Auntie Courtney the Cougar Mamma


“Hi, Courtney.” My 18 year old nephew called out as he walked into the kitchen while I was baking.

“Oh; hi sweetheart. Did you have a good run?” I replied as I applied the finishing touches to a pie for the evening dinner; “did you go far?”

“About 10 miles I guess.” He panted as he took a carton of orange from the fridge. “Just enough to get everything pumping.”
I looked up to see him grinning as he took a swig of juice. I instantly looked away but felt my face begin to blush.

Lewis is my sister’s eldest son and was staying with us until he started a local University a few weeks later. Janine moved to Australia 20 years ago so Lewis was born out there and is a stereotypical surfer-dude with long shaggy blonde hair; chiseled features and a well honed 6 foot tall body.

It was pleasure having him stay as my three kids instantly loved him as he was a bit of an action man and my husband now had someone to watch sports with and talk about cars to. For me it made a change having someone who said please and thank you and didn’t spend most of his time farting and burping; plus he was very easy on the eye.

“I’m sorry about the other morning.” He continued grinning as he sat on the worktop opposite me which made his running shorts ride up his thighs.

“Oh, that.” I stammered and stared intently at the waste pastry on the kitchen table, “it was nothing….I’m sorry….I should have knocked on the door…or something…..I’m terribly sorry….it won’t happen again.”

“It was a buzz.” Lewis chuckled as he slid off the bench and walked towards me. “It was a big turn on; knowing you were watching me.”

“I wasn’t ‘watching’ you….do…..what you were doing.” I corrected him, but deliberately avoided any eye contact.

By now he was standing right beside me and I could smell the sweat on his taught body and his fruity breath as I began to shake with trepidation.

Two mornings earlier I’d walked into the living room; where Lewis was sleeping on the couch, to see if he had any dirty washing, only to find him with a pair of my pink panties in one hand and his cock in the other. He was obviously near to the end of his actions by the speed of his rubbing and I stood in the doorway frozen to the spot until my son broke the spell when he called from the kitchen and I made my excuses and quickly left him to finish off.

Fifteen minutes later and only wearing his baggy shorts he sauntered into the kitchen where the family was having breakfast, as if nothing had happened. I felt it best to say nothing; as my husband Jim might not have seen the funny side of me seeing a teenager wanking into a pair of my knickers. By the time the kids were ready for school Lewis had pulled on a vest and Sweatshirt to cover his muscle-bound torso and went with Jim to do some labouring on a site where Jim was building a factory on.

Before I took the kids to school I went back into the living room and collected some discarded clothing that looked like it needed washing but when I pulled back the duvet from the sofa my pink knickers were lying there and soaked in cum. I was shocked and frozen to the spot again until my eldest daughter called to ask if she could have a biscuit. I gathered up the pants and hid them among his clothing as I walked through the kitchen to the utility room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much goo there was covering the tiny garment. I’d had a few lovers before I got married but none of them had ever produced that much cum; and certainly not my husband. I threw them in the machine with the rest of the light coloured wash and set off for the school run.

The idea of Lewis cumming in my panties had filled my thoughts for the next two days but neither of us mentioned what had happened and I’d eventually hoped it was best forgotten.

“I think you were ‘watching’ me.” Lewis laughed as he stroked my shoulder length hair. I recoiled but ended up standing against a large cupboard. “Lots of girls like watching me jerk off.” Lewis continued; “it turns them on. Did it turn you on? I bet it did; didn’t it?”

I pushed his hand away from my shoulder and as I turned to move away he held onto my hip with the other.

“Lewis, please.” I told him as firmly as possible, “I don’t want to talk about it…it just shouldn’t have happened. Now let me go.”

“What did you think about the present I left for you?” He smirked as he ran his fingers through my hair again and pulled me towards him.

“I was shocked and…..” I stammered escort bayan and turned my face away as he tried to kiss me. “You shouldn’t have done that…it was wrong….I’m your Aunt for Gods sake!”

