Aunt Brooke


I had a troubled childhood. My mom had me when she was barely 20 years old and married my dad, who wasn’t much older, in a shotgun wedding. They were both too young and immature to start a family, although they both tried their best. However, their best wasn’t good enough and they split up when I was just a young boy. My dad wasn’t around much when I was growing up but my mom was close with his sister, Brooke, and she was around much more than my dad. I got used to Aunt Brooke being around seeing she became my mom’s best friend and she would babysit me at times. I think she tried to make up for her brother being such a jerk and just about abandoning his young family. She’s the only family I remember being around as I was growing up.

My mom dated a lot when I was young, but once the guys found out she had a kid, they often quickly disappeared. She got married and divorced a couple of times over the years but none of her husbands showed much interest in me. It was Aunt Brooke that signed me up for Little League, took me to all the practices and was cheering for me during the games. My mom was too busy, or so she said, to make any of my games. Baseball became an escape from my home life. I was a decent player and I enjoyed the physical activity and companionship of other boys.

I went through an early growth spurt and was a tall, lanky kid as I got into my teens. The other kids made fun of me, which made me self-conscious. If it wasn’t for me a decent ball player, I probably would have been picked on even more. The one person who was always there for me was Aunt Brooke. She knew I was being made fun of, but she would always tell me how handsome I was and how the girls would be all over me when it came time to start dating. I think it was her efforts to boost my confidence that was the start of the crush I would develop for her that would last for years.

When I was in my teen years, Aunt Brooke was still in her mid-30’s. She was about 5’5″, had a few extra pounds on her but wasn’t fat. The extra pounds gave her nice full breasts and a nice round ass which would attract the attention of any young man. Add in her light brown hair and big brown eyes and I could only hope I would someday find a woman as beautiful as her. I think she knew I had a crush on her and found it cute.

Throughout my high school years, I was still that tall, skinny kid and didn’t date much even though I was on the baseball team and was still a decent athlete. There were too many other guys that had cars or were better at talking to girls than I was. Don’t get me wrong, I still dated a little and even managed to lose my virginity but I was never one of the more popular guys around. I was a nerd, concerned about my grades and didn’t fit in with the athletes and I was an athlete that didn’t fit in with the nerds. Aunt Brooke was still the most important person in my life and was always in the bleachers watching every game. She made sure I had a decent glove or bat and even paid for a tutor when my grades almost kept me from being eligible to play ball. She was more of a mother to me than my own mother.

I was 18 when I graduated high school and my mother left right after the ceremony because she had a date but my Aunt Brooke treated me to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. Even though she was now in her late 30’s, I still had that school boy crush on her. All through dinner, I couldn’t help but stare at her cleavage in her low cut blouse that showed off her ample breasts. I got excited looking at the lace of her bra that was showing through the opaque material of her top. She wore just the right amount of makeup, her hair was styled in curls and her perfume made her smell fantastic. I kept staring at her full lips covered in red lipstick. She wore off-white dress pants and I could clearly see her pink bikini panties underneath. As a young man, I couldn’t control my raging erection.

My hormones were out of control at that age and I felt guilty for what I was wishing I could do to my aunt. I kept undressing her with my eyes, imagining what her tits looked like or what they tasted like. I wanted to see her naked and squeeze her ass with my hands. She surprised me with my graduation gift after dinner. She had started a modest college fund for me when I was younger and it now had enough money in the account to partially pay for my tuition. Between the small scholarship I had and my part-time job, I would be able to go to a small public college to earn my degree.

Before we left the restaurant, my aunt excused herself to use the restroom and my eyes stared at her round butt and the outline of her panties through her slacks. I swear she unbuttoned her blouse a little more while in the restroom and I watched as her breasts jiggled as she approached our table on the way back. The smell of her sweet perfume filled the car as she drove me home. She pulled in our driveway and leaned over to kiss me goodbye. I took a quick glimpse at her chest again 4 k porno before leaning in myself, thinking she would kiss me on the cheek. I felt her tits rub up against me as she gave me a short kiss on the lips. As she pulled back, I could see her nipples poking through her blouse. I wanted to invite her inside and see if I could fuck her but I didn’t have the courage. I was still a self-conscious, scared young man.

