by the second course. Taking the sauces again I place a drop of each on the tip of my cock and while supporting her neck pull so her head is just off the edge of the table. Just the right angle to take me deep inside her mouth – her tongue feels exquisite licking me like that, making me weak in the knees from the pleasure. Perhaps we need to try that one more time…

Then once again taking advantage of the slippery table I spin her right around so her legs face me. Bringing the chair back I sit down, admiring her legs from her skirt right down to the sexy high heels. I reach up under her skirt and lift her behind just enough to pull off the thong, slipping it out from each leg and tossing it on the floor next to my hastily discarded clothes. Pulling her just a little bit closer I drape her legs over my shoulder and lean in to bury my face in her wet pussy. I can’t see her face because of the skirt but from the sound of her moans I’m assured she’s enjoying herself. As I lift her ass and squeeze she closes her legs tightly around me, shaking as I suck and lick her clit, driving my tongue inside.

When I can’t stand it any longer I stand up, tipping the chair over behind me, then lift her up from the table and set her feet down on the floor. Turning her around I bend her over against the table, quickly thrusting my hard cock deep inside. She screams out right away, yelling “Fuck me hard!” at the top of her lungs as I do my best to satisfy her longings, slapping my hips against her ass as I hold her hips and fuck her wildly. When she comes she yells out louder still, her voice echoing around the room as I slow down, pressing myself deep inside, enjoying the feel of being squeezed so tight.

I slip out and lift her up onto the table, pulling her hips right to the edge and slip inside again. With her legs pressed up against my chest I fuck her some more, enjoying the sight – sweater open and camisole still pulled up over her breasts, skirt flipped up. We fuck this way, teasing her nipples and squeezing her ass until I start feeling weak in my knees. Then wrapping my hands around under her back I quickly lift her up off the table, still deep inside. Her eyes open wide as I carry her to the living room, arms tightly wrapped around my neck. I drop her onto the leather couch – a practical spot should we make any mess – and we fuck some more while my hands squeeze her breasts. She starts pinching my nipples while I fuck her and she quickly sees a faraway look in my eyes, hears me moaning as I reach the point of no return, a sudden burst of energy as I pound my hips against hers, finally exploding inside her, surprised to hear her scream out once more as a much higher pitched echo of my deep shout.

We fall asleep on the couch, tangled together with the sun shining in the windows, pleasantly sated both in flesh and spirit.

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