Audrey’s Awakening Pt. 05


I removed the rest of my clothing and made my way into the large sumptuous bathroom to begin filling the jacuzzi. As the tub filled, I sat on the edge and dangled my bare feet into the warm water while I waited for Audrey.

The last hour was little more than a jumbled blur in my memory that still somehow seemed almost inconceivable. Audrey and I had actually DONE it. But, then again, what had we actually done exactly? Had sex? Made love? Fucked each other’s brains out? I shook my head in astonishment at the turn of events. Whatever it was that we had done, or even choose to call it, had still been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Audrey and I had, of course, experienced the physical act of intercourse one time previously, but on that occasion, the act had been somewhat clinically performed in a perfunctory manner, as Audrey had so eloquently deemed it, her “science experiment”. And, while it had, indeed, been a very pleasant experience for both of us, it had most definitely lacked any measure of ardor or passion. That had certainly not been the case several minutes ago when Audrey and I had both seemingly been inflamed with a mutual want, desire, and need. We had gone at one another like love-struck teenagers in heat. The sedate conservative housewife and mother I had always known had matched me lustfully, thrust for thrust, vigorously, and without inhibition.

Audrey entered the bathroom a few minutes later wearing one of the fluffy terry-cloth robes provided by the hotel. She carried her dress, which had been neatly placed back onto its hanger. “I thought it might be best to leave the dress in here so you’ll have it handy to put back into your garment bag for the trip home,” she said, smiling somewhat sadly.

The trip home? Oh, fuck. Audrey was still under the impression that we were going home tomorrow. I cringed inwardly and mentally smacked my forehead as I had yet to tell Audrey how this little Las Vegas outing had actually been booked as a two-night stay. I had kept it from her earlier, fearing she would balk at such a long trip, and it had completely slipped my mind once we had arrived.

She stepped up to the jacuzzi and dipped her toe down into the water, “Oh, that feels nice,” she said, smiling broadly. She slipped the robe from her shoulders, setting it aside on a small chair and stepped into the water, slowly lowering her body until immersed up to her neck.

My eyes almost had a heart attack to see her completely nude for the very first time. While her sexy dress had most certainly left little to my imagination about her voluptuous figure, the physical reality of Audrey’s nude body was astonishing to behold. Her breasts were full and perfectly formed, with only a hint of sag, her nipples erect and jutting proudly from the darker circle of her areolas, contrasting dramatically with her otherwise creamy white complexion.

Audrey’s stomach was surprisingly flat for such a mature woman, especially one who had borne three children. Somewhat surprisingly, she was completely without any of the telltale stretchmarks which might have revealed evidence of her previous pregnancies. Her waistline had thickened over the years, but in a way that enhanced her figure and emphasized her maturity in a very appealing way. A small and rather pleasing bulge of flesh encircled her waist just slightly above the wide swell of her hips, culminating at the sensually fleshy bulge that extended from just below her navel to her pubic mound. A very thin white scar ran across her lower belly just above her pubic hair, giving evidence to having delivered at least one, if not all, of her children by cesarean. Her pubic hair was light in color, the hair rather sparse, appearing almost trimmed and revealed her lovely pink labial lips.

As she settled into the warm bubbly water with an audible sigh of pleasure, I slipped into the water beside her. We sat side by side, leaning together with clasped hands for several minutes, just savoring the pleasure of the warm therapeutic bubbles.

She turned her head and kissed my cheek and I smiled and turned to face her. “I feel as if I should apologize to you for the way I threw myself at you earlier,” she said, averting her eyes as her cheeks flushed. “I felt terrible for the way I reacted out in the hallway when you kissed me goodnight, and I just wanted to make up for my mistake by giving you the kind of goodnight kiss you deserved. It, um…never occurred to me that I might get so carried away.”

“I think it’s safe to say that the getting carried away part was mutual,” I smiled. She raised her eyes and nodded.

“It was, wasn’t it,” she agreed, nodding reflectively. “You know, I’ve seen a lot of those movies and TV shows where a couple will look meaningfully into each other’s eyes and then just begin ripping their clothes off in some kind of overwhelming sexual frenzy…and then making mad passionate love wherever they happened to be.”

I smiled, thinking that pretty much summed up what had happened to us earlier.

