Audrey My Daughter Ch. 02


This is the story of the night which starts with the first chapter of this story …


I lay in my bed for a while; a long while. I went over what had happened, about Katie, how it had all started, how our discussion led to the sex, and I kept thinking about the sex. It felt unreal. The girl I’d seen all those years, the girl I’d seen develop into one sexy woman, that I’d fantasized about all those times … I couldn’t believe it had happened. And moreover, how good it was, better than anything I’d imagined. That tight young pussy of Katie’s, how ferociously she had sucked my cock. And so on. And so lying on my back thinking about these things I fell asleep.

About an hour or so later (I think) I was awakened by the sound of a door creaking. I looked over and saw that someone was slowly pushing open the door to my room. It was far too dark to see much, all I could see was a feint silhouette against the bit of light coming in from the hallway.

And even though I didn’t have my glasses on, I could see that whoever it was standing at the door was a woman. She must have been dressed in a short night gown, that stopped after her hips, just below her ass. She had very curvaceous generous hips and thing waist. And had long hair flowing around her. She tiptoed over towards the bed.

I chuckled and thought to myself, “Wow, this Katie just can’t be satisfied.” I wondered if I could handle another session, but was pleasantly surprised, as I felt my cock stirring in my boxers.

She came over to the side of the bed, and stood there. Then whispered very light “are you awake?” I answered quickly “yea”.

Then without saying anything else, she climbed onto the bed, straddling me, so that her back was facing me. Then she slid herself back, until she was straddling my face and her pussy was inches away from my face. Then she bent over, took my cock in her hand and promptly wrapped her lips around my semi-hard manhood and started to lick.

It was so weird. Without any prelude or overtures, we were 69ing in my bed. I decided its best not to waste any more time either, and putting my hands on her ass, lifted my neck and started to lick her along the slit of her pussy.

On the other side she was devouring my cock. She took it out, stroked the shaft, which was completely wet with her saliva, and then took it back in her mouth. She sucked on it up and down, and licked the head and the shaft. She took it deep in her mouth, all the way in as a matter of fact. Massaging her soft and ample ass cheeks with one hand, and her large lovely, smooth breast with the other hand. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and let my tongue dive into her pussy. Sliding it in and out, up and down, sucking on her pussy lips. She was obviously enjoying it, because she was grinding her pussy against my mouth and face. I licked up and down her pussy lips and then went for her clit. And suddenly I stopped in shock.

It was one of those moments of insight, where without realizing it, you have gathered various bits of information, and suddenly in one moment your mind puts it all together.

“Audrey?” I whispered.

“Yea daddy?” was the muffled answer.

I was in shock. I put it all together. The silhouettes hair all around her: Katie had had short hair as long as I’d known her. The generous hips and ass: Katie had a firm butt, but it was on the smaller size as far as girls went. The large breasts: Katie was no more than a b-cup while Audrey was somewhere between a C and a D cup. Her pussy went I began eating her out tasted very different; it smelled and tasted sweeter. And finally the patch of pubic hair I’d encountered when I began licking her clit: having eating Katie’s pussy a short while ago, I remembered clearly that she was quite cleanly shaven. I was eating Audrey’s daughter, while she hungrily devoured and sucked my cock: I was 69ing my daughter.

“Audrey, Audrey, what are you doing?” I said while trying to slide out from under her. Her reaction shocked me ever more. She lifted her hips and slid down until she Ankara escort was actually sitting on my cock. My cock, stiff as ever, was on my belly, and she sat on it, in a way that her pussy, was along the shaft of my cock. Her back was against me, and she was slowly moving back forth, rubbing her pussy opening and slit along the shaft of my cock.

“Audrey, what the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” she said turning her head and looking back towards me.

“No, no no, you shouldn’t … we shouldn’t do this…”

“Why daddy? You are not enjoying it?”

“It has nothing to do with that Audrey. This is absolutely wrong. It’s incest.”

“Daddy, can you look at me honestly and tell me you’re not enjoying this”

“God… of course not. It feels amazing of course … but we can’t … we shouldn’t”

She was still sliding back and forth on my cock. Her pussy must have been so wet, because my dick was completely covered in her lubricating fluids while she continued to rub the warm flesh of her pussy lips against my aching cock.

“No, no, you have to stop” I moaned.

“Why daddy? I want this. I’ve wanted it for so long.”

“Oh god … but it’s not right. It’s incest for god’s sake”

“First of all. Who cares? I love you; I want you, and that should be the only thing that matters. If you’d just met me in a bar and we ended up here, you wouldn’t be saying this.”

