Aunt Jean the Queen of Extreme

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My Aunt Jean is the complete opposite of my mother. Even though Jean is only one year younger than my Mom, you would be hard pressed to say they were related. Jean is 5’8, slender with a very curvy ass and a great set of tits where my Mom is much shorter and a little heavier set. Physical features aside, my Mom is very much a prude and ultra conservative where Jean is a very sexual free spirit as I would soon find out. My name’s Jack by the way and have I got a story for you!

Our families were close and we always spent a lot of time together. Jean’s two kids, Julie and Stuart, were regulars at our house as Jean always seemed to be away. In fact, they spent some much time at our house, I would consider them more family than cousins.

Jean got divorced when I was 12 and my mother always said it was because her sister was a tramp. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I was a little older but it certainly explained why her kids were continuously shipped to our house.

I was always fascinated with my Aunt as she came across as a very adventurous woman. The clothes that she wore, the way her body swayed when she walked, this all added up to a mesmerizing woman. As a young kid I would follow her around whenever she was near and my parents used to joke that I was technically her kid. At the age of 15, our family moved out of the country and it was 4 years later when I finally saw her again. I was then 19, Julie was 18 and Stuart was 16. Though her kids had changed significantly, it seemed that my Aunt Jean had become even more stunning.

Even though Julie was more suited to my age and she had certainly filled out nicely in our 4 years apart, it was Jean that filled my dreams whenever I had my hand wrapped around my cock. Jean never wore a bra that I have ever seen and her nipples were always pointing out of whatever tight shirt she happened to be wearing. I think she knew I was checked her out because she would go out of her way to bend over in front of me either exposing her cleavage or showing her fine ass to me.

When we got back from Europe our house was still being renovated due to construction delays so we all had to cram in at my Aunt’s house for a couple of weeks. Julie had to give up her room to my parents which meant I had to crash on a blow-up mattress in Stuart’s room with most of us being located on the second floor. Julie moved into her Mom’s room which was located on the ground floor at the back of the house.

Stuart’s snoring and the uncomfortable air mattress made sleeping very difficult for me. I was continuously waking up through the night and after three days of this, I was absolutely bagged. I decided to move to the couch in the living room downstairs to try and get some sleep. Jean’s bedroom was right next to the living room.

I fumbled my way down the stairs in the dark and found a clear path to the couch. I sprawled across the couch on my back, sighed and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to take me. As I was starting to drift off, I could hear noises coming from my Aunt’s room. I knew what those sounds were and I instantly got stiff. My eyes were now fully adjusted to the darkness and could see that Jean’s door was slightly opened.

I listened intently as I tried to figure out if I should take the chance to peek inside her room. Lust got the better of me so I slid off the couch and made my way quietly towards her door. I stood just outside the door trying to justify looking in. What if she saw me? What would I do then? What if she told my parents? In the end my cock thought it was worth the risk.

Even though it was 2am, there was a pretty good moon out that night which lit up Jean’s room from the window. I could see two silhouettes on Jean’s bed but couldn’t really make out the faces. I could tell that it was two women standing on their knees facing each other on top of the bed locked in a kiss. My first thought was where the hell is Julie followed by my second thought, this is fucking awesome! I know Julie went out with her friends that night but was sure she would be home eventually and she might catch me staring at her Mom.

I watched as the two women broke their kiss and one started to follow down the others neck line making their way to a huge set of breasts. As she reached her breast the other woman tilted her head back and I could finally make out Jean’s face. Watching Jean get her tit ravaged by another woman was breathe taking and I reached down to pull my cock out of my boxers.

I watched hands exploring each woman’s inner thighs and I wanted desperately to get a better view of what was going on. Jean grabbed the other woman’s head and crushed it into her tit cooing, “That’s it, suck my tit you bitch! Suck it like you mean it.” The other woman moaned in agreement and ran her tongue all over Jean’s tits.

“Now’s it my turn.” Said Jean and with that she pushed the other woman on to her back. Jean than grabbed both of the other woman’s feet and raised them in the air. “Hold your legs up so I can eat your cunt.” Demanded Jean. All I could see now was two feet in the air and the top of the other woman’s head. This was not good for me, why didn’t she spin her around the other way so I can watch her get eaten I thought to myself.