Audrey laughed softly, “I was forever rolling my eyes during almanbahis giriş those scenes, reasonably sure it had to have been more of a director’s poetic license than anything based in reality. I mean…who REALLY does that kind of stuff, right? Well, anyway…until tonight that is, when I totally lost my mind with you. I came in to kiss you goodnight, and then the kiss became…something so much more than that. A lot more. All I could think of was how much I wanted to be naked with you…and feel you inside me. I’ve never felt such a strong desire before with anyone, ever.”

I nodded, not knowing how to respond to what she said because I too had been swept away by my lust for her.

She reached out and placed her hand against my cheek, smiling as she looked into my eyes, “So, thank you, Jessie, for opening my eyes and allowing me to feel so much passion. I think you awakened something inside me that I never even knew existed.” She bent and kissed my lips lightly and, as she pulled away, I could see her eyes welling.

“Hey,” I said with concern, reaching out to wipe a tear from her cheek with my thumb.

“Sorry,” she said, wiping both eyes with her fingertips. “This entire day has just been just so wonderful…almost magical,” she continued, trying to smile. “And now, I think it’s finally hitting me that it’s almost over.” She sighed heavily and her shoulders drooped. “And tomorrow I’ll be back home and have to deal with whatever remains of my life when I left.”

I slipped my arm around her shoulders and held her close. “Well, schweetheart,” I said in my best Humphrey Bogart imitation, “at leasht we had Lash Vegash.”

Audrey giggled girlishly even as she wiped the moisture from her eyes. “You never fail to make me laugh with those silly little imitations you do, thank you for that.”

“Silly?” I retorted, lapsing into my best John Wayne. “Well, pilgrim…Listen up, and listen TIGHT. I thought I did pretty darn good. Now, take’em to Missouri!”

Audrey collapsed in laughter, “Stop it, you’re making my sides hurt,” she gasped, holding her hand to her chest.

As her laughter subsided, I pulled her close and kissed her lips lightly. As we kissed, I reached up to cup her breast tenderly, caressing her peaked nipple gently between my thumb and index finger. “God, Mom…you have the most incredible body I’ve ever seen,” I said, looking directly into her eyes.

She smiled, “Thank you,” she said, “You have no idea how much it pleases me to know someone feels that way about me.” She bit her lip thoughtfully, “It seems kind of surprising though, given that you married my daughter who has such a petite little body that’s absolutely nothing like mine.”

“Laura has a gorgeous body, there’s no doubt about that,” I smiled. “But I believe I have already told you how it would not disappoint me, even in the slightest, if when her body matures it would look more like yours.”

“You know, years ago, when I first met Ken, I had a figure very much like Laura’s. I was slender and petite and looked good in a bathing suit. And I’m sure that was probably a great deal of the attraction for Ken at the time.”

I nodded, thinking that certainly sounded understandable.

She frowned and her brows furrowed even deeper, “And yet, now that I’m older and my body has…shall we say, matured, Ken’s original attraction for me seems to have gradually faded over the years. When we first got married, we pretty much had sex every day. Every single day. Sometimes even more than once. And it was like that for many years, he couldn’t seem to get enough of me.”

She smiled winsomely, “I suppose it could truthfully be said that he kept me barefoot and pregnant for the first five years of our marriage. But then, as time wore on, the frequency of sex diminished. From every day to twice a week, to twice a month. And I was almost always the initiator. Even though I never actually got any physical pleasure from sex, it pleased me to be there for Ken whenever he needed me. Lately, though, I’m lucky if I can entice him once a month…if even that.” She sighed heavily, “The saddest part of it all, the part that really twists a knife in my heart, is that I couldn’t help but notice how young and slender the woman in bed with him was.

I shook my head in disbelief. It seemed inconceivable that ANYONE could sleep beside such a beautiful and desirable woman and not want to make love to her. “Listen,” I said, leaning close to kiss her lips lightly. “When it comes to you, I’m not even going to pretend I have even the slightest bit of understanding or empathy for Ken. And when it comes to you, I have always felt that Ken was the luckiest man on the planet. And I mean that. However, now I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s also the stupidest.

“Thank you for thinking so,” she said, sighing heavily as she lay her head back onto the padded headrest. “It’s sad to think how this whole wonderful trip is almost over, Jessie. I wish we could stay here and make it last a little longer.”

I turned to her and smiled broadly. I had been wondering almanbahis adres how I might broach that particular subject with her, and now seemed the perfect opportunity. “What if I told you your wish had been granted?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me skeptically. “How’s that?”

