Atonement! H


He helped lower her into the tub, where she sat squinting in the bright light.

“Turn off that light and hit this light.” She pointed. As he did so it seemed to allow her to relax. She slipped down into the warm water and lay back pressing the water level up high. Her breasts noticeably buoyed to the surface and seemed to bob a bit of their own accord. To allow her slouch she spread her legs curling the feet beneath her rump. She closed her eyes and sighed, “Mmmm.” as her sores from their outdoor adventures soothed.

He looked around for soap to help her bath along and heard a flurry of activity behind him. Before he could look that way he was struck on the back of the head and neck with a ‘poof’. It was a towel and washcloth that fell to the floor behind where he crouched, and another giggle faded away with the sound of prancing footsteps.

He now had the tools to give a proper bath when combined with the liquid soap on the tub. He lathered up the washcloth and began with her buttocks which she raised a bit for his hand and the cloth. Then he attacked the faint muddy brown on her knees and rinsed out the cloth. When lathering up again he noticed her breathing deeply and sighing softly — she hadn’t opened her eyes yet. He proceeded to soak the back of her neck, under her chin, her shoulders and he noticed her feeling softer and softer. He moved to her lower legs and massaged her feet with the cloth. He was sure she was asleep when he was done with her feet. He then dabbed little cupped hands of water at her bangs and wiped at the washcloth to unchock the dried residue from those strands. It needed to be done twice, but then it was gone without a trace. He thought again of his plans for her atonement — a big final sexual deed that would clear her to him. That is not to say that there was a plan, but he felt the stirrings of one at this moment.

Then there was a stirring, a hand gently stroking his own bangs into his part. Lynette bent far over from beside his shoulder to his ear and whispered, “touch it.” She nodded at the place where the bathing beauty’s legs, spread for the tub, met.

“What, nooo.”

“Really, touch it.” She kissed his ear, “She’s not going to wake up. She’ll only wake up if you call her name or talk right to her.” Lynette’s fingers in his hair dropped to his shoulder and pointed to the little trimmed landing strip of soft hairs that waved in the water. “You’ll see,” her hand slinked down his arm to the elbow.


“You heard her, she’s fine with it,” She pushed him forward from the elbow and the washcloth was directed slowly down the closest nude thigh, “and I want you to.” Then the hand and washcloth met the pubic mound. For a moment the sleeper stirred and a sleepy moan escaped her again gently parted lips. She rolled the back of her head against the hard material of the tub and Onwin closed her legs. It was brief though, she’d done it to slip her nearest hand under her rear. Her hip rotated back and rolled her creamy thighs apart again.

“See,” Lynette chided, still purring into his ear. For his part his penis was rousing as if wondering what else he’d have to endure this night. Tight spaces and constriction had made the head sore. “I know I told you I wanted you to fuck me, but I want you to fuck her more than me. I don’t want to feel like a home wrecker anymore. I want you to really want her pussy. Here…” She prodded his elbow again and pressed him to stroke the soft floaty folds with the wash cloth. “Isn’t it nice?”


“Good, rub it.” She came around him to sit facing him, but off to one side to not block his work. He saw that Lynette had ‘dressed’ — baby blue panties, a heart at the spot where her pubic hairs puffed beneath, topped by a thin strapped ribbed baby doll that only clung at her nipples. They were again firm and the impression of their sharpness was enhanced by their press against the material. “Rub her and please keep her feeling nice. My girly really wants you.” She then quietly watched his face while he smoothed the other woman’s vagina.

He’d already parted the labia, and mostly played with her clitoris and occasionally the resting form responded with a quiet sigh of a breath.

“What?” he demanded as he was watched. She said nothing but shook her head in an expression that said ‘oh, nothing’. He wrapped the washcloth around a finger to tease it around the inner labia and watched sleepy hips move around to help his circular motion. He pressed in a bit and her head rocked back. Her lips opened a bit more absently looking more seductive. He pushed a little more in, but did feel a little awkward.

Just then Lynette, no longer quite whispering, said “Her boobs need washing, too.”

A little relieved of the pressure he took his finger out, but noticed that the vagina grabbed at the washcloth. About an inch of it within — it stayed. He leaned across to the liquid soap and lathered his hands up. As he sat back on his knees he could see out of the corner of his eye that Lynette has brought two fingers down to her panties and had snuck them inside. She already stroked herself and was sucking on her bottom lip while her eyes fixed him sidelong.

He rubbed one of his hands along under the large buoyant breasts, after months he still marveled at their size. They moved about in the high water and bounced softly on his hand. He used his other hand now and soaped her left breast, especially the front and its wide nipple. He felt the nub harden against his palm. His other hand cupped up onto her right breast and she brought her hand up to cover his. He moved around to a position to soap her mound, but her Onwin giriş hand stopped him and rolled his fingers around until they grabbed her nipple. That one rose to pert attention, too, and she pulled his hand until her nipple popped loose. The whole breast sloshed with the water making even the wash cloth wave loosely.