“But Audrey, honey, it’s different”.

“No daddy, it’s not. Besides, it’s only incest if you make me pregnant. And as long as you don’t cum inside me, it’ll be fine. There won’t be anything wrong.”

And then all of a sudden she stopped her grinding, and we both held our breath. She had been grinding back and forth the whole time, and she had been doing harder and harder, so that this last time she had slid back rather far, and as she slid forward, we both felt the swollen head of my cock, part her wet tight pussy lips and had slid in. We both knew this was the point of no return.

I was torn between desire, utter physical and animal desire, and social moral and right and wrong. I said imploringly, “Audrey … please …”

She looked back at me, and with a fire in her lovely eyes said to me,

“No daddy. I want, you fat hard cock, inside me, RIGHT NOW!” and with that, she slowly slide her hips forward. My cock slowly slid into Audrey’s pussy.

It’s hard to describe the bliss I felt at that moment. Her pussy was so warm and wet. And yet, my cock felt like it was sliding into a tight fleshy glove. It was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt. As my cock slid all the way inside her, she sat on my lap with it deep inside her warm, tight, meaty pussy.

And then we started to fuck. She slowly slid her hips up and down on my cock. With her back towards me still, I had my hands on her hips and directing her up and down. Audrey is a very different type of lover from Katie. Whereas Katie fucks much more quietly but with the air of being the one in control of the situation, Audrey is loud, she likes to moan, and talk and make it known verbally how she’s feeling, and she fucks more passionately.

She was quickly riding my cock quite hard. She leaned back on her arms, and reached down and lifted her legs up slightly, and started to fuck her, moving my hips up and down fast, driving my cock into and out of Audrey’s tasty pussy.

“Oh god daddy … oh yea … oh god yea … push your cock in deeper …”

I was glad for my sexual activity earlier, because having cum twice already, I felt I could keep going forever without cumming. Then I slowed down the fucking. I asked her to sit on my lap, with my cock still in her pussy, and then I sat up behind her. It was magical, because, as it happened, I’d had a full length at the foot of my bed, and as we sat, fucking in the sitting position we could see each other in the act of coitus.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Audrey, her back towards me, was sitting on my lap, and our legs were spread. She was slowly moving up and Ankara escort bayan down on my lap, riding my cock. The moonlight fell nicely on her silky night gown and on her smooth lovely thighs, and as she spread her legs more, we could see in the mirror, as my cock would slide in and out of her as she rode on my lap.

I reached down between her legs and while we fucked, started to rub and massage her clitoris. As soon as my fingers touched her clit, she let out a moan, and a loud ‘oh god, yes’. She leaned forward riding faster. It felt like we’d been fucking forever. My cock and her pussy felt hot from all the rubbing and her juices were all over my fingers, her crotch and her inner thighs. Then she suddenly slowed down, squeezed her thighs together, hard, squeezing my cock even more in her tight pussy. I felt her vaginal muscles start to contract.

“Oh …fuck…I’m cumming daddy.”

She said and then held her breath and her muscles tightened, I felt her strong vaginal muscles contracting violating all around my cock. I held my breath hard, and did everything I could not to cum. I knew there was no way I’d be pulling out at this point. After about 20 seconds she let our her breath, took some hard short breaths and then her muscles tightened again. I continued rubbing her sweet little clit.

Finally, she let out her breath and nearly collapsed against me, leaning back against me, while I supported her. My cock was still nice and hard inside her pussy. “Oh god daddy, I’ve never cum that hard. You’re magical”. While we sat like that, with one hand I reach for her belly and caressing it gently, made my way up and took her ample breasts in my hands. Watching me in the mirror, she let out a giggle. “You like them don’t you?” I nodded. As I continued to play with her breasts, I nodded, “how can I not? They’re perfect. Now honey, I want you to slowly get up from my lap, we’re not done yet.”

She got up slowly, letting my cock slide out of her, along with her juices. She looked down at my lap, at my wet glistening cock, standing at full attention.

She pulled her night gown over her head, and for the first time I was able to gaze at her completely nude body. It was something to behold. Her skin was like silk, and the shape of her large breasts, were perfect. Her nipples were hard. Her belly was flat and smooth as possibly can be, and then those full hips and the lovely curvaceous ass. I stood up behind her, my cock between her thighs and kissed her neck and back. My cock was itching to get back in her pussy. But I held off. I led her to the bed and asked her to lay down on her back.

She got on the bed on her back so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. “Audrey, I want you to spread your legs for me.” She gave me a look and a smile, lifted her legs up straight in front of me, and then slowly spread them in the air. I have to say I was impressed by her flexibility.

