Aunt Cathy Ch. 04


Aunt KK gave me a quick kiss and slowly opened the door and peeked out. She slipped out quietly and left me standing there. I waited a few minutes to make sure no one saw us together.

While I was waiting, I got a crazy thought in my head.

I went over to the dresser and opened the drawers one-by-one until I found what I was looking for.

My Aunt Cathy’s panty drawer.

I found it, all the black panties stuffed in with a robe and some nightgowns. I took out one of the panties, a large black thing that was obviously cut to cover everything and to be comfortable. Nothing like a thong or anything sexy.

The panties were wider than I was when I stretched them out. I didn’t care. Aunt Cathy was big, but there were other things that made her sexy.

I held the panties up to my nose and took a deep breath. They smelled good. Like fabric softener and scented detergent. She obviously hadn’t worn these yet. I looked at them and noticed the crotch was discolored. It was clean, but I wondered what caused that. Was Aunt Cathy’s pussy so caustic that it ate away at the material or was that from her period or something.

I dug through the drawer, hoping there were some sexy panties somewhere but there were only the black cotton ones. Oh well. I’d have to sneak a pair of her used panties the next time I was with her.

I needed to get out of there.

I poked my head out the door and didn’t see anybody. I left my aunt and uncles room and headed for the bathroom. I splashed some cold water on my face and flushed the toilet just in case anyone could hear and left the bathroom.

As I was leaving the bathroom, I heard voices from one of the rooms in the upstairs hallway. I snuck over and one of the doors was cracked. I peeked in.

I wasn’t too surprised at what I saw. Stephanie had a camera attached to a handle held in one hand recording herself, while Amanda had pulled the top of Stephanie’s bathing suit down and was sucking on Stephanie’s pink nipples. I gently pushed the door open as I leaned in the doorway to Stephanie’s room.

After a few seconds they looked up. Amanda, shocked to see me, almost jumped out of her skin and threw herself across the bed, while Stephanie just looked at me coolly and said, “You’re ruining our shot. Go away.”

“I’d ask what you two are doing, but it’s obvious. Anything for clicks, right?”

Amanda’s face was turning cherry red at being caught, but Stephanie was still unphased. “Just close the fucking door,” she said.

I stepped into the room and pushed the door closed with my foot. Stephanie’s room had a more grown-up feel than Lily’s. There weren’t any stuffed animals or childish things, just a computer on a desk, photos of her and her friends, and a queen size bed.

Stephanie hadn’t made any effort to pull her top up to cover her exposed breasts. “I meant with you on the other side,” she said.

I shrugged. “I think you could use some help.”

Amanda was slack jawed as she looked back and forth at us.

“And why would I let you do that?” Stephanie said with a sneer.

“Because you like it. And wouldn’t two girls with one guy get you a lot of clicks?”

Stephanie tried not to show it, but I was right. She looked at Amanda, then said, “Only if Amanda doesn’t mind.”

We both looked at Amanda. She was confused. “But isn’t he, like, your cousin?”

Stephanie shrugged. “Nobody knows that but us. He’s got a big dick. I was already splitting this month with you for being in my video, if we fuck him, I bet we get three times as much.”

Amanda was getting more comfortable with me being in the room. She moved closer to Stephanie and said, “Whatever. He’s not my cousin, and he’s actually kinda hot. I’m down if you think we’ll get more money.”

Stephanie said, “Oh we will. I can tease these videos and then sell them exclusively. Two hot girls getting fucked at the same time… My fans will eat it up.”

“OK, cool,” Amanda said and smiled at me a little.

Stephanie said, “Get a condom out of the drawer and get hard. Your big action seen is coming up.”

“Wait…,” I said. “I want in on this deal.”

Stephanie looked aggravated at that thought. “Cut you in? Are you fucking kidding? You’re about to get to fuck us both and you want to be paid for the privilege? No. Your reward is fucking us. Otherwise, you can go downstairs right now.”

“OK, fine,” I said. “No money. But on one condition.”

Stephanie looked annoyed. “What?”

“No money. No condom.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “No.”

“OK. Then say goodbye to all those views.”

Amanda said, “I don’t mind if he doesn’t wear a condom. He’s clean, right?”

I didn’t want to insult them, but of the three of us, I was definitely the least likely to have an STD.

Stephanie said, “Probably. He’s like practically a virgin.”

“And you’re both on the pill, I’m sure.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “No condom is completely different than cumming inside us. You will not be cumming inside of us.”

