Awakening Ch. 05: Coffee


The last thing I remembered before I fell asleep was gazing at Derek’s wonderful heavy cock and enjoying Emma’s finger tips caressing one of my nipples. I slept like a rock. When I finally awoke, the sun was streaming through the windows and the room was bright and inviting. I blinked my eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them and looked around. I was alone in the room wrapped in a blanket that some wonderful person had covered me with. As I sat up I began to smell the magnificent aroma of fresh brewed coffee wafting into the room.

I raised my arms above my head to stretch and I felt the collar push against my jaw. I lowered my hands and caressed the soft leather collar and tiny padlock. The wonderful memories of the night before flooded into my brain causing me to smile. A tiny shiver made me aware of my nipples getting hard as I felt that now familiar tingle in my pussy. Fuck, what I slut I’d become. My smile got bigger just at the thought of that.

I was just about to go find some of that coffee when Emma padded into the room carrying a serving tray. She was barefoot wearing a super thin white robe tied loosely at her waist. The robe hid nothing and her huge hard nipples poked out noticeably against the thin material. I liked the way the morning was starting. She smiled as she walked toward me and put the tray with coffee and mugs on the table in front of me. When she bent forward, her robe separated and her huge tits plopped out. Damn, they were fucking awesome; just a slight upturn and two huge swollen nipples. She smiled mischievously and handed me the robe that she had draped over her arm, “This will probably be more comfortable than your blanket. I know it’s definitely more stylish.” Then she filled both mugs with steaming hot coffee, stood and calmly tucked her puppies back inside her robe.

She moved back to the other couch, plopping down lazily into it causing her robe to open and create the most delicious view of her beautiful pussy and further up her big tasty titties. She was showing off for me, so I took my time staring blatantly at her gorgeous body. After ogling her lasciviously I finally thanked her for the robe and stood to put it on. It was my turn to show off so I let the blanket slowly slide off my body. It dawned on me that I was still wearing the garter belt and hose from last night. I blushed. I felt “overdressed” and a little silly and I almost covered back up, but then I thought what the fuck, I can play this game too. I had a good teacher.

I stood there naked except for the garter belt and hose, and I made a big show of folding the blanket before sliding my arms in the robe. Damn, another light bulb went on. I truly liked being naked and I really liked showing off, particularly for Emma. Once I had the tiny black robe on I took forever to arrange the garters and stockings before I closed and tied the sash. I looked for my heels to finish my look. Emma smiled impishly, reached down beside the couch and brought my shoes up. She dangled them in front of her.

I stepped around the table and took them from her and slid them on my feet. They were the perfect final touch. It looked like I was wearing an incredibly short dress and was ready to go out partying. My stocking tops just showed below the edge of the robe. That’s when I realized something else. Emma’s choice of robe was not accidental. Damn, she even had my heels ready. She wanted me looking like a slut and she got exactly what she wanted. I liked this game, and I was definitely going to have to study hard if I was ever going to be at Emma’s level. She looked coyly at me and licked her lips, “You look pretty fucking awesome in early morning chic.” Then she snickered and added, “Gonna fuck somebody this morning?”

She kept güvenilir bahis smiling and I smiled back. Damn, she knew how to push my buttons. I sat down and picked up my coffee. We both gazed at each other over our cups as we sipped the steaming coffee. It was wonderful. It was just what I needed. The coffee was delicious and it allowed me the time to think and just enjoy the gorgeous beauty sitting across from me. I hoped she was enjoying looking at me as much as I was looking at her. Neither of us said anything. We both just enjoyed our coffee. I shifted so that my robe opened like hers and I crossed and uncrossed my legs so that she could see my pussy. I liked this game.

Emma leaned forward, “Care for a refill?” She didn’t bother to cover her tits as she picked up the coffee pot. I leaned forward and extended my cup. Both of my tits fell out of my tiny robe when I did. Emma stared at them for a long second and then sat back in the couch. She seemed to have something on her mind and was trying to figure out how to start. She held her mug near her mouth like she was thinking. Final she lowered the mug and rested it on her thigh.

