Baby Sis Ch. 3


That was the best start to a weekend I could ever imagine! Friday the parents say they’re gone for the weekend, Meg and I have the house to ourselves, and we had mind-blowing sex all night long. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so good either!

We woke up Saturday morning, the bedsheets all twisted and our own limbs entangled with each other’s. Meg and I were completely naked, completely satisfied, and completely comfortable. The light was straining to come in through the close blinds in my room, and in the dim sunlight I could see Meg’s happy eyes watching me and I cracked mine open.

“Morning Jason,” she smiled.

“How long have you been watching me?” I muttered.

“Ever since I was a little girl,” she giggled.

“You know what a mean, silly girl.” I leaned over and pushed her hair back behind her ear while she played with the hairs on my chest.

“I dunno. All I know is that I’ve slept better than I ever have in my life and I feel so safe right now. I think this is where I belong, this is where I was meant to be.”

“Some pretty deep thoughts, there sis. But the feeling’s mutual.”

I pulled her close to me and felt her boobs rub lightly against my chest. Her playful hand easily slid down and wrapped itself around my morning wood.

“Hey now!” I laughed.

She simply kissed my chest and lay her head down on my shoulder, looking across the sheets at her handiwork. I closed my eyes and lay back, wishing every morning could be like this. My sister playful twirled her fingers around my mushroom tip, tickling my cock into full life. Once it became erect she slide her hand down the shaft the back up so softly, it felt like a kiss from the lightest feather.

Megan soon changed directions and began to slide her fist up at down at a steady pace on my shaft. All I could do was moan and run my fingers through her hair. I heard her laugh as she began to jerk a little faster, pausing now and then to twirl her fingers around the tip then plunge back down. My hips began to jerk at her motions, and soon I sucked in my breath. She immediately began to jerk on my cock wildly, and it erupted instantly, spraying my milky white seed all over her hand and forming a dark white splotch on the sheet. Megan continued to expertly milk my cock, then slowly pulled her hand away and traced it back up my chest. She sighed and began to slowly play with my chest hair.

“Good lord sis, that’s the best wake-up call a guy could ask for. You give the best hand-jobs…”

Megan looked up at me and smiled and quickly pecked my lips.

Glancing at the clock Meg said, “Shit, Jace it’s 8:30 and I’ve got to teach swim lessons at nine. I need to hit the shower loverboy.”

I groaned out loud and she patted my leg as she wrapped the sheet around her body.

“Save some energy for tonight.” She smiled and ran off to the bathroom.

I could only lay there naked as she bounded away. I looked at my flaccid dick and mumbled, “You’re welcome buddy.” I dragged myself out of bed found a pair of boxers, and poured some Wheaties while last night’s actions replayed through my head. Megan appeared in the kitchen wearing running pants and a tank top over her swimsuit, her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her cute freckles dotting her nose, she leaned down and kissed me full on the lips before skipping away.

“I’ll see you after I get off of work Jace. I love you!”

“Love you too!” I called back.

I was draining the bowl of milk when the phone rang. I walked over and picked it up. I was immediately sorry I did.

“Jason, Mike here. It looks like we’ll need you down at the store today. Hank was cutting down that tree in his front yard yesterday and knocked himself pretty good on the head. I told him to wait until I could get over there with and help him out, but now we don’t have a floor manager and the lawn sale is goin on…you know what I’m getting at.”

“Sure Mike,” I sighed. “You know it’s my summer vacation and I haven’t got anything better to do.” I joked.

“I know it son. See you here in 20.”

I hung up the phone and wailed, “Shiiiiiiit! Shit!”

My whole day of doing nothing was put on hold and I had to head off to work.

Wouldn’t you know it? It was the busiest damn weekend in a long time. Every man woman child and their dog decided to come in a buy some grass seed, a mower, this fertilizer, that weed killer. Granted it was a good day for the store and I made a killing in the department numbers for that day, but I was starting to get worn out. I finally was able to head out an hour after closing. Mike and another guy from work, Jerry cut me off in the parking lot and convinced me to head out to a bar-and-grill downtown for some supper and a few brews.