“Yeah,” onwin giriş Amanda said. “Cum in like our mouths or something.”

Stephanie looked disgusted, but that sounded like a good idea to me.

“OK,” I said. “Then that’s the deal. No money, no condom.”

“Fine,” Stephanie said with an exasperated sigh.

Amanda and Stephanie giggled at the thought of more money, then Amanda moved back into position and took Stephanie’s tits into her hands, then put her mouth on a nipple and sucked it gently. Stephanie moved the camera back up to get a good view of the action.

I watched as Amanda sucked Stephanie’s nipples one at a time, spending a few seconds at each one before going back to the other one.

Stephanie started to narrate the action for her subscribers. “OK, boys… I hope you’re horny, because this is going to be so good. I’ve got my friend Amanda back with me. You guys remember her, don’t you? So innocent and sweet. Well, she’s been such a bad girl lately, I wanted to show you guys just how bad she can be…”

Stephanie held the camera and recorded as Amanda continued to suck her nipples. Then Stephanie pulled Amanda’s face up to hers and they kissed for several seconds, their tongues licking at each other’s outside their mouths so the viewers could see.

After they’d kissed liked that for a minute or so Stephanie, still holding her camera up, used her other hand to free Amanda’s breasts from her top. Amanda’s breasts weren’t large, but they were soft and heavy for their size, like two large peaches. Stephanie took one of Amanda’s pink nipples in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it while moving the camera closer so the viewers would be able to see.

Amanda sighed and ran her hands through Stephanie’s hair, and I had to admit that watching them kiss and suck each other was making for a great video. I rubbed my cock through my shorts and eagerly awaited my turn to join the action.

Stephanie sucked Amanda, taking each nipple in her mouth and biting it and pulling it out so Amanda’s breasts was stretched to the limit, Amanda sighing and moaning with both the pain and the exhilaration of it.

Stephanie moved her arm around and waved the camera in my direction and I took the hint and took the camera from her.

They were both on their knees and they kissed again, and I made sure the action was in the captured in the display on the camera.

Stephanie pulled her mouth from Amanda’s and said, “I think she should get naked and lay down like a good little slut. What do you guys think?”

I assumed she was talking to the would-be viewers of this video and kept my opinion that Amanda should indeed lay down to myself so as not to ruin the video.

Amanda quickly took off her bikini and laid back on the bed, her dark hair spread-out behind her on the cream-colored sheets.

I worked the camera around and got a full shot of Stephanie, her bikini top still pulled down, her small breasts exposed. She flipped her blonde hair and I worked down her body to her thick thighs and ass.

Then I spun the camera around to Amanda. She had her legs spread and was slowly rubbing her hairless pink pussy. It looked so small and delicate I wasn’t sure anything could fit in it, much less my dick, but I was going to try. I worked the camera in close to get a shot of her tiny pussy.

Stephanie said, “She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn’t she? We are going to have to see how sweet that little pussy really is.”

I worked the camera up Amanda’s body and got a full shot of her nakedness, then turned back to Stephanie.

Stephanie put her bikini covered ass in the air and put her face down to Amanda’s pussy and waited until I go the camera in the perfect position to see the action. She swept her blonde hair back behind her neck with one hand and stuck out her pink tongue and slowly touched Amanda’s pussy with it.

Stephanie worked her tongue gently up and down Amanda’s pussy, not pressing it past the outer lips, just liking the soft pink skin slowly.

After a moment Stephanie pushed her tongue past Amanda’s outer lips and the camera caught the deep pink inside of Amanda’s wet slit. Stephanie worked her tongue up and down Amanda’s pussy slowly and softly.

Amanda moaned and put her hands on top of Stephanie’s head and held her into her pussy while Stephanie licked her deeply.

Stephanie pulled her tongue from the wetness of Amanda’s slit and with her mouth still hovering over Amanda’s pussy said, “She’s so wet guys. And she tastes so fucking sweet. I could lick this pussy all day.”

Amanda reached down and spread her pussy lips for Stephanie, who was giving her big slobbering wet licks now. Amanda moaned and grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples in between her own fingers.

“Guys, I think this little girl is liking being a bad slut,” Stephanie said. I kept the camera on Stephanie as she got up and slowly slid her own bikini bottoms down over her wide hips, her pussy shaved bald and looking soft and delicate.

Stephanie onwin yeni giriş said, “I want to feel this little sweet pussy on mine. Do you guys want to see that?”