I looked down at her crotch, and as she was spreading her legs, nearly doing the splits, her wet pussy lips parted revealing the pink flesh of her pussy. I got on my knees, gently caressed her inner thighs, until my hand reached her pussy, then gently pulled her pussy lips apart, looked at my daughters beautiful pussy, then bent down and traced the opening of her pussy with the tip of my tongue. She let out a ‘oh god’, as I gently pressed my tongue into her pussy. Her pussy was completely drenched from her orgasm, and it was hot. I licked around and sucked on folds, tasting her juices, which were sweet and sticky. This turned me on even more. I started to eat her out with more vigour, probing my tongue in and out of her pussy hole, sucking on her lips, fucking her pussy with my tongue. Her juices were now all over my mouth and face. Then I went for her clit. I flicked my tongue at it a few times, licked it, and then took into my mouth and started sucking on it.

Audrey was squirming continuously under my oral activities, and moaning. She still had her legs spread, and I held them apart, even where she tried to squeeze them together. I sucked on her clit Escort Ankara harder, and gently bit on it between my teeth and at the meantime inserted my middle finger and index finger into her pussy. She let out a loud moan, grabbed my hair, pressed her pussy against my mouth forcefully, and came again.

With Audrey, there’s no missing her orgasm, it’s loud and it’s physically noticeable, as her muscles spasm. This time it must have lasted half a minute, again with her holding her breath and her entire body tightening and then finally releasing.

When she let my hair go, I looked up at her and slowly got up.

‘Oh fuck, daddy, you’re something else. I thought I was going to melt.”

She was breathing hard and her entire chest and body were covered with thing layer of perspiration. She laid in front of me on her back, on our rather high bed, her legs straight and spread, and I rested my hard cock on her belly. The only thing I could think was to slide my cock back into her tight warm pussy.

“So you gonna just stand there daddy, or are you finally gonna put that lovely cock back inside me?”

I looked at her and smiled. Taking my cock in my hand, I pressed the head at her pussy entrance. She bit her lip, waiting. I held my cock there for a few seconds, and she started to try and press her pussy against me so that it would slide in. I pulled back a bit. I gently started rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit, with the head of my cock basically just past her pussy lips. She arched her back, as I pressed my cock head against her clit.

Then I took her two ankles in my hands, and keeping her legs fully spread apart, looked down at my cock which was again at her pussy lips, and gently pushed my hips forward. Even I let out a moan this time, as I felt my fat stiff cock slide into that lovely tight, fleshy pussy of Audrey. I watched as my entire length slid into her and then pulled out again.

It is an indescribable feeling fucking her lovely pussy. The only way to describe is just that it is perfect. I started to get into a rhythm. In and out, my cock sliding against those tight and wet pussy walls. Back and forth. The bed started to creak as we fucked. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, and she was staring at me in the eye, and breathing hard.

I started to fuck harder. I knew that I would be cumming soon, and she knew it too. Faster and harder now, looking down, I could see as the entire length of my cock was sliding in and out of her.

In a breathless voice she said “are you … gonna cum … daddy?”

“Soon baby…. Soon…. Aahhh…”

“Just remember … don’t … cum inside … me…”

As she said this, I realized that I’d passed the point of no return, and was going to cum. At the last second, I pushed my cock hard into her and then pulled out, and as I pulled out I let out a moan, and shot my first load.

I’d never seen myself cum before, not this hard. My first cum shot roped out and landed on her left breast. Then I stood there, and shot a few other loads, mostly on her belly and chest. Finally, when I caught my breath, I stood there, between her legs, she was looking up at me with eyes that shone, my semi-hard cock resting in a pool of my cum on her smooth belly, while she gently milked what remained, out of it with her hand.

I leaned forward on top of her, catching my breath, ‘oh god, Audrey, I’d never cum like that before.”

“I know daddy, I’m covered in your jizz” she said with a giggle. I leaned down, and we kissed. I watched her underneath me. That young supple body of hers, her chest still heaving up and down. I could feel the smooth skin of her belly against my cock, and her smooth thighs resting against mine.

“I’ll be right back”. She quickly got up, ran to the bathroom, cleaned herself up and returned to the bed. I was sitting on the edge, and she sat down on my lap. “Daddy, that was amazing.” Caressing her breast with the back of my hand, I realized what a jewel I had, right there, sitting on my lap.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you Audrey.”

Then she laid down on the bed on her side, and I laid down against her back spooning her. I took her breast in my hand, and with my cock entrenched between those lovely ass cheeks and thighs, we fell asleep.

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