She looked directly into my eyes, “Amy, I need to talk about last night. I took a lot of liberties with you, and your body last night. At the time it felt right, but in the light of day, I have some doubts whether I should have done what I did.” I started to respond, but she cut me off. “I didn’t have the right to restrain you or let Derek fuck you or take all those pictures without your consent. I’m afraid I crossed the line and I’m sorry.”

My emotions were upside down and I had to get Emma to understand, “Damn Emma, nothing could be farther from reality. Remember what I said last night? I still feel the same way.” I tried to keep my emotions in check because I really wanted her to know how I felt. “Yeah, for a bit there I wasn’t sure about the whole scene, but you were patient and caring and soft and sexy and slutty, everything that I’d never experienced, but I learned quickly that I loved. I had more orgasms last night than in my whole life to date. And at first Derek being involved scared the shit out of me, but he was unbelievable. He was patient and caring and gorgeous and so fucking big.” I stopped to take a breath. Emma just stared at me as I continued, “I’ve never had anyone that big, ever. And, to have him in my ass, that was an experience that I want to have again. Jesus, just talking about it is making my pussy wet. Emma, you gave me something last night that I’d never ever do on my own. It was without doubt the most wonderful night of my life.” I was nearly out of breath and almost crying when I was done. I wanted her to want me so much.

I took another huge breath and a sip of coffee and remembered the pictures. “Ah, I did forget about the pictures though, and at some point I want to see them and I think they should be mine. I can’t wait to see how I looked dressed in your gear and tied up with my pussy and ass on display. As I talked about everything during the evening made me hornier than I already was. My pussy needed attention. One of my hands had found its way to my crotch and I was running my fingers up and down my very wet, hairless slit. My sex was soaked and toying with the sensitive flesh felt awesome. The tell tale sloshy sound radiating from between my legs was getting louder and louder as I moved my fingers in and out of my soaked cunt.

Emma smiled as she played with her own nipples, “I was pretty sure that you really got into things last night, particularly when I came back to the living room and you had Derek down your throat. I guess I just didn’t realize just how much. I just needed to know for sure that you were okay with everything we did last türkçe bahis night.” Emma watched me for a while and then smiled knowingly, “Spread you’re legs Amy. I want to watch you finger your hot little pussy.”

Holy shit, Emma was ready to play again. The new me wanted her to take charge and make me do things. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed perfect. I wanted her to tell her slut what to do. I spread my legs and pulled the robe completely open. I reached down and slowly spread my pussy lips with my fingers. She stared into my opened pussy. I was totally on display for her. I started finger fucking myself with two fingers. She smiled, “You have become quite the little slut. Put your other two fingers in your pussy as deep as you can get them.”

I pulled my fingers out and added the other two fingers and slid them back in. My pussy was slick and they went in easily. I sawed my fingers in and out of my sopping pussy making as much pussy noise as I could. I pinched my nipples with my other hand. I loved being on display. Emma slumped down into the couch and her hand went between her legs.

I got into a great rhythm and I was feeling very, very good. My cunt was on fire and the tingle was getting stronger. Emma smiled, “Put your whole hand in your pussy, slut. You took Derek no problem so your little hand will be easy.” I guess I looked at her like she was crazy because she responded immediately, “That wasn’t a request slut, it was an order. You’re wet enough you could get a bed post in there if you wanted to.”

I pulled my fingers out and put my thumb against my middle finger and made a sort of cone out of my hand and pushed it back in my pussy. It almost went in all the way, but I couldn’t get my knuckles passed the outer ring. I was shocked I could get my hand in that deep. Emma started giving me instructions on how to move my hand. Listening to her and then doing what she said was one hell of a trip. I closed my eyes and laid my head back as I twisted and pushed my hand forward. There was hardly any pain, just some discomfort and pressure. I was breathing harder and I could feel the perspiration on my forehead. Emma was urging me on in a hoarse whisper, “Deeper, slut, deeper…twist harder and push.”

I pushed hard and twisted…poof, like magic my whole hand was inside my body. I couldn’t believe it. I was experiencing that wonderful totally full feeling that Derek gave me the night before only different. My eyes popped open and I looked at Emma, “I can’t believe I’m fucking myself with my whole hand…gawd I love it. It feels wonderful! She slowly moved from her couch to mine and sat on my left facing me, “I want to do it. Let me fist fuck you slut.”