Stephanie pushed a leg under one of Amanda’s spread thighs and mounted her so their pussy’s met in the middle. Stephanie reached down and rubbed her own pussy, spreading the wetness around, then ramming two fingers inside of her herself and pumping them in and out. She threw her head back and moaned softly, then withdrew her fingers and pressed her pussy into Amanda’s.

Stephanie started to grind her hips hard down onto Amanda and I kept the camera angled so that I could see both of them and where their spread legs met all in the view display.

Stephanie reached down and grabbed Amanda’s tit and squeezed it, while Amanda rubbed her clit.

“Oh yes, boys!” Stephanie groaned. “This little pussy feels so good rubbing me. It’s gonna make me cum.”

Amanda bucked her hips and the two girls rode each other hard, their pussy’s spreading their wetness over one another.

Stephanie ground hard into Amanda who moaned and closed her eyes and threw her head back.

“Oh, that little pussy is cumming, guys, “Stephanie said. “Watch her pussy cum.”

I moved the camera in closer. Their two little pink pussies were slammed into each other, rubbing against each other fast now.

Amanda moaned softly and Stephanie said, “Oh yes, she’s cumming for you guys.” Stephanie ground herself hard into Amanda as she panted and squeezed Stephanie’s thighs with both hands.

Stephanie kept going and Amanda writhed and sighed as Stephanie kept her pussy pressed into Amanda. She looked right into the camera and said, “I bet you guys want to see more, huh?”

I wanted to see more.

Stephanie reached out and tugged on my shorts and I got the message and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Stephanie reached and grabbed my cock and pulled me close to her while keeping herself pressed into Amanda.

“I bet you guys wish this was you, don’t you?” she said as she put her mouth around my raging hard dick.

Stephanie’s mouth felt like heaven as she sucked me. She bobbed up and down, then surprised me by going down on my cock as far as she could. I focused on keeping the camera on her face, her body pressed against Amanda’s the perfect background.

Stephanie made chocking noises as she struggled to keep my cock deep in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat on my cockhead and her lips touching my balls. I wanted to explode in her mouth right there and feel my cum hit the back of her throat but I couldn’t yet. I wanted both of them on this cock before I came.

Stephanie backed off my cock, her blonde hair streaming everywhere, her black mascara running because her eyes had watered.

She kept her pussy pressed hard into Amanda’s and looked at the camera. “I bet you guys want to see this pretty, young girl suck a big cock, don’t you?”

She kinda nodded at Amanda and down the edge of the bed, my cock even with Amanda’s face. She had her eyes closed and I gently placed my cock, glistening with Stephanie’s spit, on her lips.

Amanda opened her mouth gently and took only the head in at first. I kept the camera pointed down and watched her pretty mouth wrap around the head of my dick. It was light and dry, but still, she looked like an angel with her lips around me.

She tentatively sucked on the head. I didn’t want to move to fast, so I slowly pushed the tip further into her mouth. I felt her teeth scrape lightly against my skin and pulled slowly back out of her mouth until she was kissing the tip. Then I pushed gently against her lips again.

We did this slowly until she was taking half of my cock into in her mouth with each thrust, the camera capturing it all.

“I bet you guys like watching us suck that dick,” Stephanie said. “But I bet you’d like it even more if we took it.”

I bet they would. I knew I would.

Stephanie removed herself from Amanda, their pussies dripping and sticking to each other. She got down on her knees and put her mouth back to Amanda’s pussy and I took the hint.

I got behind Stephanie, her ass juicy and thick and staring up at me, her pink pussy thick between her legs, her asshole tight and pink and looking so inviting. I scanned everything with the camera, then Stephanie waved her hand behind her and I put the camera stick in her hand. She angled the camera so that the viewers could see her lick Amanda and see her face while was getting fucked.

“He’s going to stick that thick cock in me,” she panted to the camera. “Come on, big boy. Stick that cock in that tight pussy. It’s so tight for you.”

She was talking more to her viewers now than she was to me.

I couldn’t help myself and wanted to touch her. Her thick, fat pussy looked so juicy and sexy I wanted to taste it. I put my face down between her thick ass cheeks, my nose poking into her tight asshole and licked her pussy.

It was juicy and wet and onwin güvenilirmi had a bitter taste, but I didn’t care. I grabbed Stephanie’s ass with both hands and pulled her fat pussy into my face while I buried my tongue inside of her.