We masaj porno cooled off and joked about the day over some center-cuts and drank a few mugs. The whole time Megan’s face was dancing in the back of my head. Megan’s eyes her lips, her legs, and her breasts. I nodded in all the right places and laughed at all the right times, but my mind was elsewhere.

After the meal they ordered more drinks and some other guys had joined the table. I was four beers deep and glanced at my watch. I saw that it was 9:40…what the hell? I know I worked late, but I had spent way too much time drinking and eating and chatting with the boys.

“Hey, guys this has been a great night, but I better head home.” I declared.

“Awww, getting to late for ya kid?” my boss joked.

“I slaved away all day and I’ve enjoyed some good beers and good company, I’d say it’s time to call it a night.”

“So be it, it’s night.”

All the guys roared suddenly at the joke. I stood and reached for my wallet, but my boss stopped me and claimed it was on the house, I had earned it. I said my good-byes and rushed out to my truck. Man, I’m missing out on Megan!

I decided to spring for a little treat for us tonight, so I swing by the liquor store and picked up some necessities. I grabbed a 6 pack of MGD bottles for myself and a 6 of some Mike’s Hard Lemonade for sis.

I was singing along to the radio when I noticed two cars parked out in front of the house. I didn’t recognize either one.

“Shit!” I cursed under my breath.

I parked and walked inside, setting the drinks in the fridge. Then I heard splashing and laughter, the laughter being male. Immediately I grew jealous. I followed the voices and realized they weren’t coming from the pool, but rather from the hot tub in the basement. This was pissing me off. If any of those hormonal jerks touches my sister…

Stepping into the room I saw two guys and two girls, Megan one of them. The guys I didn’t know, but I recognized Jessie Walker. I also noticed the case of Bud Light on the floor next to the tub. It looked like all the hot tubbers were drinking and living it up. I stood in the doorway and Megan spotted me.

“Jason!” she called out.

Instantly the raucous action died as the two teenage boys tried to hide their drinks and slip into the tub.

“How’s it goin, Meg?” I asked, walking into the room. “Hey Jessie.”

“Hey Jason,” Jessie winked and me and slunk over to Megan’s side.

“Who are your buds here?”

“Jason, this is Andy and Brian. They work at the pool with me. Jessie’s a lifeguard too.”

“Seems like a pretty safe hot tub then.” I surmised.

One of the boys snickered, then caught himself.

“You know mom and dad wouldn’t like to hear about this. Jessie, your folks know you drink and go hot-tubbing with the guys?”

“No. Jason, you’re not gonna tell are ya?”

I looked around the group, and then my eyes met Megan’s. She saw the jealousy and anger there. My resolve melted a bit by her looks, but she silently understood.

“Nah,” I said. “I was just kiddin! C’mon, I was a kid too. Just make sure those two can drive home. No one’s crashing here and puking. Night kids.”

I smiled and jogged up the steps, pissed as hell. The weekend had now soured. I grabbed my case and popped a bottle open. I sat down in the easy chair and flipped indifferently through the channels as I chugged. I was opening my second one, when I heard the two cars outside start up, shout some good-byes, then drive off. Finally, the house was ours again!

I slammed my last one and stood up to head downstairs. I found my legs weren’t ready to cooperate and I wobbled a bit unsteadily. I laughed and grabbed the case of remaining beers and shuffled down the steps into the basement. All the lights were off except for those in the tub, and I followed the dim glow around the corner over to the tub. I saw Meg’s head just above the bubbling surface; her short hair slicked back behind her ears. I could see her smile as I neared.

“”What was all that about?” she asked me.

“They didn’t have to leave, ya know. I wasn’t really going to tell.” I replied.

“I know. We just wanted to relax a bit after work. With the boys here I had to keep my suit on too.” She winked and turned to float to another side of the tub, her wet buttcheeks gracing the surface.

Instantly I felt my body react, mostly below the waistline. I looked down at the steps to the tub and saw her swimsuit in a heap on the floor.

“Care to join me Jace?” she asked.

I set down my beer and clumsily tugged off my shirt. I heard her giggle and my heart began to race. My pants slid down and my boxers soon öğretmen porno found themselves next to her suit.

“Gimme a beer and come on in, the water’s fine.” Megan laughed.