I didn’t want to pull my hand out and loose the feeling, but I couldn’t wait for Emma to take over and fill my pussy. I watched as my cunt lips grabbed at my wrist and stretched outward as I pulled my hand out. I couldn’t believe how my pussy adjusted to what I was doing to it. My hand finally slid out covered with pussy juice. It was fucking intense.

Emma sat and stared at my pussy, “Damn Amy, your pussy’s gaping wide open. It won’t close. You’re such a fucking slut. Spread your legs wide for me.”

I stretched my legs as wide as I could. Emma pulled a bottle of lube from somewhere and squirted some on my pussy and some on her hand. She rubbed the lube all over my pussy and put her fingers against my pussy opening. Then she slid her fingers in my gaping hole. She slowly started twisting and pushing like I had done. Her hand was definitely bigger than mine but the pressure was awesome and the size felt really good. I spread my legs even further and laid back to enjoy myself and watch her work.

Damn, Emma was good. Every time she güvenilir bahis siteleri twisted her hand in my pussy she managed to rub against my clit increasing the tingle. Every push got deeper in my pussy. She grunted as she worked. We were both breathing hard and I was gasping now and then to catch my breath. She kept calling me her slut, and pussy queen, and whore. I loved every minute of it. She was taking her time getting her whole fist inside me. I laid my head back and relaxed a bit more and tried to will my pussy to open up more. The pressure from her hand against my pussy felt so unbelievably good. She was twisting it, pushing and grunting as she did. Then, all of a sudden, her whole fist was inside me. Once it was in, Emma and I locked eyes. She looked like she was in heaven. Holy fucking shit. It felt incredible.

She started slowly fucking my cunt like Derek had; slow deep strokes, easy in, easy out. I felt her dribble more lube and then Emma really got busy. My pussy was on fire and I started squeezing my tits. I mean Derek had really filled me up but nothing like this. There was something else going on that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Every time she pulled out, I could feel my pussy suck against her arm and her hand pulled against the inner wall of my vagina. The feelings were fucking intense. I lost all track of what was happening.

The tingle was building and my legs started to quiver. Emma bent forward and took my right nipple into her mouth and sucked, gently at first, then deep and hard. I wanted to be kissing her so much, but the physical situation prevented that. I just laid there and let her do whatever she wanted. I felt her hand push on my clit. Oh fuck! Instantly, the tingle went to overload. My legs got stiff and I felt the electricity firing up my legs to my pussy. I was shaking and I couldn’t do anything but moan and mutter. Then it hit like an atomic bomb, “Fuck…fuck…shit…damn! Ohhh, fuck me!” I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t think. My body buzzed from top to bottom and I sort of turned to jello. As the orgasm continued, I slumped over into the couch onto Emma.

I have no idea how long the orgasms went on. I just remember finally getting my breathing back to normal, but Emma’s hand was still in my pussy. The feeling was so satisfying. Emma may have ruined me for average size cocks. All I know is, right now I loved feeling stuffed and full. Emma was no longer fucking me and she shifted slightly so that she could mash her lips against mine. Like before, it was like a drink of water in the desert. Her lips were so soft and yielding so I slid my tongue into her mouth and she greedily accepted it.

We softly tongued each other as I wrapped my arms around my lover. I hugged her tightly to me. Damn, she had again taken me where I’d never been before. I was happier than I had ever been. I wasn’t in love. I was sated and I was happy knowing what I did now about myself. Finally Emma slid to my ear and whispered that it was time to take her hand out. I just nodded.

She sat up and slowly pulled her hand out. It was shiny and covered with my juices. She wiped it on her robe and then put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly, “This has been one crazy fucking weekend. It’s been awesome using you as my fuck toy. And, what’s even more awesome is that not only are you perfectly fine with me using you as my toy, but you like it that way.”

I felt like I was beaming, “Fuck yes! Like I told you before, the last two days have been the best sexual experiences of my life. I feel so fucking lucky that things happened the way they did. And it all happened because of something that wasn’t supposed to happen. Emma, you have changed my life.”

Emma just smiled at me and then grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, “Let’s go take a shower and then let’s get something to eat.” As we walked down the hall she added, “And then maybe we’ll do some shopping. I know a very special place that I think we need to visit.”

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