“Oh god, yes!” she moaned. “Lick that filthy pussy, baby. Get it nice and wet for you cock.”

I licked her, ramming my tongue in and out, her bitter taste filling my mouth and making me want it more and more.

I was nothing but a raging hard-on that need to fuck a pussy at that point. I pulled my face from Stephanie’s ass and grabbed my cock and directed it to her wet slit. I felt her opening and grabbed her hips and with one thrust was buried inside of her.

She moaned into the camera and I’m sure her viewers were going to get a show with her facial expressions.

I grabbed her thick hips and pulled her ass into me, her pink pussy swallowing me, surrounding me with heat and wetness, tight on my cock as it plunged in and out of her.

“Oh fuck! Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy.”

I fucked hard into her and she buried her face in Amanda’s pussy as she kept the camera close.

I pounded into Stephanie and wanted to make her cum all over me. I wanted to say “cum all over your cousin’s big cock, you fucking stuck-up bitch” but didn’t because I figured that wouldn’t be good for the video.

I pounded Stephanie’s soft ass and then spit on her asshole. If I couldn’t speak so as not to ruin the video, I’d make her squeal.

I rubbed my spit around her tight ass and she moaned into Amanda’s pussy again.

Then I pushed my finger inside.

Stephanie moaned loadly into Amanda’s pussy and if she hadn’t had a mouthful she’d have alerted everyone to what we were doing.

I worked my finger back and forth, Stephanie’s asshole smooth and hot and tightly gripping my finger.

She lifted her face from Amanda and moaned, “Oh fuck. You’re making me cum.”

I fucked into her hard and felt her pussy quiver. I gently and slowly worked my finger deeper inside of her, her ass smooth and so hot it felt like it was on fire.

Stephanie shook and her legs quaked, and her tightness clenched around me as I thumped hard into her, feeling her pelvis taking the brunt of my thrust, her fat ass pinched between us.

She finished cumming on me and I slowed my rhythm, then reluctantly pulled my cock from her warmth.

I was aching to finish, but I wanted Amanda too.

Stephanie handed me the camera and I recorded her as she got up, exposing Amanda’s pussy that had gone from a luscious pink to bright red with all the licking.

Stephanie told the camera, “I bet you guys want to fuck sweet Amanda now.”

I sure did.

Amanda took her cue and got up and Stephanie pushed me back on the bed. I held the camera as the girls kneeled around my legs and kissed and played with each other for a few seconds.

“OK,” Stephanie told the camera as I pointed it at them. “I hope you guys can handle this sweet young pussy I brought you today.”

Amanda straddled me and raised one of her legs and held her pussy above my cock as I filmed.

“You ready?” Stephanie asked, talking to pretty much everybody.

Amanda nodded and lined my cock up with her juicy opening. She slid down slowly, and her tightness was overwhelming. I watched as my cock slid past Amanda’s soft pussy lips, her body wrapping itself around me. I wasn’t going to last long inside of her.

Stephanie said, “That’s right. Feel that tight, fresh pussy.”

Amanda sighed and worked herself slowly down my shaft.

She slowly slid up and down, going lower each time, until I was buried inside of her.

I put one hand on her hip and held the camera with my other.

Amanda’s eyes were closed, her dark hair falling around her shoulders, the nipples on her perky breasts pointed straight out. She started to slowly mover her hips back and forth, her tight canal tugging my cock gently.

I wanted to pound into her so badly, to hold her body up and piston my dick in and out of her until it exploded. But we had to put on a good show first.

Stephanie kissed Amanda, their mouths open, their tongues darting in and out. Their hands roamed over each other’s breasts while they kissed.

I pulled Amanda’s hips back and forth, slowly rocking her body on my cock, the head pressing against her insides with each movement.

Amanda sighed and I tugged her hips faster, her skin feeling like silk under my hand.

“I bet you guys wanna see this pretty little thing cum all over your cock,” Stephanie told the camera. “Make her cum all over you.”

I pulled Amanda faster and faster, back and forth, hitting her insides deep, my cock working the back of her pussy, rubbing her g-spot.

Amanda moaned and Stephanie started to suck her tits.

“Oh that’s it. Make her sweet little pussy cum on your big cock.”

I pulled Amanda down to me and handed the camera to Stephanie. She took the camera and held it so the it would record my cock inside Amanda.

Amanda’s weight was on her knees and elbows now and she raised herself slightly off of me. That provided just the room I needed.

I started to thrust my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of her now, instead of just rocking.

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