Auditor Tales


It was 1984. I joined the company as an internal auditor. During the first days I was introduced to the managers of the various departments. Not to exiting but necessary.

I also met the people I would working with when doing an audit. The so called ‘outgoing goods department’ was located in the warehouse and among the persons that worked there one person draw my attention.

She was a nice looking lady, surely a couple of years older than me, but nevertheless attractive. To me the most striking were here breasts. These were huge. I could have seen the like in magazines but these were for real. I could not help staring.

Being a professional I could and I should not give it to much attention. I knew my chances would come. After a brief ‘nice to meet you’ and ‘we will meet later’ I knew she liked me. Yes, I was at least 5 years her junior but age does not matter when you like each other.

My first audit did not involve the warehouse department but sometimes at Friday afternoon I was invited to join the ‘chat up session’. I could not help to stare at her breasts. These were really huge and I knew she noticed I stared. As all the other men did but to them she was quite open. She would say ‘don’t look at me like that, just tits you know’. But she would not say that to me. She just gave me a look like she was flattered. I could not understand. I mean, her breasts were one of a kind. Why would she give me a sort of preference?

Of course it was inevitable that her department was part of an audit. And it was pleasant. Although I had to make recommendations to change procedures and the type of filing of documents was inadequate, she and her breasts did not cause any problem to the professionalism of both.

After bilecik seks hikayeleri finishing the audit, implementing the recommendations I had to ask her for a date. I could not wait anymore because I wanted to be closer to her breasts without anybody being around. She accepted the invitation I and I took her a restaurant in the city. We enjoyed being together and I could not take my eyes from her breasts. I had seen her many times during work and she would never dress to show. But her breasts were so huge you could not miss. Not even this evening. She wore a white blouse closed up to her neck, a skirt that fit her ass and nice shoes that gave a lovely finishing touch. She was plump, I noticed before, but it never bothered me. Oh yes, I liked her, the way she talked, the way she walked. The way she looked. She was plump, bit fat, but so attractive.

After dinner she asked me to drive her home as she had to go to work the next day and she had to get up early. Of course I said no problem at all. How mistaken I was. It took me almost two hours to get her home. Not because of the traffic but the distance. But it was worth it.

During our ride she told me a few things about herself. She raised a daughter by herself as she did not want to merry or live together with the father. She lived still with her parents and was quite happy with it.

As I parked in front of her house, already dark as it was after twelve, we both lit a cigarette. We chatted for a while and she was about to go inside the house.

I could not resist kissing her on the cheek, thanking her for the nice evening and telling her she was a very pleasant person to be with. She smiled at me and kissed me on the mouth. That was it. I could not hold myself and neither could she.

My hands were touching her breasts and we were both kissing each other passionately.

It didn’t take long I was opening her blouse to have a better look and feel of her massive tits. That’s what she said. Take my tits out. I like you to touch my tits and suck my nipples. Could I resist her request? No way. I loved to touch her tits and stroke my tongue over her tits. Her hands were going down between my legs and she could feel my intense erection. I was short of hands. I wanted to feel her tits but also wanted to feel her pussy. What would it be? I had to make a decision, so one hand on one of her tits, my mouth over the other one and my hand running down between her legs. What a surprise, or maybe not. Of course she was wet, but I never before touched a hairless cunt. I was in heaven. My pulsing cock grew even bigger. I pushed two fingers between her wet lips while she was moaning heavily. I felt her clit and rubbed it fiercely. She still had my cock in her hand and was stroking it up and down. I was about to come but did not want to. I wanted to put my cock inside her wet dripping pussy while kissing and licking her fantastic tits.

We had to arrange ourselves on the seats of the car. Not very comfortable but we managed. I had to take her from behind. Her ass was great. In her late thirties she was still very well preserved. I put my cock in her cunt and took the two big tits in my hands. Both we were pumping back and forth. Oh fuck me she screamed. I love your big cock inside me. Make me your woman she screamed. She came instantly. I felt her juices coming out and wet my balls. Her muscles tightened over my cock and I almost came into her very wet cunt. But I did not want to. I save it for later I said to myself. My both hands were still holding her tits and I wanted to stay there for ever. I wanted to feel her ass, so I took one hand to touch her bottom. It felt so great, I could cum straight away. My fingers moved slowly over her fat ass and one wanted to go inside her anus. How could I object? Wetted with her juices I slid my finger into her anus and she shivered when I put my whole finger in. She moved her ass and screamed. I come again, move your finger in my ass, I like it so much. I put another in her ass and als one in her wet cunt. Her moves were incontrollable. She came again and her juices were spurting out of her cunt over my hand. What a woman she was. Big tits, Fat ass, Wet cunt. We settled back in the seats of my car and she started to stroke my still erect cock. Within seconds she put her mouth over my cock, sucking it strongly. I came, no doubt, spurting my seed in her mouth. She swallowed it all. Licking her lips, she guided my hand to her cunt and the other hand to her massive tits. She was still wet and wanted to come again. She did. It did not take much to get her going again.

We had to rest for a while. It was very damp inside the car and I had to take a piss. I stepped out and went to the small wall separating the premises from the street. As I stood there I noticed she was watching me. Did she like to look at men pissing? Would she take a piss as well? When I got back she said she had to go as well but I do not want to do it in the open. I unlocked her door and said she should jus sit on the seat and aim to the garden. She bent a bit back and I had a perfect look at her pussy. She spread her lips and her golden flow spurted out of her cunt. I whished I could get my mouth over her cunt and taste her. I did not dare to do or asked it. Take the things at the time I must have thought.

To be continued.

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