“See, she’s into it?” Lynette cooed, still rubbing inside her panties. “Oh, man I’m sore, this is burning up.” She kept going a bit more while he pushed water over the massive mammaries in his care to get the soap off. “I know you want to get her out — I’ll help you, but … feel this,” Her other hand took his and led it to her slim, but creamy thigh. It was still red at the top and she was right, it was hot. As he touched she hitched a little, sucking her lower lip back in. A little orgasmic look wrinkled her brow and she let out three high pitched notes, then sighed. Lynette slumped back against the tub and grinned up at him. She rotated up to face the tub on her knees, reached across her roomie, and added, “She’ll get cold again soon.” When her hand arrived at the foot of the tub she tapped the drain closure to make it pop up.

Lynette’s lithe figure was again before him and he noticed how the slope of her back again pouted out her tight rear into the air and pushed her nipples more noticeably against the baby-doll top. The bottom of her panties read ‘heart-shaped’. He placed his hand across her slim back at the top of her panties and she stayed across his lap a moment longer. She turned her head to look at her friend’s naked form as the water steadily drained away. His hand slid back and down and cupped her buttocks. When she let her weight press against his hand they both realized that her rear was just about as big as her friend’s bosom.

“Mmm, I… I want … not right now. I mean it; I want you to get her more, and we’ve gotten it on tonight — twice.” She moved one leg over his lap and faced him. “I feel so good, thank you. And I still want you rockin’ me and my pussy is ready to burn up for a week, but… I want you to get your stuff all up in her. She deserves that from me.” She kissed him gently between sentences. Then she rose and placed the towel in his lap. For that moment her crotch was right before his face and he caught the scent of her work from a moment ago.

The water was halfway down now. Lynette stepped to a new position to lean over the tub. As she put her pal’s knees together he could see up the little top to what little hang her tight breasts could produce. He then turned to his chore of helping his intended lover out of the tub. He stood to the side of the tub and reached to the backs of her armpits. Still sleeping, but helping she sat up when he pulled. Lynette took one of her hands and he the other and at the suggestion of pulling she stood up as if spirited to rise. He wrapped the towel around her shoulders, which also covered the wet ends of her long dark hair. He patted her dry to the midriff and rewrapped the towel under her bosom where he dried their undersides. Getting ready to move down more he realized that she still had a washcloth slightly within her ample twat. Just then Lynette saw it and held her hand to her smile as she thought she might not be able to hold onto her giggle. With the other hand she tentatively reached out to grasp the dangling dripping cloth. 1 — 2 — 3 she pulled quickly and snatched it from snatch. It resisted extraction and pulled her friend forward. They both leaned in to steady the sleeping form. He went ahead and helped her step over the edge of the tub, and then wrapped the towel around her waist. Lynette couldn’t take anymore and stepped out of the bathroom while giggling yet again. He took her hand and elbow and led her to bed. Slowly guiding her steps to avoid bumps, he found her ability to walk while sleeping to be surprising.

Entering the bedroom he found only one soft lamp lit and Lynette bent over — that taut posterior again aloft, probing in a drawer. She straightened up holding out a pair of satiny, flouncy pajama shorts and a large t-shirt. “Here, she wears these to bed.” He sat her down on the bed and Lynette sat next to her unfurling the t-shirt. He bent to her ankles to slip her bottoms onto her legs and start them up. Lynette had her shirt on over her head and one arm in in no time. They then lay her down to hike the satin around her full bottom which left her knees up and legs apart. The remaining sleeve got worked onto her other arm. He thought of how right Lynette had been — this one could sleep through anything. The nimble roomie picked up the sleeper’s ankles and, passing them over her own head, turned the bigger girl to line up with the bed. She patted the butt next to her gently and nodded her head, first to him then towards the other side of the bed. He shrugged an ‘I don’t know’ look.

She rose gently and put one arm around his waist. Leaning into his ear she murmured a serious tone, “C’mon, sleep with her … c’mon.” She led him around. Now she encircled his whole waist and kissed him gently and sultrily. “She’ll appreciate it,” kiss, “I’ll appreciate it … look at her.” He did. She slept peacefully, smilingly and with her boobs still not covered. — the t-shirt remained hiked to their tops. Kiss. “she’s had a hard night, comfort her.”

He sat across the bed at bring her top down over her chest and belly.

“Atta boy, you’ll see.” Lynette found a cover and pushed his leg to get him up into the bed. She covered them both. “Hey,” she added as she turned out the lamp. “Thank you.” And she padded out of the room.

When he reached over to touch his bed mate she turned and drew herself up to him ready to be spooned. Not too much so, but she was soft enough to comfortably pad him and he fell asleep fast — not before he was attuned to the press of her warm buttocks against his pant.

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