“Well…when I originally made the getaway arrangements with the travel agent, it was actually cheaper to book these hotel rooms for two nights, instead of just one, so that’s what I did.”

She sat bolt upright; her mouth opened in surprise. “What?” she gasped. “And just when were you going to tell me this?”

I laughed, “Well…I guess now seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Her look of incredulity began to fade, and a smile took its place. “You’re serious? We can have these rooms for another night?”

I nodded and she almost threw herself into my arms. I laughed softly, “I’m beginning to get a sense that you are okay with the idea,” I said facetiously.

“Okay?” she said with a smile, “Oh, Jessie, I’m more than just okay, I’m ecstatic. There’s SO much more I want to see and do and experience here before I have to go home.” She lay back, smiling up at the ceiling, her smile fading moments later as she turned to face me.

“But most of all, Jessie, I’m especially happy to be able to spend more time with you. And, after everything that’s happened tonight, I think it’s a shame that you’ve booked two rooms because…” She paused and looked at me thoughtfully, “Well, because I’m really hoping I won’t have to sleep alone tonight, or even tomorrow night.”

I smiled and brushed her cheek with the back of my fingers, “I don’t want to sleep alone either,” I said, looking directly into her eyes.

“You’re the best lover I’ve ever had, Jessie. And…” She paused and bit her lip, “I want more sex with you too while we’re here. A lot more. If I have to go back home and resume my everyday humdrum wife and mother role, I want to always have this special time with you to remember and make me smile.”

I took her face in my hands and kissed her lips. “Anything you want or need from me is yours, Mom.”

“Be careful what you promise,” she said with a smile. “Because, when it comes to making love with you, I’m just liable to be a little demanding.”

I laughed aloud, “Oh, I tremble in fear,” I said smiling broadly.

Audrey laughed, reaching over to place her hand on my thigh. “I think I can already feel your body trembling,” she said teasingly as her hand moved between my legs to stroke my cock tenderly.

We kissed passionately as she stroked me to full erection. Without breaking contact, she shifted her position, lifting her leg to slide her thigh across my legs and then raising her hips to straddle me.

A moment later, she guided my cock to the entrance of her vagina, teasing the hard rise of her clitoris as she moved the tip of my cock back and forth between her lips.

She lowered her hips onto me, taking me deep inside her. As I penetrated her, she tore her lips from mine and gasped, her eyes wide as she looked into mine. “Oh, Jessie!” She gasped, her voice low and breathy as her hips began to move rapidly. “Oh, God, Jessie…I can’t stop it…I’m cumming already.” She pulled my head down, her arms tight around my neck, her lips close to my ear, making soft mewling deep in her throat as her orgasm took her away. I felt the muscles of her vagina tightening on me as she moved and I grasped her buttocks firmly, holding her to me as she surrendered to her pleasure.

As her orgasm began to wane, I felt mine begin to reach the point of no return, the exquisite sensuality of her vagina could no longer be denied. I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist and thrust up into her rapidly, the water in the jacuzzi splashing out and over the floor from my forceful exertions.

“Yes!” She gasped, raising her head to look into my eyes. “Cum for me, Jessie…Cum inside me.”

“Oh, God, Mom,” I gasped, feeling myself losing control. With a cry, I erupted inside her, pulling her hips tightly to me as I let go. Audrey crushed her lips onto mine as I came, moaning softly into my mouth.

Moments later, as our bodies stilled, Audrey raised her head and looked into my eyes. “God, I love the way you feel inside me,” she said with a little smile as she tightened her abdominal muscles to gently squeeze my cock with her vagina.

I smiled up at her, “What a coincidence,” I said, “I was just about to tell you how much I love the way it feels to BE inside you.”

Audrey laughed softly and gave me a quick peck on my lips as she rolled from my lap to resume her seat beside me in the jacuzzi. “We should probably think about turning in pretty soon,” she said. “It’s getting late and I’m hoping we might be able to get an early start to the day. I plan to get in some industrial strength shopping. I hear Caesar’s Palace has some really nice shops and, since we’re here an extra night, I think I’d like to look for a new dress to wear to dinner tonight.”

“A new one?” I responded. “Those shops at Caesar’s are liable almanbahis adres to be pretty pricey.”

Audrey smiled and waved her hand dismissively, “Not to worry,” she said. “I happen to have Ken’s expense card. After everything he’s put me through, I think he owes me a new dress at the very least. Wouldn’t you say?”