“Have you ever watched other guys wank?” The teenager continued.

“A couple of……no…it’s none of your business.” I stammered.

“Jim? Or other guys?” Lewis laughed as he pressed his groin against me. “And you like watching them?”

“I…I….you are putting words in my mouth!” I tried to push him away.

“That’s not the only thing I want to put in your mouth.” He chuckled as his right hand massaged my shoulder and his left stroked the small of my back while I tried to push him away. His powerful hands felt really good but I knew that I had to get away from him.

“Please stop that.” I virtually shouted as his right hand caressed my boob then cupped it. “This is getting a little weird and very, very wrong.” I told him as firmly as possible.

“I don’t think so.” He laughed as he confidently kissed me and slipped his tongue past my full lips and ran his hand across my fleshy boob and inside my vest top, sending a shiver down my spine.

We pulled apart and Lewis squeezed my boobs without me putting up too much of a fight.

“Your nipples are getting all nice and stiff.” He chuckled as he playfully squeezed one.

“That’s none of your business.” I told him as he kissed me again; forcing his tongue deep into my mouth as he firmly squeezed my boob again.

As I broke the kiss Lewis pulled my bra and vest strap down to my elbow exposing my boob.

“Hey; young man!” I admonished him but was too slow to stop him leaning forward and suckling my rubbery pink nipple which made me sigh. In a second he had the other two straps down to making it difficult for me to move my arms; so he took full advantage squashing my tits together as he alternately sucked my tingling nipples.

“Lewis….Lewis…no…no.” I moaned as he continued sucking on my sensitive 34c titties as one hand slid up my skirt and began squeezing my arse cheeks and the other up the front stroking my pubes through my knickers.
“Please stop…..please….please….please.” I groaned as he pulled my knickers down from behind and his fingers slid through my hairy pubes and along my dripping slit.

I was now holding him around the waist and panting for breath as the Aussie teenager slid two fingers deep in my pussy and slapped my arse at the same time.

He whispered, “I’m going to fuck your cunt ragged;” as I began grinding my clit against the palm of his hand.

“Oh God no….no…no…you…. mustn’t…no…no…no…that would be so….wroooonngggg!” I gasped as I came on his fingers.

Lewis pulled his greasy fingers out of my trembling pussy and fed them into my mouth. They tasted disgusting as I licked my juices off the long digits.

As I leant against the cupboard to stop my legs from buckling; Lewis swiftly pulled his shorts down and his massive cock sprang into view.

“Jesus!” I gasped as it stood straight up to attention. It must have been at least 7 inches long and as hard as iron. It was so stiff the big fat velvety knob was already out of his foreskin. After being married for 14 years, my husbands 5 inches never ever got that hard, even after one of my blowjobs.

“Did I do that?” I giggled.

“You sure did.” The athletic teenager laughed as he pulled his t-shirt off, leaving him in trainers and tube socks. “Come on Auntie, get your clothes off and suck it.” He commanded as he cupped his massive hairless balls and waved it from side to side.

I don’t know why; perhaps his huge cock had hypnotized me but in a couple of seconds I was stepping out of my skirt and panties and pulling my vest over my head. I swiveled my bra around and it too landed on the floor. Nature took over and I instantly covered my large boobs and blonde bushy pussy; thinking that the young stud might be put off by seeing a 38 year old woman naked.

“What are doing, you silly cow?” Lewis laughed as he roughly stroked his long rod; “Show me your tits.”

I no longer had any pride to lose so waved my arms in a Salome fashion as he devoured my mature body with his eyes.

“Fucking hell Courtney you are a beaut!” The young lad whistled his appreciation, “now come and suck my dick.”

I sashayed the couple of feet towards him and planted a big kiss on his lips as I replaced his hand with mine on his hot cock. Lewis pulled me towards him until my boobs bursa escort bayan were crushed against his manly chest and I had just enough room to stroke his massive dick. As we tongue wrestled his hands wandered back down to my arse and he pulled my cheeks apart before running his finger over my little rosebud then pressing a finger tip past the tight ring which made me shiver.