When I got inside, I made a beeline for my bedroom and stroked myself while dreaming of fucking my aunt. I wondered what her red lips would feel like on my dick and I desperately wanted to see and feel her tits. I dreamed of sinking my dick into her pussy as I came. I felt a little guilty thinking of my aunt in this manner but not enough to keep me from jerking off again that night before I went to bed.

I worked two jobs that summer to take the financial pressure off of me during my first semester at college. A new boyfriend had just moved in with my mom and it was clear he didn’t like me around at all. The feeling was mutual and the only thing that made it bearable is that I was only there to sleep. That summer went by quickly and I even managed to get laid a few times by a girl at work. We were young and horny and would sometimes screw around in my car in the parking lot after our shift ended. I guess we were friends with benefits before anyone used that term to describe casual sex.

My first semester in college was pretty busy, between getting adjusted to living in the dorms with people I had never met before and being away from home for the first time, even if I came from a dysfunctional family. I even became a walk-on to the baseball team. The coach must have seen some potential in this tall, skinny kid who could throw a strike with a nice curveball and change-up. I was too skinny to have much speed on my fastball but he put me on a workout and nutrition routine. By the end of the semester, I kept up a decent grade point average and even put on a few pounds and added some muscle to my lanky frame.

When I went home for winter break, I spent most of my time working as many hours as I could squeeze in, especially for the Christmas rush. My mom, her new boyfriend and I actually had a nice Christmas Day celebration along with my Aunt Brooke. She got me a brand new baseball glove, a pretty expensive model too. I was very appreciative but I was more appreciative at how she looked. She was wearing a sheer white blouse with a lace camisole underneath. I kept watching her breasts bounce freely when she walked which meant she probably wasn’t wearing a bra. It was her short red skirt that kept attracting my attention. I sat across from her in the living room as we had some holiday cheer. The more she drank, the less concerned she was about sitting in a lady-like manner.

I kept glancing over at her as her legs spread a little more until I could see completely up her skirt to her white panties. I especially like checking out her bare feet and legs in her suntan stockings. There was something about seeing her legs encased in nylon that made me want to touch them and run my hands along them until I reached the bare skin of her thighs and her white satin panties. Her feet and painted toes looked so pretty under the nylon material. That was the start of my nylon fetish as I stared at my aunt’s legs all evening long. I swore she intentionally gave me a long look up her skirt after she was sitting on the floor helping to pass presents to us. When she was done, she went to get up, looked me dead in the eye, opened her legs wide and slowly got up. I swallowed hard, my heart began to race and my dick began to get hard as I got an even better view at her panties. I could see her dark bush through the white satin material.

Aunt Brooke sat next to me on the sofa as we drank and talked. She kept putting her hand on my leg and I wasn’t sure if she was coming on to me or just teasing me. I didn’t know what to do anyway. We were with family and I was still a little self conscious about my looks. Needless to say, later on before bed, I jerked off again thinking of all the things I wanted to do to my aunt. I kept fantasizing about her stocking covered legs, her bare thighs and her white panties. I wanted to rip those panties off her, eat her pussy and fuck her. I came in my hand thinking about her hot pussy. I knew I’d never know what it would be like to fuck my Aunt Brooke but I could always dream about her.

Unfortunately, the rest of the winter break didn’t go so well. My mom’s boyfriend and I didn’t get along at all and he made it clear I wasn’t welcome. My mom did nothing to help me either. I was glad to go back to school.