I watched Jean dive her face into the other woman’s snatch and the girl let out a grunt and she willingly spread her legs even more. I could hear Jean lapping away at this woman’s cunt but I couldn’t see shit. Just then the other woman let out another moan and tilted her head back over the edge of the bed in full view of me.

“Holy Shit!!!” I accidentally yelled. I could now clearly make out Julie’s face and she was looking back at me standing in the doorway with my cock in my hand. “Oh my God, Jack, what the fuck are you doing?” Julie screamed back at me. I panicked and ran back to the bathroom down the hall and shut the door behind me. Trembling, I locked the door and backed away from it.

I could hear them talking from the other side of the door. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but Julie Sex hikayeleri sounded panicked. I was screwed. What the hell am I going to do? I’m standing in the bathroom with my erect penis sticking out. How do I get upstairs and back to my room? She’s gonna tell my parents for sure and then I am severely fucked!!!!

Jean tried to turn the door handle. “Jack it’s me. Let me in.” she whispered. “No fucking way” I answered as I stuffed my deflating cock back into my underwear. “Come on Jack. What are you gonna do, stay in the bathroom forever? Let me come in and talk to you.” She asked. She was right I couldn’t stay in here forever. Maybe I can just blow past her and make a run for it.

I unlocked the door, opened it and tried to force my way out of the bathroom. Jean pushed her way in before I could get out and she closed the door behind her. “Now, just calm down Jack. Let me explain. I can’t have you telling your parents about what you just saw. I need you to keep this quiet, just between us Ok? We both know you are way more understanding and cooler than your parents. You can’t tell them what you saw.” Asked Jean. Here I was panicking that she was pissed I was jerking off in her doorway but could now see she was scared to death that I was going to rat her out. “I need you to keep this quiet Jack. No one can know. Please don’t tell your parents, please. I’ll do anything you ask, just don’t tell.” Jean pleaded.

As I started to calm down from my panic attack, I noticed what Jean was wearing. She had on a red silk sleeping gown that ended at her knees and a sash around her waist trying to hold her busting tits in. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties and her shaved snatch was dripping wet. Jean watched me inspect her body and she walked closer to me. “Now if you keep this quiet, you can become part of this inner circle that does unspeakable things” she smiled “But if you blab, you get none of this” Jean opened her gown exposing her giant tits to me.

Jean watched my cock start to grow and bulge out of my boxers. “Would you like me take care of that for you? I will if you keep this a secret.” she said. “If I keep my mouth shut, you have to do whatever I want, when I want and how I want.” I demanded. Jean seemed pleased. “I mean it. If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone what I saw.” I was getting bolder now. “Agreed, whatever you want.” She said.

With that, I reached out, grabbed my Aunt’s head and forced her to her knees. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes and pulled my boxers down. She then reached out to grab my cock. “Did I say you could fucking touch my cock? No I didn’t did I?” I said with force. With both hands I stuffed all eight inches of my fat cock deep into Jean’s mouth. I didn’t even give her a chance to try and accommodate her throat to my girth, I just stuffed it to back of her throat as she started to gag on my cock. I started thrusting my hips into her face and grabbed her hair with both hands.

Jean was fighting to get control of it but I wouldn’t let her. I just violently started to face fuck her as she gaged and choked on my cock. Tears were streaming down her face but I wouldn’t let up at all. “Eat my cock! I’m gonna fuck your mouth and cum on your face!” I yelled. All this had the opposite effect on Jean as she started to moan with delight while trying to suck my cock. I pulled it out and looked at her. “Don’t stop, fuck my mouth, fuck my mouth!” she pleaded. I pushed her over onto her back on the floor and sat on her face. I rubbed my nuts in her face and then raised myself and plunged my cock back into her mouth. She could barely breathe as I began to pound her mouth with my cock throwing all my weight on her face.