I grabbed another beer and tried to suavely slip into the pool. I stumbled a bit and splashed into the tub. I held the beers over my head and she clapped.

“Yay! My hero!” and she popped one open and drank.

My mind and body was now buzzing, not only from what alcohol I had consumed, but from the shiny, sweet, sexy appearance of my sister naked in the hot tub. She smiled and drank again, and I slipped up close to her. She looked deep into my eyes as my left hand shakily reached out and cupped her breast. Megan closed her eyes and moaned softly. Her nipple perked up to my touch, and I began to circle my thumb around my sister’s tit while my hand cupped underneath.

Megan reached out to drink, but instead her hand bumped my shoulder and her beer spilled on my chest and neck. Her eyes lit up, her tongue snaked out, and before I knew it she was sucking on my neck. I closed my eyes and languished in the sensation of my baby sis sucking and licking away at my neck. I eased back and pressed my hand in between her shoulder blades. She leaned back in the water and I returned the beer licking favor, but instead poured the cold brew over her breasts. Her nipples sprang to live and she let out an audible gasp. Megan’s head rolled to the side and her fingers entangled themselves in my hair while I began to slurp up the beer.

I sucked hard on each nipple, causing her to whimper I began to nibble and bite a little and she began to grind her pussy into my thigh under water. My cock began to trace circles on her belly, slowly and steadily. She raised her head from the water and met my open mouth with hers. I absently set the beers aside and swallowed my sister’s tongue. Her arms snaked around my neck and pulled me closer. My hands found her ass and grasped firmly, causing Megan to squeal into my mouth. I raised her up out of the water and fell back against a seat, my cock head jamming up against her pussy. Never breaking our kiss, she grabbed my prick with one hand and aimed it at her tight pussy. I eased back into the seat and she mounted me fully, moaning and letting her head fall back. I grunted and held tightly onto her hips, allow her to bend all the way back until her hair soaked in the water. She flung back up and cried out. Her hair swept water up and over her body while she clung tightly to me, her hands on my shoulders and her head pressed against my chest.

Megan then sat back down into my lap and began to grind her pelvis into mine so that I brushed against her clitoris with each stroke. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, biting her bottom lip while she went to work.

“Ahhh, shit Jason. This hot tub was meant for you and me to fuck in.”

I laughed and replied, “We bought the years ago!”

“Of course! I knew right then what I wanted to do in it and who I wanted to do it with.”

“Did I make your dream come true?”

“In more ways then one!”

She reached behind my head and grabbed one of the open bears and took a swig. I took it from her next and finished off the bottle. I pushed a strand of hair back from her forehead, and we just stared at each other while she fucked me.

“God Megan, I swear this has been my most amazing summer ever!”

“And it ain’t over by a long shot,” she replied.

Soon her riding of my cock got her going more and more, and before long she was nearly standing and impaling herself over and over on my dick. I could only grunt and moan like an animal and hold onto her sweet hips and ass. Megan started to shake and squeal, signaling an orgasm on the way. My fingers were nestled low on her ass, and I took the chance to place my index finger on her tight little asshole. Her eyes shot open and she gritted her teeth as my digit slipped in to my second knuckle. Her voice hitched in her throat and a low guttural growl started deep in her throat. Megan slammed back down and now my finger was wiggling past her sphincter up to my second knuckle and a little past. Her fingers were like claws in my shoulders as her eyes opened wide and she wailed out in a powerful orgasm.

My sister’s head flew back and she called out at the top of her voice, “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!”

She thrashed wildly, sending waves over the side of the tub and onto the floor. My head was slammed back against the deck as her palm collided with my forehead. Her other hand ran into her hair and my own free hand now twisted her nipple. She screamed out loud so suddenly it scared me, and she shook and kicked and jumped and fucked until her breath caught oral porno in her throat. She hung poised halfway out of the water, then slid back down onto me with shuddering gasps.

I pulled my finger free from her nether regions and eased my arms back. She laughed, sighed, and shook.

“Hold me Jason,” she whispered.

My arms reached around her and I held her tight. In all of this, amazingly, I hadn’t come yet. I think I was so caught up in her orgasm that I completely forgot about my own.