Things got better for me once I got back for my second semester. I met a girl at a party; thank goodness she had more confidence than me because she came up to me and started the conversation. We started dating and became inseparable and the sex was great. We did everything 7 dak porno imaginable between straight sex, oral sex and even anal. Carey was my first true love. I had to be careful that she didn’t distract me during the baseball season and it was exhausting trying to keep up with school, the team and a girlfriend. I kept working out, gaining strength and speed on my fastball. I wasn’t playing much as a freshman but the routine of the team made me stronger as I built more muscle and put on some weight. It happened so gradually, I didn’t realize how much I had developed. I should have known when I started having to buy larger shirts but I didn’t think too much of it. Anyway, things were going great with Carey and I thought I found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

The spring semester flew by with me being so busy between school, playing baseball and finding the love of my life. I still faced the prospect of going back home knowing I wasn’t really welcome there. It was really stressing me out along with the fact that Carey would be going back home, almost six hundred miles away, for three months.

I was desperate, so I called my Aunt Brooke to see if I could stay with her for the summer. She was divorced and got a big three bedroom house in the settlement. I told her I wouldn’t be a problem because I’d be working a lot and playing summer ball and would hardly be around the house. I was practically begging her.

Aunt Brooke knew what was going on in my life. I kept in constant contact with her throughout my first year in college through text messaging, email and phone calls. She knew what I was up against and was more than willing to help me out. With her willing to take me in for the summer, I was able to concentrate on finals without the additional stress of not knowing where I would be staying for the summer and ended a very successful freshman year. I was growing into a man physically and mentally but I still needed a little support from my aunt which I was very thankful for. I was still stressed out to be facing a few months without Carey but we professed our love for each other and promised to stay in touch and to be faithful to one another until the fall semester began. Life was wonderful.

My mom took the news of me staying with Aunt Brooke for the summer extremely well. I think she was relieved because there wouldn’t be any conflicts with her live-in boyfriend. I think she felt that now that I was 19, she had done her job and I was on my own to fend for myself.

It was a little awkward moving in with my aunt at first. She was doing me a huge favor and I didn’t want to intrude. I didn’t know if she was dating anyone so I figured I would try and stay out of her way as much as possible until it was time to go back to school. For the first couple of weeks, I was getting up early to go to work, playing baseball during the evening and going to bed early so I could get some sleep to do it all over again the next day so we only saw each other early in the morning or late at night.

One morning when we were both getting ready for work and I left the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around my waist and my aunt ran into me in the hallway and was definitely checking out my naked upper body. She again commented on how grown up I had gotten over the last year. I was running late for work and got dressed quickly and when I walked down the hallway I noticed that my aunt hadn’t closed her bedroom door completely. I stood in the hallway for a moment as I saw her naked body in the mirror as she was searching through her dresser drawers.

This was the first time I had seen her completely naked. I stared at her big round tits that were still fairly firm. Her nipples were about the size of a half dollar and were dark in color. Her ass was big and round and she had a hairy bush. I panicked when I thought I saw her look up towards the door so I quickly left but I’ll never forget those images of the first time I saw Aunt Brooke totally nude.

It became part of my morning routine to try and time myself so I could get a glimpse of my aunt in various states of undress. It didn’t always work out and there were some days that I either slept late or her timing was different but there were also days when I would catch her in her bra and panties or in just her panties.

My aunt works in an office and one of my favorite morning voyeur sessions was when I was peeking through the crack in her doorway and saw her putting on her pantyhose which only enhanced my nylon fetish further. I watched closely as she sat on the edge of her bed and rolled up the legs of her hose between her fingers. I swallowed hard as she pointed her painted toes straight out and into the foot of her pantyhose and slid them partially up her shins. I saw her big tits hanging freely as she repeated the process with the other foot. I loved seeing her feet encased in the nylon fabric.

She then stood up, leaned alman porno forward to pull her hose up the rest of her legs, doing a little dance like motion to pull them over her ass. Her tits jiggled as she did this. Aunt Brooke then leaned over to help pull them higher then ran her hands over her legs to smooth them out. I wished it were my hands smoothing out her nylon covered legs. I had the urge to run my hands over the silky material and grab two handfuls of her ass while I sucked on her tits. She then put on her bra and dress. That day, I had to go back into my room, one, so she didn’t catch me watching her but to also jerk off quickly. There is no way I could work all day with the load of cum that had built up in my balls.

