Aunties Weekend #02


It was almost four months ago that I had the pleasure of having intimate relations with my drop dead gorgeous aunt, Delilah. I saw her only once since then, and my family was there so we only kissed in her bedroom while they conversed in the living room. She was still as sexy as ever. A 40-year-old woman that looked like she was only 26/27. She still turned me on and I always thought of that weekend whenever I was masturbating.

She was going to be coming out to the house for my graduation party later next week and I was super excited. My family would be going to Montreal for the night but I opted out saying I had to work and that I couldn’t get the night off. If only they could tell when I’m lying. I just wanted to stay back with my aunt so we could fuck again.

In anticipation for that night I made sure to buy lot’s of condoms as I knew it would be weekend full of fucking, I wanted to make sure I was protected.

I had since gotten a girlfriend but she wasn’t like my aunty. She couldn’t do what my aunt could. She had her own style about her, but my aunts was much more hot and fun. I loved my girlfriend but never told her about what happened that weekend because I know she would think I’m some kind of pervert or prude or something like that. I wanted her to understand that my feelings were normal, but I knew she never would. But that’s a different story.

“Goodbye James. Remember your aunt Delilah will be here in a few hours. She said not to wait up,” my mother said as she walked out the door, “Money for supper is on the counter. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye guys, have fun in Montreal,” I said closing the door.

I went over to the couch and sat down. I flipped through the channels but found nothing interesting. I went upstairs and turned the 360 on. I put a game in and started playing. All I could think of was sliding my cock into my aunt’s warm juicy pussy.

I got an erection so I went to the computer and looked at some porn. I watched a video of a guy nailing his teacher. It got me so hard. I pulled my thick erection out of my pants then started stroking. The teacher was hot, and she was loud as the guy pounded her.

All I could think of was fucking my aunt. I needed her body. I wanted a picture of her naked so I could jerk off better and to a pretty woman.

I finally exploded when the woman climaxed on the screen. I grabbed a towel and cleaned up. I walked downstairs and noticed it was already 5 pm. I grabbed the phone and called the pizza place. A small pizza would fill me perfectly. I hung up then sat on the couch. There was usually something a hell of a lot more interesting on TV at this time.

The pizza came 40 minutes later. I paid for it, $20 for a small pizza. Outrageous.

I ate most of it while watching Moonraker my favorite James Bond movie. It was getting late so I went upstairs and brushed my teeth. There was still the smell of pizza in my breath so I used mouthwash. I didn’t want to be making out with aunty and my breath smelling like pizza.

It was nearly 10pm when the doorbell rang. I jumped up excitedly. I was nervous too, as it always was whenever I saw her since that weekend.

I ran downstairs and unlocked the door. There was aunty Delilah standing beautifully in the doorway. That same sexy hourglass shape with the beautiful brown hair that was now shoulder length. She was wearing a white blouse that wasn’t hiding anything. She was also wearing the shortest short-shorts I had ever seen.. She smiled at me xhamster porno then said, “My I come in handsome?”

I blushed then bowed showing her in. “Where are your parents young man?” She asked sarcastically.

“Montreal,” I said in a sensual voice, “Are you lost miss?”

“No, I’m not,” she said looking at me in that way that just made me instantly hard. She walked over to me and threw her arms around my back. Our lips met and our tongs collided. I didn’t want it to end.

“You missed me that much?” She finally said when the kiss was over. I just nodded putting a hand on one of her breasts and the other on her thigh. I caressed her thighs gently and my cock got even harder.

She moaned as I moved it from side to side, up and down. She reached down and grabbed hold on my pants. She began stroking my thick cock and me began kissing again. She pulled my fly down and pulled my erection through the hole. She knelt down and jerked me off in front of her.

She opened her mouth and licked the head of my dick. She swirled around the head then pushed her lips onto it. It was almost too much to take. She opened her mouth and began sucking me off. She reached the base of my cock then pulled back. She pushed back down and up, down and up. Her saliva coated my dick as she continued sucking. “Oh Delilah,” I said as she continued sucking my hard erection. She held my balls in her one hand and kept sucking hard. I felt the welling up in the base of my cock.