“Mmm, Jason? You’re still hard?” she asked, moving a little on my erect penis still buried in her lovely cunt.

“I didn’t come, Meg.”

“You’re so sweet,” my sis smiled and ran her tongue along my lip. “Fuck me on the floor.”

Megan stood and grabbed my hand. I stood out of the tub while she hastily threw some towels out on the floor.

“Good enough?” she asked.

“Perfect.” I replied, running my hands over her sweet ass.

Megan got down on the towels on her knees and began to stroke my organ with her soft hands. Her tongue played across the tip, tasting the salting pre-cum that was now oozing out. Still tongued the piss slit then around to the bottom of my head, making my cock lurch. Meg moaned and slid her lips around my throbbing cock, taking me into her mouth. Her tongue writhed and twisted like it had a mind of its own. I looked down at my sister’s head as her mouth expertly fucked my cock.

“Lie on your back,” I commanded.

She did as told, and I kneeled down and I grabbed hold of her ankles. Her hands circled her smooth breasts and tweaked the nipples. My cock soon found the entrance to her steaming pussy and slid in easily. Her pussy made sucking noises and I eased into her velvety sheath. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth hung open, gasping for breath. Soon I took up a steady rhythm, pounding my cock in and out of her sweet, sisterly vagina. I let go of her ankles and sank down until the backs of her knees were resting on my shoulders.

“AhhhhhhhUHHHH!” was all that came out of her slackened mouth. “UNNNH! S-so fucking deeeeep. I-I-unnnnngh! Ungh! Ungh!”

Megan began to grunt like a pig as I pounded my flesh deeper and deeper into her.

“You’re so far in me! I love your cock, Jason. Do you love your baby sis?”

“-more than anything-“

“-she loves her big brother-“

“-her tight body-“

“-his big cock-“

“-never stop fucking you sis-“

“-never stop fucking me Jace-“

We continued to babble and mutter, our words matching the pace of our sex until our bodies and words were a blur. My mind was spinning as I saw her bite down on her fingers, then scream out as another orgasm powered its way from her toes up to the fibers of her hair.

“Uhhhhh SHIT! Fuck me Jason, fuck me Jason, fuckmefuckmefuckme harder…gah! YES!”

Our bodies were now touching, chest to chest, and our mouths opened up and our tongues darted around each other. I licked her lips, she licked mine, I kissed her closed eyes and her tongue ran up my neck and cheek. Megan was now spit open, her legs draped over my shoulders as we embraced. Her pussy stretched so wide over my cock. I continued to pump my hips frantically like a dog until I felt a swirling, bubbling sensation take me over.

“Megan, I’m gonna-“

“Cum in big brother! I can feel it, I’m cumming too unnnnnnnh GOD!”

I leaned back and our eyes locked as I swore and screamed out through clenched teeth. Her face was frozen in a tight grin as another orgasm kidnapped her into a world of immeasurable pleasure and euphoria. I yelled out loudly and blasted a hot, thick river of cum into her split pussy. I shook and another cord shot up into her welcoming womb. Her vaginal spasms rippled and contorted around my cock and squeezed the base of my cock.

Megan’s head shook from side to side as she babbled incoherently. A wave of dizziness swept over me, and my hearing was momentarily muted. Soon, however, I heard “…love you…love you so much. Jason you are so wonderful, never leave me…Megan whispered this over and over again. Her voiced raised, (or my hearing cleared) and our senses floated back down into our bodies and I felt every part of my body tingle. I saw her lovely eyes taking me in, I heard her cries of repeated ecstasy, I felt our muscles relax and tighten as a result of the sex, I tasted her body and her sweat, and I smelled our strong sex filling the air.

“…Most incredible sex, best feeling in the world, like a rollercoaster oh Jason my big, big, big brother, so sweet…”

“My baby sis, even sweeter.”

“Awww!” she cried, and wrapped her arms around me.

We relaxed and I eased up off of her a bit, but my baby sis held me tightly with her arms and legs and wouldn’t let me go. We stayed that way for a long, loving hug after our amazing sex.

I raised my head to speak but she beat me to it.

“I love you Jason. With all my heart I do big brother. I love you.”

“Megan, my sweet, darling baby sis, I love you too.”

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