After that morning, I started to leave my door partially open to see if Aunt Brooke would try and see me changing. I distinctly remember one morning when I was walking around my room completely naked after she got out of the shower and thought I heard her outside my room. The thought of her seeing me naked made my cock begin to grow and I thought I heard a muffled gasp. When I turned around, I swore I saw a figure move away from the door. When we saw each other before we both left for work, my aunt was looking at me in a way that I had never seen before. She looked me up and down like she was undressing me with her eyes. It made me think she was indeed looking at me in my room.

After a few weeks, I finally got a couple of days off from work and it rained a lot so my games were postponed too. I was exhausted and slept in on the first day, a Saturday, and when I got up, Aunt Brooke was in the kitchen making herself some coffee and breakfast. I don’t think she realized I was home. When I saw her, I stopped dead in my tracks. She was wearing a short sleep shirt and was bending over looking for something in the cupboard. I stood and stared at her round ass that was covered in powder blue bikini panties. I didn’t want to scare her so I didn’t say anything, besides, I was enjoying the view. When she stood up and turned around, she was startled to see me standing there in my t-shirt and pajamas. I tried to hide my semi-erect dick from her view.

She told me, “My goodness Jake, you scared me. I thought you were working.”

“I’m sorry Aunt Brooke; I have a couple of days off. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Jake, seeing you’re going to be staying here for the summer, you can call me Brooke.”

“Okay Aunt…I mean Brooke.”

I couldn’t help but scan my aunt’s partially exposed body. The sleep shirt she was wearing exposed a good portion of her legs and thighs. Her big tits were pressing against the fabric and I could see the outline of her nipples through the satin material. I could see her nipples were getting hard as we talked.

“I made some coffee and I was just about to make some bacon and eggs. I’ll make some for you too.”

“Thanks. I’d like that. Let me help.”

As we made breakfast together, Aunt Brooke made no effort to conceal her body in front of me. I could see her braless breasts bouncing as she moved around the kitchen and she seemed to keep the refrigerator door open for longer than necessary which made her nipples harden even more. I tried not to look but I was a 19 year old boy at the height of his sexual awareness. She must have known I was checking her out, especially when she was bending over looking for the right pan to cook the scrambled eggs. I could see the crack of her ass through her panties and I wanted to touch her cheeks but I also didn’t want her to throw me out, so I had to control myself. I couldn’t help but feel she was teasing me on purpose.

Over breakfast, we talked and I told her all about my first year in school and how I met the girl of my dreams. She told me how she had dated several men since her divorce but never found the right guy so she concentrated on work and having fun with her friends. She told me we should do something seeing I had a couple of days off. I agreed to help her around the yard during the day and said she would treat me to dinner that evening.

I got changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and met her in the yard. Aunt Brooke came out wearing a low cut tank top, obviously not wearing a bra, and a pair of short shorts that left some of her ass cheeks hanging out the bottoms. I tried not to think nasty thoughts about her but it was next to impossible. When she bent over in front of me to start pulling weeds from the garden, her top hung down and I got a perfect view down her tank top at her big, hanging breasts right down to her nipples. My dick started growing again and I think she noticed. When she looked up at me, she stared at my crotch for a few moments, and smiled while then looking up at me. I was embarrassed as all heck but neither one of us said anything.

At one point, I was digging weeds from the garden and she bent over right in front of me to open up a bag of dirt. Her ass was almost in my face and I had an urge to grab her and give her cheeks a little nibble but I couldn’t. I hadn’t had sex since the semester ended and jerking off doesn’t give a guy the same kind of relief so my balls were beginning to fill up. By the end of the afternoon, they were about ready to burst.

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