“Indeed, he does,” I smiled as we stood and stepped from the jacuzzi. We toweled off and made our way into the bedroom.

“I’ll just be a minute,” said Audrey as she picked up her robe and made her way to her adjoining suite.

I reclined on the bed with one of the hotel’s complimentary bottles of skin lotion, my back to the padded headboard and my legs stretched out, crossed at my ankles. After the jacuzzi, my skin felt dry and, along with the arid desert dryness of Las Vegas, I was definitely in need of a bit of moisturizing. I took a small handful of lotion and slathered it over my arms and chest, smiling at the soothing sensation as well as the sensuality of the slick viscous lotion on my skin. As I began to apply lotion to my legs, Audrey entered from the other room wearing only the briefest hint of pink lingerie, a very short and very transparent robe that barely reached below her hips to the top of her thighs. It was tied loosely around her waist with a burgundy satin tie, and its transparency revealed an astonishingly view of her bare chest beneath, from her neck to the top of her matching pink bikini panties. As she moved, her breasts swayed alluringly beneath the filmy pink material and I couldn’t help but smile with appreciation.

Noticing my appreciative attention, Audrey stopped and smiled. “What do you think? Do you like it?” she asked, smiling somewhat coyly as she slowly turned to show off her sexy lingerie from all angles. “It’s new,” she said. “It was supposed to be a sexy surprise for Ken when I went up to visit him.”

“Wow,” I said, smiling appreciatively at her curvy body. “Honestly, Mom, it was his loss entirely.”

“Hey, save some of that lotion for me,” she smiled as she approached the bed. She crawled onto the mattress and settled in beside me with her back to the headboard and her legs crossed at her ankles like mine. She took the lotion from my hand and squeezed a small portion into the palm of her hand and began rubbing the lotion over her hands.

I uncrossed my legs and turned my body toward hers, reclining more onto my side. I smiled at her, watching as she carefully applied the lotion to her hands. I bent down and kissed her bare shoulder, smiling as doing so gave her a sudden shudder of pleasure.

“Why don’t you let me do that for you,” I said, taking the lotion from her and squeezing a dab into the palm of my hand. I took her left hand in mine and very tenderly rubbed the lotion between her fingers and over her entire hand.

“Mmm,” she sighed pleasurably as I repeated the process with her other hand. “You have a wonderfully tender touch.”

I pulled the satin tie at her waist, letting her robe fall open. Audrey smiled and bit her lip, shrugging the robe from her shoulders and baring her breasts. I applied more lotion into my hand and brought my hand to her upper chest, smoothing the lotion over her from her neck to the tops of her breasts.

With yet another large portion of lotion in my hand, I moved directly to her breasts, cupping and caressing each one in turn as I smoothed the viscous lotion over her skin. Audrey sighed pleasurably, laying her head back onto the padded headboard with her eyes closed, a slight smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

Taking a turn with each of her breasts, cupping and caressing each one lovingly in the palm of my hand, I then applied a generous dollop of lotion to each of her nipples. With the tips of my fingers, I teased each of her nipples until I felt each areola wrinkle and tighten, making her nipples became rigid and erect. I took a sensual moment with each of her nipples, pinching each one gently between my thumb and forefinger. As I did so, Audrey sighed audibly once more and raised her hand to caress the back of my hand while I continued to rub the lotion into her skin.

I took her hand and squeezed a generous portion of lotion into her palm. I raised her hand to her breast, and she sighed pleasurably as the moved her hand over her breast. I repeated the process with her other hand and felt my erection rising as I watched Audrey teasing and caressing her breasts, pulling on each of her nipples almost harshly and then squeezing her breasts tightly, pressing them together. Her breathing began to accelerate, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she watched with her eyes barely open.

I held the bottle of lotion above her, letting it dribble and ooze between her breasts and down onto her stomach. Audrey sighed and leaned her head against my shoulder as I smoothed the lotion over her stomach.

She moved her hand down to her stomach, smoothing the lotion into her skin and caressing my hand with hers. She raised her face to mine, and I bent, kissing the bridge of her nose ever so lightly as she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure, my fingertips moving down over the soft rise of her belly to the top of her panties. I bent my head and pressed my lips against hers and Audrey responded with a sharp intake of breath, her lips parting, moving against mine with a soft delicate sigh.

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