“No…no…no…you naughty boy.” I slapped his hand away before sexily sliding down his body making sure I lingered when his cock was between my droopy titties. Lewis took hold of my boobs and shook them like crazy until his foreskin peeled back to expose a bright pink knob.

“Come on Auntie,” He gruffly told me in a rich Aussie accent, “get your fucking lips around it and suck me.”

I immediately opened my red lips and sucked the fat knob before running my tongue along the bald shaft. Using one hand to twist around the thickness and the other to tug and squeeze his magnificent ball bag I sucked his cock like a demented woman until he grabbed my head and began aggressively fucking my mouth. I’ve loved sucking cock since I was 15 but my fat hubby’s sex drive had waned in the last few years meaning I had to be very careful not to make him cum too quickly when I gave him a blowie; this Aussie stud wasn’t going to have that problem as he tried to force it down my throat.

“Come on Auntie; suck the fucking thing!” Lewis kept grunting as his hips forcefully filled my middle aged mouth and throat with teenage cock for the first time in nearly 20 years.

“What do you think my Mom would say if she could see her young sister sucking on my cock?” He taunted me as he shook one of my tits by holding a nipple between his finger and thumb. “She’d go fuckling apeshit, wouldn’t she?”

The more he taunted me the harder I sucked his cock.

“Who’d have thought my sweet fucking English Auntie would be a fucking ace cocksucker?” He laughed as sweat ran down my face and pussy juice ran down my thighs.

“I want to lick your hairy cunt now.” He told me as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I meekly nodded. “Get up on the table and spread your legs.”

I complied and moved a few things to one side before lying on the kitchen table with my legs in the air at quarter to three. My pussy now felt on fire; and my labia were swollen for the first time in 10 years.

“Fucking Hell Auntie.” He laughed as he admired the view between my legs, “I’ve never seen a cunt as hairy as that in my life. Even Mom’s friend Melissa shaves hers!”

Lewis then took hold of my thighs and buried his young face in my dripping hole making me gasp and grunt as his tongue lapped up my juices and nibbled on my extended labia.

Oh yes…yes…yes.” I panted as he eventually slid a long middle finger into my pussy as he licked around the itchy sides; “harder….harder…..yes…yes…yes.”
I was now gripping onto the sides of the table as he had my ankles nearly touching my ears. Lewis’s finger was deep inside me and pressing down onto the thin membrane separating my arse from my pussy and it was turning me on like crazy. My nephew quickly realized that I like a bit of anal play started licking that little strip between the holes and I started shaking with excitement.

“Jesus Christ…..yes…yes…yes!” I squealed as he twisted his hand until his thumb rubbed across my anus while his finger kept finding erogenous zones I didn’t know I had.

Lewis took my squealing to be a positive thing and pushed his thumb into my arse hole and rubbed his finger tip against it; making me lost for words as I began thrashing my head from side to side open mouthed as my 18 year old nephew did things to me no man had ever done before.

His finger and thumb were soon working their way in and out in unison as his tongue lashed all over my hot and steamy pussy. My clitty was aching and I was desperate to cum but didn’t want him to stop doing what he was doing to me down below.

Eventually my nephew came up for air and unceremoniously pulled his fingers out of my holes leaving them feeling empty and in need of filling with something much bigger. Lewis had a really creepy look on his face as he stood up to his full six feet and lined his throbbing cock up against my willing married pussy.

I was so wet and excited I offered absolutely no resistance as he forcefully rammed his cock into my pussy.

“Oh my God!” I gasped as I wrapped my legs around his hips and he pounded my pussy like a mad man with flared bursa eskort nostrils and wild eyes.

I had totally lost all control of the situation as my teenage nephew fucked me ragged like he’d promised and roughly sucked and bit my bouncing titties. The position that he was in and the force he was fucking me with meant I must have had 4 or 5 mini orgasms as he rammed his teenage 8 inch cock deep into my married belly.