Jean dug her fingers into my ass as I fucked her mouth. Jean was now comfortably taking all of my cock and the sloshing plus the fast rhythm was about to finish me off. I stood up and told her to stay right where she was. I grabbed my cock and after three strokes began to shoot a heavy load of boiling cum all over my Aunt’s stomach, tits and face. I lowered my body over Jean’s mouth which she opened wide and I squeezed the tip of my cock to send the last drips into her mouth.

The next morning as the gang of us milled about around the kitchen for breakfast, things appeared pretty normal on the surface. Dad was reading the paper, Mom was cooking bacon, Stuart had his face buried in his Gameboy and Julie and Jean were sitting on the front porch drinking coffee soaking in the morning sun. A regular Norman Rockwell painting ?

As I was heading up the stairs to shower Julie stopped me in the hall. “I tasted your cum off my Mom’s face and I loved it.” She whispered to me then kept on walking. I stood in the shower with a rock hard cock thinking of what Julie just said to me and the reality of the opportunities I had with my cousin and Aunt hit me like a ton of bricks. What a gift for a horny 19 year old teenager!

When I went back downstairs after I cleaned up, I was disappointed to find out that everyone was planning to stay home on a Saturday. It certainly looked like I would have to wait until later on in the middle of the night to get my hands on these two women together. Then I remembered what Aunt Jean had agreed to, whatever I want, when I want and how I want. I walked out to the back deck where Jean and Julie were sitting on the lawn chairs. They almost looked like twins dressed in shorts, tank tops and sandals. “You two, come with me……Now!” I demanded.

The girls followed me back into the house, down the hall and out the front door. “We’re going to the store Mom, want anything?” I asked. “Would you be a dear and stop in at the drug store and pick up some hand lotion for me? And take your father’s car, he needs gas. Here’s some money” replied my mother. “Sure. No problem, back in a bit.” I answered.

Jean got in the passenger seat and Julie got in the back. I popped the car into gear and started down the street. “Pull those shorts off” I told Jean. She smiled and did as I asked. She was wearing cute pink little panties. I looked into Sikiş hikayeleri the rearview mirror and told Julie to rub her Mom’s pussy. Julie popped her head in-between us and reached over to Jean’s parted legs. As I drove down the street I watched Jean squirm in her seat as her daughter rubbed her mother’s mound through those pink panties. Between switching gears I would reach over and grab a tit in my hand. The street was busy with cars in either direction but I didn’t care and by the look on Jean’s face, she didn’t care either.

I pulled into the parking lot at the back of the drug store and sent Julie in to get my mother’s hand lotion. As soon as she closed the car door I reached over and pulled one of Jean’s tits out and covered her whole nipple with my mouth. I sucked away at her large tit and ran my fingers over her wet panties. Jean arched her back at the touch of my hand. When Julie came back she peered into the window on the passenger side to watch me suck on her mother’s tit.

I released her tit from my mouth, pulled away at Jean’s panties and stuffed two fingers deep inside of her. Julie began to rub her shorts standing beside the car while another person passed her and got back in their car. The possibility of getting caught by someone just added to the excitement. Jean was wet as could be and she rolled down the window so her daughter could get a closer view. I released Jean other tit from her top and Julie latched onto it. With Julie bent over I could see her ripe teenage tits hanging down in her tank top. As I fingered my Aunt I watched Julie suck away at her mother’s tit.

“Give me the hand lotion Julie” I asked. Julie threw the bag in with the lotion and I pulled my soaked fingers out of Jean. I then filled my hand with lotion and popped the clutch into neutral and coated the stick shift with it. “I want you to fuck the stick shift” I told Jean. She completely pulled off her shorts and panties and climbed up to mount the plastic stick shift facing me. Julie and I watched as Jean lowered her wet snatch onto the shifter. It slid in easily and she started to rock up and down on it.

I reached down to my seat adjustment and eased it back so I was in a lying position beside Jean. I told Julie to get in the back and take off her shorts and panties. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and told Julie to climb up on me so we were in the 69 position. Julie climbed over my seat made her way down my body and took my cock in her warm mouth. Jean was turned on to have her daughter locked on my cock in front of her and she grabbed Julie tit as she rocked the shifter.