“Aunty I’m cumming,” I said as she continued sucking me. She stopped and pulled her mouth off. She stroked me until I blasted my load all over her nice blouse.

“Sorry aunty. You know how Horney you make me,” I said as she wiped her face and blouse as clean as she could.

“It’s ok Jimmy. I’m just glad you are still this excited to see me,” She said standing up.

“I will never lose interest in you aunty,” I said as I held her close to me, “You’re too goddamn sexy for that.”

She leaned up and kissed me, “I think so too baby.”

We decided not to go straight into sex in order to build anticipation so when we finally do, it is that much more exciting.

She went into the kitchen and began making herself something to eat while I went upstairs to play some video games. I couldn’t concentrate on the game, however. All I could think about was auntie’s naked body after the last time we were together.

I was hard again in a few moments and all I wanted to do was fuck.

I went downstairs to look for my aunt. I could smell the bacon and sausage that she had made for herself.

I found her in the living room watching TV. She had a sausage on the end of her fork, and when she saw me she began to suck on it. I was getting harder.

“Aunty, I can’t wait anymore,” I said trying not to leap at her.

She stood up and walked over to me. She reached down into my pants and began stroking my hard erection. She kissed me and I could taste the found she had just made. On any other girl, I would have been grossed out, but I was too Horney to deny her.

I pulled her blouse off and unclipped her bra revealing her breasts. I opened my mouth and took one of her nipples in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. She laid her head back and put a hand on my head. She was getting turned on because the nipple was going hard in my mouth. I stopped, looked up and kissed my aunty hard sticking my tongue as far into her mouth as it could go.

She pulled yaşlı porno with one yank and my pants fell to the floor. She knelt down with my hard on in her hand and began stroking.

She then started to speed up, and eventually I came on her face. She looked up and smiled up at me. She wiped what was on her face off and then licked it off of her hand.

It turned me on so much. “Already ready to go?” She asked starting to lick the tip of my cock.

“Oh god yes baby, please suck me,” I said putting a hand on her head and forcing my cock into her mouth.

She started sucking and the ecstasy was too much to handle. I was reaching my breaking point when she stopped. I looked down.

Aunty was licking the precum off of my dick then started sucking again.

“Shit aunty, I’m going to cum again,” I said too little too late. I exploded in her mouth. She made a gulping noise as she swallowed as much of it as she could.

“You are so delicious,” she said standing up and pulling down her pants.

Her dirty talk really turned me on.

She was about to pull down her thong when I stopped her. I knelt down and bit the G-string and pulled it down myself.

She giggled when I did that.

I then pushed her onto the couch and began eating her pussy.

“Oh yes Jimmy, ffffffffffuck,” she moaned as I licked deeper and deeper

Her body began spasming and she held my head. She was having an orgasm. By the looks of it, a bigger one than the last time I ate her out.

I stood up while she lay motionless on the couch. I aimed my cock for her pussy and stuck it in as far as I could.

It was still as warm and tight as before, maybe a bit looser. She wrapped her legs behind my back and made sure I went at her pace.

“Take it easy Jimmy,” she said to me as I began to fuck her, “I’m still recovering from that magnificent licking.

I nodded at her and went slowly… at first.

I started going faster and faster until I was fucking her fast and hard

“Oh god, Jimmy, fuck you make me feel so good,” she said as I continued fucking her hard, “That’s it, fuck your favorite aunty in her warm pussy.”

The dirty talk made me want to explode right there. I didn’t because I wanted it to last. I kept going in and out, in and out.

I then realized I forgot the condom and pulled out just milliseconds before blowing my hot load all over her stomach.

She came too as the couch was wet bellow her pussy. I bent down and began licking her juices. They tasted so sweet.

“Jimmy, I love you so much. You make me feel like I’m 25,” she said putting her arms around me.

