Aunties exhibition

Aunties exhibitionThis really happened. My husband and I went to Cornwall in England for a couple of days to relax as we had both been working very hard. We checked into a quiet hotel near Truro, the capital of Cornwall in the West Country of England. We noticed that there was a snooker room in the hotel and we both went there after dinner on the evening to play for an hour. I knew my husband was feeling randy and was ready for sex. We kissed for a while as we were alone in the snooker room. My husband asked if he could fuck me on the table as it was very quiet in the hotel. I said of course, but first I have to go and powder my nose back in the room and I will return as soon as possible. I could see the snooker room from our bedroom window. I noticed that someone was peeping in the window at the back of the snooker room and was obviously spying on us. My husband had a pair of binoculars in his suitcase so I took them out to see if I could identify who was doing the spying. It was one of the young waiters in the restaurant. mersin escort He must have noticed we picked the keys up from reception and thought he would find out if we were going to have sex in there instead of playing snooker. Well, my heart was thumping as I raced back to the snooker room. I decided not to tell my husband we had a “voyeur” watching us. As I entered the room I took a crafty look at the window the young man was looking through and there was a five inch gap in the curtain. Having the light on in the snooker room made it even easier for him to see everything we did. I walked over to my husband and told him the coast was clear and I was ready to be fucked “good and proper”. He kissed me and was squeezing my arse and tits through my dress. I was so sexed up knowing the young spy was about 2 metres from where we were with a perfect view. We licked tongues and I helped my husband undress. I stripped down to my bra and panties and made them both wait until I finally took my panties off and escort mersin whipped my bra off over my head. My 44dd’s bounced wildly out of my big bra and all the time my husband was groping and sucking them I pushed them right out for the young man. I got on my knees and sucked his cock for a full ten minutes before standing up and leaning over the snooker table. I ordered my husband to drop to his knees and lick my cunt from behind. The noises he was making licking me was disgusting. He sucked my cunt wet. Eventually he got up and slid his boner into me from behind. All the time I was thinking what the young man looking at us was doing to his own cock as he watched us fuck like a****ls. My husband said he was not far from coming and wanted me to come first. I told him I wanted to be licked off. I faced the window where the young man was watching and put one leg on a chair and held my cunt lips open for my husbands wagging tongue. I made sure my huge bosoms were bouncing as I had an intense orgasm. I could not mersin escort bayan help looking directly where the young man was. I was so sexed up I did not care. All that mattered to me was that my husband licked and sucked my cunt as hard and as fast as he could as I imagined the young man staring at the sight before him. Once I had come my husband turned me round and fucked me furiously as I leaned over the table. As we were side on to the young mans view, I made sure I had dipped my back and my arse was sticking right up in the air for the fuck action. I was glad I had decided to keep my posh shoes on as this served to accentuate my big arse. My heavy mature bosoms were bouncing wildly to the fuck actions of my a****l of a husband. He slowed his rhythm down for his own orgasm as he jetted off inside me. As soon as we had recovered I went to the bathroom to clean up and we returned to the main part of the building. The next morning the young man who was watching us served us at breakfast. We talked about the weather and made small talk at the breakfast table. The young waiter told us he was disappointed when he knew we were leaving later that day. I wonder why? We will be returning there again in a couple of months and I am hoping for more of the same.

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