B & D Water Fantasy


B & D Water FantasyAs she came to, she realized that it would do no good to struggle. The leather straps that bound her were much too tight. As more of her senses returned, she became aware of the thick rubber dildo lodged deep in her ass. Tried to crane her neck she could just about see a long black rubber hose leading from her ass up to a large clear glass container suspended from the ceiling. At the bottom of the container was some sort of a chrome device bristling with hoses and fittings.The feeling in her asshole had now fully returned. She squeezed her rectal muscles as hard as she could to try and push out that huge invader, but to no avail. Unknown to her was the fact that circling the coronal ridge of that massive ass stuffer was a fully inflated Bardex like cuff. She would have to turn inside out before she would loose it from its tight, humid home.By now, she was almost crazy from the pain. Her small, tight asshole felt like it was being ripped apart. She twisted and squirmed, chest heaving, screaming from the agony, desperate to free herself from the cold stainless steel table and the enormous rubber cock. Lost in her struggle to free herself, she didn’t notice that a man had entered the room and was walking toward the her.”I’m glad to see you’re awake” he said. “I hope you’re not too uncomfortable.” He laughed as he surveyed the poor girl, who was helpless to react. “I hope you don’t mind if I check my work.” He chuckled as he reached between the cheeks of her cute young ass to wiggle the big dildo.”UUUNNNGH!!” she grunted as the movement sent fresh waves of pain rippling out from her tormented asshole.”Oh! I’m sooo sorry. How insensitive of me!” He then burst into uncontrolled laughter, so much so that it brought tears to his eyes and he began to cough.When he recovered from his little laughing fit, he began to work some controls beneath the table where she couldn’t see. tipobet365 yeni giriş She heard the humming of motors and felt the center of the table rise while the table ends fell until her ass was a good two feet higher than her head and feet. At this angle, the tube in her bottom stuck out almost parallel to the floor. In addition, the strain in her ass was now doubled as the hard rubber cock pressed against the insides of her tiny anal opening. The straps that held her were now even tighter as she was stretched over the cold unyielding table and her soft skin was growing raw from the chafing of her bonds. Pitiful cries of suffering burst from her lips at this new bewildering turn of events.”Oh shut up, you little cunt, you haven’t begun to feel anything yet!!”He then took another large container off a heating plate and took it to the one suspended from the ceiling. As he brought it over, she saw that it was filled to the top with a hot viscous liquid and now while she could no longer see it, she could hear it being poured from one container to another. When done, he moved back to the girl’s ass and opened a small valve at the end of the black intruder, and released the air that was trapped in the line. As she heard the hiss of the escaping air, she could also feel the weight of the hot, thick liquid in the tube as it made its way down towards her vulnerable and stretched asshole.”Now my little slut, you’ll see what happens to bad little girls!”With that he opened another valve and let the fluid begin to flow into her cute young upturned ass.”Oh nooooooo!!” she cried, but the hot liquid had already begun its relentless journey into her, filling her. She began to feel the pressure build, and FAST. Her tummy was becoming obscenely distended as the thick fluid forced its way into every nook and cranny of her firm tummy.She was openly sobbing now, begging for him to tipobet365 giriş stop the almost unbelievable pressure and pain that gripped her soft insides like angry fingers.”Oh stop crying! You’ve only taken about 2 quarts and you have LOTS more to go. But just to show you that I’m not all bad,” he grinned, “let’s see how you like this!”He stopped the flow of liquid into her and reached down under the table she was bound to. He then removed a small piece of the table that was just below her crotch. Into this opening he fitted a stand holding a powerful 8″ vibrating dildo. He adjusted it’s position so that it just sat at the entrance of her tight young cunt. She tried to shift herself away from this new invader but by his raising the stand and lowering the table she found that she had nowhere to squirm and that almost all of her weight was now born by the dildo impaling her most luscious honey spot. When he was satisfied with it’s position, he tightened the stand so that it would not move and turned it on.The powerful vibrations were a shock to her at first and combined with the two quarts already in her guts and the huge dildos filling her most private openings, her mouth hung open and a thin strand of saliva dangled from the corner of her perfect lips. Whatever feeble powers of resistance she may have had began to give way to an almost traitorously rising tide of wicked lust. Her breathing became heavy and with each breath came a low moan as she writhed and twisted against her bonds; her now hungry cunt accepting that big vibrator, lost in pleasure and pain.”Well I see you do like it, you little slut!” he said grinning. Without another word he once again let loose the flow of hot, thick fluid into her ass. A sharp cry sprang from her lips. She was being set afire with a great screaming pressure in her belly and cunt that now ached to be set free.Her breasts heaved tipobet365 güvenilirmi beneath her as she grunted and ground her now sopping cunt down onto the electric dildo, humping faster and faster toward her release. Her build-up grew like some great expanding bubble like the one swelling to enormous size in her belly causing her muscles to tremble uncontrollably in sexual frenzy.”Oooooooohhhh… yesss, yesssss, YESSSS… YES! YESSS!! OH GOD YESSSSS!!!!” She screamed. And then screamed again, loud and shrill as she felt herself begin to cum. At that moment, just before her peak, he pushed a button that released the air in the inflated cuff on the massive cork plugging her bottom.As the first orgasmic spasm ripped through her body, the nozzle, along with a thick stream of hot fluid, burst from her widely stretched asshole. She squealed again with tears of ecstasy and relief running down her face. With each wrenching orgasmic spasm, the cum-like juice spewed from her ass like from a high pressure pump. Her voice rose to a high pitched wail as she humped the big cock wildly now. This continued for some time as she grunted through wave after wave of thunderous orgasm. Many minutes passed and by now, the flow from her poor asshole only oozed from her, spurting out only when another wave wracked her sweating, exhausted body.Little shudders now raced through her. As her loosened the bonds at her wrists and ankles, her limbs hung listlessly from the table. She was in a semi-numbed state as he turned off the vibrator and removed it from between her legs. It, like her legs down to her knees, was covered with her own sweet cream mingled with the fluid that had so completely filled her. Giving her tush a little kiss he left the room while another man entered.He walked up to the table and took in the scene that was before him. Tenderly, he brushed away the hair that was plastered to her face and kissed her cheek.She blinked and tried to return her eyes to focus. With a faint smile of recognition she said in a hoarse whisper, “That was incredible!” With that the man replied, “Just wait and see what I get you for your next birthday! I love you!”The EndGeriwww.bdsmfinder.com

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