“Bend over.” Lewis eventually grunted, “Turn around and bend over.”

I scrambled off the table and bent over as requested; sweaty tits on the damp Formica and arse in the air.

“Pull your cheeks apart.” The boy barked as he picked up the packet of Lurpak butter. “That’s the way hold it wide-open for me.” I slid my hands behind me and pulled my arse cheeks as wide as possible. I then felt the young lad smear butter all across my crack then slowly poke a finger inside. When I gasped and offered no resistance he curled in a second from the other hand and pulled and stretched my arsehole. It stung like Hell but I was in a world of my own and grunted, gasped and purred in equal measure as my Nephew pulled my tiny hole in all directions.

“I knew you’d be a fucking dirty tart as soon as I clapped eyes on yer.” He finally spoke as he smeared more butter along my crack. “I knew from the way yer looked at me all last week that fat cunt wasn’t giving you any.” Lewis then cackled before continuing, “Half of Mom’s mates are just like you…..they can’t resist my fucking cock…no matter which hole I fuck.”

Still holding my cheeks apart for him I felt his fat knob press against the stretched and butter covered hole.

“Has Jim ever fucked you up the shitter?” Lewis growled as his knob easily forced the tight ring open. “Has he?”

“No.” I panted in anticipation, “no he hasn’t.”

“But other guys have fucked your arse; haven’t they.” He cackled again as two or three inches of cock made their way into my bowels. “Haven’t they?”

I was now biting my lip and had my eyes tightly closed to mask the pain his huge cock was causing; but needed to confess to him.

“Yes….yes one.” I winced as his full cock filled my arse up tight; “one or…..”

“Two? When was that?” My nephew cackled as he slowly pulled his cock back to the entrance then plunged it back in making me puff my cheeks out.

“When I was at College.” I whispered.

Lewis was now buggering me with ease and had raised my chest off the table to play with my swinging titties.

“How many times did yer do it with them?” He laughed as he tugged my stiff nipple.

“I don’t know….can’t remember,” I growled as his cock battered against something deep inside me.

“Yer really are a dirty cow.” He laughed as he spanked my arse with his free hand. “My sweet Auntie Courtney can’t remember how many times men have fucked her arse! Who’d have fucking believed that?”

“Four…..I think.” I panted; “no ….five. I think.” He was right I’d been a right slut at College fucking anything with a cock; I really wasn’t fussy and found that I had a skill for sucking cocks but loved it every time some guy fucked my arse…it made me feel deliciously dirty; just like my teenage nephew was doing now.

I’d lost all sense of time but felt we must have been fucking for nearly half an hour and I couldn’t remember that last time I’d gone over 5 minutes! I was amazed at his stamina but grateful for the staying power of youth!

As if he’d read my mind Lewis began grunting and really pulling at my tits and nipples then; with three powerful thrusts that made the table move he filled my arse with as much spunk as he’d covered my knickers with earlier in the week. We remained coupled for a minute or so as he jerked the last drops in my arse then with one hand on my hip pulled his cock out making his excess spunk run down my thighs.

When I finally stood up Lewis was standing behind me and grinning like the Devil.

“That was fun.” He smirked as I grimaced when I stood upright. “Did you enjoy it?”

My arse now felt like it was on fire but I couldn’t stop myself rubbing my clitty in from of the teen as I nodded and smiled.

“Of course I did; you naughty boy.” I giggled as my fingers furiously rubbed my nubbin. As my orgasm built up I raised a foot onto a kitchen chair and forced three fingers into my pussy as my thumb hit my clit and as my orgasm swept up from my toes I pulled my fingers out and manically rubbed the button until a gush of lady juice splashed onto the kitchen floor!

“What the fuck was that?” Lewis whistled as he tugged at his still stiff dick.

“It’s not only boys who can cum.” I giggled as I strained for breath.

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