Julie lowered her cunt to my face and I made a long lick from the tip of her clit to the hole of her ass. With Julie’s feet planted firmly against the roof of the car, she started to grind her ass into my face while she bobbed up and down on my swollen cock. Her salvia and my pre-cum was leaking out all over my Dad’s leather seat. I could also see a small puddle all around the stick shift as Jean’s tits were bouncing up and down while she bucked.

Jean tensed up, leaned forward so her large breasts were touching the top of Julie’s back and started to shake and shiver as she came all over the shifter. Jean’s eyes were locked on me eating her daughter. She lifted herself off of the stick shift and placed a finger into Julie’s ass. It didn’t take long for Julie to reach climax as I worked her clit with my teeth and her mother plunging a finger in and out of her ass. Her juices covered my face as she continued to suck my cock.

Julie’s mouth popped off my cock as she came and then reached out to place her mother’s hand on my cock. Julie then placed her mouth just around the tip of my cock as Jean began to stroke my shaft. With my chin resting on Julie’s ass I watched Jean’s tits bouncing as she jerked my cock faster and faster. I lifted my ass off the seat and shot waves of cum into Julie’s wanting mouth. Not a drop feel out as she sucked it all in. Julie lifted her head, grabbed her mother’s face and began to kiss her and transfer my cum into Jean’s mouth. Their tongues swirled together as they shared my load.

We stopped at a car wash, cleaned out the whole front area that had a mixture of all our juices smeared all over the inside of the car, gassed up and headed back to the house completely satisfied.

Sunday mornings meant Church for my mother but now that I was 19, she could no longer force to me to attend. She and my father were wearing their Sunday bests while Jean, Julie and I were still in pajamas. My Mom tried to get her sister to go to beg forgiveness for her sins but Jean wanted nothing to do with that. My Mom looked to Julie to which she laughed and said, “That ain’t gonna happen!” My Mom then grabbed Stuart by the arm who wasn’t really paying attention and dragged him off to the car for Sunday prayer. This left the three of us alone in the house for a couple of hours.

We were all sitting at the kitchen table laughing at poor Stuart being carted off when I stood up and walked towards the fridge. I opened it up and reached into the vegetable tray. I inspected and sized out a couple of carrots and cucumbers. My Aunt and cousin watched me place them in the microwave to heat them up a little bit. Both women looked eager to see what I would do with them.

I grabbed Jean’s hand and pulled her up to me. I crushed my body against hers and kissed her hard. Julie watched with a smile on her face as my tongue danced with Jean’s. I turned her around and bent her over at her waist until her large breasts were resting on the table. I looked at Julie and waved her over to join me. We each put a hand on Jean’s ass and began to rub her silky PJ pants. I kissed Julie while both of us rubbed her mother’s ass much to Jean’s delight.

Julie started to pull her mother’s pants down and Jean stepped out of them. I pulled off my track pants and underwear to have my eight inch monster pop out to the open air. Julie bent down and started to lick along the edge of her mother’s panties. I pressed my cock up against Jean’s Erotik hikaye bare leg and ran my fingers down the center of her ass with my left hand. Then with my right hand I reached for the front of her moist panties. I lifted Jean off the ground with both of my hands as Julie continued to lick the exposed skin around Jean’s ass.

Julie stepped out of every piece of clothing she had on, reached to Jean’s foot and stuffed it between her legs. Julie took the heel of her mother’s foot and slid it all along her wet slit as I continued to lift Jean with both my hands buried between her legs. Jean ripped her shirt off and cupped both of her massive tits completely lost in passion.

I let Jean’s feet touch back down to the floor and then I handed one carrot to Julie and took a cucumber in my own hand. I then opened one of the kitchen cupboards and pulled out a bottle of olive oil. I poured a generous amount over both vegetables and placed the bottle on the counter. Julie and I stood on either side of Jean, pulled her panties off, placed the cucumber up against Jean’s slit and held it at the opening. I looked at Julie and she placed the carrot on the rim of Jean’s ass.

I slowly moved the slick cucumber into Jean’s waiting cunt as she began to spread her legs apart to begin to take it in. I asked Julie to just hold the carrot firmly against her mother’s ass but asked her not to insert it yet. I began to turn the cucumber as I inserted it further into Jean until it had filled her inner walls. I leaned into Jean and whispered into her ear, “Are you ready to be double fucked?’ I received no answer other than a soft moan.