“Aunty, you’ll always be 25 to me,” I said sweet talking her, “18 too, the way you do it.

She smiled then bent up to kiss me, “We should get this cleaned up and go to bed. You have a big day tomorrow, and we don’t want your family smelling my pussy now do we?”

“Do we?” I asked sarcastically.

She smiled at me, “This is yours whenever you want it. No one else can get this.” She said sticking a finger into her vagina.

I was getting hard again, and she could see it. She reached over and grabbed it. She began stroking it. ” Aunty, May I take a picture of you naked, so I can, you know, masturbate to it?”

“Meet me upstairs, I’ll take care of that, then it’s time for bed,” she said as she got up and went upstairs.

“Awe aunty,” I said in a childish voice as she ascended the stairs.

I aldatma porno followed after her when I entered the room she was “sleeping.” She was naked with her legs spread, hiding nothing. I grabbed my digital camera and took a picture.

I climbed on top of her and inserted my dick into her vagina. When I did she took a deep breath and I began to fuck her again.

I pumped in and out. Fucking her slowly because three times in one day can hurt sometimes.

When I was ready to come, I pulled out and shot onto her face. I then fell down beside her and began to drift off.

I saw her clean off her face and then lay on the bed. She put an arm on my chest while I put and arm around her making sure she was snuggled up next to me.

The next morning I woke to see my aunties beautiful green eyes looking me in the face while she stroked my erection. When she saw I was awake, she stood up then crouched on top of my cock. She guided it into her vagina and began moving up and down.

I hadn’t ever had the girl on top before, it felt really good just to sit back and let her fuck me.

I reached up with my hands and put them on her love handles so I could make her go my pace.

“Fuck aunty this feels so good,” I said as she continued ducking me.

She kept fucking me, I couldn’t believe how long I was lasting.

“Shit aunty, I’m coming,” I said.

She got off of my cock then began sucking me. I exploded in her mouth. Again she swallowed then got off of me.

“Get dressed baby,” she said, “You got a big day today.”

She left the room and got dressed in the bathroom. I put on a pair of dress pants, black socks, a dress shirt and a nice green tie.

When aunty came in, my mouth dropped open. She was wearing a dress that cut off just above her knees. It was a spaghetti strap dress with a small over coat that would keep her warm. She was showing lots of cleavage. I went over to her and pulled her shirt up.

“Those are mine remember,” I said kissing her, You look beautiful.”

She smiled, “Sorry, I thought it would please you, but I know guys these days.”

My family came home ready for grad.

We all drove to the church and I went through the grad ceremony. My aunty and I didn’t get any time to fuck again because my family was home.

But the day she was leaving I was finishing up in the bathroom when a knock came on the door.

A soft voice whispered, “May I come in baby?”

I opened the door and aunty was standing there. I let her in then locked the door and turned the fan on so nobody would hear.

WE began kissing, then I lifted her up onto the counter in the bathroom and pushed her skirt up so I could pull down her thong.

Once it was down, I unzipped my fly and pulled out my already throbbing cock. I stuck it into Delilah and began to fuck her one last time.

“Oh yes, Jimmy. I’ve wanted this since yesterday afternoon,” She said moaning.

“ooh, ooooohhh. Oh fuck me, yes. Ah, oooohh.”

“Jimmy, I promise I’ll have just you over so we can do this more during the summer,” She said as I fucked her.

“I want to fuck you in a bikini aunty,” I said. Always wanting to see her beautiful figure in a French bikini.

She smiled then bit her lip as I continued fucking her, “I think I’d like that too.”

I was about to pull out when she said, “Don’t worry. I’m on the pill.”

When she said that I came into her pussy hard. “You always know just when to finish, don’t you?” She asked getting off of the counter.

“I have a good teacher,” I said kissing her.

We both left the washroom and I showed her the door. We hugged and I gave her nice ass a little squeeze. After the hug was over she looked at me and kissed me. She then waved and left.


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