Aunt Elsie Pt. 03


Part Three

It’s been two years since Aunt Elsie took Rick’s virginity. Rick was now 20 and both his brother Andy & Elsie’s son Daryl had turned 18. As promised Aunt Elsie has taught Rick control, he is a very quick learner, and his stamina has improved. But there weren’t enough times that they could get together and the lust they had for each other was growing. It got so bad that there were a few times when the boys would be hanging in the basement, Rick would tell the them he was coming up to use the bathroom just so he and Aunt Elsie could have a quickie.

On this particular day Rick came upstairs, Elsie was sitting at the kitchen table she was wearing a tight light purple tank top, a denim skirt that came down to about mid thigh, and nude sheer to waist pantyhose.

Within minutes they were in the bathroom Rick had Elsie pinned up against the door, her skirt up around her waist, and her left leg up over his shoulder as he thrust his hard cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. “Oh Rick, I love the way your young cock feels in my little pussy.” Elsie cooed.

Rick was running his hands up and down her nylon covered legs as he kissed her neck. “You’re so sexy Aunt Elsie.” he whispered into her ear.

Elsie suddenly stopped and told Rick to shush. “What is it Aunt Elsie?” Rick whispered, concern in his voice. After a few seconds of silence Elsie said, ” I thought I heard footsteps.” Rick took a quick look into the hallway no one was there. Believing the coast was clear they continued until Elsie orgasmed soon followed by Rick filling her pussy with his hot load.

It was now October and Daryl, Elsie’s son wanted to have a Halloween party. Elsie and her husband agreed he could have no more than twenty guests, of course Rick & Andy would be among the twenty. But the party would have to be confined to the basement.

Of course the day of the party Frank, Elsie’s husband had to work the night shift. This always happened Frank would offer to help her with something and then conveniently get called into work at the last minute leaving Elsie to handle everything herself. Sometimes she thought he would purposely volunteer to work just to get out of helping her. So Elsie was pissed she’d be on her own to take care of the party.

Elsie decided to dress up as a sexy witch for the party She had the traditional witches hat, sheer to waist light black pantyhose with a skin tight black dress. The dress really showed off her cleavage and her nipples were clearly visible pushing against the material. The dress only came to about mid thigh. The last touch was her red patent leather closed toe pencil thin 5 inch heels. She looked hot and she knew it.

As the guest arrived Elsie noticed the looks she got from the boys Girne Escort as they looked her up and down, the attention turned her on especially when Rick & Andy arrived.

Rick was dressed as Dracula and Andy as a Pirate. Elsie could tell they both really liked her outfit.

On one of her many trips up and down the stairs with soda, chips, & appetizers Rick offered to help her. On their way up the stairs Elsie noticed that Rick had lingered behind to get a better look at her legs and this excited her. Once alone in the kitchen Rick came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her, kissed her neck, and said “You look so sexy Aunt Elsie, all the boys think you’re so hot.” His hands fell below the hem of her dress to massage her nylon covered legs. He pushed her dress up exposing her nylon covered ass and Elsie soon felt his hard cock between her pantyhose covered ass cheeks. He was still kissing her neck and she was getting very wet. “I’ve wanted to do this all night Aunt Elsie.” he whispered. Elsie moaned her approval Rick’s hard cock felt so good pressing against the sheer wet nylon of her pantyhose covered pussy lips. That’s when she realized he had pulled his cock out of his pants and that he too was wearing pantyhose. Suddenly they heard voices and footsteps coming closer. It was two of the girls from the party looking for the bathroom.

By the time they reached the kitchen Elsie had fixed her dress and was pretending to wash dishes. Rick was sitting at the kitchen table, trying to conceal his hard on. Once they were gone Rick came back to Elsie. He took her hand and said, “I have a surprise for you.” Elsie was nervous with so many people in the house. What is Rick up to she thought. He led her into the living room. The living room is a step up from the hallway by the front door. There is a decorative metal three foot high railing around it with a 4 foot opening in the middle. The carpet is a dark blue and gray. As you enter there is a couch against the wall on the right, with an end table at each end. In front of the couch is a rectangular shaped coffee table, on the left wall there are two chairs, one in each corner angled in towards the center. with a big bay window in the middle. Straight ahead centered on the far wall is the fireplace.

With the way the moonlight is coming into the room it’s pretty well lit but before you reach the railing you can’t see anything in the living room.

As Rick leads Elsie to the couch she’s shocked to see Andy sitting at the far end. Rick has her sit next to him as he sits on the other side of her so she is in the middle. Rick kisses Elsie deeply on the lips then whispers in her ear. “My brother has a thing for you in pantyhose too Aunt Elsie.” Magosa Escort Rick’s hand was on her thigh and she felt Andy’s hand on her other thigh. In Elsie’s mind she thinks we can’t do this what if someone sees us. Her son and his friends are right down stairs. Plus any minute those girls will be coming out of the bathroom. What if someone else comes upstairs to use the bathroom. But her desires and the feeling she was getting having both boys touch her like this is too much. Fuck it this feels way too good to stop, she decides in her mind. She soon has her legs wide open one over each of the boys legs.