I looked at Julie and nodded as she began to push the carrot into her mother’s ass. You could see Jean frowning as she desperately tried to accommodate both pieces in her. Both Julie and I started to push both vegetables in and out of Jean’s two holes. Jean’s breathing was erratic as pleasure was shooting through her body.

With my free hand I grabbed the other carrot and cucumber and placed then both in Jean’s hands. I picked up the bottle of olive oil and spilled it all over the two vegetables in Jean’s hands. “Your next sweetheart.” I said to Julie as I looked her in the eyes.

I instructed Julie to stand side by side with her mother. I took the carrot out of Jean’s hand and stood behind both women. I took the greased carrot in my left hand and pressed it up against Julie’s ass. Jean took the cucumber and pressed it up against her daughter’s wet slit. Jean worked the cucumber into Julie and even though it was smaller than the one deep inside Jean, it took Julie a little more time to accommodate its girth. I started to press the carrot into Julie’s ass and she groaned and shuttered.

I took the two inserted carrots in each hand standing in front of these two amazing asses and started to push them in and out. Jean was starting to push and pull the cucumber between Julie’s legs. Julie in turn reached down to the soaked cucumber sticking out of her Mom and began to push it in and out. Four holes at once began to slosh as we all worked them. Both woman were grunting and thrusting as we tried to sink our insertions together.

Two puddles of oil and cunt juices formed on the floor of the kitchen as the girls were lost in pleasure from their filled holes. I pulled a soaked carrot out of Jean’s ass and pressed my cock between her checks. There was oil smeared all along her crack and my cock slid easily between her checks. I began to thrust my oiled cock up and through her ass gliding over the edges of her asshole.

I pulled the carrot out of Julie’s ass and took the same position between her greased checks. I had the best of both worlds, Julie’s ass was tight and firm with Jean’s ass being much bigger and giggly. I would thrust five to ten times on one ass and then move to the other. Back and forth I alternated between the two asses and my women loved it. They continued to fuck each other’s cunts with the cucumbers.

As I switched back to Jean ass, she leaned over the table and knocked over the bottle of oil. The oil poured out all over Jean’s giant tits as they were resting on the table. With Jean bent over I stuffed my cock into her ass and began to pump her. My cock was much bigger than the carrot but all the oil deep in her ass made my cock glide in with ease. Jean was now continuously moaning as her tits slid back and forth on the oil filled table from my thrusts.

I pulled my cock out and began to stuff it in Julie’s tight little ass. She had a harder time taking my thick eight inch cock and I could feel her inner muscles shifting to try and accommodate my cock. Jean dropped to her knees as she picked up the pace on her cucumber. I grabbed on to either side of Julie’s ass and began ride her hard. The thrusts were so deep and violent that the cucumber in her popped out and landed on the floor. Jean watched with her mouth hanging open as I pounded her daughter’s ass. Julie was pinching her greasy clit and she soon began to convulse as cum ran down the inside of her legs.

I knew I was dam close so I pulled out of Julie’s ass and stuffed my cock between Jean’s oiled up tits. I fucked those big tities like I fucked Jean’s mouth the previous night in the bathroom. Julie ran her finger between my ass checks, found my hole and stuck a finger in. Jean was so close to the edge herself as she rammed the cucumber between her legs as I fucked her big tits.

I had reached my breaking point as I began to spirt my cum in between Jean tits and into her face. That was all Jean needed as he began to shake under the power of her own hand. Julie kept ramming her finger into my ass until every drop had left my prick.

The three of us were exhausted trying to catch our breath. There was oil everywhere, all over the floor, the table and our bodies. “Well this is going to take some time to clean up for sure.” Said Julie. We all started laughing hysterically. “I don’t know about you girls but it’s gonna take something special to top this one.” I said with a smile. “Well I guess it’s time then that we introduce Stuart and Jack’s father into this fun then don’t you think Julie?” said Jean. “Ummn, that sounds like fun.” Cooed Julie.

“What the fu……..” was all I could come up with.

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