They were taking turns kissing her as they continued stroking her nylon clad thighs Elsie was getting very wet very fast. Soon her dress is pulled down exposing her breasts and soon each boy was running his tongue over her very hard, sensitive, nipples. The sensation was driving her crazy it was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Her hands found their very hard cocks. Both boys had opened their pants and Elsie was stroking their hard young cocks. Only Rick’s was encased in nylon this turned Elsie on even more. Both boys soon found her wet pussy lips and started to gently stroke her lips and swelling clit through the nylon. The feel of two men touching her in this way drove her over the edge and she was soon orgasming. “Oh boys you’re making your Aunt Elsie cum” she gasped trying to catch her breathe as her body convulsed.

The boys soon had Elsie on the floor on her hands and knees, her dress now crumpled up around her waist, Andy behind her sliding his cock in between her pantyhose covered ass cheeks as she stroked and sucked Rick’s hard cock through the sheer nylon of his nude sheer to waist pantyhose. At this point Elsie’s pussy is aching for a cock, Taking Rick’s cock from her mouth she turns to Andy, “C’mon Andy rip my pantyhose and fuck your Aunt Elsie’s tight pussy.” Andy did as she instructed and was soon pounding her from behind. He wasn’t as big as his brother but he was a bit rougher. He had his hands on her hips pulling her towards him as he thrust into her hungry pussy. It didn’t take long for Elsie to cum again and like his brother before him this was Andy’s first time. Before she knew it Andy was filling her pussy with his hot young load.”OH yes baby fill your Aunt Elsie up with your young, hot cream!” Elsie exclaimed.

Rick immediately rolled Elsie onto her back and slid his nylon encased cock into Elsie’s cum filled pussy. After a few stroked Elsie ripped open Rick’s pantyhose so she could feel his amazing cock inside her tight pussy. His hands were on her legs and as he removes her shoes Rick massaged her nylon covered legs and feet as he slowly fucked her. Lefkoşa Escort Elsie felt Andy’s cock by her face. She eagerly took his cock covered in their combined juices into her mouth. God I love the taste of hot young cum Elsie thought.

“That’s it Aunt Elsie clean my brothers cock like a good slut.” Ricks words turned Elsie on even more as she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts. “That’s it Aunt Elsie, I love the way your freshly used cum filled pussy feels on my cock.”

Elsie came hard “Fuck yes Rick, Fuck your slutty Aunt Elsie with that wonderful cock of yours.” she exclaimed as she gasped for air.

“Rick your cock fits so perfectly into my pussy it feels amazing.” Elsie continued.

Andy’s cock was hard again and Elsie was taking it deep into her throat gagging herself on it. Her saliva dripping from her mouth.

Andy laid down and had Elsie mount him reverse cowgirl as he slid his slick cock into her tight little asshole. Andy went slow as he eased deeper into her tight asshole until he was balls deep in her ass. He continued to slowly fuck her tight sphincter. Once Rick was satisfied Elsie was enjoying herself he slowly re-entered her very tight cum filled pussy.

Elsie squealed with delight, the feeling of having a cock in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time was too much and Elsie lost complete control. She moaned and grunted loudly.

Rick looked up and in the distance, barely visible in the dark on the other side of the railing he could see Daryl. Daryl had his pants down to his ankles and he was stroking his hard cock watching Rick and Andy fuck his mom. Rick smiled in his direction.

Elsie soon felt Andy’s second hot load filling her ass. “Yes baby fill your Aunt Elsie’s ass with your hot load” Elsie cried out.

“Wow what a good slut you are Aunt Elsie taking it in the ass like that as my brother fucks you.” Andy said as he slid out from under her and leaned back against the couch to recover.

When Rick looked back at Daryl he was cumming.

“Oh Rick, don’t stop, please don’t stop you’re going to make me cum again” Elsie pleaded. She was thrusting her hips up to meet his thrusts. “Oh God Rick, I’m cumming!” Elsie yelled out as her body shuddered.

Rick had Elsie’s right leg up over his shoulder and her left was bent at the knee by his side. Rick was close and he was soon filling Elsie’s pussy with his hot load. “Oh Aunt Elsie I’m Cumming! Rick Exclaimed. He held her legs tight keeping his cock buried deep inside her as his body twitched and spasmed with his orgasm flooding her womb with his hot seed.

Elsie lay back as Rick brought his cock to her lips for her to lick clean. His fingers sliding into her cum filled pussy running them over her swollen clit. She twitched and squirmed it was all so sensitive as her orgasm subsided.

“You boys took such good care of your Aunt Elsie.” Elsie proclaimed as she laid there legs open cum flowing from her pussy and ass, holding Rick’s cock in her hand. When Rick looked up again Daryl had disappeared.

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